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Some delaying seeking help for injuries (15-05-2020)
Most hospitals do not screen for osteoporosis (24-10-2019)
Falls can have major impact on quality of life (19-09-2019)
Low vitamin D levels not linked with low BP (08-08-2019)
Surge in bounce-related injuries  (24-05-2019)
Caution needed as snow thaws (05-03-2018)
Mediterranean diet reduces risk of frailty (23-01-2018)
Osteoporosis 'a silent disease' (23-08-2017)
Lots of TV in childhood affects bone health (11-07-2016)
Low birth weight linked to osteoporosis (02-06-2016)
Bicycle helmets cut concussion risk by 54% (31-03-2016)
Osteoporosis not just a woman's disease (21-10-2015)
Action needed at time of menopause (20-10-2014)
Ageing with an intellectual disability  (30-09-2014)
Musculoskeletal conditions very costly (17-06-2014)
Vitamin D supplements do not prevent falls (25-04-2014)
Higher injury risk for young with epilepsy (15-04-2014)
GPs must be able to recognise abuse cases (14-04-2014)
Smoking affects fracture recovery (13-03-2014)
Obese kids face more complex fractures (11-02-2014)
Some feel they must 'prove' chronic pain (03-12-2013)
Vitamin D important in pregnancy (24-06-2013)
Medical studies 'focus on male patients' (25-03-2013)
Active kids have fewer fractures later (25-03-2013)
Teen smokers face osteoporosis risk (05-12-2012)
Vitamin D important for cognitive health (04-12-2012)
Elderly falls costing 500m annually (01-10-2012)
Safer bone graft method discovered (26-07-2012)
'Heart risk with calcium supplements' (24-05-2012)
'Monitoring needed on knee replacements' (06-03-2012)

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