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Virtual cystinosis conference this weekend (20-04-2020)
Oesophageal cancer survival rates improving (27-02-2020)
Heartburn can affect sleep and wellbeing (07-10-2019)
Stress a major trigger for heartburn (27-09-2018)
Many over-50s deficient in key vitamins (28-06-2018)
IBD increases risk of heart attack (02-03-2018)
IBD study looking for participants (31-10-2017)
Taking folic acid not part of women's routine (27-09-2017)
More specialist nurses for IBD needed (17-05-2017)
Not enough women taking folic acid (21-11-2016)
Heartburn can have serious impact (27-10-2016)
Women urged to take folic acid supplement daily (15-06-2016)
Irish women need to consume more folic acid (05-05-2016)
Irish team in IBD breakthrough (05-02-2016)
Crohn's, colitis can have major impact on work (24-11-2015)
Heartburn affects half of Irish adults (21-10-2015)
IVF increases risk of reflux disease (11-08-2015)
Importance of folic acid highlighted (20-07-2015)
Gout may reduce Alzheimer's risk (09-03-2015)
New scheme to combat obesity in kids (07-10-2014)
'Lower BowelScreen limit to 55 years' (13-06-2014)
Alcohol-related gastro problems on the rise (13-05-2014)
Oesophageal cancer rate remains high here (28-02-2014)
Trying for a baby? Man's diet is crucial (11-12-2013)
Diabetes increases stillbirth risk (29-11-2013)
Speed-eating is damaging our health (21-10-2013)
Mouth bugs linked to bowel cancer (18-08-2013)
C-section babies have fewer good gut bacteria (12-08-2013)
Vitamin A can protect against Crohn's (06-06-2013)
Concern on cuts to coeliac products (04-09-2012)
HSE cuts gluten-free products (03-09-2012)
DNA chip can diagnose early bowel cancer (29-05-2012)
Research aims to spot bowel cancer earlier (23-04-2012)
Pressure increasing for junk food taxes (02-02-2012)
Indigestion meds may up hip break risk (01-02-2012)
Warning of cancer 'tsunami' (27-01-2012)
Endometriosis increases IBD risk (20-12-2011)
Major cancer variations in 32 counties (09-12-2011)
IBD has big impact on quality of life (28-11-2011)
Govt pledges action on child obesity crisis (09-11-2011)
Aspirin can cut bowel cancer risk (31-10-2011)
Folic acid may reduce speech problems (13-10-2011)
Connolly gets new endoscopy suite (05-10-2011)
Saturday bowel tests to clear lists (15-09-2011)
'People may die on bowel test lists' (13-09-2011)
Drug side-effects 'preventable' (07-09-2011)
Expert says tax junk food (25-07-2011)
15 hospitals chosen for bowel screening (04-02-2011)
Drink with Xmas dinner fine for digestion (15-12-2010)
Disabilty access issue highlghted  (14-10-2010)

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