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Ivf 11-05-2018
Harris hopes for 'respectful' abortion debate 24-01-2018
LLETZ treatmemt 02-05-2017
Registering a Stillborn Child 16-11-2016
Molar pregnacy 27-06-2016
Warning on epilepsy drug use in pregnancy 14-03-2016
Asthma linked to longer time to get pregnant 16-02-2016
Late period, not pregnant 15-02-2016
Pregnant women advised not to sit too much 26-11-2015
Hi Lennie, 16-11-2015
8 day break from pill, chance of pregnancy? 06-07-2015
ivf 17-06-2015
Obesity in pregnancy a major risk 02-06-2015
Pregnancy weight gain ups child obesity risk 10-05-2015
Failed ivf 28-04-2015
Pre-pregnancy health linked to child obesity risk 05-02-2015
prolapse and pregnant 12-12-2014
Implan 07-09-2014
Epidural Injection.... 05-09-2014
2 Ectopic Pregnancies................. 18-08-2014
confused!! 28-07-2014
Molar pregnancy 05-10-2013
Do you think abortion should be allowed for fatal fetal abnormalities and rape? 30-07-2013
hyperthyoid and high blood sugars 02-07-2013
BFP 19-06-2013
Do you think suicide risk should be included in new abortion legislation? 26-04-2013
'Legislation not needed' 14-01-2013
Pregnancy diabetes 'a big economic burden' 09-01-2013
Is legislation needed to clarify the legal position on abortion? 19-11-2012
Passive smoking affects unborn babies' brain 30-09-2012
After 16 months as Minister, do you believe James Reilly has improved our health service? 15-08-2012
Work in late pregnancy as harmful as smoking 01-08-2012
pregnancy 03-04-2012
Cuts could up maternal deaths - consultant 31-01-2012
Pushing the envelope on fertility care 31-01-2012
Mummy makeover, tummytuck, breast augmentation 08-11-2011
dental anestetic 1st trimester in pregnancy 08-09-2011
mirena coil 02-09-2011
After Cloyne, should the Catholic church be allowed maintain any involvement in healthcare? 25-07-2011
tests for pregnancy 10-05-2011
a period. 29-04-2011
40,000 sex health packs to be given out 15-02-2011
Change to flu vaccine policy during pregnancy 24-01-2011
ABORTION 12-01-2011
Bleeding after Period 13-12-2010
Personal stuff.... 31-10-2010

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