I had a caesarean section when I had my baby in May last year. I am now thinking of having another baby and would like to know if I have to wait for a certain length of time before becoming pregnant again due to having a scar. Also, are my chances of having another section increased? I had my first baby normally and my second turned breech at 35 weeks, hence the section.
There is no need for you to wait any further before attempting to become pregnant again. The scars in your womb, muscles and skin have all fully healed at this stage so there is no need for further deferment of pregnancy. There is an increased risk of caesarean section in a woman that has already had a section but provided the pregnancy is proceeding normally the general practice would be to permit the woman to undergo vaginal delivery. I should qualify this comment by stating that this is permitted only in the case of a lower segment caesarean section, which means that the section scar is below the umbilicus and the womb is incised in a transverse line rather than a vertical line. In contrast a classical caesarean section also involves a sub umbilical incision of the skin but the womb is opened with a vertical incision. In such cases the woman would be delivered by elective section in subsequent pregnancies. Lower segment caesarean section is the more commonly performed procedure therefore on the basis of probability that is the form of section that you have previously undergone. If your next delivery also happens to be by caesarean section any further deliveries after that would always be through elective caesarean section.

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