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Abnormal smear - cause of pain?
Adenocarcinoma of the uterus - explain?
Amniocentesis - available in Ireland?
Anaemia - causes and complications?
Antacids - safe in pregnancy?
Antenatal testing - which tests?
Anti-D - top up needed?
Antidepressants - safe to conceive?
Antphospholipd antibody - miscarriage?
Beyond term - dangerous for baby?
Blood group
Breakthrough bleeding - change pill?
Breastfeeding - no period yet?
Breastfeeding - thrush treatment safe?
CIN changes - recur in pregnancy?
Caearean section - risk of repeat?
Chicken pox - dangerous in pregnancy?
Chicken pox - risk to foetus?
Chlamydia - consequences?
Chlamydia - following one night stand?
Chlamydia - serious?
Chlamydia - treatment risks?
Conception - alcohol/cigarettes?
Conception - faulty implantation?
Conception - periods after conception?
Conception - sex during periods?
Condoms - failure rate?
Cot death - future pregnancy?
Cot death and miscarriage - recurrence risk?
Crisis pregnancy - help?
Crisis pregnancy - too young for abortion?
Crohn's - Can I have a baby?
Cystic fibrosis - mistaken diagnosis?
D and C - aftermath?
Decongestants - safe?
Dianette - interact with antibiotics?
Discharge during pregnancy
Dyed hair - safe in pregnancy?
ESR - what does it mean?
Ectopic pregnancy - fitness for work?
Emergency contraception - do I need it?
Facial thread veins - why?
Fallopian tube
Fast heart rate - what's wrong?
First period
Flying and pregnancy
Foetal heartbeat - present?
Folic acid - safe?

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