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IC patient looking for support 20-11-2017
IC help! 22-09-2017
Over 350,000 have overactive bladder 24-11-2015
A reply to Unni 30-10-2015
Ibs 30-09-2015
Tarlov Cysts 30-08-2015
More research on water fluoridation needed 02-06-2015
Interesting case of interstitial cystitis 16-02-2015
prolapse and pregnant 12-12-2014
Interstitial cystitis 25-08-2014
rosacea depression 09-01-2014
Life Without Gallstones 06-08-2013
Prolapsed bladder, rectum or womb after delivery! 16-09-2012
cystocele/rectocele prolapse after childbirth anyone? 16-09-2012
constant recuring bladder infections 27-05-2011
Hole in Bladder 19-05-2011
BED WETTING 04-10-2010
Do you think it's right that pharmacists should question people before giving them codeine tablets? 27-08-2010
Study shows benefits of ECT 20-08-2010
Painters at higher risk of bladder cancer 26-07-2010
pain 21-06-2010
Row over symphysiotomy review 26-02-2010
Kidney Infections 12-02-2010
Dogs 'smell' bladder cancer 15-09-2009
adult bedwetter 24-08-2009
Bed Wetting in adults 30-06-2009
Bladder transplant breakthrough 04-06-2009
What does your GP currently charge you per visit? 28-01-2009
uterine spasm 28-01-2009
Urge to urinate during sex 10-12-2008
Should patients go directly to consultants? 04-09-2008
Early pregnancy 09-06-2008
prolapse repair 25-04-2008
bladder problems 01-04-2008
gallbladder 19-02-2008
Super Pubic Cathather not working 04-02-2008
Bedwetters suffer in other ways 13-12-2007
Obesity 'is a pandemic' 24-10-2007
Bladder control 21-05-2007
If you were to have an operation in hospital, what would be your major concern? 22-03-2007
Bladder problems as a result of radiotherapy for Bladder Cancer, 14 years ago. 05-03-2007
IBS more likely in the 'over anxious' 01-03-2007
Weight Dilemma 28-02-2007
ASH Ireland has called for a ban on smoking in all motor vehicles. Would you support such a ban? 26-02-2007
Do you think nurses are right to take industrial action in pursuit of better pay and a shorter working week? 05-02-2007
High ESR reading 23-01-2007
Do you think health services in Ireland have improved since the establishment of the HSE two years ago? 08-01-2007
Piles - any risks with sexual activity? 13-11-2006

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