News: 40,000 sex health packs to be given out

barbie86  Posted: 17/02/2011 13:29

I have quite a few one night stands and am glad I did; I was young, free and single, and had fun, and was always in control, and ALWAYS safe. Yes, they were meaningless, yes, I was effectively being used, but I was also using the men for pleasure; it was a two-way thing. If one party thinks there is something more to the 'relationship', or is misled into think that if they have sex it will lead to a relationship, then that IMO is different; but where two consenting adults are engaging in safe sex, and both know and understand that it is just sex, I fail to see how it can possibly be considered demeaning...

Jamie  Posted: 16/02/2011 14:20

Puck, you can only speak for yourself here. If you feel demeaned, and your dignity is gone after sex, how do you know all women are the same? If you think doing one of the most natural things in the world between 2 consenting adults is demeaning, you should maybe speak to a doctor.

buzz  Posted: 16/02/2011 09:33

Wow anyone sense an agenda? Are you so wrapped up in your dignity obsession that you forget about implications such as sexual health and pregnancy? Furthermore, why is it that one night stands are only demeaning to women? Are they not also, by the same logic, demeaning to men? tbh I dont think one night stands are demeaning when they involve two adults who are having consensual sex. What IS demeaning to women (and some men) is the sex trade industry, rape, child molestation etc. Why not focus more on these issues than judging two consenting adults having consensual sex?

puck  Posted: 15/02/2011 14:30

Can't women see that the one night stand, possibly fuelled by alcohol or drugs or ignorance, is so demeaning to the dignity of a woman (used for pleasure) and to cap it all financing the contraceptive industry who couldn't care less. 


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