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Should GPs continue to have the right to refuse to prescribe the morning after pill? 31-08-2010
7 weeks late 31-08-2010
The Irishman behind the 'pill' 31-07-2010
Pregnancy and Crohns 27-07-2010
15% of pregnant women are obese 26-07-2010
Fertility treatment link to cerebral palsy 09-07-2010
treatment for psoriasis 09-07-2010
136 kids born to HIV mothers in '09 21-06-2010
'Resource issue affects safe maternity care' 21-06-2010
Renewed calls for OTC 'morning after' pill 13-05-2010
Methadone in pregnancy ups kids' sight problems 04-05-2010
Chemo in pregnancy does not harm baby 03-04-2010
Do you think there should be a ban on smoking in cars with children? 17-02-2010
Babies of smokers have abnormal BP 01-02-2010
Irish abortion laws criticised 01-02-2010
Infertilty - call for regulation 25-01-2010
Pituitary tumors - Acromegaly 18-01-2010
late period 03-01-2010
Frozen embryo is not an 'unborn child' 23-12-2009
Pregnancy 17-11-2009
Will you be availing of the swine flu vaccine as soon as you can? 04-11-2009
Flu pandemic gathering pace 23-10-2009
Warning on lack of vitamin D in pregnancy 25-09-2009
Swine flu - the story so far 07-09-2009
baby 9 years after abortion 01-09-2009
reduce weight 19-08-2009
ways to lose weight 19-08-2009
CPA warns of sham pregnancy agencies 27-07-2009
Swine flu Q&A 27-07-2009
Swine flu pandemic intensifying 13-07-2009
Exercise keeps heart and bones strong 10-07-2009
3-6 months to lose pregnancy weight normal 29-06-2009
mirena coil 29-05-2009
Acknowledging pregnancy loss 29-05-2009
is pregnancy the cause of my nauseas ? 25-05-2009
teenager not the father of baby/ 19-05-2009
period pains no blood planning pregnancy 01-04-2009
Warning on pregnancy tests 19-03-2009
Migraine ups stroke risk in pregnancy 18-03-2009
'Don't stop asthma meds in pregnancy' 18-03-2009
Do you think the price of a pack of cigarettes should be increased by two euro in next month's Budget? 16-03-2009
Why our hospitals simply aren't working 12-03-2009
Free cervical vaccine for north Dublin girls 02-03-2009
Do you agree with the plan to move Dublin maternity hospitals to general hospital sites? 24-02-2009
Pregnancy obesity ups spina bifida risk 13-02-2009
High Cholesterol during pregnancy 11-02-2009

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