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Many do not know what overactive bladder is (17-10-2019)
Managing eczema can be costly (16-09-2019)
Eczema can cause children to miss school (11-09-2019)
New model of care for urological conditions (06-09-2019)
Early menopause linked to bladder cancer risk (21-03-2019)
Low awareness of urological conditions  (24-09-2018)
New resource for cancer patients from ICS (28-08-2017)
Many with overactive bladder avoid GP (21-06-2017)
Many avoid seeking help for overactive bladder (21-06-2016)
Many women affected by pelvic floor weakness (30-11-2015)
Over 350,000 have overactive bladder (30-10-2015)
Call for lower VAT on eczema products (16-10-2015)
Eczema can cause major emotional distress (14-09-2015)
Study may predict eczema risk in infants (05-08-2015)
Incontinence in pregnancy 'not normal' (03-03-2015)
Smoking ups risk of second cancer (11-11-2014)
1 in 3 women is incontinent (08-08-2014)
Irish team in eczema breakthrough (05-11-2013)
Air pollution classed as carcinogen (19-10-2013)
Do not scold kids who wet the bed (24-09-2013)
Stress warning for exam students  (23-05-2013)
Sucking baby's soother wards off allergies (09-05-2013)
Evening primrose oil no good for eczema (30-04-2013)
Smoking ups urothelial cancer risk (19-03-2013)
Smokers develop deadlier form of cancer (14-01-2013)
'Pizza topping can treat prostate cancer' (25-04-2012)
High hopes for new prostate cancer treatment (17-04-2012)
Circumcision could protect against prostate cancer (12-03-2012)
HIQA warns of robot surgery costs (12-01-2012)
HSE says prostate services improving (30-09-2011)
Botox can treat incontinence (01-09-2011)
Bladder cancer risk for female smokers (17-08-2011)
HIQA to probe robot surgery (31-01-2011)
Animal exposure lowers eczema risk (06-12-2010)
Eczema cream may make condition worse (19-10-2010)
'Seeds of recovery' planted for cancer patients (19-10-2010)
Eczema significantly more frequent now (21-09-2010)
Meat link to bladder cancer risk (03-08-2010)
Research sheds light on prostate cancer (30-07-2010)
Painters at higher risk of bladder cancer (20-07-2010)
Dogs and pollutants up kids' asthma risk (18-06-2010)
Men urged to get their prostates checked (22-02-2010)
Early eczema link to emotional problems (14-02-2010)
Prostate surgery side-effect can be reduced (08-01-2010)
Most would support sunbed ban (11-09-2009)
Rapid access to prostate cancer care (19-06-2009)
Botox may help overactive bladders (10-06-2009)
Bedwetting is a medical condition (19-05-2009)
New reference book for parents on child illness (01-05-2009)
Many women embarrassed by incontinence (16-03-2009)

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