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21% of 17-year-olds drink and smoke regularly (23-06-2020)
Mental health of healthcare workers impacted (08-05-2020)
77 more people with COVID-19 have died (20-04-2020)
First years due second dose of HPV vaccine (26-02-2020)
People encouraged to get involved with parkrun (03-02-2020)
Sport improves mental health in teens (29-01-2020)
Irish study warns of dark side of fitness apps (14-01-2020)
Fewer school-aged children smoking (09-01-2020)
Latest QUIT smoking campaign launched (08-01-2020)
Just two weeks of inactivity can impact health (12-12-2019)
Number of smokers in Ireland has fallen (20-11-2019)
Boys to receive HPV vaccine for first time (27-08-2019)
More doctors seeking mental health treatment (07-05-2019)
New 2019 Healthy Ireland campaign launched (09-04-2019)
274 organ transplants in 2018 (26-03-2019)
HPV vaccine uptake rate now at 70% (12-03-2019)
Avoid asthma triggers this Christmas (21-12-2018)
HPV vaccine to be extended to boys (07-12-2018)
Levels of job stress doubled in 5-year period (27-11-2018)
80,000 fewer smokers in 2018 (24-10-2018)
GAA Healthy Club Project has big impact (08-10-2018)
Families encouraged to reduce screen time (25-09-2018)
Many teens have poor fitness at 16 (11-09-2018)
Concern over rise in measles cases (10-08-2018)
Smoking kills 7 million every year (31-05-2018)
Five healthy habits could add years to life (03-05-2018)
Many believe cancer myths (26-04-2018)
Measles still a major threat in Europe (23-04-2018)
Exercise cuts heart disease risk even if genetic (10-04-2018)
2017 was record year for organ transplants (28-03-2018)
Plain cigarette packs already on sale (22-02-2018)
NRT should be free to more people (14-02-2018)
Fitness challenge boosts girls' fitness by 16% (29-01-2018)
Impact of exercise on lung cancer to be studied (24-01-2018)
Binge drinking still a major problem (24-10-2017)
National Fitness Day fast approaching (07-09-2017)
AEDs save lives in sports clubs (01-09-2017)
Interventions to help smokers quit do work (10-04-2017)
Physical activity crisis among Irish children (23-03-2017)
Fruit and veg may lower COPD risk (24-02-2017)
Secondary school boys fitter than girls (30-01-2017)
Burnout appears to be prevalent among GPs (12-01-2017)
1 in 7 teens feel pressured to have sex (03-11-2016)
New report on risk factors for work illnesses (20-10-2016)
Special Olympics improves quality of life (18-10-2016)
Teens urged to take part in fitness challenge (26-09-2016)
Food fads negatively impacting public health (22-09-2016)
Ireland's first National Fitness Day (15-09-2016)
Exercise benefits those with schizophrenia (15-08-2016)
Exercise boosts brain power of children (28-06-2016)

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