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Frequent miscarriage
Getting pregnant
HRT suitable - history of DVT?
Haemoglobin C - risk to pregnancy?
Heart murmur - implications?
Heartburn - what's the cause?
Hiatus hernia - surgery indicated?
High blood pressure and pregnancy?
Hydatidiform mole - please explain?
IVF - what does it involve?
Infertility - FSH high?
Infertility - sperm antibodies?
Inverted nipples - surgical repair?
Laser eye surgery - contraindications?
Loss of libido - for past ten years?
Low placenta - what is it?
Low sperm count - remedy?
Mascarpone chees - safe in pregnancy?
Mirena coil - contraceptive effect begins?
Miscarriage - conceive soon after?
Miscarriage - happen again?
Miscarriage - no period yet?
Mittelschmerz - treatment options?
Mobic - safe if trying to conceive?
Morning after pill - didn't work?
Morning sickness
Morning sickness - too soon for it?
Nausea of pregnancy - help?
Neutropaenia - what is it?
Noonan syndrome - what is it?
Nosebleed in pregnancy - dangerous?
Pelvic pain during pregnancy - OK?
Perforated womb - difficult to get pregnant?
Periventricular leukomalacia - cause?
Piles - during pregnancy
Plagiocephaly - will baby grow out of it?
Polydactyly - could my baby inherit this?
Positive pregnancy test - now bleeding?
Post abortion - health not good?
Pre-eclampsia - recurrence?
Pre-eclamptic toxaemia - complications?
Pregnancy - aged 45?
Pregnancy - headache treatment?
Pregnancy - incompatible blood groups?
Pregnancy - iron supplements?
Pregnancy - sun beds safe?
Pregnancy - who's the father?
Pregnancy test
Pregnancy test - evidence of previous pregnancy?
Pregnancy test - negative result?

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