Dissatisfaction with maternity care in a number of hospitals is a frequent theme in recent comments posted on irishhealth.com's Rate My Hospital service.

However, there are also a number of rave reviews for maternity care in recent hospital comments.

Here is a selection of comments on maternity care posted in recent weeks on Rate My Hospital:

Sligo General Hospital:

"After having my baby, I was discharged at around 10am. I had to wait until 8pm that night before a paediatrician came to discharge my baby despite numerous requests. As I was discharged, I was asked to leave my bed mid-through the day and was forced to sit in the lobby area for hours while I was vomiting and feeling sick waiting for the doctor. I asked could I leave and come back the following day to the paediatrician and I was told no."

Rotunda Hospital, Dublin:

"I miscarried in the gynae ward last week and it was a traumatic experience which was made a million times worse by the treatment I received there. Women are just left to miscarry in the beds beside each other. Blood I lost was still all over the toilet the next day... I felt really unsafe there, it is so understaffed and you are just left lying in your own blood. Never, ever again."

Waterford Regional Hospital:

"Put us through hell. How much do they think they can put someone through while in labour and not let them have any pain meds?"

Mayo General Hospital:

"All the staff in the maternity unit (both labour ward and postnatal) were amazing - and the encouragement and support given throughout what was a traumatic time for us, was just inspirational - it really is a vocation and not just a job for these people."

National Maternity Hospital, Dublin:

"I could not fault the hospital during my stay. I felt in good hands with the lovely midwives who delivered my baby safely. The level of care I then received in the public ward was outstanding. I couldn't have wished for a better experience."

South Tipperary General Hospital:
"In 2011 I gave birth. I was premature yet they broke my waters without explaining anything. The person that did it was extremely rude, she was hurting me but insisting she wasn't. Baby was born fast and the midwife was not one bit nice. My baby picked up some infection and was seriously ill. Some of the staff who dealt with my baby have no business dealing with fragile people...I am pregnant again. I will not return to that hospital."

Midland Regional Hospital, Mullingar:
"Had first baby as public patient, ended up being admitted at 36 week visit with suspected pre-eclampsia. Was in for 2 weeks before being induced at 38 weeks. I had an absolute gem called Dr Dan (don't know his last name) but he always spoke directly to me on his rounds unlike another doctor I had for few days before that. The staff all seemed to love him too. He seemed to get what my fears were and listened in a way that others hadn't. The nurses in antenatal were all fabulous and as I was in for so long I got to know most of them. The delivery went very smoothly - midwife Therese was so cool and unfortunately I never saw her again after delivery but I don't think I broke eye contact with her the entire labour! Postnatal was a bit more hectic but they were so helpful, taking my baby for a fews hour at night so I could sleep.  The lactation specialist Eileen is a godsend. I would go public again as don't see the point in paying privately when there's no guarantee you get who you pay for and the team I got was fab. The only downside is the waiting times for the antenatal appts. Next time I'll do GP only visits I think. Will be going back there if I need maternity care again, couldn't recommend those people highly enough."

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