Breast enlargement, your experience?

Anonymous  Posted: 28/04/2004 17:44

I would love to hear from women who have had breast enlargement done. How they feel now and the cost etc. thanks

Anonymous  Posted: 04/05/2004 19:07

so would I! Can anyone recommend a good plastic surgeon in Ireland. etc.

Anonymous  Posted: 05/05/2004 15:13

or is there any natural way that really works that will enlarge breasts without having to put on weight?

Anonymous  Posted: 06/05/2004 11:56

Contact Clane General Hospital. They are very professional and there is a very good follow-up service. I had the procedure done back in March, and have not looked back since. Don't fool yourself - it is quite painful after the operation and it took me about 3 weeks before I could stop taking painkillers - but it is now well worth it. If like me, you have been putting off this procedure for as long as you can remember and always wanted to have it done, then I would recommend that you go ahead. It has made me more confident and outgoing. Gone are the days of wearing baggy clothes to hide my (lack of) bust size. I was a non-existent A cup!! and am now a very natural C Cup. The procedure cost me €4,500 (quite expensive), but have saved for it for a long time. So go for it!

Anonymous  Posted: 20/05/2004 19:02

Thanks to the last contributor for all that info. It certainly gives me heart! I hope at 44 I'm not too old to have breast enlargement done. Question: Are they for life? anyone have the op done in my area i.e. Limerick.

Anonymous  Posted: 11/10/2005 17:56

I am booked to have a breast enlargement operation in November, I am really scared and sometimes unsure and think that I am being very vain, when there are people needing life saving operations. I would be delighed if someone who had a previous boob job give me some encouragement!!!!!!!

Anonymous  Posted: 12/10/2005 09:45

I saw a program on BBC about different women having it done. Don't kid yourself, it's a major operation.

liam (lcollins)  Posted: 15/10/2005 01:13

all this about breast enlargement, the only natural way to breast enlargement iw to get pregnant, that will enlarge anyones, breasts.

elaine (elane)  Posted: 04/05/2006 16:47

I have had this procedure done, it is one of the best things for my confidence & i really feel like a women again, however i would be very very careful of the clinic you choose i went to advance cosmetic surgery the whole experience was terible i ended up getting an infection and having to be admitted to hospital and have them remove i them went to St James hospital and had them changed this is a wonderfull hospital and when i got over the trauma of advance C.S, i was very happy.

karen (kazzap)  Posted: 08/05/2006 14:16

i haven't had any cosmectic surgery on my boobs yet I am quite well 'endowed'. just a little bit of advice for all you gals outr there thinking of getting enlargements; be realistic. don't go too big. i am a 36e and the aches in my back are.....for a lack of a clean word, f**king terrible. i find it almost impossible to find nice pretty bras....i usually find they are big WHITE ugly monstrosoies of things. and when i actually DO find a nice pretty bra, they are costing €100's. ok, some hyperbole brought in there but they are very expensive. so, ladies, think before you book your new cup size. i hope you all get the results and happiness you are looking for. all the best!

Anonymous  Posted: 10/05/2006 13:11

I was always wondering about breast enlargements but was very wary of what the surgery involved. It is quite drastic. But in my opinion, there are natural ways of getting an enlargement. I recently purchased a supplement for this. I think it's worth a try before even thinking of surgery!!!!!!!

Anonymous  Posted: 10/05/2006 14:02

My bra size is 34A and yet I still feel like a woman! I would like to know why women feel the need to enlarge theirs breasts and how this can make them feel more confident in going out? If you are happy and have respect for you body it should not make any difference how big or small your breasts, bums or even your noses are!

Anonymous  Posted: 10/05/2006 14:20

Ive had it done-i went from a B to a big C. It was VERY VERY painful afterwards for about 2 weeks but like everything else you just forget about it. My only regret is that i didnt go bigger! i had it done with the Harley Medical Clinic and found them very good.the operation was done in Mullingar.

Kipling  Posted: 10/05/2006 16:31

I am a woman and I cannot understand why women want to have bigger breasts. I am neither big or small, however I still am not satisfied with the size of my breasts. Thers is a lot more talk about breast enlargement rather than breast reduction.

Batty  Posted: 11/05/2006 21:25

Hi Anom, I am getting my breasts enlarged too with Harley Street Clinic, I am going to Clane for the surgery. I was worried in case I wasn't going large enough too, I am going from a A to a C. What do you think, can you ask for a large C. do you know and how much time would you recommend to take off work.

Anonymous  Posted: 14/05/2006 14:29

I had my breast enlargement done 1 year ago. I went to Barringtons Limerick. they have a very good plastic surgeon there. He fitted me for implants and gave me a choice of sizes but he would not go bigger than his recommendation. I took the bigger option and they are perfect. They go with the rest of my body and Im now a 34D. I agree with one of the girls above - it is very difficult to get nice bras if you are much bigger than this! I must say though that I had a fair bit of discomfort for 6 weeks after but it was worth it! good luck to the ladies who are considering having it done!

Paul_06  Posted: 16/05/2006 09:42

I've a few questions about breast enlargement. 1. Do they look fake 2. Do they feel like natural breasts. Karren was only saying to be careful what you wish for as she is the other side of the coin. Secondly I personally prefer a natural woman with breasts hanging down than false perky ones, thats my opinion anyway.

Sarah  Posted: 18/05/2006 15:11

Hi, Im going for a consultation with a surgeon about breast enlargement. Has anyone any advice on questions I should ask? Also how much freedom do you have after the operation? Im planning on going on holidays to Italy about 2-3 weeks after the operation. Is this a bad idea?

Jon  Posted: 18/05/2006 15:35

I'd just say to think about why you want it done. A friend had hers done to please her boyfriend but she lost him anyway and now regrets the operation. Personally I much prefer a woman's breasts to feel natural.

LadyBug  Posted: 18/05/2006 16:53

That's a rather drastic solution Liam - but then perhaps men don't think that way.

handful  Posted: 18/05/2006 18:14

Hey people isn't it just crazy how you don't feel enough unless you have big boobs. I know a girl who gets 'used' by the 'sun reader' kind of guys. so it's probably not all it's cracked up to be. Sad times indeed. Me. 34A. Bummer

Paul_06  Posted: 19/05/2006 08:58

Hi Handful, remember more than a handful is a waste!

ali  Posted: 19/05/2006 10:00

it's funny how we are never satisfied! I was a 34D before I had my baby 10 months ago and am now a 34B. I always wanted smaller breasts as I am petite and now I have them! Unfortunately, they lack volume after breastfeeding and sit a bit lower down now than I would like! I am considering implants but want a lift rather than increased cup size. Think you have to get implants to lift them though. Have heard it's really painful which puts me off as hate the idea of a knife near my breasts!

Ali  Posted: 19/05/2006 10:20

Yes, breastfeeding hs that effects on all women. Reme,mber that if you get an implant it may have to be removed if you have another pregnancy. Have you cosidered a breast lift, where they lift the supporting ligaments and muxcles to make your breasts perkier.

Paul_06  Posted: 19/05/2006 10:49

Personally I prefer droopy breasts than false uplifts, its more natural and arousing.

louthchick  Posted: 24/05/2006 15:39

Hello All, actually my man says anymore than a handful is a bonus!! Any woman who wants to get their boobs done go for it if you can. Not necessarily everyone feels happy after it but most do, so i've seen on documentries on tv. They don't last forever you have to change them every 10 years, I'm sure that is correct. But We are all different, these woman who are completly happy with their boobs + bodies good for you!!! But not everyone is. Good Luck...

Paul_06  Posted: 25/05/2006 08:40

Hi Ali, Ask you man what he thinks of your boobs before you consider going under the knife. He may find them a turn on as they are.

Mary  Posted: 25/05/2006 10:35

Perhaps Paul, it's not just the way her man feels bout them but the way she feels about them too. We need to be hppy with our own bodies and our own body image as well.

louthchick  Posted: 25/05/2006 13:02

eh paul 06, do you not think women may want to do it for themselves NOT their 'man'!!!!

Paul_06  Posted: 25/05/2006 13:48

Of course they can do it for themselves after all its their bodies! But who will be viewing and getting pleasure out of them the most?? Ans: the husband/partner/boyfriend Unless the woman is planning on topless sunbathing only 1 man will be viewing them in the flesh, for the other male viewers there are push up bras, chicken fillets, etc. And if you look on a beach in europe women of all sizes and shapes have them on display with no thought of do they look droopy? Generally nobody cares if they are droopy or not, maybe I'm wrong.

Kipling  Posted: 25/05/2006 13:58

Mary 25-05, Will women or (anyone for that matter) ever feel comfortable with their bodies??

Mary  Posted: 25/05/2006 16:17

Perhaps you miss the point Paul - the woman will see them and she cares about how they look and how they affect her perceptions of herself.

Paul_06  Posted: 26/05/2006 09:10

Fai enough Mary, but if everyone else thinks they look fine is surgery still justified? Its a big procedure with its own risks, just to kill her own deamons, at the end of the day its up to the woman but sometimes she can take it a bit too far, nobody is happy with their body yet we all do not go signing up for surgery to correct our apperance.

Mary  Posted: 26/05/2006 11:07

Personally, Kipling, I am comfortable with my body. Sure, there are certain things that if I could wave a magic wand, I would improve but that's not the real world so overall yes, I am happy. If her self perception of her own body image is sufficient to make her unhappy with regard to a specific body part and she's willing to undergo the risks, then yes it is justified. Personally, I have never had cosmetic surgery but it is up to each women to decide as her and only her who has to live inside her own mind and body.

Sarah  Posted: 27/05/2006 16:02

Paul: No woman should have surgery just because she wants to impress "her man" or other people. It should be a personal choice based on whether or not she is happy when she looks in the mirror. Why not get surgery if you really want it? It seems that you think the only way breast surgery would be justified is if someone else thinks the woman should have it which is crazy!

Paul_06  Posted: 29/05/2006 09:01

Hi Sarah, You've totally misread my posts I'm against surgery!! read again

Batty  Posted: 30/05/2006 19:20

For the girl who is wondering about what questions she should ask before her consultation, I hope I am not to late but if you check out the site it might be able to help you come up with some questions. I have been for my consultation and I am going for it!! I am booked in for the 24/06/06. I feel do feel guilty but hey I don't drive so i spent the money on me for something 24/7. I also think god I feel awful with these boobs I have but I am healthy what if the op. goes wrong and I am really sick, I doubht my decision one minute and really look forward to it the next minute. Its a big deal and I hope I am doing the right thing but I have thought about it for years and just thought it was in the "I wish" category, but now its real and I can't wait..... i think !!!

Paul_06  Posted: 31/05/2006 12:19

Hi Batty, How can you feel awful with your boobs, are you married or seeing someone? Surely they cannot be that bad

Mary  Posted: 31/05/2006 12:56

Paul, yet again you miss the ENTIRE POINT. The significance is not what Batty's husband or boyfriend might think of them but how she hrself feels about them. They are part of a her sense of self as a woman - not solely for her partners pleaseure.

Paul_06  Posted: 31/05/2006 13:32

Mary, Ok so, define a perfect breast that makes a woman happy with herself.

Sarah  Posted: 31/05/2006 14:22

Thanks for that info Batty! I actually have all ready gone for my consultation but it went great and Im booked in for the start of August now! I know exactly how you feel but when I start having doubts about it I just think about how great it will be to have the boobs Ive always felt I should have. It will all be worth it in the end!! Good luck girl!!

Mary  Posted: 31/05/2006 15:03

Paul, The breast that makes ME happy with ME, are the ones I have - thank you. Of course I have no idea what type of breast would make Batty happy with Batty, as I am not her and it being a kind of personal question, I wouldn't dream of asking her as I don't know her at all.

Paul_06  Posted: 01/06/2006 10:12

Ok what ever makes them happy I suspose!!!

sillymoo  Posted: 01/06/2006 12:03

Paul it is so nice to see a man commenting about breasts! Personally I am as small as you can get-32A, and can get training bras to fit me! Men with "man boobs" would prob be the same size as me! Anyways my "fella" loves them and does not want me to have as enlargement. Not that that would matter, I would consider it in the future. But it is nice to hear that some men love small breasts and the more unusual the better-and I am luck enough to have one of those men! One thing I am worried about is if you have implants do they have to be removed during pregnancy and can you breastfeed????

Mary  Posted: 01/06/2006 12:12

Hi Silly, as Ali mentioned above, if you get an implant it may have to be removed during pregnancy. Remember all the hotrmones involved in pegnancy will cuase breasts to increase - in some women possibly by 1 size. Yes, an implant can effect breastfeeding. Breastfeeding also alters the shape the of breasts for many women

Paul_06  Posted: 01/06/2006 14:01

Hi Sillymoo, Glad to hear your man is not forcing you to have your inhanced. Personally I prefer natural big, small, fim, droopy, but if a woman wants surgery because she's not happy with hers and sh has done all the research, well its up to her!

Louise  Posted: 01/06/2006 14:05

I had a mastectomy in 2000, with reconstruction using tummy tissue. The reconstruction (called TRAM FLAP) is quite like a tummy tuck. It wasn't a very successful reconstruction, and I'm left with one breast with dents in it, and no nipple! Scars, and so forth. I have very small breasts anyway, and only buy a B cup to give myself more shape and because A is that little bit too small - though a better fit really. Before my surgery, I used to feel very inadequate because of my tiny breasts. Now, I couldn't give a hoot! Not really. Maybe because now I don't have the option for breast enlargement, so there's no point in thinking about it. Since 2000, I was in a long relationship with a man who had zero problem with my funny boob. Nor, for that matter, the gash/scar from hip to hip from the TRAM FLAP surgery. If you'd told me before all this happened that I'd have to live with not just tiny breasts, but one tiny malformed one, I'd have hit the roof. Still and all, these days if I had the option I can't say I wouldn't go for the enlargement, so I'd say to any women going for it... GO FOR IT! I do understand how much it can mean.

Batty  Posted: 01/06/2006 20:22

Good on you Mary,put Paul in his place. My boobs were never an issue because surgery was never a posibility before. I came to the decision to have my breasts increased myself.My husband is happy with what I have, well we he has never complained and as long as it isnt a turn off for him for me to have enhancement than as far as I am concerned thats his input into my decision finished. I decided myself for personal reasons and I really admire Louise for telling girls to go for it because she of all people could take the moral high ground and say as long as you are healthy be happy. Its not that simple. Yes its great to hear a man say he likes boobs any shape siz etc, but thats not my concern. I always have lived by the motto beauty is in the eye of the beholder and I know men would find me attractive whatever shape I was. Anyhow I wear such padded bras that I dont really expect that my enhancement will be very visible, but I am doing it for me and I can't wait to feel more womanly ! My opinion only and I apply it only to me. I have seen women with really flat chests and they can be giving it socks and looking all woman, and I admire them and tried to be inspired by them. And I hope I don't sound too american but implants are my gift to me !

Paul_06  Posted: 09/06/2006 15:45

Then in that case go for it! I hope it all goes well and their not too sore afterwards!! .( .(

Anonymous  Posted: 10/06/2006 13:04

I had breast augmentation and I actually didn't think it was that painful. Day 2 and 3 were the worst but bearable with painkillers. My advice to anyone having them is not to go too big (I went from an A to a large B ) and keep it natural looking. In case anyone was wondering they dont feel natural but are quite soft.

Blath  Posted: 14/06/2006 14:27

I've been a C to D cup all my life and it isn't all it's cracked up to be. Apart from the jeers from building sites etc(that's not as common now because I'm getting older) there's the hassle of shopping for suitable bras and tops. If it's big enough across the chest it's too baggy elsewhere. Personally I think small breasts look more elegant and you don't run the same risk of looking like a slapper or getting jeers from building sites or being stared at by teenage boys. Think hard before you get implants.

Chana  Posted: 14/06/2006 16:46

I've been a D cup since my teens and I have never ver looked like a slapper. As for jeers and whistles. If they are that ignorant i just ignore them

Paul_06  Posted: 15/06/2006 08:04

Hi Blath, Men can be very insensitive, I was staring myself at large breasts when I was a teenager. Try to ignore the whistles, how do you know its your breasts thats attracting the atention? It could be your looks.

Derek  Posted: 17/06/2006 12:39

Builders will wolf-whistle at anything. When I was in my teens, I had really long curly hair. My best mate had long hair too. Any time we'd pass a building site we'd get the whistles until we'd look up and then they'd jeer us calling us poofs and trannies. We were neither of course. I personally think that in the inevitable long run when you meet and fall in love, to most men the size of a woman’s breasts is redundant. It's true though that men’s eyes are automatically drawn to a woman’s chest area. I can never figure out why! Maybe it's because we don't actually have to spend all day hunting for food so that part of our sub-conscious has taken another role. The part I find hardest to grasp though is when a woman says she wants larger breasts for herself, is it due to peer pressure or self-comfort level? I myself find women below D cup look more attractive and prefer natural breasts or if so natural looking breasts. I think most men do these days. The era of the Jordan/Barbie doll look is only for ignorant kids fantasies. With getting breast enlargements there is also the trial and error of ending up unlike what you thought it would be. I think it should be divided into two categories: 1/. The Breast Enhancement. For women who want to give a little boost to what nature gave them or took away: and 2/. The Breast Enlargement. For women who want to go crazy for the sake of it. Then we'd be able to ditinguish between those women who are "tarty" and those whom are not.

Mary  Posted: 20/06/2006 10:57

Personally, I don't think "Tarty" has anythign to do with it. For many women it is their self comfort level. they are not happy with what nature gave them or as you say, what nature took aay, be it through age, breast-feeding etc and this is drasticaly affecting their self-esteem and hey way they feel about themselves.

Batty  Posted: 23/06/2006 23:48

Hi Folks, It is the night before my surgery. I am thinking my god I am healthy what am I doing etc. But I am excited too. Will keep you updated for anyone else going for surgery. Wish me luck !!

Sarah  Posted: 27/06/2006 08:51

Good luck Batty!! Hope everything goes well!

Batty  Posted: 27/06/2006 15:13

Hi, I was meant to have my surgery on Sat, there I was in the bed with my gown and gorgeous surgical stockings waiting to go to theatre. My surgeon came in for a last pre-op chat when the nurse noticed I was a bit stuffy and I said I had a bit of a sore throat. As a result my surgery had to be cancelled. Ahhh. I felt like screaming. So for any one going for the surgery, I know they say be prepared for problems, but I thought it was after the surgery ! anyhow I had scheduled my life around this surgery, to the extent that I wasn't clothes shopping cos I thought tops might not fit me post op and I have to take my full two weeks leave this time because thats what I booked in work and I had a two week holiday in Greece booked for August and I have to cancel it because I am having my surgery at that time now. My advice if the surgeon says at the last minute you are not healthy enough listen to him, I felt like killing them but now with a full blown flu, cold sores and cough I am glad they basically told me I wasnt getting the surgery. Also don't completely schedule your llife around the surgery, if you are taking leave from work try to see if you can return early if possible and dont book a post op holiday, until you have those babies under your jumper be prepared for really anything. o

Paul_06  Posted: 28/06/2006 09:00

Good luck Batty, I hope all goes well

mir  Posted: 29/06/2006 17:03

I had a breast enlargement op carried out in a Dublin private hospital in November 2006, and increased from a 32A to 32C I love my shape, its great and I feel really good. Prior to my op I also felt good about myself, but life is short and its something I wanted to do and being confident with yourself is so important. I didn't go through this procedure for a man, i did it for me. I would say to any woman if you want breast implants get them done but go to to a good consultant plastic surgeon

PAULA  Posted: 30/06/2006 00:00

what is an ulcer(if spelt right) how do u know? my boyfriend gets sick nearly every morn he can barely drink even couple cans give him heartburn doesnt eat currys or any spicy food so cant judge by that but to me its symptoms what do u all think

Caro  Posted: 30/06/2006 10:32

Paula, maybe you should start up a discussion ./ forum in relation to stomach problems / ulcers in order to get some opinions or advice.

Anna  Posted: 06/07/2006 16:25

To Batty, You must have been so annoyed with what happened :-( But hey, maybe these things happen for a reason. I have had consultations with ACS and HMG but have yet to visit Clane. But the more choice, the harder to chose.. And then there's the whole issue of 'is this surgeon good enough?', of course the clinic will tell you he's wonderful but how do you really know...

Batty  Posted: 06/07/2006 21:48

Hi Anna, I was really annoyed but maybe you are right , these things sometimes do hppen for a reason. I know all the clinics will tell you that their surgeons are the best but if you get the name of your surgeon and go to the Irish General Medical Council website, onto the right of the screen there is a option to check the qualifications of your doctor. You put his name in and his qualilfications should come up, like where and when he graduated and what he is specialist in, for example we would be looking for plastic surgeon. Thats what I did with all my surgeons. One doctor I saw told me that he would put me up just one cup size and he said he would decide during the surgery if I was suitable to go up higher, but I think I should have had some say in that matter and not wake up to a surprise! Anyhow, it is confusing but my surgeon was very nice and helpful, but if you have any questions maybe I can help a lilttle more. Good luck though.

Gillian (FVV48100)  Posted: 06/08/2006 16:38

Batty, which clinic are you going into to have your enlargement, hopefully you can come back on and let us all no how it went. How much does it cost.

Sarah  Posted: 08/08/2006 08:24

Hi all. Having my surgery on thursday morning. Getting really excited now! Will come back and let you know how it went. Wish me luck!

Batty  Posted: 08/08/2006 17:53

Hi Gillian, Cant believe I have had it done!! Got it done on Saturday. On the day of the surgery I was the last to have it done at four in the afternoon. I was really lucky because I had a room to myself in the Hosp, which I dont think is usual. Anyhow the doctor came to see me before surgery and we chatted and he took photos.I was then brought down to the theatre with my new bra on my lap and the doctor marked me up in the theatre, than I was given my iv and I woke up in the recovery room with the babies, I have to say I didnt feel too much pain, more like a ache, like the kinda ache you get from having a tooth pulled, kinda raw but bearable. I was really happy about that but I didnt expect to be so helpless. I had my implants, 300cc by the way, under the muscle. I could not really move around. I was put propped up on the bed and If i slid down i stayed there til help came. I could not really use my arms, I also felt really faint and it took a while the following day for me to leave the hospital because of the weakness. I would say bring in food with you, I was starving after the op and all I was given was toast and tea. So before going to the theatre have your bedside locker ready with mags, food (the hosp. will feed you but I was starved and they were a little slow with the food, they gave me a sandwich at ten !! lucky i had hidden muffins) anyow also have things like savlon antiseptic wipes, you arent meant to bathe and you wont have the enery, but i used the wipes to freshen up, also bring face wipes to give your face a wipe too, put what you need in a bath bag and have it sticking out of the locker so you can tug it out with min. effort. You will have a drain put in to each breast, I thought they would really freak me but they werent much hindrance, you will get them taken out the next morning and just breathe through your nose as they come out, but it is not painful. Also bring in some antiseptic soap so you can use it pre and post surgery, just dont take a risk with infection. You will not be able to reach your hair, god knows I have tried and it is now three days since surgery and I still have not got there, so give your hair a good scrub, don't use conditioner pre surgery. If possible try get it braided or something I look like a crazy thing at the moment and even if I could shower I still can't reach my head!But my movement has improved greatly in the past two days. My breats are very swollen and tight. They are not very big which is kinda worrying, cos when the swelling goes will my breast go too. But I am being realistic and you have to realise the breasts you wake up with after the surgery is not really what your breasts are going to be like in the long term, well thats what I think.I still have not got much pain, just very itchy at the incisions and also from the bra. At home the practical things are, try have a bed to yourself with lots of pillows because sitting upright helps reduce the swelling but sleeping upright hurt my back!! I have all my dvds within easy waist level to get , also I ironed all my clothes and laid them out at waist level pre surgery. Have your house spotless cos if you are like me, messiness makes me want to clean and you really can't clean. Have a good supply of clean pj's so you can change regularly and keep yourself a little fresh! all in all I have not felt much pain, but my arms are useless but getting better by the day, I am sticking religiously to the taking of my drugs, except the painkillers as I dont feel much need for them and they also knock me out so I take them at night only. Hope that was some help, I went on a bit, but no body knows about my surgery except my fiancee and its great to talk to others about it. Any thing else you wanna know I will love to chat, but if not good luck. Oh my surgery cost €6,200.

Batty  Posted: 08/08/2006 17:59

Good Luck Sarah, Hope it goes well, which I am positve it will.

Sarah  Posted: 09/08/2006 14:10

Thanks a mil Batty. Its great to have a realistic idea of what Im in for tomorrow. Wouldnt have thought of the antiseptic soap!! Glad to hear it went so well for you!

Batty  Posted: 09/08/2006 19:13

Sarah, Probably spoke too soon, had shooting pains today but told it was due to the nerves re connecting. Keep us updated on your progress, are you getting under or over the muscle. Anyhow, get a good sleep tonight, you are going ahead with the surgery now so there is no point in worrying and no need. I was worried but it was really straightforward, so much so that its hard to believe it has happened. Let us know how you got on.good luck.

molly  Posted: 10/08/2006 10:35

Like yourself im not telling anyone only my fiance as he is paying for it. How long did you have to wait to get them done? How many sizes did you go up? does the surgeon help you in deciding the size and shape etc hope you can soon manage to wash your hair that bit will drive me mad as i have to wash mine every day because it sticks up like crazy in the morning but i guess it will be worth it.

Batty  Posted: 10/08/2006 11:57

Yeah, my hair should be washed every day cause it sticks up too. But I have got a long handle hair brush so I can at least brush it now, but still not washed, it is difficult to wash cause I cant really bend forward or backwards. I wanted to go up to a full C cup, that was two cup sizes for me. My surgeon measured my chest under my breasts and said I had a narrow frame,which I do. The size of your chest frame will have an impact on the size of implants you should have. Also I did not have much breast tissue so if i had large implants there would be a increase in chances of rippling. The doctor will talk in terms of cc and if he is good he will try to interpret cc's in cup sizes. But as a guidance, I was originally going to have 265cc inserted but I went larger , to 295cc. This should change my bra size from a A cup to a C.everyone is individual and you should try to be as informed as possible before you decide, because it is your body. The clinic I finally went to gave me a outline cv of my doctors career. I than checked his qualifications on the Irish General Medical Council, met him and together we decided on a size.Lucky you, having your fiancee pay, but if you are happy I suppose he will be too. I think I left a web address in a previous posting, this site will help you I think. Good luck with your choice

Caz  Posted: 10/08/2006 17:54

Can anyone recommend a good surgeon in Dublin. With so many choices it can make the decision very difficult. Had a consultation today at the Harley Medical Group and have another one on Monday for Advanced Cosmetic Surgery. I'd appreciate any advice and thanks to everyone who has given valuable advice on this site. Very helpful and makes deciding easier.

Sarah  Posted: 11/08/2006 16:10

Hi Everyone. Well its the day after surgery - cant believe Ive finally had it done!! Ended up being the 2nd last out of six to have it done yesterday but it was grand cos I just slept all morning which helped me get over my nerves. My only problem was when they gave me a pre med tablet (vallium) to settle me and help me sleep it actually gave me a really bad headache and made me sick as soon as I woke up from the operation that didnt happen to any of the other girls though so guess I was just unlucky. Apart from that I felt fine after. When I woke up it just felt like there was loads of pressure on my chest but it wasnt painful and I have great movement in my arms. Still feeling quite tired but I think a good night's sleep in my own bed will sort that one out. Went from a small A to a C not sure of the cc's he put in but Im happy! Had mine under the muscle which is supposed to be more sore at first but more natural looking in the long run. I was really happy with the hospital and the surgeon they couldnt do enough for you and really made me feel at ease before and after surgery. I paid €5200 for mine. Batty can I ask if you lost any feeling in either of your nipples and has it returned yet? Ive lost feeling in my left one and while the surgeon said its quite normal its still a little scary! Any other questions feel free to ask!

Caz  Posted: 11/08/2006 17:09

Hi Sarah, who was your surgeon and what clinic did you go to? Would you recommend them? Keep us posted on your progress over the next couple of days. I've heard the nipple thing happens but is temporary so you should be fine. Batty who was your surgeon?

Batty  Posted: 11/08/2006 21:26

Sarah, Lucky you, having arms that work. Yeah, I barely have feeling in my nipples now, but that is completely normal and as long as blood is getting to them I am happy, the sensation will come back, remember a lot of nerves have been disrupted but they will reconnect. I am a little worried that my breast are a little low. I know they should be high and then drop but mine are at the place I want them to be and I am afraid if they drop, they will be too low, the itching is driving me crazy, but the strenght and mobiility of my arms is increasing. If i lie down and get up i get a shooting pain in one of my boobs and I am convinced that there is something wrong with the internal stiches. If anyone can throw some light on this let me know, the pain only lasts a few seconds but god it is v.v.bad. I cnat give out the name of my surgeon because the editors of this site block it out. Sorry. But he works for Harley St.Medical and his name sounds like crush !

Sarah  Posted: 12/08/2006 12:26

Hi Caz. I went to Clane and I would definitely recommend it. I think the hospital was actually one of the cheaper ones at €5200. The surgeon was excellent and really professional. He is on the specialist medical register and also works in Cambridge. Don't think I could have gotten a better surgeon! Feeling even better today than I was yesterday and I havent had any need to take pain killers yet. Even though its early days Im very surprised at how good I feel after having it done. I would definitely tell anyone who wants it to go for it!

Sarah  Posted: 12/08/2006 12:30

Also Ive heard that with Harley you only meet a nurse at first which isnt the case with Clane. I had an appointment within a week of calling and it was with my surgeon. He also came up to talk to me and put me at ease before the surgery and checked on me that evening and the next morning which I think was really good. I'll be going back to see him again in six weeks time to make sure everything is going to plan. Hope all that helps with your decision caz!

Sarah  Posted: 13/08/2006 15:36

Hi Caz. Figured out I cant say the name of the surgeon on this discussion but if you check the websites for clane hospital and cambridge hospital he is the only plastic surgeon on both... Hope this helps!

JelloBiafra  Posted: 13/08/2006 19:13

I'm currently considering a breast enlargement because since coming off the pill, mine have deflated considerably. they also sit lower than previously which i am most upset about! i was very happy with my breasts on the Pill at 32C, but now they are disproportionately small for my size. While i can always wear padded bras if necessary it's made me feel very self conscious about sex and nudity. Is there any other way to enlarge breasts besides implants? And what do breasts with implants feel/look like? I'm very concerned about them looking and feeling unnatural, which i'm sure would make me less confident rather than more. Also i'd only like to get them enlarged to 32C or so, nothing extravagant!

Batty  Posted: 13/08/2006 21:46

Hi Caz, You have to make the final decision, but I also went to a surgeon in Clane Hospital and I personally was not impressed and I had to pay for the privilge. I went to Harley for a initial free consultation with a nurse who asked me my resons for the suregery and health issuses etc,and she explained what was involved with the surgery. I went away with written information about the surgeon who could be performing my surgery, I then made an appointement for a consultation with him and we talked about the surgery, size, risks etc. It is your personal choice, I went to Clane Hospital, Harley Med and Advanced Cosmetic and although Harley were the most expensive, they were best suited to me, my surgoen had great qualifications and experience, in a previous career I was a nurse and I made sure not to allow anyone near my body unless they had were up to the job. Shop around.My breasts have settled down now and I am seeing the surgeon tomorrow, so I am happy. Good luck I am loggin off for now.

Caz  Posted: 14/08/2006 10:43

Hi Sarah and Batty, Thank you both so much for your valuable advice and for replying to my questions. It has definately made my job easier. Harley seem to get good reports so they are definately a consideration for me. I have an appointment with ACS this evening and will see what they have to say. I am definately going to shop around. I like that Harley their aftercare is for 6 years not the standard one year that most seem to offer. Did you both get incisions under the breast, or somewhere else? I have heard that you can get the implants through different incision points including at the edge of the nipple, though the armpit, under the breast and even through the belly button! What shape implant did you both get? Round or teardrop shape? Silicone or Saline? and what size did you increase to and finally, are you happy with your results and would you change anything? Glad you are both well and recovering quickly after surgery. Thanks again, Caz.

\"Dolly\"  Posted: 15/08/2006 16:04

I had it done 6 years ago - a 30th birthday present for myself. Got a letter from my GP and went to a private plastic surgeon, had the op in a private hospital in Dublin (2 days in hospital) and was very pleased with the whole experience, felt it was safer to have it in a proper hospital in case anything went wrong. Had always been small-chested but after 10 months of breast feeding my baby..... little went to zippo. It is, as others have said, major surgery and not to be undertaken lightly. The recovery is at least two weeks (longer really) and it is very painful. I have no regrets and very much enjoy my fuller figure (only went up to a B/C but was starting from a zero base and am quite "petite" anyway so that suited my frame).

Sarah  Posted: 16/08/2006 09:20

Hi Caz and Batty, Caz - I had an incision under the breast and had round implants. I got silicone as it definitely seems safer with no risk of leakage. Not sure if they even use saline here anymore. I went from an A to a C and Im delighted. I wouldnt change a thing!

Anna  Posted: 21/08/2006 13:25

Great to hear it went well for you both- Batty and Sarah. I would like to get them done and have an appointment in Clane this week, hope to have the op next month. But i also want to get small lumps removed from under my armpits, it will add another couple of grand for lipo. onto the cost but i hate them and i know it is possible to do both at the same time. I just hope the surgeon can get rid of all or most of it. I would just love to go from my 34A to a full 34B. And like yee all, im only telling my boyfriend. Feel bad not telling mum but an irish mammy just wouldnt understand..

Anna  Posted: 24/08/2006 16:41

I had my appointment today and I am happy to go with this clinic so I just rang to have it done next month. I cant believe Im going to do it! The surgeon I met said the lumps would reduce by getting the breast implants’s alone so I dont need to spend the extra money on Lipo. Surgeons I saw in two other clinics said I needed lipo for them so what does that say about them?.. Time will tell I guess, hopefully my surgeon is right. Anyway, he said he does not put implants behind the muscle- only behind the breast tissue. Sarah, from your entries above, at one point you said your implant was under the muscle but later on you said it was behind the breast, can you confirm which is it? Also, it has been about 2 weeks since your op, how are you now?

Caz  Posted: 28/08/2006 16:26

Hi all, well just back from spain and had my consultation there with the surgeon adn I'm going to get it done there in a month or so. The incision will be through the nipple and I'm getting 80% filled round silicone implants. They are really soft just like normal breast tissue so I'm happy with my decision. A little concerned about getting it done overseas but it's a highly professional clinic so I'm happy with that. Anna, I hope your surgery goes well and Sarah and Batty I'd be interested in how you are getting on a few weeks after your surgery.

JAMELIA  Posted: 24/04/2007 17:28

im seriously considering goin ahead with a breast enhancment but one thing. which size silicone is best. im a 32a and only wanna go up to 32b, suits me best but is there much difference in 225 silicone and 250. was gonna go 225 for fear of lookin 2 big....and unnatural....can anyone shed light on that for me please

Caz  Posted: 25/04/2007 14:46

Hi Ladies, I too was lacking in the boob department and decided to go for surgery in October last year. I went for two consultations in Dublin, but I wasn't entirely happy with either of them and the services they were offering. I had researched breast augmentation in detail and so knew what I was getting into and knew the pros and cons before I started out and because of this I was clear on the type of implant and incision point I wanted. I was on holiday in Marbella and decided to go for a consultation there and met with the surgeon direct who was extremely professional and friendly and was more than helping in providing information so I decided to go with them and flew over for a week in October of last year and had the procedure before flying back a week post op. I had a local anaesthetic with sedation instead of general anaesthetic (I would highly reccommend this) and didn't feel a thing when I woke up just a little discomfort. I was on pain killers for a week but felt very little pain, only discomfort and I'm extremely happy with the results. I went from a 34b to a 34D to 34DD (depends on the bra) and I had the surgery through the nipple and under the muscle. My implants are 80% filled silicone so are very soft and if anyone is thinking of getting it done, I say go ahead and do it. I don't regret my decision to get implants, however it was very pricey. I would pay it again. My advice, feel comfortable with your surgeon and don't pick the surgeon on cost alone. That's the best advice I could offer. Good Luck xx

JAN  Posted: 26/04/2007 11:03

Hi I am thinking of having BA from 34b to a D Im am worried about the scaring if any one that had them done do you have advice, and i have an appointment with the Harley medical clinic has anyone had them done there? Thanks

Anonymous  Posted: 08/05/2007 17:41

Had breast aug on 20 April and lipo to tummy at same time. 1st week awful but now not too bad. Anyone else in my position - have kept it quite so havent been able to talk to anyone about it. Any info re scars etc be very interested to hear.

adam (QVO62132)  Posted: 21/05/2007 12:16

why would you get breast enlargments the only reson would be to impress a guy/girl so if you really wan tto lose alot of money get an infection just for soem one you like go fro it

annie  Posted: 24/05/2007 12:10

has anyone heard of these pills that you can take to increase your size and do they work.. I have a friend who swears by them but am a bit sceptical myself

Anonymous  Posted: 24/05/2007 12:34

Adam you sound unbelievably shallow. Many women have enlargements done for their own self esteen and happiness. The risk of an infection is minimal with the aspeptic conditions which are standard with any surgery and in fact are no higher with breast surgery than any other elective procedure.

jade  Posted: 06/11/2007 23:23

Hi there to all, and thanks for sharing all your experiences Has def helped me so so much with my choice to go ahead and have surgery. A few of you mentioned going to private hospitals in Dublin I'm from the west and not sure if surgery of this kind is done up here. I'm pretty clueless to hospitals in Dublin so could you name them please it would help me so much. Apart from the Harley Medical and Acts.

bixi79  Posted: 07/11/2007 13:55

I had this kind of operation and I can say that it changed the feelings about my body!It's very important for me to feel good about myself and now I feel very good!And the operation was perfect so I'm very happy now!Don't be afraid to do it if you want!

Aoife (CAS67968)  Posted: 17/01/2008 14:55

Hi I'm doing an article for my college newspaper on the benefits of cosmetic surgery and its popularity in Ireland today. I was hoping to get some opinions from people who either had surgery or think its a good option. If possible you can just leave a message here nd ill write back or email me at Thanks!

shaz  Posted: 21/04/2008 16:55

HI Am having breast Augmentation in august and a little nervous. Have only a week to recover as i have a 2 year old at home. Is this enough time. Am having treatment with Harley clinic and they say i will be fine after a few days. Any advice please??

Anonymous  Posted: 22/04/2008 08:37

Oh Shaz, a week I would say would only cover the major healing. I would have thought 3 - 4 weeks would be better. Do you have anyone who could help with your toddler? Also, I would imagine any lifting would be best avoided.

shaz  Posted: 23/04/2008 13:33

hi Thanks for your help. Yes i will have some help after my surgery with toddler. Just wondering how long it will take to get back to normal. Am getting nervous now.. Any advice please??

nips  Posted: 23/04/2008 23:59

hi defo give your self at least 3-4 weeks without any heavy lifting! It'll be hard because the kids are only little, but your not paying all that money and going through the discomfort to have to go back because your not healing properly.... best of luck and enjoy the results i'm having mind done in october and i can't wait.... let us know how it goes.

shaz  Posted: 24/04/2008 13:03

Hi nips Just wondering how much is it costing. Thanks a mill for your advice.. I cant wait to get it done 2. What size are you going 2??Im thinking of going to a D cup..

nips  Posted: 24/04/2008 22:32

Hi shaz, it costing €6,200 my surgeon is amazing and i was very happy my consultation! He was straight forward and honest which i liked as i'm a 'no shit' kinda person! I felt really comfortable with all at the clinic too.... i'm currently a 38B and have decided to go with a 420cc implant so i could possibly be a DD or E i am quite broad so my boobs (or rather lack of them) don't suit my frame at the min! i'm a little over weight at the moment so i'm waiting till i lose a bit more weight first, just so i feel more comfortable going under anesthetic! Thats the only thing that bothers me!

shaz  Posted: 28/04/2008 15:04

Hi Nips Thanks for all your advice. It has been really helpfull. Hope your surgery goes well.Feel more relaxed about getting mine done now.

Lottie  Posted: 01/05/2008 21:54

I'm a small 34A and want to know if anyone my size has had implants? Everyone so far has been B cups at least. I hate the posh spice look and am worried I'll look like that. I'd love to be a big C cup. I'm in my early 30's so theres no chance of a late growth spirt.I'm already dreading another summer of not being able to wear skimpy tops even though I've a flat stomach. Also I remember reading a few weeks ago in the paper about an injectable technique that one girl had tried but in all the google searches I haven't found where in dublin it was. If anyone has heard about it can they let me know. Thanks

Maria (ZSN72122)  Posted: 15/06/2008 15:43

hi everyone am new to this discussion group. I am seriously considering getting a breast augmentation. i have literally nothing there and would luv to go to a B or small C cup. I have done a lot of research and am very much aware of the risks involved. I am doing this for me and no one else. I am now 24 and have been wanting to have this done for years and I feel the time is now right. The problem is trying to choose a surgeon tho.. obviously I am nervous and want to make the right choice.. prob in ireland is that the choice is very limited. I recently went for a consultation. I had researched the surgeon and was happy with his qualifications. However, when I met him I felt that the process was rushed... i felt he was very cold, he rushed me out of the room and didn't give me an opportunity to ask him any questions. I didn't have a chance to look through the before and after pics either. I must say I was extremely disappointed with the consultation for someone who has such a gud name.

shaz  Posted: 25/08/2008 17:34

Hi nips Well i had my surgery 2 weeks ago and all went fine. thank god... was very nervous but staff in hospital were amazing... was very sore for the first few days but am much better now. I had opp in mullingar hospital plus had room to myself which was great... hope yo are looking forward to yours. shaz xxx

poxy (TYH74230)  Posted: 30/08/2008 17:30

hi shaz i was just wondering if you could give me a hint on who did ur op in mullingar and how much it cost

cizz  Posted: 31/12/2008 23:08

Hey im getting my breasts done next Thursday, im starting to get really nervous about it. Im a smalla at the moment was a good b untill i breast fed, i have choose 300cc implant want to go to a good c dont no if its to big now cause Im very small. My surgeon said it would be better to put the implant over the muscle because i want a natural look- does anyone no which is better? 

jez_a_bell  Posted: 08/03/2009 12:48

hi everyone, i'm going in for my surgery tomorrow. i had 2 consultations with my surgeon because the first time i went i picked a D and when i went home and told the 3 people who do know im having it they advised me to go smaller. i went back and picked a full C only 25cc in the difference. i think when i did go back i realised how big i had picked first as i am very small framed and only 5'0. im happy with the new size at the moement. im only A cup. im in op at 9.30 and will be finished within an hour and a half i was told. in total it cost me €6400 to have a tear drop shape under the muscle and my scar will b under the "natural" fold of the breast. i will let you know how it goes and how im feeling afterwards Embarassed oh i chose to have mine at a clinic after having a really bad consultation with a different clinic. i was met by a nurse in a hotel room. she let me hold 2 implants and had a look. i really mean she just looked at my boobs and said yes youl look great what size do you want and that was it so i didnt feel comfortable with that clinic.

jez_a_bell  Posted: 10/03/2009 18:57

had my surgery yesterday and im flying around.  i have no bruising and just a bit of swelling. im glad i went with the smaller size as it looks perfect for me. my surgery was over in 40 mins. i had a half of an hour before surgery just meeting everybody involved with it and getting marked up, everybody was lovely and friendly. they really looked after me. the first thing i said when i woke up was im starving and they brought me tea and toast and checked on me every 5 mins. they gave me my phone to txt and ring anybody and they also rang my family themselves to let them know i was out of surgery and i was fine. i know it has only been a day but i dont think i will regret it. i also got a call from the clinic today to see how i am feeling and to arrange my check up. they really couldnt be more helpful.Laughing i would advise anybody who really wants to do this just to go for it find a clinic and surgeon you are comfortable with and dont let money be your deciding factor. i was given antibiotics pain killers and a sleeping aid but im only needing to take my antibiotics and 1 or 2 painkillers. i will keep you posted. please feel free to ask me anything.

cizz  Posted: 10/03/2009 20:05

hi jez_a_bell, I hope your surgery went well and you are happy with the results. Im delighted with the results, everyone was so nice and helpful where I got it done. The first few days are the worst.

Auds11  Posted: 03/04/2009 11:38

Jeez_a_bell, could you please tell me where you got your implants done?


cizz  Posted: 03/04/2009 15:36

Your not allowed to give that kind of information on this web site, but I got them done just outside of Dublin and the surgeon is very well known. If you google breast enlargement it is one of the top two. Sorry I cant give you more information.

jez_a_bell  Posted: 07/04/2009 17:03

Im back for my second check up in about 3 weeks , i saw my scars for the first time at my first check up and they where bearly noticable there getting better evrey day. i dont think i can name the clinic or surgeon on this but if you like feel free to mail me at i still have pain killers left i dont even feel like i had surgery only for i can see i have boobs now i wouldnt believe it lol Smile

free as a bird  Posted: 14/04/2009 13:04


I'm 20 years old and a size 32A. I have booked in a consultation with a cosmetic surgeon in my area who has a very good reputation. I'm very slim and am just wondering does that affect the surgery and the size you can go to. Is there anyone else who was a 32A who has had surgery, if so I would really appreciate some feedback. Also if anyone could give me any ideas of the cost, that would be great 2.


Anonymous  Posted: 15/04/2009 08:43

Hi Bird,

So far as I know , how slimy ou are affects the size you can go to in the sense that the cup size is limited by the size of your rib cage.

Ali A  Posted: 19/04/2009 17:20

Hi Girls,

I am debating getting breast enlargement but have not got a clue where to start.  Any recommendations of surgeons in dublin area.

Ali A  Posted: 19/04/2009 20:03

Hi girls,

i thought i posted this earlier but must have pressed wrong button.

Just wanted some advice really.  I am a size 32A and really want to get an enlargement.  Just wanted to know if someone could recommend a good surgeon in the dublin area. could you please email at . Smile

KlaireD  Posted: 03/05/2009 17:21

Hi everyone :)

I'm a 32a and it really gets me down. I'm going on holiday soon with a group of friends and I'm dreading the thought of wearing a bikini!

I have a few questions about breast augmentations, I was wondering if anyone could answer?

First, how do your breasts feel after? Like are they solid, or will they still feel soft and be able to jiggle etc?

And second, if I get a breast enlargement, will I have to go back to get it topped up every once in a while?

Thanks girls :)

Danika  Posted: 27/05/2009 10:01

Hi to the woman who posted this ad or to any other woman reading who might be interested:

I am a Master's student at Trinity College conducting interviews with women who have had or are considering having cosmetic surgery. I am doing this study in order to learn from women, like yourselves, about your thoughts and, where relevant, your experiences with cosmetic surgery. I want to allow you the opportunity to discuss these issues in a non-judgmental and sensitive conversation. If you are interested in learning more about this study, please contact myself, Danika Sharek, at or 087 2187872. Volunteers would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks for reading!~Danika

i dunno  Posted: 08/06/2009 19:52

hi guys i am a 20 year old girl with 32 DD breasts and would like to go up to a 32 FF and was wondering if anyone could tel me wat type of implants (shape style saline/silicone etc.) would best suit or if anyone with roughly the same size as me has had implants and what they thought about it tanx (",)

Anonymous  Posted: 09/06/2009 13:37

Hi dunno, 32DD is actually quite large especiually as a measurelmyn of 32 would suggest that you are not a broad person. Bear in mid that a size as large as a 32 FF may cause problems for your back and your posture - especially given that your beasts will naturally enlarge as a rsult of pregnancy, if you have children later on and also as a result of the pill

MEREVA  Posted: 13/08/2009 12:39

hi there

am new to this-am getting my breast enlargment done next thursday. Going from a 38 b to 38dd and the only problem i have is 3 half hour drive to and from the hospital has any one got any helpful hints for the drive.

MEREVA  Posted: 22/08/2009 21:09

HEY you all two days post op and i am soooooooooooooooooo pleased with the results had an easy rtime in hospital the nurses made it less stressful so it was more relaxin breasts not so sore just uncomfy at times but cant beileve its over if yous are havin douts dont they look and feel great

boobless  Posted: 24/08/2009 16:09

Hi Everone. I'm new to this board. i'm completely flat chested( not even an A cup!) and after messing around with herbs and breast massage I've taken the step to book a consultation. I know we can't mention names but my appointment is in Waterford city ( only one hospital performs cosmetic surgery there). Has anyone had an appointment there? The cost is €6000 as far as I know. The consultation is with the surgeon which I'm really happy about it. I'm kinda worried about the healing. Seems to be different for everybody. I have a small baby so I'm a bit anxious about being able tolook after her but at the same time I'm really excited that i might eventually for the first time in my life have breasts.

Lucy lu  Posted: 24/08/2009 23:21

Hi boobless. Iv also got an apt 4 consultation at that clinic in a few weeks!! Have not heard anything about it, but would be really greatfull if you could let me know how you get on!! or if any1 has gone there for the op??

Also mereva, glad to hear your happy with the results, where did you go, general location? and how did you get on wit the 3 hr drive after??

nicki6000  Posted: 25/08/2009 09:24

Hi im a newbie. Ive been reading all your posts and just want to say fair play to all the girls who have actually gone and got the operation done! Id imagine it must be fairly nerve racking.. Im in my late 20s and have wanted to get mine done since I was 14. The only thing that stops me is when i see boobs like Victoria Beckham. I dont think i could cope if mine ended up looking like that. Is there any way you can guarantee that you wont end up hating them??

MEREVA  Posted: 25/08/2009 14:12

HEY you  thanks i went to mullingar  and it was great  the 3 hr drive wasnt to bad wee bit sore on the bumpy roads but i kept pillows between me and seat belt and ipod on the entire trip wud defo do it again the look great  if yous need anything jusat ask always here x

i dunno  Posted: 26/08/2009 12:38

hi anon, i am currently on the pill yasmin and have been taking it fot the last two years which hasnt made my breasts any larger! if i was to go ahead with my surgery and if later had children would it be possible to take out my implants as your supposed to change them every 10 years anyway?

boobless  Posted: 26/08/2009 23:47

Hi Lucy Lu, will of course let you know how the appointment goes. I wasn't supposed to go for a few weeks but phoned and got a cancellation for next tuesday.

A girl I know got hers done at home in the UK and is thrilled with hers. She got silicone round implants under the muscle ( as like me she was totally flat). She was really sore for two weeks but is fine now and said they are very natural.

Has anyone else had theirs under the muscle. How long were you very sore for?

boobless  Posted: 27/08/2009 11:38

Hi Mereva,

Are yours over or under your muscle? How are you feeling now?

MEREVA  Posted: 30/08/2009 17:08


 mine are over  the mussle  (forgive the spelling my computer not great the day ) and they are settleing well   i have now finished my post op meds and am feelin good   its such a wonderful feelin when i look down thank god i got them done let me no how you get on x

boobless  Posted: 02/09/2009 11:46

Hi Girls, had my consultation with the clinic in waterford yesterday. Surgeon seems to be really good. i was there for an hour and never once rushed me. he left me choose the size by trying on different size chicken fillets. Then he did an exam and different measurements and explained the whole procedure. The implants are silicone and he puts them over the muscle. The implants size I chose was 300 cc. Has anyone had this size. What change in cup size would it be equivalent to? Would it be two cup sizes? I forgot to ask that. He said to phone with any other questions anyway.

He went into detail about all the things that can go wrong so I lay in bed last night for hours thinking about them but this morning I'm still poitive about the whole thing and feel that I probably will go ahead with it. I just need to think about the size again. I'm worried that it will be too big as I really am starting with nothing. I also think if I do decide to go for it, I'll have it done the end of this month.

I would say if anyone is even starting to think about getting implants, just go now for a consultation. It's easier to think about it when you have all the information. Best of luck for yours lucy lu.

nicki6000  Posted: 02/09/2009 15:50

Just wondering what people have been told about their implants 10 years down the line. Do they HAVE to be replaced and if so how much it will cost?

Lucy lu  Posted: 02/09/2009 22:23

thats really good boobless (you'll have to change your nickname soon!!!)!! so glad it went well for you!! i dont know how many cup's u'll increase but im sure if ur not sure bout that big he'll do smaller!! Im so excited bout next week now... i feel like im getting one step closer. I'll let you know how it goes!!!

just sam  Posted: 03/09/2009 16:04

hi guys i'm new to this, but find that it looks like a great way to chat to people that are in the same mind frame as you. i have been considering breast enlargement for quite some time now. I am 26 and a size 34-B, I'm really unhappy wit my shape as I seem to be out of proportion to the rest of my body. I havent went for any consultation yet, I think i'm just scarred of taking the leap. I even got a loan for the surgery but I cant seem to take the step forward and just go for it. I suppose i'm looking to ask you guys if going by what you did should I just grow a set of balls and go fr what I have always wanted and take the leap. I find myself asking why cant I be happy with what i've got I have many friends that are around the same size as me and they just dont seem to be bothered which is making me feel like i'm going around in circles. I would love bigger boobs but is it really me and who I am.... Sorry if the message is bit too serious but its just how I feel any advice??????

boobless  Posted: 07/09/2009 17:35

Hi Just Sam,(

I would say just go and book the consultation and see how you feel then. You're not committing to anything by booking a consultation and you'll get all the info that will help you decide.

I have often thought shouldn't I just be glad that I have my health ( can't be glad of my boobs as I'm an AA cup)and sometimes it seems really trivial in comparison to what's going on around me but for me it is something that has bothered me for most of my life and I feel that this is my one chance to do something about it.

I have decided to go for the surgery and am meeting the surgeon again this week- saying that I could still chicken out last minute. I just wish I had plucked up the courage years ago to do it. I'm 32- I know thats not old but now i have a six month old daughter who I also have to consider. So I'm depending on my husband to take time off to look after her. I know you could be in the same situation as me but if you don't have kids yet then maybe this is the best time to do it.I'd say go for a consultation. That will held you decide.

Lucy Lu- best of luck  this week at your consultation. Look foreward to hearing how it goes. You'll be given a really snazzy (not) T shirt to try on over your chicken fillets- well I was anyway. I couldn't even see the size of my boobs in it. Might be no harm to try on your own top with them.

Lucy lu  Posted: 08/09/2009 22:18

I had my consult today boobless!! It was great im so happy, he really made me feel comfortable & he is very professionl! I know the tshirt wasnt the most flattering but i pulled it in tight so felt i could see my new shape!! First time iv felt feminine with a Tshirt on!!! Im going to book it tommorrow for ASAP!! Im so excited!!

Im glad uv come to a decision, it must be hard for you with a baby, but you'll be glad in the future!! Once you have good support around you after the op you'll get over it in no time!!! When you think you'll have the surgery??

Just Sam, I know its nerve wrecking thinking about it all the time but seriously once you take that first step it makes things alot clearer one way or another!! Iv been thinking about this for years, now is the right time for me, im so glad now im doing it and not putting it off any longer!! Best of luck with whatever you decide!!Kiss

MEREVA  Posted: 10/09/2009 09:06


  three weeks post op the day and have to say  they are great settleing down and looking so  good  best thing i have done glad i went through wit it for any off yous who are still thinking just go and see the doctor surgen they always make you feel better mine was great . my new girls feel like they have been here all the time wonderful 

  if anyone has any questions just ask always happy to help x

Lucy lu  Posted: 10/09/2009 11:58

Mereva, so glad your pleased with the results!!!

Going in for mine next week, cant wait!!

Did you have to bring in a sports bra with you, how did you know what size to bring!!??

How long did it take you to get back to normal?? Well to be able to do things for youself?


boobless  Posted: 11/09/2009 15:33

Hi Lucy Lu,

Are you going in next monday then? I have mine booked for the 28th of this month- two weeks after you. I can't wait. I'm still not 100% sure about the size so I have to make up my mind soon. What are you going for? You must be really excited. Id' say phone his secretary and she'll tell you if you have to bring a sports bra. I can't imagine wearing a sports bra. I actually even look forward to that cos now I don't have anything to put into one.

best of luck. Hope everything goes great.

Lucy lu  Posted: 11/09/2009 21:21

Ya in on monday, really cant wait now!! Didn't think id get the apt for so soon, but glad now i wont have to much time to worry!!

Ill let you know all the details once I get home!!

Im going for 400cc most lightly, going to discuss it again when I get there!!

Thanks for your kind thoughts,

Talk soon Laughing

MEREVA  Posted: 11/09/2009 21:23

Hey lucy lu

      i did have to bring a sports bra because the nurses help you put it on a while after once you come round a bit  ,i knew wat size of cup i was going to because the doctor side wat they would be once they were done i also got measured   before i went in to hospital to no the back size, always handy to get that done i think anyway   i also got a bra one back size and cup size bigger because of the swelling  . once swelling goes you cud go to the small back bra  I was able to do normal things about a week later but only thing was not bn able to lift my arms for 2wks   so tops with zips and buttons wud be best only  startin to lift them now but everything from wk one  good luck  wit it and keep me up todate wit it all   greastest feelin in the world when you get up and put on a normal non padded bra in the morning

oh  good luck boobless hope all goes well    x

Lucy lu  Posted: 16/09/2009 12:26

well i got home yesterday, feeling good, very cautious, but had a shower and all this morning! i still cant believe they are part of my body!! really happy with the results, know they are going to be even better once the swelling has gone down and they have fallen into place!!

im not going to say it was a pain free process but it wasnt awfull! im still gettin a  few stabbing pains and very tight!! but that will go in time!

ill keep ye up to date!!!


boobless  Posted: 17/09/2009 12:01

Hi Lucy Lu,

Glad to hear that everything went well. You must be happy to have it behind you. Hope you're recovering well and not too sore.

Did you have to bring a sports bra in the end? I was told a nurse will phone me beforehand to discuss everything. Did someone phone you? i take it you stayed in overnight. I think I have been booked as a day case.

Glad to hear you are happy with the results. I'm sure it will be brilliant when they go soft and fall into place. Did you get 400 cc in the end? I can't wait now but am really dreading the soreness.

get well soon.

emzy  Posted: 17/09/2009 14:32

hi there,

new to this..just researching on gettin boob implants..iv been considerin it for 10 years now n have jus decided im goin to do it!!have did loads of reading up in it but my main concern is gettin a reputable surgeon..who do you go about finding out about this ?? is there a list of certified surgeons that specialise in it or wat?confused!!

Lucy lu  Posted: 18/09/2009 15:33

Im doing good it does get easier every day!! I stayed the night, id advise you do to, the asked me if i did want to leave but I was happier to stay incase!!!

They will ring for youyr medical history and all that before!!

I have 400cc implants, I did think they might be a tat big but i actually could have gone bigger, they are so natural for my perportions!! Every1 thinks they are perfect for my body! So im very happy

I brought a sports bra but they actually bandaged me up after the op! you have to wear a sports bra or tight bangage 24 7 for 2 weeks for support, Iv stuck with the bandage as i find it more secure and comfortable, plus i was scared of the bra on my incesion!!

The hospital, surgon and nurses were 1st class, really happy wit it all,!!

One thing before you go for it, have your house prepared for when you come home, lots of easy to wear clothes, wit zips or buttons, nothing up high, very hard to reach, even glasses cups etc, you really dont want to be lifting anything, just simple things are very difficult the first few days!!

i know it will be on ur mind all the time untill you go in for it but one thing I can say is he is a great surgon, and it does not feel like a hospital, very comfortable and private!! Try not to worry about it!!

If you have any more questions im always here!!

MEREVA  Posted: 19/09/2009 12:04

HI EVERYONE 4wks post op and they are settling grand i agree with you lucy lu it does get easier every day and i anyway feel more confindent in myself best thing i ever done

lucy lu how you finding the not lifting or reaching for things it was fun at times trying to even getting jeans on ha ha hope you are feeling good if any of you have any questions i here just ask

keep us all updated xx

Whoopsie  Posted: 19/09/2009 16:24

Hi all. Your comments are great and really really helpful! I've got my BA op booked for October in Mullingar and it can't come soon enough! I'm a size 32AA, if even, and getting 230cc implants. I know I'm not going very big but I'm quite slim so I think I'd look out of proportion with anything bigger. Also, I really don't want my work colleagues to know I'm getting this done cos I work with a bunch of immature lads who would have a field day slagging me if they knew. I'd hate to be known as 'the one with the boobjob'.

I have to say I wasn't very impressed with the nurse at my initial consultation, it felt like more of a sales pitch than a consultation. I met with my surgeon last week. He’s South African, seems really qualified but would love to know if he did any of your ops. Really wish I could mention his name :-( He advised me to massage bio-oil into my breasts till the op. Did any of you ladies do this? He's not giving me the option to go for tear-drop implants, he only uses round ones. Are these what women normally go for? He also said I need to bring an underwired bra with me to the hospital as opposed to a sports bra. I thought that was strange cos in all of your comments, you were recommended to wear a sports bra.

Also, I have a fibroadenoma (a small benign lump) in one of my breasts and I'm afraid that when the implants are in place, the fibroadenoma will be pushed to the surface and be visible. Does anyone know if this is the case? I don't know how I forgot to mention something so important to the surgeon. I've waiting on a call back from him to say it to him.

Sorry for all the questions.

bailey01  Posted: 19/09/2009 23:12

Hello... I was just wondering has anyone had any negative experineces with breast enlargements? I would like to get a rounded opinion, as i am sure there are unfortunate stories also.


maggie156  Posted: 20/09/2009 10:36

hi everyone i'm new here and i'm having breast augmentation done monday week and i'm starting to get nervous now and i dont know what to expect after the op, would like to here from someone who went through it and to give me tips what i should and shouldn't do after op it would be great.

emzy  Posted: 22/09/2009 15:51

hi maggie im goin for my initial consultation next week..where are you getting your BA done?very nervous about pickin the rite surgeon etc as i cant go around askin people for recommendations as i dont want to let people know im gettin it done!!have you told friends etc..

MEREVA  Posted: 22/09/2009 19:12

hi there whoopise

i got mine done in mullingar it was great nearly five wks ago but brining a underwire bra does not sound very healthy to me i still wearing my sports bra they not as sore round the scars my doc advised against underwire but i wud go wit wat yours say i only told famliy and friends and of course you girls if you not going to big people wont even notice best of luck and sure any more questions just ask x

maggie156  Posted: 22/09/2009 19:55

hi emzy, i'm having my op done in mullingar, i'm having 400cc in 1 breast and 450 in the other i'l be a -c size at the moment i'm a 32A , i'm so excited about it that i told everyone i know ha ha

unaoz  Posted: 24/09/2009 10:17

Hi everyone, sounds like I'm not alone, i've been thinking about getting an enlargement for years too. Mulingar isn't to far from me so i might get a consultation there, what i would be worried about though is the scarring what is it like, is it very noticable? And what do they feel like they're not too hard or anything are they? And how long do you have to stay off work for, if work involves a lot of lifting?

Fair play to ye girls who have it done, I hope i have the guts to go through with it!

cassie  Posted: 24/09/2009 18:06

hi i had mine done after having 3 kids over a year ago consultant met me in dublin and op was in mulingar two weeks you need to take off if you are doing heavy lifting maybe slightly longer i was told not to put on sports bra till i was leaving because they have draining tubes inserted. i am very happy they look real, nicely soft scaring is barely noticable now.Laughing

cassie  Posted: 24/09/2009 18:12

sorry ment to say if you are on inhalers bring with you they make you take them that morning and remove nail varnish on toes or hands they will give special socks to you which you wear for op and after

maggie156  Posted: 24/09/2009 20:00

Cryhi cassie is it sore having them tubes in and for how lone will they be in for , i'm so worried about not know what to expect , i took 2 weeks off work and if i need third week boss said no prob.

Whoopsie  Posted: 25/09/2009 22:19

Thanks a million Mereva. Was thinking the underwire bra thing was a bit odd. I'll check with the nurse in the medical centre.

Were you, or any of you other ladies, advised to massage aloe vera or bio-oil into your breasts for a few weeks before the surgery? Wonder if this helps?

And last question till after my surgery (3wks ... hurry up!!!), I promise. Do most women go for round or teardrop implants? Cos I'm only be given the option to go with round ones. Surgeon said they're best cos if they move around in time, they won't leave you with odd-shaped boobs (or at least not as odd-shaped as they would be if you had teardrop-shaped ones and they moved around). Guess this makes sense...

Thanks so much to y'all for the comments, advice, etc, is invaluable!!! x

von  Posted: 25/09/2009 23:23

Hi everyone,

I had my BA done in  Limerick 5 years ago now.

To be honest I was sore for a while but they settled down about 8 weeks later.

I have had no bother at all since. Teardrop incidentally. 34D. Im 5ft 5ins and am size 14. My figure became balanced for the first time and have never regreted having it done.

Thats my story.

Best of luck to all you ladies having a go!

cassie  Posted: 26/09/2009 09:42

hi, the tubes are not sore they remove a few hours before you go home slight stinging when removing. two weeks time off should be enough unless you still feel very tender, stitchesare usually removed in dublin roughly 10 days after. they told me to buy arnica tablets in health shop it helps with bruising . you or your partner needs to massage them for months after to help them settle. just gentle moving them. no under wire bra's only when scaring stops being tender. fig leaves do lovely pretty bra's without underwire. hope this helps

boobless  Posted: 27/09/2009 13:45

Hi girls,

I'm going in for my surgery tomorrow morning at half seven. One minute I'm really excited and the next I feel sick with nerves. I'm having 280 cc as I'm as flat as a pancake and round implants. my surgeon said that tear drop implants woulld still leave the top of my boob flat. he says that shape is fine if someone just wants to go bigger. i think round are supposed to be better for very small boobs. What is the story with draining tubes? I never even heard of this before?

It's great chatting on this board as everyone seems really nervous before and then really happy afterwards. I'm not too worried about the surgery. I feel confident that it will go ok. I'm nervous that I'll regret it and also feel sick about the fact that I probably won't be able to cuddle my baby for a while.

Anyway girls. I just hope I go through with it in the morning. I'll let you all know how it goes : )

MEREVA  Posted: 27/09/2009 22:07

HEY whoopise

was told to get vitaim e cream for after when scar has healed up at minute they look grand goodv luck and keep me updated x

oh i had drain in they were only in over nite and taken out before leaving for home any one if yous have questions dont be afaird to ask xx

Lucy lu  Posted: 28/09/2009 21:01

boobless i hope it all went well!! x

I know it will be difficult not to be able to lift and cuddle ur baby but im 2 weeks post surgery now and honestly feeling so much better!! I went back to work after 1 week and have been doing everything for myself now!!

I know every1 will have different healing times but the time flies!! Can do so much more now than the first few days!! It will be hard but try to be strong, it will be so worth it!!!

Getting my stiches out tomorrow cant wait, need to get a proper bra, pretty sick of the sports bra at this stage!!

If any1 has any questions at all, this has been a great way for me to get my questions answered and helped me through the whole process!!

Oh ya, i love my new boobs, could not be happier, best decision iv ever made!!

Good luck to every1 who is thinking of getting it done x

unaoz  Posted: 28/09/2009 22:24

hi again, another question for you girls who have it done, is there a problem with breastfeeding afterwards has anyone noticed? Also has there been a change of shape in anyone after you had a baby and one more has anyone had a teardrop one that moved position and needed more surgery? I had a consultation but i still haven't made my mind up!!

Whoopsie  Posted: 28/09/2009 22:31

Thanks again Mereva, you're a star! My surgery's not till Friday two weeks so I might think of more questions before then.

Boobless, hope all went well for you today, can't wait to hear how you got on. Keep us posted on the results and on your recovery :-)

jen  Posted: 28/09/2009 23:30

Hey boobless,

You are boobless nomore! :) Looking forward to hearing how evrything went and how your recovery is. I hav gone as far as booking a consultation to gt a breast enlargement but not brave enough to go any further! Well done!


boobless  Posted: 29/09/2009 11:35

Hi Girls, Well you'll all be glad to hear that I am boobless no more. I have a nice pair of tidy pert boobs and am over the moon about It. I stayed the night and you were right lucy lu- it's worth it. The surgeon was brilliant and really nice. he came to see me three times and the nurses and even the staff bringing around the food and tea couldnt have been nicer.

My boobs are swollen and I feel a bit battered but I am getting around fine. Was able to get dressed fine and all. I was much sorer today when I woke than yesterday after the surgery as I suppose yesterday I had a local anasthetic injected into my boobs too. But with ponstan every 8 hours I feel ok. Just need to careful that I don't overdo things.

before this I measured an AA cup and I think 28 which was tiny. I really felt like I had nothing. I was wearing 32 A bras with chicken filletts inside stuck onto me. My boobs never even grew while I was pregnant and I had nice boobs after my daughter was born for around 4 days. This morning for the first time in my life I put on a non padded 34 B bra. It an ugly white sports bra But I feel great.

Honestly anyone who is thinking of getting this done- go for it. I know there can be complications and for me there still could but if it bothers you that much just go for it.

No more herbs or messing with pills for me and no more chicken filltes or pads. Please God everything will heal up now and I won't have anyproblems.

Good luck to you all and I'll keep you updated.

By the way I took 2 weleda arnica tablets every 2 hours before the surgery and am still taking them. This might help!!

just sam  Posted: 29/09/2009 14:41

Hi lucy Lu ad Boobless, I admire your courage fair play to you guys. I have made a decision and I am going to book a consultation. I think after it i will be much more clearer on things. are you guys living here in Ireland? if so could you give me the name of the place that you got your op done at. You can contact me thru my email address: its

Thanks for everything you have been very helpful, i'll keep you posted on how i get on x

emzy  Posted: 29/09/2009 16:41

Boobless how did it go?hope went well!

Jen I have my consultation tomorrow and 2 more booked in belfast for 2 weeks time..just to compare!cant wait to have it done..cant come sooner..have been on bout it for bout 10 yrs now to my mum and sis and when 2 new dresses arrived in the post bout a month ago (off course returned dem bcoz of boobs..another depression session!)and as usual perfect except no boobs to put into dem..i jus said enuf!lifes too short.where you going for consult?

emzy  Posted: 02/10/2009 14:04

girls i am 34a and want to go to around a c cup (max)..does anyone know wat this is in cc's? my surgeon reckons tear drop much more natural..

boobless  Posted: 04/10/2009 22:16

Hi Girls,

Well its almost a week since my op and I feel good. Still quite sore especially in the mornings. I stopped taking painkillers but I started back again yesterday. They really help. I'm starting to get feeling back now. My right boob seems to be settiling better than the left. I have alot of feeling in the right but the left is still fairly numb and I feel it hasn't quite healed yet. I also noticed sort of squelching noises in my boobs and also around my breast bone. i have read that this is trapped air. Did anyone else experience this? I'm so paranoid that the implants could move and that I'll get that bread loafing thing. I just wish they were healed now.

Overall I wasn't too sore afterwards. I spent the night after in hospital and I would really recommend it as I was so tired and I had nurses in regularly with meds and checking temperature. Have lots of tops ready that zip or button up and as lucy lu said, have things down low in your house as you probably won't be able to reach.

I got 280 cc impalnts and as I had absolutely nothing, I was really worried that the implants would be so obvious but I'm delighted with the size. I'm probably a B cup and they're not at all too big. I was tempted to go smaller and I'm so glad I didn't now. I feel in proportion and so far no one has even noticed. I just hope when the swelling goes down they won't be too small.

I know we can't mention names on this board but I got mine done in Waterford. Only one hospital there( the only private hospital) does cosmetic surgery. It was the only place that I went for a consultation and was really happy with the surgeon. I met with him twice before and he phoned me the week before the op. I saw him a good few times in the hospital too. I thought he was really good.

I'll keep you updated and any questions just post a message.

cassie  Posted: 05/10/2009 11:58

hi the air bubbles are normal as you have read just have to do gentle massage to help this settle down i went from nothing and now 34c which is perfect for my frame no one notice but i am so much more confident and wearing dresses all the time.

Lucy lu  Posted: 07/10/2009 16:51

the squidging noise is very usual, its trapped air and water, it disperces naturally over time!! And once you start massaging it will go faster!! Nothing to worry about! The numbness stays for quite a while! I still get it back for spells in parts of my breasts, but it goes again! Iv had it done 3 and a half weeks now and i still have quite soar nipples, but at least i do have feeling in them!!

So worth it though, great to have DD's but still feel totally comfortable & no1 has noticed that iv had it done they look so natural!!

Whoopsie  Posted: 07/10/2009 21:19

Okay, now I'm really confused :-( I checked with the nurse in the medical centre and she said that, yes, my surgeon wants me to wear an underwired bra right after my surgery, not a sports bra. I've never heard of this before. In fact, I've always heard the opposite, i.e. not to wear an underwired bra for several weeks after. Plus, what size am I meant to bring? I told the surgeon I want to be a large B / small C but they can't really tell me what size I'm going to turn out cos it depends on the individual. Aaaaargghhh!!!! What if I turn out a small B or a DDD!!???!!!! Well that's a bit of an exaggeration, I know. They reckon I'll turn out a B / C...but I might be a D directly after the surgery cos of swelling. So am I meant to bring a B, C & D bra????? I'm 5'6", just over 8 stone, a 34AA (if even!) and getting 250cc high profile implants (although the nurse has ordered 270cc as well so that I can discuss with the surgeon on the day about maybe going with the bigger implants). Has anyone any idea what size I'll turn out?

Sorry, I know this is a very long-winded rant, but I'm just so confused, my head is wrecked!!!!

boobless  Posted: 07/10/2009 23:05

8 days post BA and I'm feeling good.The air bubbles are gone and I'm really itchy which I think is a sign of healing. My boobs are  quite shiny and still a bit sore to touch and are very sore first thing in the morning but overall I'm getting on fine doing my daily things including looking after my babyand so far I am delighted.   

emzy  Posted: 08/10/2009 13:44

hi whoopsie,

i have been to 2 consultations and am a 32/34 a and want to go to 34 c. i am 5 ft 5in and 9 stone..and when tried on implants with my 34 c sports bra.. 300ccs was perfect for me and filled bra nicely!you could try gettin freezer bags and settin dem into a non padded bra and fill up with water to size you desire and den measurin the voume of water in mls after.this equals cc's.i would reckon youll be a b but bring a c bra for swelling..better a bit big than too tite..and yes have neva heard of wearin under wired bra..wud that not be sore and hittin on da scar!!takin into account thats were da 4 cm incision wud be!!

where u gettin urs very confused now 2 cause been to 2 diff consultations...1 surgeon advised teardrop over the muscle the other one round under the muscle...anyone out der with any advise????

Whoopsie  Posted: 08/10/2009 22:36

Thanks Emzy. I think you're right, I think I probably will turn out a B cos I don't have much to start with and I'm not getting very big implants. I'll have to somehow persuade the surgeon to squeeze the 270ccs in, lol!!! Might give your freezer bag trick a go at the weekend though, that should give me a good idea what to expect.

I'm getting mine done next Friday up in Mullingar through a very well known Medical Group in Dublin 2. My surgeon is South African. I understand the logic behind teardrop implants (they were the ones that I had always thought I'd get). But when you think about it, gravity gives round implants the same shape when you hold them up in the position they'll be once placed. Also, my surgeon doesn't use them because apparently if the implant moves inside you over the years, you'll end up with wonky boobs! There's less risk of this with round ones...apparently.

As for over or under the muscle, all I've heard is that it takes longer to recover if you get unders...but they're more natural looking...but you can only get them if you have enough breast tissue to allow you do so. I'm sure you've heard all this yourself though.

You seem very indecisive about where to get your surgery done. It's probably no harm though, better than rushing into it like me, I just couldn't wait to get it done so just booked it after my first consultation. Will let you know how I get on with mine and if I'd recommend him .. hope so, otherwise it'll mean something goes wrong, God forbid!!!!!

boobless  Posted: 09/10/2009 10:53

Hi Whoopsie,

Just as a guide, I'm just under 8 stone and 5 ft 4 inches. I was 32 AA. When surgeon measured me, he said I was actually 28in. I got 280 cc in each breast and I' m wearing a 34 B cup sports bra. It was just chance that it fitted as I had no idea what size I would be. Definatley get a bigger bra than 34 because with the implants in my breasts are lower and so my rib size is bigger. Don't know if thats the same with everyone but if not you will probably be swollen around your sides so will need a larger size anyway. I went from 28/32 to the last hook on a 34 bra as I was swollen. I would say get 36 B and C. I doubt that you will be bigger than a C cup so hopefully one of these will fit.It is difficult to know. I found that too. My surgeon had a table with a guide to what size I would be after but he was quite slow to show me really as I suppose it all depends on a persons frame really.

Another thing I would say is that I was chopping a changing sizes from 260 to 280. Really there wouldn't have been much difference but I'm really glad I chose the 280 now. I was just really nervous that it would be really obvious but It's not. Nobody knows I have had it done except my husband and no body so far seems to have noticed. Also, I don't want to wear a padded bra again in my life and I feel that with 280 I won't have to. It's totally a personal choice but it would be a shame to come out of it regretting not to have gone a little bit bigger. you'll be happy anyway either way.

I have never heard it being recommended to wear an underwire bra either. I was even nervous having the sports bra on my incisions. Have you met with the surgeon and if so what did he or she say? maybe the nurse is mistaken.

Lucy Lu, Thenoises have stopped but ya I'm still a bit numb and nipples are a bit sore. I find I'm quite sore in the mornings but fine once I get up. Were you like that. So delighted to have it all over and was really happy with my choice of hospital.

maggie156  Posted: 09/10/2009 14:48

hi everyone its nearly two weeks since my op and i was very stiff tight coz my boobs were swollen but after few days swelling went down,i found it hard to sleep, i'm still not eating good, for the first week and ahalf i felt like crap inside and out,i got tired easily, i only took painkillers for the first three days, i saw my surgeon last tuesday and he is very happy with my boobs there not lumpy and the scar is healing great i have to see him in two months, i went from 32 A TO 36 C , the only thing i found hard was trying to get up from my bed/sofa getting dressed but i was grand after few days, pain wish it wasnt bad as i tought and i'm not great with pain ha ha ! i would do it all again no problem Smile

Whoopsie  Posted: 09/10/2009 22:15

Ah thanks Boobless. I'm going to insist on the 270ccs so. Just one other question - did you get yours under or over the muscle? My surgeon said mine will be over but I've heard under is better if you've very little breast tissue...which I do. I know he's the professional and knows best, but when you hear something contrary to what he says, it's hard not to question him :-(

And yes, I did meet him...a few weeks back. He told me then to bring an underwired bra with me to the hospital. I thought it strange so I asked the nurse earlier this week when I went for my pre-op assessment and she said that yes, my surgeon recommends underwired bras, 'he swears by them' apparently. Even though on the reading material she gave me to take away with me and read through, it specifically says NOT to wear an underwired bra for a few weeks after surgery. I reckon he must be the only surgeon in the world who gives this advice. Think I'll bring a 36B sports bra and underwired bra with me and question him on the day.

Ok, I'm on another rant so gonna sign off now. I know I shouldn't wish my life away but I CAN'T WAIT for next Friday, soooooo excited!! :-))))))

Lucy lu  Posted: 10/10/2009 21:58

ya boobless i found it quiet sore in the mornings!! I slept pretty much upright for the first 3 weeks, felt nausous if i lay down flat!! i found it easier to get myself in & out of the bed when i was in that position also!! plus i reckon it helped to reduce the swelling!! it takes a while also to get the strength back in your arms when your not using them as much!! back to using my usual 2 pillows again, and starting to lye a bit on my side again,feels strange!! im 4 weeks on now and still not 100% yet!! I guess it takes quite a while for your body to fully accept the implants!! But all good otherwise!!

I guess you'll be gettin your stitches out this week, if your any bit weak or nausous sit or lie down while he is doing it! and while he is showing you how to massage them!! I practically fainted while he was doing it!! It wasnt that sore or anything, think my body just went into shock for some reason!! Good luck wit it!

emzy  Posted: 12/10/2009 14:06

Hi girls have decided at last to go with the first surgeon i had consultation with..he advised teardrop over the muscle...has anyone out der heard of anyone with negative or positive experience of teardrop shape???

boobless  Posted: 14/10/2009 11:21

Hi Whoopsie, Mine are over the muscle which I was really worried about as I barely have enough breast tissue to cover the implants but honestly, mine are fine. They look really natural already. I mean everyone is different but the surgeons know straight away by looking at you what would be best as it's different for everybody as is the healing process.Good Luck. It's so worth it.

I'm two weeks post op now and I'm fine. It is strange alright Lucu Lu when I lie on my side I feel like my boobs are going to slide off onto the bed so I'm still on my back. I can do almost everything now myself. I'm looking after my baby myself for the last week and it's fine. I was with the surgeon yesterday. I had a few stitches to get out and he had them out in seconds. I'm not sure why they call that a massage. It's not too nice. I felt like my implants were going to burst. The secretary had double booked alot of appointments yesterday so I only saw him for 5 mins I'd say. If I had felt sick it would have been too late as it all over so quickly. he said everthing has settled fine. I don't have to wear a bra at night anymore and I can wear any type of bra now. I have done the massage a few times myself now and I'm getting used to it.

Good Luck Emzy. When is your surgery? I got round implants so I can't really help you. I think you probably have enough breast tissue already to have tear drop. I was tolld that tear drop wouldn't be suitable for me as I was so flat that with tear drop the top of my breasts would still be flat so I would have no cleavage.

Whoopsie  Posted: 18/10/2009 23:07

So my day finally came on Friday – had my augmentation procedure. I'm really sorry this message is so long but I just have to get it off my chest (excuse the pun!) before I crack up!

First of all, the nurses in the hospital (Mullingar) were soooo nice, they couldn't do enough for me! However, there were certain aspects of the whole experience that I wasn't happy with. When I met with my surgeon a number of weeks back, I'd forgotten to mention to him that I have a small benign lump on my right breast (don't ask me how I managed to forget to mention such an important thing to him!). So I called the clinic back a few days after but the surgeon had gone home to South Africa. He was back in Ireland the following week and tried calling me twice on the Saturday morning but I missed his calls. I tried calling him back that afternoon but couldn't get in contact with him so I left him a couple of voicemails and sent him a few texts over the course of the next couple of weeks. Heard nothing back from him but I found his email address on the Internet so I sent him an email last Saturday (almost a week before my procedure). Still no response. And on Friday when I met with him before my procedure, I expressed my concern over this lump. I was afraid it might stick out more with the implants. At that stage, he mentioned something about reading this in the email I sent him. So he obviously received my email. He said '...yes, it might stick out...'! I was so annoyed that he hadn't the decency to get back to me to let me know this. I felt the reason he didn't was because he was afraid I might change my mind about getting the procedure done at all.

Then we discussed the size of implants I was going to go with. When I met with the surgeon initially a number of weeks back, we decided on 230cc implants. After doing a lot of research on the Internet, I felt I wanted to go bigger so I called the Medical Centre about a week after meeting with the surgeon and said I wanted to go with 250cc. Then at my pre-op assessment with the nurse, I mentioned that maybe 270cc would bring me to the size I wanted to be (a large B or small C). She said she would order 250cc and 270cc and I could discuss it with the surgeon on the day of my surgery. So we discussed it on Friday. My surgeon said he wouldn't advise me to go with the 270cc, that they'd be too big for me and that I'd end up a DD! So we decided on 250cc. About an hour later, I was brought from my room and I sat in a little waiting room before being brought into the surgery room. At this stage, the surgeon came in and told me the order was messed up and the only implants they had were 230cc and 270cc! So I had to make a decision in the space of about 2 mins as to which ones I wanted to go with. I was so stressed! But I didn't want to be a DD so I went with the 230cc. I'm SOOOO sorry I did! I've gone from a 32/34AA to a 34A/32B. This is not what I wanted! In fact, I had specifically said to the surgeon that what I didn't want was to come out with an A or a small B cup – I could put a padded bra on to get that size! When I got back to my room after the surgery, I asked the nurse straight away could I speak with the surgeon. I was so upset! I explained why and he said he couldn't literally fit anything bigger than the 230cc into me! I know he's the expert but I find this hard to believe. Plenty of ladies with a starting size of 32AA get bigger implants than 230cc, right? And what would he have done if I had have chosen the 270cc over the 230cc? There was no arguing with him anyways...and I was too exhausted to. He came in to check on me the following morning, looked at me and said he reckoned I was a C or D cup, even though I told him I had a 34B bra on me and it was clearly too big around the cup size for me. Are South African bra sizes different to our bra sizes? Cos he also insisted that there was no way I was a 32/34 bra band size, he said I was no more than 29. I explained that I measured 29” under my bust but then when you add on 5, this gives me a bra band size of 34. He didn't know what I was talking about and said the number of inches you are under your bust is simply your bra band size. How can a breast augmentation surgeon working in the industry for decades not know the correct way to work out your bra band size?! I can only presume that South African bra sizes differ to our bra sizes, do they?

Now I know I've given out a lot up to now ...BUT other than the surgeon's lack of communication with me and incorrect implant size placement, he was great! I mean the shape is excellent! And, I am almost completely painfree. Took a few painkillers the day after the surgery (yesterday) but didn't have to at all today. I haven't seen the incisions yet obviously but it looks like a really tidy job...if only he had gone with the 250cc or 270cc implants, I'd be on top of the world cos I reckon it would've resulted in the exact size I wanted. I should have trusted my own research and decision and insisted on the larger implants :-( But, as I'm sure anyone would, I chose to trust the expert.

I was livid y'day but I've calmed down a lot today. Was planning on ringing up the Medical Centre and demanding either another surgery with the larger implants or my money back. I'm probably over-reacting though, am I?


emzy  Posted: 19/10/2009 13:45

gosh whoopsie so sorry to hear about all dat..yes alot of da time we need to go with our gut instincts but you wud think da expert would know best!im in for surgery in 3 weeks a 32a and want to go to 32/34 c.having tried on diff implants. i liked the size of the 310cc s which fitted into a 34 c sports surgeon said to me about goin bigger dan dat but no way! obviously you can get that much cc s of an implant in..i wud presume anyway!do ya know this if i were you seen u didnt find the surgery that traumatic of painful i wud go again and get the 270 cc s..sayin that im sure it must be brilliant to have that handful of extra boob!i always felt if i even had a wee bit of curve it wuda made me so much happier..i suppose its jus the feelin that u could ve gone up to a bigger size and wuda been happier..really hard to know. maybe leave it a few weeks to see how you feel with ur new boobs but get onto the company now to see what they will offer to do

Lucy lu  Posted: 19/10/2009 15:54

Hi woopsie, so sorry to hear ur story!! Honestly I think u should get on to the clinic asap and make it known to them that you are displeased with the service and hopw you were treated! Send letters and keep copies, make sure you keen a record of everytime you contact them!!You are the customer and paid a lot of money to get it done!! It is better that they have it on record that you did make your feelings known now rather than in a few weeks time!! Make sure you send a copy of the e-mail you sent to the suegon also so the management can see it!!

If you feel unhappy in a week or so them make sure you get on to them for revision surgery!!!

I got 400cc inplants, started off wit 34big a/ small b, and now have 34 dd's!My surgon said I could have had even bigger but thought they would be to big for my shape, but now 6weeks on i do think i could have gone to 450 cc and still look very natural!! The first few days i felt they were bigger but the swelling definatly goes down and you feel quite used to them in no time!! So if you feel they are small still at this stage i dont see you getting any happier with them!! It must be awfull for you to go through the whole surgery and not be satasfied!!

I hope it works out for you, let us know how you are getting on over the nxf few days!!

boobless  Posted: 23/10/2009 23:32

Hi Whoopsie,

Sorry to hear about what happened.Are you any bit happier now or are you still disappointed. As you know already my implants were 280 cc. I started off almost completely flat chested (AA cup ). You seem to be the same frame as me. I was wearing 34 Bsports bra which fitted ok. I went out a few days ago to buy some new bras and went looking for 34B but were a bit tight so ended up buying 34 C. I still wasn;t too happy so went and got properly fitted. The lady told me I am 30-32 DD. I nearly died. In the end i came home with two 32 D bras. I have to say I was shocked as I thought I was a large B cup. Initially I was really disappointed and sorry I hadn't gone smaller because everytime I looked at myself I felt like huge. Nobody knows about my op except my husband so I thought everyone would know. I'm fine again now and really happy again. Because  I'm only a 30-32 inch chest my boobs themselves are still in proportion. I just got a shock where as up to then I was happy.

So I would say after getting 230 cc and being a small frame you probably are a c cup. Did they actually measure you? Because I was wearing 34b which didn't look completely filled either. My surgeon did say to me that the swelling would go down and they would get slightly smaller. My swelling went down but with massage my boobs completely changed shape. I think mine actually look bigger now.

I would definately get on to the clinic and complain about the way you were treated and that you were put under pressure to make a decision about something so important to the procedure. But I would definately give yourself a few weeks with your new boobs. Start the massage and then go get properly fitted and see how you feel. You know when you go shopping you might actually be really happy with your size especially as most bras do have padding.Plus you will look totally different when you're not wearing a sports bra.

I don't know if I'm any help really. Hope you're feeling a bit better about the whole thing now. Keep us updated on how you are doing.

My op was almost 4 weeks ago and I now feel like they are my own boobs. They bounce when I walk and I can sleep on my side no problems. For a while i felt like they were going to fall off when I took my bra off. I don't even think about them anymore now. They just feel part of me. Hope everyone else is getting on ok.

Whoopsie  Posted: 31/10/2009 13:34

Hi all.

Thank you all so much for your comments. It's been two weeks since my op and I'm in a better frame of mind now, thank God. I was just so unbeliveably disappointed that the Medical Centre / Hospital could be so careless as to order the wrong sized implants that I had automatically persuaded myself I wasn't happy with my actual result. I don't know how the 'girl' that measured me last week figured I was a 34A cup cos I'm not! I went into a local lingerie store the other day and got measured by this lovely old lady that knew exactly what she was doing. I'm a 32B, sometimes 32C, depending on the bra. So all's good! I would prefer to be bigger though so am sorry I didn't get the larger implants.

I sent the clinic manager an email last week explaining what happened on the day of my surgery. I asked for a copy of their complaints procedure but this is in a frame on the wall of their waiting room so I'd have to go into the clinic to read it. Unreal! Anyway, she has to do some investigations and will get back to me in 28 days. Not sure what she can do though. Although I didn't find the whole experience very painful at all, I really don't want to have to go through it again. I can't afford to take the time off work again to be honest.

My surgeon told me to wear an underwired bra, day and night, for the first number of weeks...which I don't really like. It was really uncomfortable initially, not so much now though. But I'd much prefer to be wearing a sports bra instead, I'm sure it would feel much more snug. He also advised me against massaging my breasts so I literally just have to wait for them to drop of their own accord, which they have done a little, so far.

My nipples are really sensitive and each of my breasts feel different – one feels fine, the other feels a little weird, don't really know how to explain it. But I think it might have something to do with the little lump I have on that breast. Hopefully in another week or two they'll be fine.

All in all, I shouldn't really complain cos I haven't had any majors problems, thank God! Hope the same can be said for the rest of you. And thanks again for all your thoughful and helpful comments :-)



emzy  Posted: 03/11/2009 15:17

whoopsie so glad your feelin alot better bout everythin..32 b/c nice sure it feels great havin somethin to put into a bra!(well thats not paddin or chicken fillets as in my case!)actually makin me think is the 300cc s that im goin for too 5ft 5 and 9 and a half stone..hopin it is a  c cup!

countin down da days now..goin in next sunday morning..roll life feels like it is on hold until scared il get a cold or sumthin..wud die if had to wait any longer!"

anyone else any ideas on sizes for der frame..

cassie  Posted: 03/11/2009 18:57

hi i am 5ft 7" and at the time i was 8st 8ozs i was flat and had 275cc put in i am now a 34c cup told to wear no bra until going home then use sports bra.

Whoopsie  Posted: 03/11/2009 20:38

Thanks Emzy.

Yea, 32 B/C is not a bad size BUT like everyone else, I wish I went bigger! Because in fairness, I'm the same size I was when I was wearing the padded bras. It's obviously great to not have top wear them now though. But if I were you, I'd stick with the 300cc. I'd imagine you'd turn out a large C or D. When you hear 'D', it sounds terrifying, but that's only cos we're all so used to having nothing! But a 'D' cup isn't really all that big. I read someplace that Cheryl Cole is an 'E' cup and there's no way you'd say she's big. I was so afraid my boobs would be massive and that it would be really obvious to everyone that I'd had a job done. But that's not the case at fact, I'm actually a little p*ssed off that nobody's noticed or said anything. Typical! I'm never happy! LOL!

I'm actually really excited for you Emzy cos I know exactly how you're feeling! You're literally counting down the hours and the last few days just drag out so much. Everytime I sneezed or coughed, I started worrying that it was the start of a flu and that I wouldn't be able to go through with the op. It's all part of the excitement though. Don't get me wrong, I love my new boobs but I miss the excitement leading up to it. What am I like :-)

Anyways, best of luck with it Emzy. Can't wait to hear how you get on :-)

emzy  Posted: 04/11/2009 11:49

thanx cassie youve a  really slim frame so that prob perfect on you..did that bring you to a c cup?do u wish ud gone bigger/smaller?

Whooopsie, yeah jus cant wait..dont even want to go out at da week end des last few week ends until get my new boobs..was goin out wit a fella for 4 yrs and that all ended last year so dont want to even meet a new fella until have des new babies!Lol..sad i know but dont want anyone knowin if it can be hepled!small town n gossip!ha.yeah my surgeon was kinda encouragin me to go to a 350 cc - D cup!! but think he a big boob likin kinda man!!ya see dat da next increment up with teardrop and i think too much of a step up.

jus hopin that 300 cc is goin to be fine..will keep u hearing about how everyone gettin on and wat der gettin! dis site

yeah whoopsie i can imagine it will b a bit of an anti-climax!..coz its soo takin over my life des last 2 mths!lol

cassie  Posted: 04/11/2009 17:45

hi emzi, i breastfed 3 kids since then i was very flat my husband was getting upset because i would go out. i am a c cup now and happy but still wished i went slightly bigger. my 34c is natural looking for my frame mine were round.

since having them done i am very confident i am buying dresses galore wiggle dresses low cut dresses my husband is in heaven and so are some of his friends.

because i am so confident i have had guys half my age hitting on me, lucky for my husband i am happy with him and only ever want to be with him.Smile

but it givesLaughing a boost to a girl even a 40yr old one like me

boobless  Posted: 09/11/2009 16:08

Hi Emzy,

I'm presuming your surgery is over now and hope you are over the moon with the results. You'll be over it in no time. I'm six weeks post surgery and hardly even think about it anymore now. My boobs feel totally natural and not stuck on like they did. I have bought all new undies and There isn't a padded bra in sight! The novelty still hasn't worn off.

Hope you feel better soon.

Whoopsie - hope you're over your op and enjoying your new boobs.

emzy  Posted: 10/11/2009 15:55

hi boobless,

my BA is this sunday comin..totally cant wait ..jus dyin to get it done lol!

Alot of u girls are mentionin wish had gone bigger etc..this is the only thing im really worried about..all i keep thinkin on all da time.

im 5ft 5 and 9 1/2 u think 300cc s would be gud 32/34 A and want decent C cup (nothin v noticeable tho!).da next size up with teardrop is 350 cc's aagh (Big jump up)..anybody any last min advice on!

boobless  Posted: 14/11/2009 23:03

Hi Emzy.

If you do happen to see this before tomorrow- best of luck! Say goodbye to small boobs tonight and prepare yourself to be over the moon. I woudn't worry about the cup size if I were you, just enjoy them and go get measured in a few weeks. After my op ( 280 cc ), i thought i was 34 B ( had been 30-32 AA) and was thrilled with the results. I got measured two weeks later and nearly died when I was told I am 32 D. I thought my new bras looked huge and thought I was huge even though I had been over the moon up to that point. I got over that shock and am still thrilled. To be honest no one has noticed cos i went from wearing chicken fillets to totally non padded bras. First time I feel feminine in my life. Didn't even feel like that when I was pregnant cos my boobs didn't even grow then. good luck and get well soon.

emzy  Posted: 16/11/2009 12:34

hi boobless n girlies,

thanx for gud look wishes

well got my BA yesterday first reaction when came around and saw dem was that they werent big enuf!especially since my surgeon encouraged 345 ccs but i stuck with 300 ccs!im wearin a 34 c sportsbra so reckon im def a 34 c..lookin at dem today i reckon der big only reservation is der is not much cleavagge in middle..maybe i should of got round implants not teardrop!seen it is only 24 hrs post they mite drop more in middle!time will tell!

da op and everythin went very well, hospital, staff ,anaethatist etc all lovely and explained everythin.was in grand form n little pain after so they let me go yesterday evenin so no overnite stay.bit sorer today tho..jus very tite

boobless where urs hard after surgery and did they get softer?

boobless  Posted: 16/11/2009 16:23

Hi Emzy,

Yeah mine were hard and and felt really tight. The skin was really shiny. I also had a big gap between mine. After a while and especially after starting the massage ( not really massage- moving the implants around really) mine went softer and bouncy and then I got cleavage. I found that in the first weeks I had squelching noises in my boobs and between them. I thought the implants were leaking but it's only fluid and air and went away about two weeks. For the few weeks after getting them I went through the whole thing of 'they're too small/ too big/ what have I done?/ this is the best thing I ever did'. If you happen to be like that, don't worry- in the end you'll be delighted. It took me a few weeks before I felt that they were actually my boobs. before that I felt like they were going to fall off me.

emzy  Posted: 16/11/2009 18:20

thanks boobless thats so reassuring..dis website is brilliant and great talkin to others.yeah im one of dos people that never can feel somethin is brilliant/perfect immediately..even when get my hair highlighted i never know if i like it immediately!ha.yes im def goin to be goin thru da phase of have i made rite decisions! minute there tite ,skin shiny as u said..but jus worried bout large gap and lack of cleavage..hopin they will fall in when they get min nothin wud make dem move!!there stuck fast in dat u wud say thats how urs were boobless??how long til they become more natural?i was told not allowed to drive for 2 weeks?!!and no shower unil stitches come out in 1 week time..yuk!wat was ur after care instrucutions?my surgeon was much more lax and never mentioned des but nurse said all this

boobless  Posted: 17/11/2009 11:47

Hi emzy,

i had mine done on a monday and was allowed shower on wednesday. My stitches were dissolving so two weeks later when I went back he only had 2 stiches to take out. Then he told me I didn't have to wear a bra at nite and during the day I could wear an underwire. I think it all depends how the surgery goes- he said mine had dropped perfectly into place so I didn't need the sports bra any longer.Mine were like yours- Just hard and not at all moving. So that day when he showed me the massage it was really sore cos he was literally moving the implants around inside but straight away one was a little bouncy but the other was still hard until he moved that one. I have to do this twice a day for 6 months. It reduces the chances of encapsulation from 5 % to 1% apparently so it's worth it I guess. A few days into the massage they were looking and feeling very natural and I would say after about 4 or five weeks They felt real. In fact I think I'll be kind of embarressed at my 8 week check taking my top off as I don't even feel I have implants now.They are still a bit numb and tender at times but my surgeon said they could be like that for months. One other thing is that I had so little breast tissue, I can feel and sometimes see ripples on the implant. It bothered me for a while but I suppose at the end of the day they are implants and  before I got them i couldn't even get a bra to fit me.

I was never told about driving but I was driving after a week. It was a bit sore but I was also back looking after my 6 month old daughter so compared to that really , driving was a doddle!

Try not to worry about the gap between your boobs. There was definately a big gap between mine initially.Your new bras will give you cleavage anyway.

I love this discussion board too cos even though my husband is the only person who knows I had them done I really feel like I've had alot of other support too.

cassie  Posted: 17/11/2009 12:14

hi boobless and emzy your both great girls getting it done mine are done over a year now and are very natural it will take a few weeks for them to settle air bubbles and noises,  massage as you both aready know is inportant even for me now. by the time your year is up they will have settled completely and they will look very natural. as for shower and baths the instructions your nurse gave you is oil is good for the scars when they have healed abit. but honey is a fantastic healer for scars i used manuka honey. my scars are going the same colour as my skin now which is great as well. all the best and look after your selves

emzy  Posted: 20/11/2009 14:38

hi girls im day 5 post surgery day and quite worried..since day 2 i have been gettin a sharp burning pain when i move around on one spot on my left boob..feels like there a wee knife inside my boob and when implant hits it, it agony.there is no redness, bruisin, heat ,temp etc and feel otherwise fine.rang da hosipital and PS feels it prob nerve pain and will go away!at present havent left da house cause cant bend down or anythin or wud scream out!if i taut dis wudnt resolve soon i would have to get dem out..coudnt stick the sharp pains.

has anyone else experienced this..quite worried


cassie  Posted: 20/11/2009 17:25

hi emzy,

i had this problem it takes a while for it to settle down properly.

i am over a year done now but some times it still happens usually when i have done too much. if you cant stand the pain get back on to them and insist its unbearable.

i use to find it happened when i did not massage them are you taking pain killers?

let us know how you get onSmile

emzy  Posted: 20/11/2009 18:59

really cassie..did dey tell you it was nerve pain?im jus takin paracetemol every few at minute i wudnt dream of leavin house as the stabbin pain jus comes and wud take da breath from me!wudnt mind if it was da 2 boobs and jus both very sore but it when it such localized pain in 1 , i feel there could be somethin serious wrong.especially panickin cause have to be back at work in a weeks time!and der no way i could work like dis!did urs gradually subside and was it worryin u too at da time?sorry for all questions

cassie  Posted: 21/11/2009 11:32

hi emzy,

i did find it very worrying i am not sure my pain was as bad as yours though.i would try nurofen as it is an anti-inflammatory if nurofen does not help, get back to them cry do any thing to make them check you out, ask them to give you something stronger for the pain. i know you are worried so tell them this. if they ignore you they are not very good at there job. get your boyfriend or husband to ring they take men more seriously(sadly but they do)

emzy  Posted: 01/12/2009 12:04

hi girls,

jus to let ya know my nerve pain did resolve last week.(never so relieved!had thoughts goin through my head that i would be permanently left with that stabbing pain..was actually so awful, was crying at least once a day and was not able to leave house. But jus to let those of you who are goin in for a BA that  this happened to me (But was still worth it!)my breasts now well settled and startin back slowly at gym today (Im 2 weeks post now).

Lookin back now i could have easily went bigger(got 300 ccs but easily could have went for the 345 ccs as my surgeon suggested) sayin that they're in proportion to the rest of me..what my sister wud say looks 'normal size' and thats exactly wat i wanted-normal just! and mayb the 345 mite have been bigger than i wud think..were never happy i think!

anyway delighted n wud say to anyone thinkin of gettin it done who is v unhappy bout der size, its a straightforward procedure and i was in n out in the day and somethin i shuda did few years back!jus book it and research.

If any questions, dont hesitate to ask..feel i cud write a book on it at dis stage!

cassie  Posted: 01/12/2009 17:42

emzy i am delighted they are settling look after yourselfLaughing

nicki6000  Posted: 02/12/2009 08:19

Hi Emzy,great news about your ba. Ive been reading all your posts on here! My problem with getting them done is my family really.. My sis is dead against it(shes a 34dd) so she finds what im doing stupid. also my dad just wont understand and i live at home so how do i explain why im walking around in agony! I know its my body and my decision but i really want people to be behind me and so far i just keep getting shot down..Any advice    

cassie  Posted: 02/12/2009 13:39

nikki my family were against it but they were all well endowed but not me my dad speaks very little and glares took me 10 yrs to pluck up the courage in the end they felt so sorry for me because it upset me so much i refused to go out. they knew i needed this and i am a changed person these days so confident i am only 34c with the enlargement done but now i have some thing to put in the husband was fantastic even though he said he was happy with me the way i was. but he loves my confidence says he has watch all these guys. my advice is tell them the truth how important it is. my dad and my brother were embarrased after it was done they kept looking straight into my face it was very funny. my kids never even noticed or any of my friends. hope this helps. all the bestLaughing

emzy  Posted: 02/12/2009 14:25

Hi Nicki,

My mum, sis n auntie knew for yrs how much i hated my boobs..i was a 32/34A..and to be honest rang my auntie one day when yet another lipsy dress arrived in post which was unwearable coz of my boobs and my aunt jus said to me y dont you do sumthin about dem den(she a nurse and v sensible)!..thats all i needed..someone jus to say it coz always taut it wud be vain or wat if somethin went wrong..all over boobs! said it to my mum then who i thought would be totally against idea but she said she understood as she had same problem all thru her pre pregnant life! after that it was full steam ahead..i actually was obsessed with it ..lookin and researchin!no regrets at all!

How unhappy r u with ur breasts?is it sumthin that uv taut about for long time?

Why is ur sis against it?are u very small or decent size n jus want to go bigger?

to be honest i moved back home after BA..and nobody in house copped (Dad or brother)..i made up i fell over dogs!if i had not have had dos stabbin pains i wud  of been easily able to camoflage whole thing.none of my friends copped either (I hope!)but i will never tell anyone else..small town n all that!but noone yet has commented on my breasts been bigger and was out at weekend with fairly tite top on (prob coz i always wore double gelled filled after eden bra!)

nicki6000  Posted: 02/12/2009 15:39

Ah thanks for replying guys. Well basically i am pear shaped..If i was in proportion I wouldnt care but Im a size 12 on the bottom and 10 on top so when i lose weight, I stay a 12 on the bottom and my boobs go to nothing at all.. So at the moment Im feeling so overweight but dont want to lose what I have got on top.. I know my sis is just worried but am sick of trying to explain how unhappy I am. Im 27 so I feel at this stage of my life I have to go for it. Ive been like this since i was 14.. I remember thinking well she got big boobs so Im bound to get them...Didnt happen..Ive decided to go for a consulation in the new year and just do it.. Will need you guys through it though!! Thanks again for replying  :)

cassie  Posted: 02/12/2009 19:04

no problem nicki you have my support plus i am 40 now, 39 when i had it done

boobless  Posted: 04/12/2009 16:49

Hi Nicky,

I'm ten weeks post BA and I'm totally back to myself now except for two great bouncy boobs. I was AA cup probably 30 inches. I'm under eight stone so I'm very slight. I hated my breasts so much all my life. Tried herbsand massage and changing pill. always thought they would be bigger after i had children but I had a baby ten months ago and nothing happened to my breasts. When I was researching herbs I came accross BA sites and started to get interested- then it took over. After endless discussions with my husband I decided to go for it. My sister knows as a friend of hers had it done in the UK and also she definately would have noticed. I told no body except her and my husband and no body has given me a second glance. I think if they did notice they wouldn't say. For weeks before my op- I upped the padding in my bra and after I wore no padding whatsoever so I only looked slightly bigger. I'm now a 32 C-D depending on the make. If anyone did comment I wouldprobably say it must be my new pill.

My advice Nicky is go for it. They say cosmetic surgery can't change your life but i would say It will definately change your confidence. I used to hate bras and trying to fill them with gels and pads-now I can just go buy a 32 c bra and my only worry is that it might be a bit loose and I might have to get a 30 inch instead. Not filling the cup doesn't even enter my head.

My surgery was straightforward. I had 280 cc round implants over the muscle. stayed in over night and we went away for a few days afterwards. I was back looking after my daughter and driving a week later. I think - go for a consultation first. If you decide that your boobs bother you enough to get implants- thenthink about how you'll do it. You could go away for a bit afterwards but do tell somebody- you'll need the support and a bit of help afterwards. Take care and like all the others- any questions just ask. Ilog on every few days.

Lucy lu  Posted: 07/12/2009 13:01

Hi nicky,

Totally agree wit da other girls, Best decision iv made im my life! It took me ages to pluck up the courage to tell my mum i was going for the consult, told her da day before! when she knew i was serious bout it she 100% supported me, i asked her to tel my bro and dad, i couldnt face that but knew i wouldnt get away wit not telling them!! They didint understand but totally were behind my decision!! Felt so good to know they werent judging me, or thinking i was vein cuz its not that at all its totally about my confidence!! So went for da consult, had da op a week later! So happy, went from a 32b to 32dd, no 1 has noticed, only told 2 best friends!! Would never go back, mayb go a bit bigger alrite!

This site is amazing to let ur fears and thoughts out if u cant talk openly to anyone! Best of luck x here for any questions

emzy  Posted: 08/12/2009 13:50

hi nicki,

im 27 also and its bothered me all my life..finished with long term boyfriend last year n think that also spurred me on to get it done, partly coz was dreadin da whole new relationship thing that wud mean exposin my boobs without bra on..cringed at thought! wud totally advise it..i got anatomical shaped (teardrop shape) implants over muscle and have to say they look so comparison to if i had got round i have no idea but most people seem to get round so im guessin wud have been equally perfect!any questions just ask.gud luck x

jellymoyni  Posted: 13/12/2009 23:58

Hi all,

just thought u might like to hear from someone who had it done 11 years ago now. It was the best thing i ever done and was they still (almost) as good today as they were then. Its all about feeling good about yourself and how u look and i would say to anyone feeling selfconscious about their breasts to go ahead and do it for yourself, no one else. It takes about 2 weeks to recover fully but it is so worth it and i have never regretted my decision not for a second. good luck all!

emzy  Posted: 14/12/2009 14:04

hi jellymoyni,

great to hear from someone who got it done long time ago!will u have to get dem replaced at any stage?are yours round/teardrop?

nicki6000  Posted: 16/12/2009 08:43

Hey girls, thanks for all your replies. Dont get to come on that much. Well have spoken to my sis again and shes starting to come around. Now is the scary part - how do you decide where to get the surgery done? There is a PS who is private and Ive heard of 2 girls going to him and he supposedly quite good but I actually get nervous when I think of how to decide. Was there anything that put you off a certain place and if so what was it?

stace79  Posted: 16/12/2009 17:20

hi all,reading all your posts today I hope someone might be able to advise me.I have been seriously considering breast implants for 2 years.i have researched everything there is to know and know what i problem however is that i cannot find a surgeon/clinic in dublin that i am happy to proceed with. I want my implants put under the muscle and the incision under the arm as i suffer from keloid scars.I have been to three clinics in dublin. The first, River Medical in d2.the surgeon told me that he only places implants above the muscle and does not do them through the underarm!! but I also did not get a good feel from the clinic or the surgeon so you can imagine how shocked I was when i made an appointment with another clinic,Clane Clinic, that he was the surgeon there also.wasted trip!! i have also been to parkwest clinic but found out he was not a plastic surgeon only after my consultation. i have an appointment with Cosmedico Clinic in january with dr danau.has anyone been to this clinic? Any feedback would be much appreciated. thanks

cassie  Posted: 16/12/2009 18:04

hi nicki, you need to find out how many surgerys they have done one guy put me off because he was mostly experience in facial surgery not breast.  you can contact me by email because you cannot name people on this site. Smile

CharlieJJ  Posted: 21/12/2009 13:43

Am so glad i've found this whilst searching on the net.  My partner didn't want me to have one but i've been going on about it so much he has now agreed as says he wants me to be happy.  I was a 32B, and hated it, then since had two children and breastfed both, gone to 30aa.  I hate it.  I hate shopping for clothes, as hate teh way they all fit, i'm 24 and have no confidence. I now trying to decide if i'm best having it done in Ireland or UK or elsewhere?  Is there any questions i should be asking consultants to make sure they really do know what they are doing? Any places to avoid? Is it a case of the more money you pay the better experience you'll have?  Only money is tight, so i'm going to be srimping and saving to get this.  thanks- gladi'm not the only one out there as it can feel very lonely at times

Liz85  Posted: 21/12/2009 15:17

Hi Stace. Why don't you then consider going abroad?

cassie  Posted: 21/12/2009 18:45

Abroad is good-much cheaper but if some thing goes wrong will they have doctors to attend you in Ireland. the guy i went to is well known and his partner in england is also very well known. i cannot name this guy on this site because it is against the irish health rules.

annie  Posted: 22/12/2009 09:33

Hey guys I was considering heading the UK for surgery since the sterling is so good, do you think I would be able to fly home straight after or would I need to stay there for a while?

nicki6000  Posted: 22/12/2009 13:01

Ya that thought had crossed my mind to go to england but would defo stay local for peace of mind if something went wrong..

emzy  Posted: 22/12/2009 13:34

hi girls i got my BA done in northern ireland so still gettin da cheaper sterling etc..i got teardrop ones which cost 3900 sterling but know the round ones in that private hospital are 3400 sterling (fair bit cheaper)

cassie  Posted: 22/12/2009 16:01

hi annie you have to  stay over night then go back in 10 days or so to get stitches out

boobless  Posted: 29/12/2009 14:49

Hi Girls,

I didn't have to stay overnight after mine 3 months ago but after the surgery I decided I would as I was very tired and groggy. I definately wouldn't have been able to get on a plane that day. the next day I would have been able to but wouldn't have been able to carry any bags so if you're going abraod I would imagine you'd need someone to travel with you.

I got mine done in a private hospital in Waterford.I felt if anything happened there was all types of consultants there. My surgeon was a plastic surgeon which apparently has more training than a cosmetic surgeon. he showed me alot of photos of BAs he had done in the states and here. The hospital is near me which is great because I had a few consultationsand I have been back three times already. I would just say if you are going abroad, do try to think about the aftercare you will get. Good luck.

gillz  Posted: 01/01/2010 23:36

Hi all i am getting a BA in 4 weeks time and i am beginning to get quite nervous..I have been to see the surgeon two weeks ago and was told that size wise he would recommend the 285ccs or the 310ccs..He would prefer to use the 285ccs but said i would probably get the size i wanted more with the 310ccs..I am very confused because from looking at information etc some people who got the 285cc went to a c and others didnt. I am now a 34A, medium build and want to go to a 34 C small D, preferrable a big C..I am afraid if i go with the 310ccs they will be too big and then i think the 285cc might be too small...I am soo stressed out with this decision so i hope that someone could help me out regards what they think either cc will give me in cup size. The surgeon really did not want to talk about cup size :) but i just want a rough idea as this is a really big thing that i have decided to do and would like to make the right decision..Any comments would be really appreciated

emzy  Posted: 04/01/2010 10:48

Hi gill z,

yes i too was freakin out over the size be honest wud say there is very little difference between 285 and 310. I am 9 1/2 stone, height 5ft 5" and had 32/34 A 300cc teardrop implants and am now wearin 34 C, sometimes 32 D (pennys bras)..if i hadnt of wanted anyone to know was gettin BA wud ve went bigger!but all in all happy with my size..

annie  Posted: 04/01/2010 12:35

thanks girls. After years of trying to make the decision think going to finally go through with it. I have met a surgeon in dublin and found him extremly good. He did mention that it will be more difficult as I apparntly have a growth abnormality (least I know there is a reason for my lack of boobs now!) its called Tubular breast deformation, has anyone else had a BA with this problem?

gillz  Posted: 04/01/2010 23:36

Thanks Emzy, so you think i should go with the bigger cc then, the 310s?? SOrry now im just sooo afraid of making the wrong choice.....and im half afraid of the D cup aswell ha, like you i dont want it to be obvious that i had the BA but also want them to be big enough after going through with the op... :)

emzy  Posted: 05/01/2010 13:58

hi gillz, it so surgeon said i shoulda wanted me to go to a D cup but i wudnt hear tell of it!with da C cup (300ccS), my boobs look slighly bigger than wat they looked like with a double gelled bra on..only all natural boob and no padded bra!!love it!lol.only my mum n sister know..told none of my friends (Small town and someone wud blab!)..all of da girls have mentioned my boobs lookin bigger (Tite goin out tops) but there not noticeably so biggger to have anyone guess its a boob sis n mum reckon if had went bigger girls etc wud have guessed i had to have had somethin done.wat height weight etc are you..are you totally flat?i wud prob go da 310 only 25 mls more which is v little.

cassie  Posted: 06/01/2010 13:19

hi gillz, i did the 285 i was very flat i am now a 34c in bra's i do wish i went slightly bigger but the 285 is natural for my height and weight and no one ever knew just family. plus all my tops and dresses look fab now.Smile my height is 5ft 7 i weigh 8st5lbs when i had them done i was just under 9st

shinney  Posted: 07/01/2010 03:57

hi girls

strongly considering ba. wondering which clinic/surgeon to go with and how much your procedure cost. after hearing your successfull stories would like to follow any advise you could give me. this would be much appreciated.

nicki6000  Posted: 07/01/2010 12:56

Hi Girls, just wondering aswell about the anaesthetic.Were any of your scared about the effects of it?

cassie  Posted: 07/01/2010 14:42

no side effects i came straight out of it but they will be watching you they have to bring you to the toilet for the first couple of hours.

gillz  Posted: 07/01/2010 22:40

Thanks for the replies emzy and cassie,

Im not very flat, am 5ft 6inch and around 9stone 4lbs...When i went to see the surgeon i tried on the 300ccs gel fillets ?? i liked the look of these but the surgeon said they didnt have 300ccs in the implant i was getting that it could only be the 285 or the 310cc. Also he is putting the implant behind the muscle, i read somewhere that if the implant is goin behind the muscle to allow for some ccss as some will be hidden by the muscle ??? im not sure how true this is but was hoping that if i went with the 310cc that it would actually come out looking like 300cc or little under :) Have any of ye heard this before??

Cassie you said you were a little sorry you didnt go slightly bigger. Do you think the 310cc would be slightly bigger and a good idea in your view or would you think it to be too big as you said if you had gone bigger would have been too you mean considerably bigger though???

Thanks sooo much for all the info, as im starting to get a little anxious about the whole thing :) its really helping me to stay a little calmer lol

stace79  Posted: 08/01/2010 11:33

Just back from my consultation in a clinic. Not only did I meet a doctor who I was extremely happy with but the girls let me have another consultation with the a world famous professor there!!! ive seen him loads of times on cosmetic surgery shows...i was very impressed..but im so confused now.. im definitly going to go to with this clinic but I dont know which surgeon.

cassie  Posted: 08/01/2010 12:53

hi gillz, when they settle down few months down the line they look a lot smaller. thats because the swelling is going. that freaked me out but i do think they look very natural. but i also think i would of got away with the 310 but i cannot say for sure. as i say i am a 34c now which is much bigger than before especially after i breast fed 3 kids

gillz  Posted: 08/01/2010 23:25

Cassie did you get yours behind the muscle or infront of the muscle??

nic00123  Posted: 11/01/2010 12:24

Hi everyone , have been thinking about gettin a BA done the last year now and think now is the time to do it Smile but just havent found a clinic im happy with yet.

cassie  Posted: 11/01/2010 14:59

hi gillz mine was in front because i had plenty of breast tissue, they put it behind when there is very little breast tissue.

Le le  Posted: 11/01/2010 19:51

hey there, jst after joining. have been thinking bout having my boobs done 4 a while now and i have finally decided i am goin to go threw with it. my prob is i dont no whether to stay in ireland or to go to budapest or poland. i am trying to get it at the best deal i can. i am hoping to have the procedure dne in march so i am saving hard .how much did you pay ?i havnt been for any consultations. i dont live near dublin so i am trying to find out the best place to go save me goin to all different consultations cause i work it hard to get time off and get someone to bring me to consultation.i am 27 no kids. am i better off waiting till i have kids to have it done or does ur boobs change much after long do you get out of your boobs. the lady i woz speaking with in a hospital said they have a lifetime quarantee so i woz impressed with that. im really sorry for all the questions it just i would like to hear from people that have had it done.

gillz  Posted: 11/01/2010 21:13

Thanks cassie,

Maybe then the 310cc behind the muscle might turn out like 285cc infront :) ...??? Oh i dont know decisions decisions.. have to do my bloods this week so ill ask the nurse all these questions there anything else i need to ask when im getting my bloods done...i think its fairly straight forward and i dont think ill be meeting the surgeon again till the op day.....

juniorj  Posted: 11/01/2010 22:09

Hey girls.. ive been really thinkin bout gettin a BA for 2 years now im 21 and have my consultation this wed!!! im a 32b and looking to go to a small d.. like i dont want them to look like big fake round ballons just nice and natural so would this size be ok??? im so scared to tell me ma she will kill me :( my boyfriend is finally coming around to it after all my moanin :) have been readin all your posts. its soo good to read from people that have gone thru it!! im scared about the op too never had an operation in me life yikes :( if anyone cn help me please wb :)


Maria x x

emzy  Posted: 12/01/2010 12:39

hey gillz, really hard to advice you on wat also depend s how much breast u have as i was fairly flat ..he said i had about 150ccs of own breast tissue so u have to take this into account..for eg if you arent that flat maybe a 385cc will bring you up to a big C..i still wud prob go with da 310 cc (I think!)..keep me hearing on how it went wit people and wat they decided!

emzy  Posted: 12/01/2010 12:45

hi le le,

the only thing i wud say is i was v glad i got mine done in ireland cause i had excrutitain pain post op for at least a week..was back for my 6 week consulatation der and my surgeon wreckons it was caused my a nerve cut durin da procedure.. I felt somewhat secure in dat i was only an hour and a halfs drive from the hospital i got it done in and actually had to go up to dem mid week, i was in such agony..wud not like to have been dependent on a foreign country for dis suppport if sumthin goes wrong!so personally i wudnt go abroad!mines cost 3900 sterling (Teardrop), 3400 sterking for round implants (northern ireland)..where do u live Le le?i am also 27, no or never!

Le le  Posted: 12/01/2010 22:15

hi emzy

thank you so much 4 ur reply.i hope you are feeling alot better now.did you have urs dne up in the north i am from the south east so i woz tinkin dublin wub be the best place for me to have them done but not 100% sure where to go the lady i woz speaking with yesterday said they have a lifetime quarantee with that and you get from 10 -20 yrs be4 u have to change them .is the teardrop the best ones to go for and how long will i need to take off work i work in a salon so i would be moving around alot

tio  Posted: 13/01/2010 21:07

hey i went for my first consultation today picked the perfect size but its working out at €5.500 :( does anyone know if this is good was thinkin of goin up north!!!



emzy  Posted: 14/01/2010 10:51

hi tio,

wat size are u goin for?round or teardrop? i got mines done in da north..for round implants - 3400 sterling(3800euro).sayin dat 5500euro seems da average cost..havent heard cheaper in south

gillz  Posted: 14/01/2010 21:57

Hi emzy,

Just wondering did you have yours behind the muscle or infront of it???

emzy  Posted: 18/01/2010 12:06

hi gillz, i had mine in front of muscle and it totally fine so far..he had told me coz was fairly flat, if i had of wanted round implants he wud have had to do them behind muscle case u could see da roundness of implant at top of breast thru da skin!

gillz  Posted: 18/01/2010 22:36

Thanks emzy,

Ya im getting round ones so he is putting them behind the muscle....2 weeks left getting nervous now cant believe its nearly here, its sureal really never thought id actually go through with it...Getting excited but still not made up my mind about size so thats making me more nervous...Must go buy my sports just wondering is there any type anyone would recommend?? I looked at a couple in marks and sparks and there were lots of different types...zips in front, tie at the back and also there were bra like sports bras and others that were more like sweat tops..just wondering is any better over the other or does it really matter???

Thanks for all the help :)

Opals  Posted: 21/01/2010 14:36

Hi there, just been reading the discussions.  Like most of you I have been thinking about doing this for years but chickened out a few times.  I think I most resemble boobless, 5ft 3, petite, 8st, about a 34A or AA.  Have never actually been measured cos too embarrassed!!!!  I was watching the Morning Show last week n there were two sisters who got their breasts enlarged.  One of them resembled me in size.  I can't prob mention the clinic but the consultant came on and spoke about the importance of choosing a good surgeon yet I see on the site here it was mentioned that he isn't a plastic surgeon.  He did seem very professional tho.  Anyway I am going to see him next fri.  I will prob go to another clinic for a 2nd opinion.  What's most confusing tho is how some are getting teardrop say behind the muscle and some round in front of muscle. I know it depends on your size beforehand but just noticed boobless was round in front of muscle. I just want to be as natural looking as possible.  Have told no-one bar my husband.  I have 2 kids n breastfed n never grew at all during pregnancy.  Also just wondering realistically about getting it done now when my kids are 2 and 4. My 2 yr old boy is heavy and still in cot so worried about lifting him.  My husband will take a week off but is that enough do you think. Sorry for all the questions.  Part of me is excited but part of me is petrified.  Oh yes another thing is the clinic mentioned that the implants they use are lifetime guarantee which sounds great.  Did everyone get that type.  Worried too about capsular contraction. Anyway thanks for listening.  Great to hear other people's stories especially when I can't discuss with family/friends.  If anyone notices think I'll use the 'took those herbal pills' line.......Very best of luck Gillz

rose2010  Posted: 21/01/2010 23:08

Oh thank god! im not alone! how do you know what size you should go? i have no idea!! and which is better round or teardrop?

cassie  Posted: 22/01/2010 13:02

hi opals when i was getting mine done my son was a year old i was advised to take two weeks off because he was regarded as heavy lifting.

my husband now thinks i am amazing two weeks of our 3 kids made him appreciate getting out to work he heLaughing

Opals  Posted: 22/01/2010 14:04

Yes Cassie great to let the hubby see  what the day really entails!!!!  I might get away with him having one week off cos I dont really have to lift my son bar into the cot or carseat so I could let him climb in I suppose.  Were you happy with your results Cassie. Rosie, I have my appt next fri 29th and will ask as many questions as I can and will post afterwards.  I think the size and location of the implant depends on how much breast tissue you have to begin with.  Those who are very flat (like me) seem to go for teardrop but I really think everyone is so individual. The only thing that puts me off teardrop is that they have a 15-20% chance of moving and can look unnatural and would have to get them redone.  Anyway, I can't wait to have the consultation. I just want a natural look, would be happy even with a B cup.  I suppose tho the new boobs settle down a few weeks after getting them done and might be a bit swollen looking at first.  Am sure at first it seems really strange having a pair that actually bounce when you walk!   I prob wont go ahead for a few months tho.  It will be great not to have padded bras, not just padded, mine are gel filled underwired etc.  I remember once trying to sew pads into my swimsuit cos was mortified about getting into the pool.  I think I ended up buying a granny swimsuit with built in pads insteadLaughing

cassie  Posted: 22/01/2010 18:26

girls i went for round and they look very natural. plus i was smaller than a 32a, i am now 34c

gillz  Posted: 25/01/2010 20:24

Did the rice test yesterday, had read bout it on sites and think after doin it im goin go with the 310's prob wont be certain till d day though ha...Starting to organise my house and stuff at the mo so that ill have everything done for after the op so that i can just recover, getting nervous now bout the pain, some sites say oh not too bad others sound like its going to be really tough so im stressing a little of what im after getting myself into but also getting excited :) have told noone either except for the hubby and like you opals ill be saying the herbal pills excuse if anyone notices anything :) tomorrow week it will all be over for me well the op will be, the pain and recovery will be just beginning....Thanks Opals for the luck Smile

boobless  Posted: 27/01/2010 01:55

Hi Girls,

I was totally flat. 32 AA ( if at all). 280 cc and now 32 c. Delighted with results. got round silicone implants over the muscle and they look great. I had so little breast tissue though that I can see the crinkles in the implants sometimes under my skin so for those of you who are thinking of going behind the muscle it might be worth it. My surgeon said that it wouldn't have made much of a difference to me going under the muscle and for what benefit I would gain didn't feel it was worth damaging the muscle. I would go on what they recommend because everyone is different and they know what will suit your frame. I could definately have gone bigger but I'm really happy with the size as no body has commented and so I'm not a bit concious of them. A difficult and confusing decision to come to but so glad I did it. I don't even think about them now and I had obsessed about them most of my life. Good luck.

nicki6000  Posted: 27/01/2010 11:45

I am still struggling to even make an appointment. When i think of it my stomach flips..Soo nervous.

Whoopsie  Posted: 27/01/2010 21:13

Gillz, I'm the biggest weakling ever and I didn't find the experience in any way painful. So I wouldn't worry about that in the slightest! And even if you do suffer pain, the doc will give you loadsa painkillers to ease it.

As for trying to decide what ccs to go for...all I can say is trust your surgeon because everyone is different. Boobless went from a 32AA is a 32C and got 280cc silicone implants over the muscle. I too was a 32AA and went to a 32C but only with 230cc silicone implants also over the muscle. So your surgeon will know by looking at you what implants will bring you to the size you want.

Boobless, I know what you mean about the wrinkles, I've gotten those too :-( But it's only when I feel my breasts that they become apparent, you wouldn't know by looking that they've rippled. I'm sure you're the same. And anyway, there are a dozen positives outweighting that one negative so it's all good!

Bonne chance ladies...and those in doubt, go for it, you'll not regret it!

gillz  Posted: 28/01/2010 23:44

Thanks Whoopsie, Ya still unsure bout the size its soo confusing everyone turns out different i dont understand, cant believe the 230cc got the c cup that has put me thinking surgeon wouldnt really talk in cup sizes at all i asked a couple of times would it bring me to a full c but he really wouldnt comment on that as he said they were not measured in cup sizes, he did say though in the end that the 310cc would prob bring me to what i wanted as i really didnt know what one to pick between the two...he said the smaller implant the 285cc because i dont have that much breast tissue was better well would fit better than the 310cc that i could see the sides of the implant the larger i go with the size (could even happen with the 285cc he said too??)but then in the end before i left he said to get the size you want the 310 would prob be better...i was really confused after that because he had said all the negative things bout the bigger implant hence my dilema bout picking the size ..on the one hand i want the full c but on the other hand i dont want it to look wierd....

Has anyone who has gotten implants been told this and has anyone got the bigger implant and has it turned out ok could you please let me know as i have 4 days to choose sooooooo stressed...... :)

emzy  Posted: 29/01/2010 13:51

hi gilz and girls, yeah v difficult decision..lucily for me the teardrop comes in 300cc so no decision to make..the next up was 345cc!.i had little breast tissue also..was 34A..cassie and whoopsie mentioned rippling..was that soon after ur implants girls??i have yet anyway (my PA said less chance of ripplin with teardrop and he always uses teardrop and has never had any patient come back with it flipping)sayin that most surgeons seem to go with round implants so il never know which wud have been better for me! still gillz i prob wud go with the 310ccs as lookin back if i was gettin round i def wud now of chosen the 310 ccs (no question!)its remarkable how quickly u get used to 'normal' breasts and how mine to me now still seem an ok size but def cud of went biggger..but compared to original..they are like 3 times bigger so prob wud of been too noticeablle!gud happy and there in proportion with da rest of me!

nicki6000  Posted: 29/01/2010 14:07

I just made my appointment!!!!! HUGE step for me. Its not until 23rd March though. This surgeon comes highly recommended so thats a good sign and gives me plenty of time to psych myself up and save!!!!! Xcited now :)

Lucy lu  Posted: 29/01/2010 15:57

Hey girls, Totally agree, trust your surgeon, they really do know what they are talking about!! Plus its a big deal going for the op, so you want to get it right, if you want big boobs go for the bigger size!! I got quiet big implants, 400cc, but my doc said 450cc would suit my body also, i was so scared of them being to big that i went with 400cc but it would have suited me fine. saying that i still love my boobs! Best decision ive ever made!!If i ever do have to get them replaced, i would get at least 450cc! The hardest thing for me was to make the first step and book a consult, the rest was a breeze!!

Hope it all goes well for ye xx

cassie  Posted: 29/01/2010 17:58

well done nikki you wont look back best thing i ever did just wished i had done soonerSmile

Opals  Posted: 30/01/2010 12:40

Well girls, I went for my consultation yesterday. I found him really nice and he spent plenty time with me but the only gripe i have is that he really left the ball in my court in terms of size, shape etc. I tried both teardrop and round. I'm very small and quite skinny and boney on top. I kept saying to him what do you think and he was very non committal which is totally understandable as its my body etc but i felt that he's the expert and he knows what i'm trying to achieve and he's used to seeing all shapes and sizes with different results so i suppose i really wanted him to say teardrop or round would be best for your body shape but he just wouldn't say one way or the other. I found the teardrop looked really natural and it would go behind the muscle. I'd have to wear a special bra for 6 months day and night which would reduce the chance of it rotating down to 2 in 200. I am a bit on the cautious side and was trying quite small implants. I tried 220 and 265 round and the 265 seemed quite big. I also tried 2 teardrop and both looked really natural. He said with the sizes I'd chosen I'd end up a B which is perfect. I wouldn't mind being a small C but anything bigger than that would give the game away!!!! Nikki I'm glad you booked your consultation. My husband came along with my 2 year old but didn't come in til the end and the consultant was very happy to show him the different sizes. Although he was as indecisive as I was! I am going to go back for a second consultation with him but i wouldn't be going ahead til early May which gives me plenty of time to have a good think. He said there was just one patient that had rotation with teardrop. I think my gut feeling is to go for the teardrop but he did say that the 265 round I chose would look pretty similar. The way he put it was that the round implant would look 80% natural but the teardrop is more natural. Anyway food for thought. I'd love to hear from anyone else who had teardrop and also with round behind the muscle with a small implant like 265 do you think it would look quite natural. Thanks for listening

gillz  Posted: 01/02/2010 00:38

Thanks girls for all the advice,

Two days and ill have my new boobies :) Sooo nervous, if i think too much about it im afraid i wont go through with the whole thing, still cant believe the day is nearly here and im actually doing it...Hope now everything goes well and the pain wont be too much and the size will be ok, at the moment ive decided to go with the 310cc, this could change again between now and tuesday morning though

Any last minute advice or info i need?

I will let ye all know how i get on :)

Le le  Posted: 01/02/2010 12:17

hi opal i no how you are feelin i think i may have been to the same surgeon as you last week,he left me confused he wouldnt tell me which suited better which looked more natural or anything he did tell they are lifelong dont ever have to be changed unless something happens and if it does there is a quarantee !is dis true do all implants not have to be replaced every 10-15 years the reason i went to dat clinic  woz because of the fact they may never have to be replaced i am 27 no kids so will i have to change them after i have my kids does any 1 no anyone that had to have them replaced ? i think i am goin to go 4 a consultation to another place to see what they have to say the surgeon i went to didnt even tell me what cc he woz giving me just gave me bras to try on and implants he said tear drop 6500 and round 5500 ,i would really like to no where is he best place to go i see alot of special offers on at the mo  have seen a BA for as low as 4700 and i wonder would they be as good,thanks for reading my post and i luk forward to hearing where u girlis tink is the best place to go and bout your experiences

emzy  Posted: 01/02/2010 14:16

Gillz think ur rite to go with so excitin..dyin to see how ul get on!..ul be flyin it.yeah jus have ur sports bra in with u and make sure u have someone on hand to help u or if not have ready made dinners etc made to make it easier. opals..i had teardrop implants ..300ccs.i think der very natural lookin and perfect size..der is size differences between round and teardop so check that teardrop only comes in 300 den 345 whereas round wuda been available in 285, 310,330 etc..more choice.from what my surgeon said similar result between da round behind da muscle and teardrop..he majority of time does teardrop and has never had a rotation he reports ..also he uses textured implants..this means the textured cover on implant kind of sticks to breast tissue which prevents rotation so maybe check if your PA using smooth or textured implant in teardrop shape

nicki6000  Posted: 02/02/2010 09:24

Best of luck Gillz!!!!! Hope everything goes really well for you.Cant wait to hear your experience!!!!!!!!!

Opals  Posted: 02/02/2010 20:23

Hi Gillz, i posted a message yesterday but for some reason didn't get to you. It was just to wish you luck. I can imagine how nervous you must feel tonight. I feel nervous and it's months away! Lele looks like we went to the same guy alright. I think maybe he was afraid to suggest a shape of size cos he might be blamed then if it didn't turn out as we like. I chose him like you cos only want it done once. I've had my family at this stage. I will email you. I am going back for a 2nd consult on feb 12th with same guy. Have a few more questions for him about the safety of implants etc. Emzy would love to know what clinic you went to. I might go for 2nd opinion. I really fancy teardrop. I think the generation of implants used nowadays are less like to leak. That's what put me off doing this years ago.

honeybun  Posted: 03/02/2010 11:52

Hi Boobless,

Dont know if you are still checking this site, but having read your blog i noticed you were from Waterford. I,too am a Deise girl and have made an appointment for BA. i had twins in 2008 and lost all volume in my boobs, they are now limp and saggy....really horrible! lots of excess skin as i ballooned to 36 E while pregant, i'm normally a 34 C/D 5ft10 and size 8 - 10 waist. I dont want a huge implant just to fill out my cleavage, as my boobs look like deflated balloons right now.

emzy  Posted: 03/02/2010 14:11

hi opals,

dont think we can name the clinic but it is in a northern ireland private hospital.

gillz  Posted: 03/02/2010 17:35

Hi girls :)

Well i did it and im ok, didnt think i would go through with it on the monday got a little too nervous and really thought if i felt like that on the tuesday morning i wouldnt have gone through but i didnt and i am delighted that i went through with it ....

Got the 310cc and im really happy i didnt go smaller as i think i actually would have been disappointed because the 310 are not that big at all...I know they will get smaller after the swelling goes down as well...The only thing im a bit anxious with is the gap in the middle and the fact that they are kinda just stuck at either side on my chest ha kinda wondering if they are placed a little too far apart or too near my under arms, i dont know if this is the norm and im trying not to focus too much on what they look like at the mo as i know this is not what they will look like after a few weeks... the otherthing im just wondering i was told i would get prescription painkillers for the first couple days which i did have when i was in the hospital but my surgeon gave me my prescription when i was leaving this morn and it was the antiobiotic and solpadine... i am just wondering is solpodine going to be strong enough, the nurse had told me i was going to be getting prescribed meds d something or other cant remember the name, have any of ye had the solpedine or did ye get stronger meds....

Saying all this girls it really was no way near what i had expected it to any of ye thinking of going to do it do it, i will keep ye all informed as the days go on, im only home this evening so early days for me yet. I must say though i havent got a lot of pain more uncomfortable and at times tender alrite but nothing unbearable,  i am worrying though about all the probs that could go wrong yet so im just hoping now i recover properly, he told me aswell to massage my boobs well more so push or rub the top of them down, there very tender at the moment so im just wondering did ye all start massaging straight away and why is this important??

Thanks for all the good wishes xx

cassie  Posted: 03/02/2010 20:06

hi ya well done gillz, i was on stronger meds but did'nt really need them as for the gap that will eventually settle into a normal clevage.Smile

emzy  Posted: 04/02/2010 10:02

hi gillz well done!yes was thinkin the 310 wud be better!still even think i cuda went bigger than 300.yes mine were exact same..big gap in middle and out to side..but they soften and fall to middle!after couple weeks!painkillers..not sure..cant remember but i was in such neuropatic pain from cut nerve i was takein kapake..v strong pain lillers!enjoy ur new boobs..any questions feel freexx

gillz  Posted: 04/02/2010 11:35

Ya realised this morning the pharmacist made a mistake with the prescription should have gotten a stronger one alrite anyways mite get the stronger one im not not sure if i need it though might get it just to have in case i have any severe pain in the next few days cause if i continue like this ill be fine with the regular pain killers i have, just worried emzy i might get the same thing you got :(....

All in all im feeling ok just really tired and a bit spaced which at times gets a little overwhelming or makes me bit anxious or panicy but i must say i did think the pain would be alot worse but reading all yer comments a few people experienced pain after day 2 so im a little worried or anxious of what is to come...not great with relaxing either and staying indoors im usually rushing around the place but i know if i am to heal well i need to relax and stay in...

Rang the clinic this morn and asked bout the massage as i was bit worried i would push out the implant cause when i massaged down like the surgeon said the area that was open to put the implant in stung a bit so was bit worried i could be doing more damage then good..she said anyway it was too soon to massage them to wait till i see her next week as they would be too tender now, i was really happy to hear this as it wasnt the nicest of things to have to do but the surgeon yesterday gave me the impression i was to start straight away i dont know??? the nurse said i am not doing any damage anyway by waitin till next week so i suppose ill go with that ???

Other than that im doing ok really have full use of my arms which i know a few people didnt after so im really happy about that just bit worried now about the capsular contract??? did any of ye experience that???

Opals  Posted: 05/02/2010 20:15

Well done Gillz, i hope you have a speedy recovery. I can image that first time you take a peek n think they're too big, too small, too far apart, too high or whatever. I will be in a panic. Everyone says they settle down though. My biggest worry apart from the physical healing is my two year old. I took note today of how much i actually lift him n its quite a bit. I don't want the poor little guy to feel neglected if suddenly i stop lifting him. I said to my hubby i'll do a dummy run of no lifting for a week and if he copes with that i will go ahead in May as planned. Otherwise I might leave til later in the year. Just wondering was anyone watching the cosmetic surgery show on wed. The dr mentioned doing incision around areolar rather than under the breast. Anyone have this done? Also wonder if anyone who had teardrops had problem with rotation. Thanks Emzy, I know we can't mention clinics.

Opals  Posted: 07/02/2010 18:33

Not sure what's happening to my messages. I wanted to say well done to Gillz n will be intersted to see how fast/slow your recovery is. Everyone seems to be very different. I have 2nd consult this fri so will let you know how it goes. Just trying to decide between teardrop n round. Thanks for that Emzy

Anon.  Posted: 07/02/2010 23:38

Hi, I would really like to hear from anyone who's had breast augmentation recently. I have had my consultation, am really happy with my surgeon but I'm just so nervous. I know its what I want but jus so scared anything goes wrong. My Surgery is scheduled for 7wks time, i really wish it was sooner but thats the earliest apt. I could get. I'm between an a-b cup at the moment and we've decided on between a c-d, which ever looks most natural. All advice welcome pleaseWink

honeybun  Posted: 08/02/2010 13:04

Hi Anon, i myself am waiting for a consult, i'm from Waterford so hoping to find a surgeon locally as i've got two small kids.... i'm hoping to have the op ASAP, before i loose my nerve. I've always had ample breasts until i had my babies, now i'm between and B and C, but its just all the saggy skin i hate, they look like semi deflated balloons.... like someone left some air out :) terrible discription i know! i just want them to look fuller and so I can fill my clothes again. Really nervous, i'd hate to regret getting it done, and i'd hate them to look really fake like footballs. Thats why i think tear drop shape might be best option, having done my research apparently they look more natural as opposed to the round "football" lok.... eek! Can i ask how much your op is going to cost? I'm hoping it wont cost more than 5K be great to hear from you and hear your concerns and advise.


gillz  Posted: 08/02/2010 13:14

Hi Girls,

Day 6 and im doing i said the last time i posted, it is no where near the pain or discomfort i thought it would be, maybe i expected the worst and as a result im thinking this is actually not that hard at all :) ... i am afraid to say all is well incase something goes wrong still ha....

It is obviously a little uncomfortable, tight feeling in the chest, shoulders are a little sore, my own fault from hunching over cause im not used to boobs :) every now and again if i move a certain way its a little uncomfortable but there really is no pain...I dont have kids yet opals but i wouldnt be able to lift anything really heavy especially in the first couple of days...i can use my arms and i can lift things but i feel it if i am lifting something too heavy... i tried to hoover this morn and while it didnt hurt me to do it i felt tender in the right breast afterwards and my chest felt tired or something so decided to leave hoovering the rest of the place so think you just have to take it easy and you know yourself what you can and cannot do by the way it feels on your body but def for the first week would advise getting your hubby to help you out...I can do alot more than what i thought id be able to do though....Oh and i never had to take the strong painkillers either there was no need....

Im still trying not to get too much hung up on what they look like,, as they are really tight and just stuck on up there ha but i didnt think they were too big if anything i really thought they werent that big at all and the first couple of days i was a little down because i felt after going through the whole thing i should have gone bigger even though i dont think the surgeon wanted to go bigger anyway but i have been looking on other sites and 310cc compared to english and american websites are small implants but i really thought or worried before that they were going to be too just soo happy i decided in the end to go with the bigger implant and girls believe me when i tell ye i didnt want to end up with big boobs at all i just wanted natural looking boobs but bit of boob non the less ha...i still have no idea what size i am going to be.. its hard to judge if i am happy with the size yet as i know they need to soften and take shape so ill keep ye posted....

Anon what cc did you pick to take you to the C/D??? I was sooo nervous leading up to it especially the day before i thought i wouldnt go through with it but on the day i was alot better and soooo glad i went through with it...Any questions anyone has just ask :)

Anon.  Posted: 08/02/2010 16:56

Hi Gillz, My surgeon never mentioned cc to me. He basically told me that he will decide on the day what exact size implant he will be using as he will only insert as big as looks natural for my frame so he said to expect between a c and d cup afterwards. I am quite tall 5ft 11, but very small frame, size 8 on top but ten waist so to be honest thats as big as id want to go. I really just want it to look natural and not for everyone to notice either. He showed me this small plastic pouch which he inserts first then pumps that up until he feels it looks natural and then he decides on what size implant to insert. I have been reading over all your stories and they have really helped so thanks! I can only take max one wk off work too but i work in an office so i hope this will be ok? Ive no kids yet so can totally take it easy when i come home. Im really looking forward to it now, actually wish it was sooner but least I have time to pick up lots of tips from everyone ere before I do get it done. Im going on summer hols in June so just cant wait to start bikini shopping, something i always dreaded cos had to always find padded ones!! so fingers crossed all going well i wont have to worry about that this year!! Keep me posted on your progress. I will be logging in here lots between this and my surgery :)

Anon.  Posted: 08/02/2010 17:03

Hi Honeybun, I went to a surgeon in Dublin. It's costing €5k. He uses round silicone gel implants and will only insert the most natural to suit your body and frame. He showed me lots of before and after pics and I have to say they did look natural. He then showed me the football type ones which he would never do. as i said i am happy with all he has told me but wil have to wait until its done to tell u any more about how i get on. he is on the specialist registrar of plastic surgeons in Ireland and UK and specialises in breast surgery so Im happy with him so far anyway. My pre op assessment is on 11th march then my op on the 31st march. cant wait have to say, im very nervous but no that no pain no gain as they say! keep me posted on your progress etc ok?

kate37  Posted: 09/02/2010 10:13

Hi Girls

This is my first post but I have been reading from this site for a few weeks and found it very helpful and supportive, thanks. So now it's my turn to help out... I had my surgery in Dublin last week, teardrop implants under the muscle 280 cc silicone gel and I am thrilled with result. I was an a cup or smaller, completely deflated from kids and b/feeding, and had no confidence whatsoever.Fed up of very padded and enhancing bras and had stopped going swimming altogether due to embarrassment. I finally convinced my husband that I would really benefit mentally and physically from operation and He has been brilliant. I took a week off work and my husband/ minder has been helping with toddler, even though I can manage most things, just no lifting yet, to give healing a chance. I didnt go too big with implants as I wanted a natural look and I really dont want anyone to know. I havent told a single person except my best buddy who encouraged me and gave great advice as she is in the business, and my husband. I know if I went bigger, my kids, friends and family would cop and I would end up trying to cover up my new boobs rather than wear nice tops and clothes that suit me! I would advise any of you thinking about it to be very careful who you tell because it is news that would spread like wildfire,and its our news and no one else's! The post op pain has not been as bad as I thought it would be, getting in and out of bed is the worst part, and I have to sleep on my back. My husband helps me out of bed, but when I'm up and take painkillers I'm fine. Good luck to anyone thinking about it, I am over the moon I plucked up the courage and went for it.

nicki6000  Posted: 09/02/2010 11:37

Hey Kate37, thats exactly what i want to get done. Teardrop under the muscle. Do they look natural? Are they quite high or have the dropped. A girl i know had the teardrop over the muscle( i think) and her boobs were as saggy as a woman who had 5 kids. Thats why i am soo scared of getting done as you just dont know what way they are going to look

Anon.  Posted: 09/02/2010 14:59

Hi Kate37, Thanks for sharing your experience with us. Great to hear all the success and happy stories as opposed to the horror stories the media splash out there! Like yourself, I do not want anyone to notice so I am going for whats most natural for my body. I will be wearing extra padded bra's from now until the op so it wont be noticable at all. My boyfriend, mam and sis are the only one's who know about it and all are sworn to secrecy. My appointment cant come quick enough now! let us know how you are getting on over the next few weeks too, or anything at all that u feel is helpful. Do u mind me asking if you were happy with the surgeon and the after care at the hospital? Hope u have speedy recovery, Anon :)

kate37  Posted: 09/02/2010 16:00

Hi Nicki,

My consultant told me that dual plane under the muscle was the best for me, i.e. under the muscle on the upper part [I am skinny on top and this makes implant more natural looking, with no visable ridge] and over the muscle underneath as this seemingly gives the best curved shape on the underside of the breast. I am so pleased with the result, it is completely natural looking.To try to describe them, I suppose they look like they did when I was about 15, only probably bigger! They look less swollen and have dropped slightly since the first day post op, but at the same time, I was delighted with them from the first time i had a look! I suppose if I had chosen bigger implants they would have looked more strange initially. They are definitely not any way saggy, like that girl you described! It is so important to get the right surgeon, that will treat each individual case on all the criteria, i.e age, weight, height, breast tissue, whether or not they had kids or breastfed, preferences etc. The hospital I attended was lovely too, the whole experience was very positiveSmileHopefully things will continue without any problems, fingers crossed.

Opals  Posted: 10/02/2010 19:07

Hi girls, Gillz great to hear you're recovering so well.  Kate37 thanks for sharing your experience.  When I read the bit you wrote about not wanting to go too big cos then you'd end up trying to cover up your new boobs for fear of  being sussed.  That totally rang home with me.  I just want to look like I do now with padded bra (but minus the padding of course!).  I am seriously thinking teardrop.  The consultant I saw said with teardrop it would mean wearing bra day n night for 6 months.  He said with round it would mean no bra. I know we can't mention clinics but I would love to know where you got yours done Kate37.  I am going quite small too.  Was thinking 265 round or nearest size to that in teardrop.  Like you Anon I am wondering will I actually go through with it.  I have a 2nd consult this fri.  I might try another clinic for 2nd opinion.

sarah  Posted: 10/02/2010 20:11

Hi everyone, so happy I found this forum. Such a relief to see so many people in same boat as me. Have consultation in two days time. I want to go from a 34B to a 34D. Just wondering, did you all keep it from your parents and family? No way can I tell mine beforehand as they will be extremely worried and upset I would do this.They wouldn't understand. Just a pity I have to keep it from them. Like most of ye I'm a little bit nervous of something going wrong, am a worrier by nature anyway...

kate37  Posted: 10/02/2010 22:26

Hi Opals

Don't know how I could give you details, I'm not sure if there is a facility to send private messages on this website, like there is on other ones. I attended a clinic in South Dublin, and I am more than happy to fill you in about it if you can find a way! See how you get on on Friday first, and bring a list of questions with you. Also, ask to see some of their before and after pics of cases similar to yours, the photos are from the neck down so they should be able to show them to you. I was given a support bra for day/night and belt[worn for a few hours daily]. I was told to wear it or similar sports bra for 6 weeks, and then free to wear other types, underwire etc after about 2 months. Had a check apt this week and have another in 6 weeks, so progress is reviewed and questions answered. Good luck!

Opals  Posted: 11/02/2010 11:29

Hi Kate37, it's a pity alright we can't private message from here. I was looking through other posts and some clinic names are mentioned. I think we just can't recommend surgeons. I was looking up the clinics in south dublin and there's the Harley Medical Group, the Hospital Group and River Medical. Was it one of these. I will post a new email address here over the next day or 2 and maybe we could liaise that way either. I can't go for my 2nd consult tomorrow as kids have vomiting bug. I won't be able to go now til early March. I am provisionally booked in for early May. I am still feeling really nervous about it. I suppose my biggest worry is the long term commitment. I can imagine going in at 70 something to have them replacedSmile Mind you the surgeon I saw said they shouldnt need to be changed and even if they are the manufacturer will replace them free of charge as the ones he uses have a lifetime guarantee. Did you ask any questions about the the effects of silicone. I rememeber a scare years ago in America about women getting connective tissue disease. Doc said that they use a cohesive gel that's the texture of turkish delight as opposed to liquid silicone so wouldn't migrate away from implant even if there was a rupture. Sarah I didn't tell anyone except my hubby as my family just wouldn't understand either. I was going to tell my best friend but decided not to either as I'm not sure how she'd react. Actually I was wondering about getting it done in May n hoping the weather wouldn't be too warm as I wouldn't want to be wearing skimpy tops the first few weeks. I saw a post somewhere about getting it done in the winter so you could cover up a bit more for the first few months. I had a laugh with my hubby the other night, I said if anything goes wrong during the op please don't tell anyone what I was having done!!!!!! During the first consult the doc was asking did I want much cleavage and how far apart I wanted them. To be honest I couldn't decide there and then but I def don't want a big gap or the footballs stuck to chest look! Anyway I'm going to have my 2nd consult n perhaps try another clinic before I fully dedice. It's great to have you all to confide in.

Opals  Posted: 11/02/2010 11:49

Kate37 you can email me at

Anon.  Posted: 12/02/2010 10:43

Hi Kate, Opals & Sarah.. Just wondering if any of you watched the cosmetic show on tv3 wed nite? The surgeon i've chosen was on for 2nd wk in a row, he was doing an over eye lift this week? I have to say I was completely happy with him when i met him at my consultation and from watching the show and him actually doing surgerly I am even more at ease about it. He is really caring with the patients and so so experienced so I'm just hoping all goes well for me next month!! By the way Sarah, Ive told my boyfriend mam and sister thats it! all are sworn to secrecy and excited for me. cant wait now!!

emzy  Posted: 12/02/2010 11:43

girls jus to let dos of u know who are thinkin on teardrop..i wore a sportsbra for jus 3 weeks and then normal bras and there perfect!!that was wat i was told and no massagin cause there textured implants ie stick to breast tissue..and girls i was flat chested and 300ccs not as big as ud my mum and sis says perfect in proportion for my 9 stone 5ft 5 build and most def not anyway too big!normal size i would call them!watever that is..gud luck girls..cant wait now to get into a bikini this year instead of dreadin it and sewin pads in etc etc!

boobless  Posted: 13/02/2010 01:06

Hi Honey bun,

I'm from Waterford and had my BA done here last September. Round over the muscle 280 cc. Went from nothing to 32 C. Thrilled with results. A little strange looking initially- a bit far apart and swollen. Within a few weeks they dropped and now look really natural. Have to admit- loved them straight away. Surgeon, nurses and hospital were absolutely brilliant. Had a lot of contact with the surgeon before and after the op. I got round as thats what he said would suit. he didn't recommend tear drop for me as he felt the top of my boobs would still be a little flat. I'm delighted with results. Only my hubby and sis know and no one so far even my mother has commented and taken a second glance.

My baby was 5 months when I had it so I hadn't much lifting really. I was still on maternity and my hubby took a week off. Went away for a few days so had no housework or cooking to do which was lovely. You def would need a bit of help with two kids. Probably wouldn't be able to lift them for a while.

I'll keep an eye on this site so any questions just ask- anything at all. There's only one place to get it done in Waterford anyway so I presume it's there you are going. When are you planning on having it.

For all the girls out there still worrying about it- It's so great to have it done and not to have to wear padded bras anymore. in fact I wouldn't have to wear a bra if I didn't want. I went from thinking about my small boobs all the time and cringing evertime I had to buy a bra or try on a new top or buy a dress to not even thinking about them half the time. For the first time in my life I got underwear as a present. There would have been no point before as i was only able to wear one type of bra from penny's with padding and gels. Now I have all sorts of lovely bras and can wear fitted tops without a scarf.Honestly- just go for it.

sarah  Posted: 13/02/2010 19:24

Hi Anon

Best of luck with it! Very exciting alright :) Just wondering, how did your Mam take it? I know if I tell mine she'll be really worried and upset up until the time I have it done and would I be better to say nothing to save her going through that? Also if any of you are smokers did ye stay off them completely for the weeks beforehand?

Anon.  Posted: 15/02/2010 19:01

Hi Sarah, have to say my mam couldnt be more supportive, she's really on for it as we're very close and she knows how self conscious of it I am. We'd often go shopping together and it always turns out disaster as I'd get in bad form cos nothing looks well on me due to lack of chest! so in fairness she is really supportive. She's quite young at heart too though so that helps!

Boobless, thanks for your advise and support too. So happy for you and hope I'm on ere in a few months posting the same as you did! I just know if it all goes well it will be the best thing i ever did. You'll have to change your chat name now, not boobless anymore .. ha! 32 c wud be exactly what i'd be hoping for too so fingers crossed. I'll have them in place for easter :)

about the smoking sarah, I dont smoke thankfully, used to have the odd one when I was out or that but jus quit it totally 2years ago and feel brill for it. really hate it now and the smell of it so if time is right for u try quitting too. you have to be in right frame of mind totally though i found. hope this helps, chat soon, :)

gillz  Posted: 15/02/2010 23:12

Hi all,

Back to work today and im feeling great really, still cant believe i had surgery two weeks ago tomorrow..All in all my recovery has been goin well..I just wanted to say though that i am dissappointed about the size and its kinda of taking away from the whole thing to be honest so i just wanted to say to anyone thats getting it done to really make sure you are going as big as you want..I was an A cup and i really wanted to be a full C small D and i explained this to the surgeon..however i measured myself yesterday and according to my measurements i am a B cup...:( im really disappointed i would have not gone through with the whole thing to be one cup size bigger..I know everyone is different and some people are happy with the B cup but this is not what i wanted so i have to say im really down about it..I know its early days still but i cant imagine that they will get bigger..Im trying to be happy with the fact that they are bigger than what i had before but i just dont think the size was worth all the anxiety and stress i went through about the whole thing in the first place..Anyway i just wanted to say this so that those of you that might be worried about goin too big like i was, dont be...I got 310cc round implants behind the muscle...i got the round because the same as was said the top of my breasts were flat so the round suited me better...i was a 34A small A before and at the moment i am measuring a B cup :(

Im sorry for sounding negative but this is really getting me down...i am happy i went through with it and i am happy they are bigger than before but i do feel a bit cheated or let down i suppose...just wondering did anyone else feel like this about the size????

cassie  Posted: 16/02/2010 12:39

yes i did feel cheated as well but my family and surgeon all pointed out it suited my frame and i was very flat before, i am nearly two years over it now and feel fine now my scars are barely there now. my problem now is i have suspected gall stones which has made me sick and i have lost a lot of weight hence they have lost weight as wellFrown just cant winLaughing

nicki6000  Posted: 16/02/2010 13:07

Sorry to hear that Gillz but as cassie says if you had gone any bigger they may have not suit your frame and could have looked too fake! Is there anything you can do in this case though, would the surgeon consider your case? 

Opals  Posted: 16/02/2010 20:22

Gillz am really sorry you feel like that. It's nervewrecking enough choosing implant size and to be honest they all look big when you're holding them in your hand but it's a different case when they are in your body. If you asked to be a c or small d the surgeon should have advised you better. They know what the end result will look like. Maybe you could explain how you feel to him. You've been through alot to get this far. Anon yes I saw the surgeon on tv3. You must feel at ease now that you've seen him perform an op. Kate37 have sent you email.......

kate37  Posted: 16/02/2010 20:46

Hi Girls

I am almost 2 weeks post op now too, like you Gillz, but I got 280 teardrop under the muscle. I was a small 'a' pre op,always in padded and gel bras, but didnt want to go too big as I dont want anyone to guess what I had done! Wink However, after a day or 2, I started thinking, hmmm maybe I should have gone to the next size up, which was 320, no option in between with my surgeon, cos I thought I would have gone with about 300, but wasnt prepared to take the chance and go to 320! I understand why surgeons dont give too much choice sizes, they feel the difference isnt substantial enough to warrant all the headwrecking decisions, the more choices, the harder it is to choose. Seemingly there is very little difference in 20 cc's. Anyway, to come to the point, after my check up after a week the nurse and doc both assured me I made the right choice, and gave me a copy of pre and post photos, explaining due to my frame size, bigger would have looked too much for me, and I have to say now, I am totally in agreement. I was going out the other night and had to try on a number of tops because I looked busty in most of them and I was meeting with some familiar pals who would have definitely noticed. I will wear everything eventually but want to ease myself into my new image, I still need to get used to them myself! What I am saying is that I am thrilled now I didnt go any bigger. I am fitting into a 'c' but have not had myself measured professionally yet, so I cant be sure. Seemingly, sizes vary alot, so gillz you might be a 'b' with some types and a c with others. Try on all your tight teeshirts and light coloured tops and maybe a few bikinis and you might be pleasantly surprised! It worked for me. I feel much happier now, I was kinda getting down about the size for a few days last week, I have read this is totally normal for most of us to have some doubts about size initially. Smile

gillz  Posted: 17/02/2010 10:35

Thanks very much girls, I think yer right maybe if i has gone bigger it would not have suited me and also im the same as most of ye on here i dont want anyone to know either and i do think if i did they would have noticed...I think i just got exactly what i could get away with and it is the same size as what i was in tops before but with a gel bra and fillets but now i have just boob :) so really i should be happy i suppose...and like my hubby said he thinks i got exactly what i wanted because i was stressing so much about being too big and wanted it to be natural etc.. ,which is what i got but now i have it i suppose im just thinking now i could have gone bigger ha never happy...I think it was the B cup that made me feel a little down too i bet if i measure a C ill prob feel alot better the moment im wearing the C sports bra and its fitting perfectly so who knows i just keep thinking they are getting smaller ha, i think im afraid that one day ill look down and they'll be gone right back to the way i was before ha ha , and thanks everyone, glad to hear im not the only one that felt this and Kate tried on the bikini and yes felt alot better :) Thanks xxxxx

emzy  Posted: 17/02/2010 10:55

Gillz im so sorry to hear ur dissapointed with da size after all surprised your not bigger than a B..i got 300cc in and got professionally measured and im a 32 c/d!wait til u get measured..i am now 4 mths post op and still look at mine daily..i had taken a foto of my boobs pre op and when i look at dat and wat i have now i realise wat a differerence! v easy to forget how small we actually were and how the new breasts feel like they were always dat size!with 300cc gill u must b a fair bit bigger!..when they get softer and fall down more they prob will look better!it is such a difficult a few years time if im not happy with my boobs i wudnt hesitate to get it done again!gud luck to all u considerin it

nicki6000  Posted: 17/02/2010 11:23

Thats the spirit Gillz..At least you went through with it and are bigger than to you were. To be honest, i dont want to be huge. Id just like a little bit bigger..People would never know i have small boobs unless they saw me without my old reliable gel bra.. I can make them look huge..But when the bra comes off not so good..So im really just looking for bit bigger!!!!

dachie  Posted: 17/02/2010 11:57

Hi I am having my BA on saturday morning. I have been advised to go for a 300cc over the muscle round implant. I am an A - small B cup at the moment. Im just not sure whether I should go a bit bigger I would like to be a full C to a D cup and I have expressed this to my surgeon I suppose he knows best, but any opinions???

Anon.  Posted: 17/02/2010 17:13

Hi Dachie, I am the exact same size as you and hope for a full C to smal D also. My surgeon has advised that he will only put in as big as looks natural on me. Do u mind me asking what hospital your having it done in? Also did you see a few surgeons before deciding? Im happy with mine but know the hospital doesn't have an icu unit, but i presume all private hospitals are the same. So i'm just worried in case anything goes wrong but pls god all will be ok. has anyone else had this concern? 

gillz  Posted: 17/02/2010 22:49

Hi Dachie,

I got mine two weeks ago, 310cc round implants under the muscle...I was a 34A small A at that before it...I wanted to be a full C small D aswell but judging from what i have at the moment i would say full B maybe small C is what i am after it and i must say im a little dissapointed about this would love to have gone a little bigger...It all depends though on what size you are before the op and also i think the band width you are makes a difference too i.e. if your a 32 you'ill get get a bigger cup size to a 34, also your weight and whether the implant is goin behind or infront of the muscle...

You are getting yours infront of the muscle so then maybe you will get a bigger size than i got with the 300cc you are getting im not sure..i know emzy did 300cc over the muscle too and she is a 32C/D now so like i said it all depends on your size now id say and like you said im sure your surgeon knows best but saying this i did ask my surgeon for a full C small D and thats not what i got and didnt really have all the information i have now before it ah well still very very happy i did it and would do it again no bother so good luck on saturday let us know how you get on xxxxxxx

gillz  Posted: 17/02/2010 22:54

Hi again Dachie :) Just read there your an A small B so then thinking the 300cc would prob give you the size you want alright and the fact its over the muscle aswell..What size band are you???xx

dachie  Posted: 18/02/2010 22:39

Hey everyone thanks for the reply!!!

Anon Im with a place just near wicklow. Not sure its ok to name on these sites. I felt ok with the surgeon i spoke too. I get there saturday morning and leave sunday morning/afternoon depending on my recovery so i have the peace of mind that i'll be rested and ready to go instead of leaving the same day.

Hey gillz. Im a small 34...Im gonna have another consultation on the day of surgery which is this saturday aaaaaggghhh!!! nervous.... so I will express again what i hope for and just hope all goes well...I will post up how i get on...

honeybun  Posted: 19/02/2010 11:47

Dachie, best of luck to you, be strong and brave. I've been dreaming about it already and im only about to have my first consult on Tuesday coming.... cant wait to hear how you get on! Best of luck to you, wishing you every happiness and confidence in your new boobies :)

honeybun  Posted: 19/02/2010 12:25

Hi Boobless,

Really appreciate you getting back to me, makes me feel alot better to know you had yours done in WAterford. Feel a bit more relaxed knowing somone who has had BA at same place as i'm planning.  Have my consult on Tuesday so really looking forward to what he has to say. Bit nervous too, been having dreams and nightmares since i made the appointment, also quit smoking the other day so ive been waking up at night in cold sweats.... i'm like the chick from the Exorcist ha ha scary! Promised myself a fresh healthy start to life and feel more confidend in myself, cant wait to be able to take my babies to the pool and not be covered from head to toe once the summer comes.... Fingers crossed everything will go smoothly with the op, really nervous of anaesthetics and not waking up etc.... How long did you have to wait from first appointment, im hoping to di it ASAP Be great to get it done before Easter at least that way my partner will be off work and ill have help with the bubs.  He's the only one that knows, and i want to keep it that way!  My mother would have a hairy canary if she knew.... couldn't cope with listening to her so im not going to tell her! 


Anon.  Posted: 19/02/2010 15:20

Best of Luck Dachie, will be thinking of you. Cant wait to hear how you get on. Let us know once your up to it. Take care, Anon x

gillz  Posted: 19/02/2010 23:28

Gud luck Dachie bet your nervous tonight :) i was sooo nervous the day before, on the day i wasnt as bad but felt like it was someone else going through with it i cant explain the whole thing was surreal....Was no where near what i thought it would be and would go through it all over again no bother :) All the best xxxx

Opals  Posted: 20/02/2010 16:06

Best of luck Dachie, you've prob had op by now. Glad your feeling a bit better about it all Gillz. Bet when they settle you'll be really happy as like most of us here you don't want to end up covering up your new boobs cos they too noticeable. How ironic would that be!!!!! I actually confided in one friend yesterday and as it turns out she was thinking about getting it done herself so we had a great chat. It's great to be able to trust someone enough to tell. Think my hubby was delighted I had someone else's ears to burn over itSmile I'm still wondering about waiting til October. I provisionally booked for 4th May but I'd rather be able to cover up initially. What do you think? Also do you think I'd be fit for a wedding 4 weeks later. I will be having mine under muscle, prob teardrop.

boobless  Posted: 21/02/2010 22:42

Hi honey bun,

Good luck on Tuesday. Hope all goes well. Lucy Lu had her BA in the same place too. The BAs are done on Mondays and I would have been able to book in the following week so you'll def be able to have it done ASAP. I had mine done around 4 weeks after my consult as we had a break planned anyway so the time suited.

Best of luck. Hope all goes well. x

honeybun  Posted: 22/02/2010 13:09

Hi Boobless,

Thanks a million for getting in touch, only a woman could understand eh.... my partner hasn't a clue! Good to know that all ops take place on Mondays. Will have to get my partner to take a few days off work to help me. Do you think ill be able to manage the children if he can only get a few days off work i.e. if i got the op on the Monday and he went back to work on Thurs? I do have help in afternoons but mornings i'd have to manage alone???? What do you think? The kids are 18months old now so dont require alot of lifting,apart from high chair and stuff, but i'm sure i could get around that, just feed them in living room while they're watching TV???? that way i can avoid lifting for a few extra days....

THis website is a God send, i've been tormenting myself for over a year now, should i ? or shouldn't I? Its so great to have ladies to speak to. I'm not telling anyone, did your mum notice your boobs post op? Hope my mother doesn't find out, she's very old fashioned and just wouldn't understand....

Will let you know how i get on tomorrow once i've had my consultation! Thanks again :)

Speak soon :)

Ciarciar  Posted: 22/02/2010 16:42

Hi girls,

I'm in 2 minds about getting the op. One min I'm 100% and then the doubts kick in, like affects of the anaesthectic, will they look really fake etc. I've been to see a couple of different cosmetic surgeons and I really like the sound of the tear drop implants as they sem to give a really natural look. The only thing is most places don't do them so am bit worried that somehting might be wrong with them! Have any of you girls had the tear drop or heard anything about them? And are the round implants natural looking?

Only found this website am delighted to be bale to get real info :-)

Opals  Posted: 22/02/2010 21:18

Hi girls, I've moved my date forward to 29th March. Am having teardrop n didn't want to be getting it done in height of summer cos have to wear special bra day n night. Anyway, I hope i dont have time to get too nervous!!!! Have 2nd consult 5th Mar to decide on size. Ciarciar, the surgeon i am seeing did 50% teardrop ops last year and the next 10 he's scheduled 7 are teardrop so it's getting popular. At least it gives those of us with very little breast tissue n small frames the chance to look a bit more natural. Although the round implants can look very natural too. Depends on what you have to begin with i suppose. I feel half excited n half terrified. Honeybun good luck with your appt. Dachie hope all went well. Anon when are you scheduled in. Thanks again everyone for sharing your stories.

boobless  Posted: 22/02/2010 23:35

Hi Honey bun,

Do you mean your husband would go back to work the thurday right after the op or the following week. I really think you would need a full week to recover with no lifting. It's not even the lifting really. It would be them cuddling into you etc. If he could take the thursday and friday off you might be ok then. My husband worked from home the monday following my op and then went back to work on the tuesday ( 8 days post op) I managed ok. I was still a bit sore.

my mother never noticed. Like yours, she just wouldn't understand at all. I'm still a little careful what I wear around her. I would only see her every two or three weeks and I think she is still so smitten with my baby that she wouldn't notice. I would say if your mother noticed just say it's a new contraceptive pill you're taking and that you're delighted. That's my excuse anyway.

At the consult tomorrow he'll give you chicken fillets to try on in a bra under a really horrible tee shirt. I tried on my own top over it because all I thought when I looked at myself was ' what a horrible tee shirt!'. Good luck.

dachie  Posted: 23/02/2010 00:42

Hey All went fine. Ended up getting 340cc in each boob my surgeon decided to go bigger during the surgery.

Pain is not that bad at all. I didnt go behind the muscle maybe that is why. I would do it again tomorrow definately no regrets yet although they do look funny at this early stage. thanks for all the nice messages :) i posted one earlier but it hasnt come up...??

nicki6000  Posted: 23/02/2010 12:37

ciarciar im the exact same as you! Have my consult booked for 23rd March and i sometimes say im going to cancel it. I just am sooo afraid. My biggest fear after the op obviously is them looking like 2 oranges stuck onto my chest. The only other thing i could do then is get a loan to have them removed. The teardrop implant sounds the way to go and a reputable surgeon..Good luck!

cassie  Posted: 23/02/2010 13:13

my husband took off two weeks but after one i think i would have been fine, my son was 18 months when i had it done. it was painful when my kids hit off me by accident but most of the time i stayed in spare room. i had to sleep sitting up for a week. my mother was old fashioned not any more my dad is very old fashioned but my sister and mother told him he did not freak out but he look straight into my face all the time he heLaughing

Anon.  Posted: 23/02/2010 21:19

Hi Opals, Im scheduled for 31st march so two days after you!! cant wait now. 5wks away only!!

Dachie, so delighted all went well for you, and most of all delighted to hear its not that much pain! I bet they do look bit funny for first couple days. i've booked in to a hotel for two nights after the op so i wont have to do abs.anything around the house etc. gona have house spotless before i go too. oh i cant wait now!! How long are you taking off work? Im jus taking a wk but work in an office so should be ok yea??

Nicki, why dont u jus go for the consultation and see how you feel then? i've undecided for ten years bout this now so im jus glad ive finally decided to do it. have myself in the right frame of mind now so no going back. op is in 5wks.. so excited :)

gillz  Posted: 23/02/2010 22:04

Congrats dachie

glad it all went well...think the size you got is goin to give you exactly what you wanted Smile lucky you i wish my surgeon gave me enough to give me the size i wanted ha trying not to complain anyway i was amazed too by the fact i wasnt in that much pain at all expected it to be soo much worse...and they do look strange to begin with thats all normal ive looked at soo many pics of people who have had it and the difference in a few weeks is amazing..mine have gotten alot softer they still havent dropped yet but there alot more natural looking im 3 weeks post op today and dont feel like i had any surgery, the first 4 or 5 days are prob the most uncomfortable rather than painful id say gets alot easier then, im back doing most things now still not goin to gym but not sure if thats just laziness :).....Happy Healing xxx

Hi girls,

Just wanted to wish ye all well and say i can soo much understand the anxiety and worry etc etc before it but i really dont know why i felt the way i did..Just want to reassure ye all that its no big deal and most of the thoughts and worries i had were totally irrational..i was half excited and half scared to death aswell fear of the unknown i suppose and i think alot of it is that a boob job here is made to be such a big deal and i know some of my family would be totally against it thinking it was vanity etc etc thats why i felt like i was doin something wrong or that i should be ashamed of myself for wanting it and the cost of it etc etc i had soo many things goin through my head ha anyway i know this is a bit of a long rant but just want to get it across not to stress or worry or question it if ye really want it go for it :)  Like i said before id do it all again tomorrow xxxx

honeybun  Posted: 24/02/2010 04:22

Hi Boobless,

Reckon you might be right, will ask him to see if he can arrange a full week off work to help with the bubs.

Had consult yesterday, was waiting over an hour to see him, gees he's a busy man, thats a good thing i suppose, he must be doing something right ha ha. He was nice, gave me the ol' chicken fillets and the horrible white t -shirt with the make up stained neck line.... eek! He said i should choose the biggest size i could tolerate.... reckons most women wish they had gone bigger after op. I tried size no. 4 and that seemed to look nice and in proportion as i'm tall etc. He suggested no. 5 which is slightly bigger, bit too big for me, but as he said "i should go for the bigger if in doubt" so maybe i'll follow his advice. Felt so strange having to strip down and be measured up.... Lol.

Great idea by the way, will tell my mum i changed pill, even though i've really got Mirena implant, what she wont know wont hurt her.... She would have a freak attack if she only knew my plans. He asked if i planned on having more children, to which my answer was "no" as i've got my twins and 2 is quite enough, therefore he said implant would be placed over the muscle, which gives a nicer result for my shape breasts. He also suggested round implants as they will give more fullness to top half of my breasts where i've lost most volume etc. Here was i thinking i'd like tear drop implants and under the muscle ha ha He said recovery isn't half as painful over the muscle. That's what you had right?

ALso spoke to him about lipo of the knees and ankles, as i've got quite chunky legs, even worse since pregnancy.... he said it can make a huge difference but takes many months for swelling to subside completely. Think i'll go for it! been thinking about it for so long now, i may aswell get both done together. pretty expensive though.... Reckon if i had lots of money i'd be dangerous ha ha reckon lots of women get addicted to cosmetic surgery, if you see one good result, you just want more and more.... my funds are very limited so that wont be a problem for me ha ha. Would you ever consider any other procedures yourself? While i was waiting yesterday, a lady in her 60's walked in, her husband waited outside,she sounded like she was a country woman, really thick accent, bless her! She asked the receptionist about facelifts, and she was shouting ha ha she wasn't a bit shy or ashamed ha ha more power to her. Why the hell now, thats what i think!

He said he could fit me in on 8th i.e. Monday week.... asked him was there any chance of the following week as it suits my partner better? So should find out today.

Keep you posted m'dear :) ciao for now

boobless  Posted: 24/02/2010 23:39

Hi Honeybun,

Great news. Yeah Mine are over the muscle and they look good. he didn't recommend tear drops for me either cos I was so flat. no there's nothing else I'd consider having done. I'd like bigger lips but it would never bother me enough to do anything to do it. I'm happy now.

Why did he ask you about having other babies? Does it affect the implants? I'm planning on having another baby soon so I hope it doesn't.

Anyway glad all went ok. Dying to hear how you get on.

honeybun  Posted: 25/02/2010 17:01

Hi Boobless,

Sorry if i've caused you to worry needlessly, its still fine to have implants over the muscle and become pregnant again, as i told him i could never say never to having another baby again, but for now i'm happy with the twins etc.  He said when the breasts become bigger during pregnancy the shape of the implant may distort a little due to natural breast tissue squeezing against it, but after birth shape returns to normal again. Wouldn't think you have anything to worry about, my breasts exploded during pregnancy so it might affect me etc.

rose2010  Posted: 25/02/2010 20:59

well Ive made the official appointment for next Thursday!! more excited than nervous at this stage now! i just hope ill be happy wit them. waited my whole life for this day like! i more confident even thinking about it! my docs are great.

im more anxious about where im going to tell every1 im going for the night and why im off work. only my boyfriend and best friend know!

lassy1234  Posted: 26/02/2010 18:28

hi girls,

this is my first post but i have been reading this forum and think its great. I have finally gone for my consultation and have been booked in for the 30th of march in dublin. No one knows i am having BA except for my family and boyfriend therefore i want it to look totally totally natural!:)...i am very petite size 8 around 5.3 and a small 32a. im getting silicone teardrops behind the muscle 310cc i would love to  be a full 32c but still natural looking!:)..would any of ye have suggestions and do ye think im going for the right size or am i going too big????please help:):)


Storm in a C cup  Posted: 28/02/2010 11:05

Hi girls,

I've been reading all the posts over the last few weeks, great to get some insiders advice. I have my pre-op on 5th march & meet surgeon on the 16th march, any tips on what to expect and anything i should do/ have with me for these appointments? I've tried to research my surgeon but cant seem to find any info on him??? Where's the best websites to check out his qualifications?Getting desperate as have op on the 19th March Smile

kate37  Posted: 01/03/2010 10:21

Hi Girls

I am nearly 4 weeks post op now, and still on a high! Just to answer a few questions..Lassy, I think you will get a full 'c' and maybe even a small 'd', taking into account your petite frame. I am 5ft 6, and I was an 'a' cup and went to a 'c' with 280 teardrop under the muscle. I am thrilled with result, very natural looking,and like you no one knows except my husband and best friend, but definitely after trying on a few bikinis yesterday, I am relieved I didnt go bigger! Because boobs are firm, they dont squash into bras or bikinis like before[not that ever had this problem!]but I am normally a size 8, or maybe a ten, and the size 12 bikini tops just about fit, they are under a bit of pressure! Having said that, this is my experience, and others may have found they would have preferred to go a bit larger. I took the advice of my surgeon and had 100% trust in her. Storm in a c cup[love the name!] I have not heard of the routine you have for your operation, I'm not sure about only meeting the surgeon a days before the op? I met my surgeon from the beginning, and all the information I needed about her was on the practice website. I feel its imperative to trust your surgeon and ideally have been recommended to him/her by a trustworthy source, and know as much information as you possibly can get about them, including before and after photos of patients etc. You will also need some time to mull over the different sizes and types of implants before making your decision. A few days does not seem like enough time in my opinion.

dachie  Posted: 01/03/2010 13:17

Hey ladies

Im 9 days post op my stitches out today and now just have a littlepiece of tape to cover my scars and help them to heal...I feel great spent the weekend in wales having a great time. i even managed to get up and dance he he. not sure what size i have ended up yet gonna get measured soon. I got a 340cc over the muscle round implant and i swear if i dont get a full c im gonna be disapointed but at the end of the day im bigger then i was.

I have to start wearing a sports bra now can anyone recommend a good one that they used and where you got it as i cant seem to find a good one...

Anon.  Posted: 01/03/2010 20:20

Hi Everyone, delighted reading all the posts, getting so so excited bout mine now. have my pre-op assessment next thurs only 3wks after that to the op then!

Storm in a c cup, jus re your surgeon, go to and enter his/her name, when you find it all their qualifications are listed there so I would really recommend it. If not talk to your GP as they have a medical directory of all doc's, surgeons, consultants etc in ireland and their qualifications too so research as much as you can. My surgeon gave me his qualifications and list of places to go and look him up to verify them which made me feel very comfortable. He is on the specialist registrar of plastic surgeons in Ireland so fingers crossed all will go well. I'm having mine done at clane hospital but not allowed mention surgeons name. If you go to clane's web site you might see his name though.

Kate, so happy to hear your so pleased with them, jus hope and pray i'll be the same.. cant wait to go bikini shopping, goin on hols in june so it will be such a big thing to have it done before then .

Gotta go for now.. keep the posts coming, love coming home from work and logging in to see the updates.

Thanks, Anon x

Flatbreast  Posted: 02/03/2010 14:42

Hi, Great to see all the comments. These have really made me feel better about the op. I really struggled to make a decision and felt I was being silly even thinking of it. In the past 2 years, I have lost a lot of weight and my breasts shrunk from an B/C to an A/B cup. I am now looking to go back to a full C Cup. I have my pre-op next Monday and am scheduled in for surgery in Clane on 31st March. I am kinda looking forward to it now. Have all the normal concerns, but a lot of the feedback on this site have put my mind at rest. Has anyone any thoughts on vitamins to take to support healing? Also - My incision will be under the breast - What are the scars like? Finally - I am going for over the muscle - doc really did not give me a lot of choice, I'm a little worried about feeling the implant - anyone any thoughts on this?

cassie  Posted: 02/03/2010 15:52

hi my scars are under breast barely can see them now. i am also over muscle and cannot feel them or see any ripples. dont worry mine are done over a year now and they have settle really well very natural mine were round as well not teardrop

honeybun  Posted: 02/03/2010 16:23

Hi Boobless,

I'm in for next Monday 8th, got my letter today and was told to be there by 9.30 am.... really starting to hit home now! Hope i've made the right decision, i'm feeling quite guilty now, every time i look at the kids i think i should be saving this money for them, but i've been so miserable for sooo long! It will be great to be able to take them swimming and not be afraid to wear a swimming costume, and hide myself during hte summer etc.  Just praying everything will go well, and i wont have any problems with anaesthesia, i know it sounds silly but i hope i wake up after the operation..... terrifies me!

How are you doing?  Any advise for me re: upcoming Op day, please enlighten me :) I've decided to go for Sizer no. 5 - do you have any idea how this works????  Is that the equivalent to a D cup or DD etc???? he said it varies from person to person...

lassy1234  Posted: 02/03/2010 17:51

Hello again girls:)

Kate thanks for your feedback sounds like i should definately be a full c so just hope im not going too big as this was the bigger of the two implants but he suggested i go with the bigger if in doubt!?!?!?!!if any one else has any feed back on gettting a 310 teardrop implant would be delighted to hear:):)

Dachie congrads on your two new arrivals:) must feel strange whats the scar like??do they feel very stiff at the moment..was the pain tolerable??sorry for all the questions!:)where you happy with the size:)

loving the feedback 4weeks now eeek!!can't come fast enough:).

p.s im getting my surgery done with the guy who was on the morning show and the cosmetic show with the sisters anybody had theirs done or are getting theirs done by this person???would love to hear.


kate37  Posted: 02/03/2010 19:22

Hi Girls,

Understand all the excitement and nerves etc with you all going for an op in a few weeks, there seems to be alot having it done this month in time for the summer I suppose. My scars are under the breast and not noticable at all, they feel a little lumpy still[only 4 weeks old] but i really cant see them unless I lift my boob right up against the mirror.I rub the bio oil into them 1-2 times daily,it contains vitamin e which is recommended, and I have been eating lots of fruit and veg and protein since the op to aid healing. Best of luck!!

Anon.  Posted: 02/03/2010 20:56

Hi Flatbreast, think I know who your surgeon is as thats where i'm having mine done too and on the same day!! how exciting!! same as, he didnt give me a choice of over or under the muscle but from the pics he's showed me of other patients i'm happy enough. I'm a very small b cup at the moment and hoping to go to a full c or small d. Same as you i've been thinking and thinking about it and cant wait now to have it behind me and all well.

Did you see him on the cosmetic show couple weeks in a row? he was doing a procedure on a man who had alot of excess weight gathered round his boobs after loosing lots of weight.

Isnt this site just brilliant, the support and feedback is keeping me positive about it and putting all the doubts out of my mind totally.

My pre op is next thursday.. cant believe how soon it is now.

Lassy, which hospital are you getting yours done in? its ok to say hospital name.

yea lots of people booked in at this time for summer, bikini sales will rocket with us all :)

emzy  Posted: 02/03/2010 21:50

hi girls,

jus think it seems bit strange with girl who has surgery booked but has not seen/met surgeon yet..yes look him up in medical coucil as someone else suggested.other query re sizer 5..wat is this?never heard of it..only ever heard size described in cc' girl who asked bout 310cc teardrop..i got 300cc teardrop and brought me from a to def c cup!still coulda went 330 i reckon.but very pleased!gud luck girls..if ur lack of breast s have been a killer all ur life like me..dont think twice on it!best decision.gud luck

Storm in a C cup  Posted: 02/03/2010 23:00

Hi girls,

Kate37. Congrats on the new arrivals!  Glad everything went well for you, going to do the bio oil too, great tip and others?  Im with Harley so its a nurse for consultation, then pre-op and then surgeon, not sure if he does the pre-op.  To be honest its my fault its all so near as only time i can take off work so left it all kinda late to get organised, will check out sizes etc. at pre-op, thanks again for help/ advice.   

Anon. thanks for the info, checked him out on the website and the Harley med group sent me his cv etc., will get more info on him when i go for my pre-op.  Spoke to my doc about it today and he said loads of his patients have had it done and hasnt heard of any probs so fingers crossed it'll be ok.

Ciarciar  Posted: 03/03/2010 10:45

Hi girls,

I have been to a second consultation with a surgeon in Dublin. He has advised me to get the tear drop behind the muscle. I'm a 32a with very little breast tissue so he thinks the tear drop would be more suitable. I'm afraid I'll be flat at the cleavage though. Were any of you girls who got the teardrop as small as myself?

He also said to get the silicone teardrop with the textured cover as this reduces the risk of capsular contracture. Have any of you girls heard about anyone that this has happened to?

The price he gave me was 6500 Euro. This seems a bit steep to me as I was quoted 4700 and 5300 in 2 other cosmetic places but they were the round implants. Can any of you give me your price for the teardrops? I really like the surgeon, the consultation was really professional and the practice was very nice. Although I'm not sure if he was just a really good sales man.

Oh 1 more thing, have so many questions!! He said I would have to wear a special bra for 6 months to ensure that the teardrop wouldn't rotate, he said If I wore the bra day and night for 6 months he could guarantee it wouldn't rotate. Can anyone tell me what this bra is like? Is it hideous. Could I wear summer clothes with it? Plan on getting op in April so would be Sept before I could take off bra.

Sorry for all the questions...just gettin so excited :-) This forum is defo easing my mind. Have wanted it done so long now

Flatbreast  Posted: 03/03/2010 13:57

Hi All, Thanks a mill for the responses; feeling much better about the scar and will use the bio oil tip. Anon - I am getting mine done in Clane hospital. I was told to check-in at 7.30am on the 31st. Are you getting yours done in same hospital? My implants are round - The cost was 4990 - but I am booked in with River Medical and the Doctor performes the surgery in Clane. I did not see the cosmetic show, but it is the same guy. I really liked him and his staff are great support. Each day I come up with new questions and email them and they are very prompt to reply. It's great to have this site and hear some real stories. Can't wait to give a blow by blow account of my actual op. I really can's emphasise enough how much better all the comments and notes on this website have made me feel. Thanks everyone

kate37  Posted: 03/03/2010 19:21

Hi Ciarcair,

My consultant came highly recommended and the whole experience for me has been very positive. I had teardrop under the muscle from an 'a' cup, I also had the textured ones that you were describing. My fee was 5,800 which included overnight stay and follow up apts etc in Dublin. Bra I was given has alot of coverage with velcro straps, fine under loose tops and shirts but not sure about teeshirts, lower cut ones defo a no no! I was advised to wear mine day and night for 3 weeks and then a sports type bra, any wire free supportive type for 6-9 more weeks.

Opals  Posted: 04/03/2010 20:20

Hi girls, just want to wish you all luck with youf ops. I've also found this site a fantastic support. Like some of you i felt guilty about spending the money etc etc. I am now booked in for 31st March. A cup all my life, 5ft 3, 8st and going for 250cc. Seems quite small i know but i only want to be a full B. I really don't want anyone to know i've had it done. My current padded gel filled bras make me look a B. So Lassy1234 I think you will prob end up at least a C if not a small D with 310. It really depends on your own body shape/build by all accounts. The same implants would look quite different on everyone. I am really happy with my surgeon too. Came recommended. I am also getting teardrop. Am going for a final consultation on 22nd Mar just to confirm size. Did any of you try the rice test (weighing out the rice in grams and putting into popsock). I tried 280 n 250 n i thought both looked huge. Seemingly the actual implants don't look as big so I'm not sure how much to rely on the rice test. I am going to take arnica tablets as soon as the op is over. Take for about 5 days. Really helps with bruising and swelling. Zinc also good for healing. Will try to eat as healthy as possible too (trying to stay of choc for lent!!!!). I am going to a wedding 3 weeks later so Dachie it was good to hear you were bopping 9 days laterSmile I feel totally comfortable with it all now. I was worried about everything including the long term implications of having implants. The surgeon said I should expect at least one op later in my life. As people age their body shape can change and some people like to change their implants after about 15 years anyway. I'm fine about that now. Will set up a little booby acount for the future!!!! I think the new generation of implants are very safe too. I can't wait now to just wear normal pretty bras instead of the monstrosities i wear now. I can only fit about 5 in my drawer cos of all the padding and gel n wiring!!!! Anway, I will keep you all posted n good luck again n thanks for sharing your stories.

Anon.  Posted: 04/03/2010 20:45

Hi All,

Can everyone who has had their BA op reply to me on this one question please.. After your post op apt have any of you had to go back to the surgeon for any little things or any problems even small ones?? I'm just really worried bout how much time i'll have to take off work, im taking a wk after the op which includes the post op apt one wk after the op but am so so nervous bout having to go back after cos i swear i duno wat the hell to tell them in work. and i work with only men so cant tell anyone!! help!!

Flatbreast, I'm checking in same time that mornin.. will prob be half asleep though as ive to travel 2hrs to get there. you far away yourself? yea im really happy with him and all the staff, glad to know i'm not the only ones bombarding them with mails.!! let me know how your pre op goes next mon and wat it entails. i'm in for mine next wed so least i'll know wat to expect.

Thanks Smile

annie  Posted: 04/03/2010 22:15

Hi girls just to let you all know I'm booked in for 22nd March and cant wait. I was recommended a surgeon by my GP and turns out he has been called as an expert witness in a recent case against another surgeon. He is by far the most expensive but feel so confident that its worth it at €8k for the teardrop ones with a stay in really nice private hospital in Dublin. He mentioned to me that because of the tubular deformity that i may need a lift down the line but hopefully that wont be necessary. He also mentioned a risk of the double bubble effect, just wondering if anyone has ever heard or experienced this. Thanks

emzy  Posted: 05/03/2010 00:22


i had teardrop and wore sports bra for 2-3 weeks then ordinary wired bra

dachie  Posted: 05/03/2010 11:26

Hey Annie, I cant believe you are paying 8k for a BA that seems way above the norm i paid 5000 for round over the muscle it would have cost me 5300 for tear drop ...but i guess if you are nervous and you feel comfortable that is important I hope it goes really well for you and you get what you are looking for :)

Hi Lassy. Im feeling great its 2 weeks tomorrow and im chuffed. i got over the muscle so the discomfort was minimal i was stiff mainly for the first 3-4 days. swelling is all gone now. I still have to be careful and not jump or run etc but i have been out, been driving and played with my kids no probs. I think im happy with the size they dont look fake they fit my frame perfect. Im goin to get measured today Im about 5 "7" and just over 9 stone i got 340cc think im a C or small D now. I am sooooo happy I got the courage up and did this.

Ciarciar  Posted: 05/03/2010 11:30

Hi girls,

Thanks for the responses. Kate37 was afraid the bra would be awful lookin! At least you only had to wear it for a few weeks though. I wonder why he said I had to wear it for 6 months! Hopefully I can wear an ordinary bra from time to time during the 6 months, weddings, nights out etc. Your price sounds a lot better than what I was quoted. My boyf reckons we could try bargain! I know we can't name them specifically but could you tell me the area in Dublin you had them done? How long has it been since your op? Do they look, feel natural? I want them so much but then the nerves kick in, if I had the balls I get them 2m. Hopefully will get them start of April, just need to be 100%.

Emzy, how long ago did you get the op. Can you wear ordinary underwire bras after 3 weeks?? I feel the same as Opal, all my bras are gel filled and weigh a tonne, the noise of them when they hit the ground. Can't wait to buy pretty, lacey bras x

Flatbreast  Posted: 05/03/2010 11:38

Hi Anon, I am very lucky - only live down the road from the hospital, so no major travel. I will post a note on Monday with all the details re: post-op. It's such a coincidence that we are in the same hospital on the same day - we will need to meet up for proper chat (if we have time). Catch-up soon.

rose2010  Posted: 05/03/2010 12:24

hey all,

its been 24 hrs since my op and im at home now. Absolutely delighted with what i can see. because of the bandages i cant have a good look just yet.

I went into theatre yesterday morning and was out then less than an hour!! it was the quickest thing ever. i got my anesthetic and next thing i knew i was being put back to my bed. i even had to ask them was it all over. I couldn't believe it!! i was in discomfort when i came out but they gave me painkillers immediately and i went back to sleep.

the worst thing for me was the fact i had to sleep lying on my back. i usually cant sleep on my back in general because it is not comfy for me and i get a pain in my back if i lie on it for too long. i always sleep on my side or stomach.

im glad to be home. I cant believe i went through with it. i got so nervous right before i went it, thank god i didnt change my mind!!!!Laughing

honeybun  Posted: 05/03/2010 14:53

Congrats Rose, and everyone else on their successful ops, i've got mine on Monday morning, really nervous, so many things running through my head, not been able to sleep this last week for thinking about it!

Does anyone know how long it takes before you can drive after op?

Rose, were you able to move around and dress yourself easily afterwards? Do you have stitches etc? when do you have to return to Doc?

thanks a million all, i'm a bag of nerves..... just wish to God it was all over and i was happy and recovering :)

lassy1234  Posted: 05/03/2010 21:44

hello again:)

Annon didn't realise we could say the hospital im getting mine done in the park west clinic on the 30th so excited:)...

My only dilema now is size as on my consultation i was given two a smaller one and a larger one(310cc),i went with this one as he told me no1 ever wishes they went smaller and he didn't want me wishing i'd gone bigger so i went with his advise...but from reading this forum i'm getting the feeling that 310cc (teardrop) will be fairly big for my size 8 5'3 frame?!?!?!?!dilema dilemaSealed emzy wat band size were you before your BA??

Thankyou for the feedback everyone:):)


boobless  Posted: 06/03/2010 11:29

Hi Honey bun,

I'mdelighted to hear you've decided to go for it. You'll be delighted. You definately won't regret it. I'm not sure about the size. It depends on your frame. I'm very thin and size 32 chest. I had nothing and after just a bit smaller than the size 4 I'm 32 C so you'll be at least a C cup but I'd imagine a good D.

DON'T feel guilty. I was the very same. I felt it was such a large amount of money to spend on something cosmetic when there was so many other things I could do with it. I also felt I was maybe being a bit shallow when there are women out there who've had mastectomies and before I had my BA I had to visit the breast clinic myself which made me feel worse still. It turned out to be benign but I had a follow up appointment about a month post BA. When I spoke to my GP about it she said two other patients of hers had BA and and were happy. She said my reasons were good and advised me to go ahead with it as she kenw I really wanted it. She said the doc I was seeing at the breast clinic was very open minded. It all worked out fine but I reckon everyone feels an element of gulit. You just have to think of yourself and how happy you'll be after.

Best of luck. You'll be fine and in a few months you'll hardly remember having it done.

Anon.  Posted: 06/03/2010 12:40

HI Rose, thanks for sharing your experience with us, esp since u only had it done yest!! im thrilled for you. pls keep us posted on your progress and the pain levels over the next few days yea. ive only one wk max off wrk so im hoping ill be ok. work with men only so cant really say wat ill be goin thru. work in an office so hopefully itll be ok anyway.

flatbreast, yea defo.. will surely see u up there..good luck monday now. let me know how long it takes and wat they do etc.. thanks :)

boobless  Posted: 06/03/2010 15:44

Hi Anon, I'm Five and a half months post BA. had to go back two weeks post BA and then six weeks. I have to go back again 8 months post BA and then after that I think it's a year or so. I had no problems though but luckily for me I live ten minutes from where I had it done.

Opals, Like you I'm around 8 stone. I wasn't even an A cup. I got 280 cc round over muscle and am now 32 C. A few weeks after the op I got measured. I was a very full D and for a while thought I was a bit big but now I'm delighted. I'm glad I didn't go smaller mind you. I too have told nobody bar my husband and no one has commented, even my close friends. I always used to wear those big gel filled things too so I always looked like I had something so really I probably don't look too much bigger now.

My surgeon had different size gels(breast shape not implant shape) I tried on with a plain bra so I could decide on the size I wanted. Each gel was sized 2- whatever the largerst was. Size 4 was equivalent to 300 cc so that why I decided on 280. I just wanted to go a bit smaller. Any of you who are unsure about what size you will be afterwards maybe you could ask about this

Flatbreast  Posted: 08/03/2010 10:05

Hi - Had my pre-op this morning. It was just routine stuff. Weight, Height, Blood Pressure & blood tests. Took about 30 minutes. Also asked a lot of medical history and got an opportunity to ask any questions. I was expecting to be told to buy a special type bra, but I was just told to get a good sports bra!! Anyone know any good locations to buy a good post op bra?

cassie  Posted: 08/03/2010 11:43

hi because i did not go too big i went with the dunnes sports bra and found it very good, they do medium and firm hold, but if you want to be measured and fitted marks and spencers is great for it.Smile

rose2010  Posted: 08/03/2010 17:18

hey anon and honeybun,

Had my first check up this morning and got the stitches removed. Saw my scars as well for first time. they ain't bad! and the nurse was happy with my progress.

To be honest the first 48 hrs are difficult to dress particulary if you want to put on a tshirt that over your head. after that it gets easier once you loosen out but im still pretty careful and taking my time. I am not allowed to shower until friday so thats the worst part! especially your hair!! Someone will have to help youout with that!! :)

all in all i'm improving so quickly! so happy with the new assets! its so worth it and i just cant wait to start trying on the bikinis for my hols. im going back to work wednesday so im looking forward to getting back into the routine! my boyfriend has been spoiling me all weekend but it has to end sometime! My housemate doesn't even know a thing so it is a very discreet procedure and can be hidden well!

Let me know how it goes on monday

honeybun  Posted: 09/03/2010 16:42

Hi Boobless & Rose,

Post Op now and feeling a little sore, can't say i'm in pain but defenitely sore :) Can't believe its all done and dusted, was so nervous yesterday, thought i was going to do a runner.  Surgeon is defeitely fantastic, an artiste! I had alot of sagging, and he still managed to make them look so perky, like a 16 year olds pert breats, i'm amazed at the results, they reall do look perfect!  They are quite high on my chest, which looks a little strange, apparently they drop ???? Girls did your boobys drop? Be great if you oculd tell me what to expect over the coming couple of weeks....  He said i should see him in two weeks for check up, apart from that he said he was very happy with results, as am I. 

The nurses and staff at the clinic were really lovely, have to say, once admitted to my room, everything was awesome!  :)

Hope to hear from you soon girls :) relieved and sore Honeybunny x x

hunters  Posted: 09/03/2010 20:28

Hi All,

I am going for my consultation next week and i am so excited and also so nervous. i know i havent even gotten to the first stage but would love to know how long did any of you need to take off work? is it really painful and how long did you have to wait after your consultation to actually get it done.

thanks in advance :)

cassie  Posted: 09/03/2010 20:53

hi honeybun, that is normal they will drop and still look fantastic, well done hope your soreness settles down soon.

rose2010  Posted: 09/03/2010 21:04

hey honeybun,

glad to hear u didn't do a runner :o) its so worth the discomfort.

im 5 days post op now and feeling good! back to work in the morning! yes apparently they drop once u start massaging them. Mine are still quite high also!

for all those still thinking about doing it! just doooooo it!

formerly boobless  Posted: 09/03/2010 21:56

Hi honey bun,

Congrats and get well soon. Nice hospital alright. Lovely staff and room and yeah the surgeon is really nice.

I was allowed to shower on the wednesday but I was still a bit sore. Not too bad though. I was able to do it myselfand was even able to dry my hair. Stick with the prescribed painkillers if you're sore just be careful not to overdo it. Around three days after my op I had funny air noises coming from my boobs and the area between my boobs was kind of squelchy. If it happens don't worry- totally normal, just fluid and air and for me it went away after a few days.

Don't worry about the position of them. With time and massage they'll drop into perfect position. I naturally had one boob higher than the other and mine are perfect now.

When I went back after two weeks he took out whatever stitches hadn't dissolved and showed me how to do the massage which be prepared could be a bit painful. After two weeks I no longer had to wear a bra at night and was able to wear an underwire bra so I went straight out to buy new undies.

Hope you heal soon and good luck with your two babies ( I mean your kids- not your new boobies!)

Anon.  Posted: 11/03/2010 21:18

Flatbreast - had my pre op today, all went well so this is it now, less than 3wks to the op. so so excited now are you?

Rose, do u mind me askin wat u work at and how your feeling back at work? im going back after 6days, work in an office jus so afraid that i'll be too uncomfortable, hope not.

formerly boobless, cool name! ta for the info, i've made my post op for a sat now so least i wont have to get another day off work or they'll be getting suspicious!! how far post op are you now and how you feeling?

THanks Anon x

Flatbreast  Posted: 12/03/2010 10:08

Hi Anon, I am excited, but the nerves are still there. The date can't come quick enough for me. I am the same as you; I will be back in work after 6 days, so hoping everything goes OK as if I need more time, they will want a more in-dept explination in my job. I have only told 2-3 close friends. My family (inclucing sisters) don't even know what I am doing. I am excited with seeing the end result and the team dealing with me are really great. Going out on Sat to buy my sports bra, had a quick look during the week, but it's just hard knowing which one to get!! Will let you know what I end up with.

rose2010  Posted: 12/03/2010 16:49

Hey Anon,

Yes I work in an office as well and it was grand. i'm not in any discomfort at all. Im actually glad i didnt take any more time off because once I started getting back to my routine i felt much better and seemed to heal quicker than when I was just sitting around home. It kinda takes your mind off the whole thing.

I actually can't believe its been just over a week to be honest. I feel ready to head back to the gym! But obviously wont cos I want to heal properly Laughing 

misty  Posted: 12/03/2010 17:10


Decided this week after years and years of being so self conscious of my flat chest to take the plunge, totally encouraged by all of your posts so phoned this morning for a consultation, can't believe i'v done it.

My consultation is in Whitfield.  Looked the surgeon up on the web and he seems to be experienced in this field but then again they are not independent reviews!!

formerly boobless  Posted: 13/03/2010 15:47

Hi Anon, I'm around six months post op and don't even think about it now really. Feel totally fine and now I don't even worry any more about anyone noticing cos no one did really.

I went over the muscle and they are perfect. Really delighted with them but sometimes I can see rippling in the implant as I had hardly any breast tissue to cover them. maybe if I had gone under the muscle this wouldn't be seen. Doesn't bother me too much to be honest. It would only be noticable if I went topless somewhere which I have no intention of doing.

Anon.  Posted: 14/03/2010 14:50

Hi Rose, thanks for that, such a relief to hear! Cos i was so worried about that and really dont want anyone to notice in work or get suspicious ye know! suit jackets n scarf's for a while me thinks.. ha! so are you stil wearing the sports bra or what type did you get? cant believe in 3wks i'll be buying 32c bra's.. pls god!! did you take arnica or are you using bio oil for the scar? prob a bit soon though.. oh i jus cant wait now, jus lil over two weeks to D-day :) oh yea.. any tips for what to bring to the hosp etc? or what type clothes did you wear immediately after as i belive its hard to put anythin over your head? ta anon x

rose2010  Posted: 15/03/2010 20:31

I thought id wear a lot of baggy tshirts at the beginning but I just went straight into my normal clothes. Ya im still wearing the sports bra and he says i will need to wear it for the 6 weeks. i thought it would bother me but it really doesnt!

ya i didnt wanna take too much time off either because they'd be all questions about where I was going so I just took a long weekend. Im gonna use bio oil but I dont have to start until next week.

definitely bring tops that u can zip up at the front, anything over your head is a bit challenging for the first few days. And I also made the mistake of bringing jeans. believe or not I couldnt close the button! ud be surprised what muscles you use :) So my tip is defo to bring a trackie!

All you really need to bring with u is something to keep u occupied before and after ur op like a magazine, books etc. thats it really. And your good to go! Ul be delighted when its all over. Its so so so worth it!!!

Anon.  Posted: 15/03/2010 22:34

Oh cheers for that formerly boobless. What size are you measuring now?Do they feel natural? Id be happy with a full 32C cup. What size or type sports bra did you get in the begining can u remember. Im going round implant over the muscle also, only two weeks to go now! did u take arnica or anythin else to aid healing or does anyone have any advice re this??

misty  Posted: 16/03/2010 20:15

Hi all, been reading some of your posts and have a few questions.

What is the difference between under or over the muscle, and who decides consultant or you?

Whats the difference between teardrop and round and again who decides?

Have my consultation next week in Whitfield, any idea how long I could be waiting for op, know it prob varies but just wondering would I be talking weeks or months? Now that I've finaly decided to go for it cant wait to get them done!

sarah  Posted: 16/03/2010 23:09

Hey ladies

Just wanted to update ye, particularly those of ye who are worried about surgery or having doubts. I had my surgery less than 2 weeks ago. Got 380cc's under the muscle which brings me from a 34b to a 34d and I absolutely love them! In the weeks running up to the surgery I was really stressed out and worried about what could go wrong. So I worked myself up into a heap of stress and now realise it was all for nothing. Total waste of time. Everything went brilliantly. The surgery was over before I knew it and the staff were fantastic. I'm not gonna lie and say it wasn't painful afterwards. It was. But this only lasted on and off for 2 days and it was mostly back pain for me. From what I have heard alot of women escape the bad back pain. After that it was uncomfortable more than anything, especially in the morning. And now nearly just 2 weeks later I feel as if I had no surgery. It's as if they have always been a part of me and they are beginning to soften already. It's the best thing I ever did. Had been thinking about it for years and kept putting it off. I'm delighted I finally plucked up the courage to take the plunge. Just thought the words of encouragement would be nice for those of you who are worried x

Anon.  Posted: 17/03/2010 13:02

Cheers for that Rose, god so many lil things you wouldnt think of! i'll be bringing leggings or trackie defo. I've booked in to a hotel for two nights after so least i can totally chill and not have to do any house work or driving at all afterwards. How many weeks post op are you now then? sounds like your really flying it!

Ah I swear once i'd decided to have it done there was no going back, i had to keep positive mind and jus look forward to it instead of being nervous cos i knew if i thought too much about it i'd dwell on the negative and possible side effects too much and i would have changed my mind. so now this time two wks i'll be in hosp either waiting to be done or done.. so exciting. So Im finished work on a tuesday, having it done wed and back following tues/wed then. Hop i jus fit back in to my normal clothes like you too. what kind sports bra did you buy after? or where?

anyway.. happy paddys day to all :) chat soon, Anon x

Flatbreast  Posted: 18/03/2010 08:40

Hi Anon - I asked the doctor about Arnica and he did not recommend it. There is no evidence to support that it actually contributes in any way!! I was specifically told not to take it pre-surgery but it was up to me post surgery. The main thing was to get plenty of vitamin C&E into you post surgery. + the Bio Oil after a few weeks when the scar starts to fully heal. I have a list for the hospital - Tracksuit, Night Dress with buttoned up front, Slippers, Water, Food, Books, Mags, Lip Balm. I was advised to bring food (not by hospital) as something comforting later in the night might be required. After the Op I was advised to take Vitamin C + E, Have some Boost or Ensure drinks, Eat High Fibre Meals (pre-prepared, Keep plenty of soup & Crackers. Also have clothes ready to wear for few days (preferably loose items that don't have to go over the head). That's my list so far. Have read up lots of websites and got most tips from there. Hope this helps.

annie  Posted: 18/03/2010 20:42

hi girls, only a few days left and getting really nervous now... just keep telling myself they couldnt be any worse then they are now! so looking forward to shopping for nice underwear in a few weeks just sometimes get waves of "what am i doing!" so hard when everyone at work keeps asking where I'm going for my hols! have to make sure to bring in some decoy airport sweets when I get back

Storm in a C cup  Posted: 19/03/2010 09:46

Hi girls,

Heading to Mullingar today for my op, very excited and nervous. Thanks for all the tips on what to bring to the hospital, hadnt thought of half of it especially not the trackie bottoms!

Good luck Annie

formerly boobless  Posted: 19/03/2010 11:46

Hi Anon,

I'm a full 32 C now. I did take arnica. I started night before the op and took it for around 5 days. I had taken it too when I went into labour with my daughter and took it for around a week after. I don't know if it helped in any way really. After my BA i was quite swollen around my ribs and a bit black and blue but after around a week all that went. I had no idea what size sports bra to wear so I got a 34 B. It was maybe a little small but when I went back for my consult two weeks after my op, my surgeon said I didn't need to wear a sports bra any longer as my boobs had already dropped into place. It depends on the results I guess. He said some women would have to wear a band around the tops of the boobs to help them drop.The bra I got was a firm hold from dunnes and it was fine really. I was 32 big D when I got fitted three weeks after my op but around 6-8 weeks after I was a 32 C.

Anon.  Posted: 19/03/2010 22:54

Hi Annie, very best of luck.. keep us posted on how you doing xx

Flatbreast, thanks for all the tips, fair play to you, still cant believe were gona be in same hosp. same day, its mad, but re-assuring too. hopefully we ll meet and have a chat that day.

Sarah, ta for the advice, great to hear that jus 2wks post op your so so positive, ive booked in to a hotel for 2nites post op with my sister so hopefully wen i return home 3days later ill be much more comfortable.

form.boobless... cheers for your encouraging words too.. so so so glad im keeping so positive esp since surgery is only 12days away now (and counting !! ha!!)

jus hope n pray ive same success stories as all of you xx

Rond  Posted: 22/03/2010 13:35

Hi My name is Rhonda,I Had my Breasts enlarged about three years ago in Prague by Dr.Virbriksky u can look him was a great experience and the language difference was no problem as nurses made every effort to speak english and were always there tending to my every need.I hate to say it was much cheaper than having the proceedure done here in ireland despite having to pay for flights food and accomodation which was all organised and catered for by my surgeon and his lovely daughter, who happens to be the secretary. I had migan implants (as recomended by my surgeon after a thorough professional examination) which i noticed having read the manufacturers handbook; i was given, that the actual implant is manufactured in ireland co.Wexford to be exact and i am living in co.Waterford shame i had to go such a long way to get value for money when it came to the op.I am absolutely delighted with the results they look so natural and with tiny almost invisible scarring  i do think its important to wear the support bra after surgery for as long as possible after surgery for a better result despite how eager u may be to wear your new you lingerie,you should also get used to the idea of sleeping on your back or side because sleeping on my front as i always did is no longer comfortable and this took a bit of getting used to a small price to pay for such Huge happiness with my new look! Kiss

lassy1234  Posted: 22/03/2010 18:02

hello again

a week now until the big day very excited but nervous at the same time!!just wondering for those of ye who have had it done did ye buy a band size bigger in the sports bra to allow for swelling or did ye just stick to ye're usual band size??and were is the best place to buy one if you don't want to fork out 40e for one from a sports shop!!

best of luck "storm in a c cup" hope all goes well keep us posted on your progress:)


Anon.  Posted: 22/03/2010 20:52

Hi Everyone,

Annie and storm in a c cup how are you both doing?? Rhonda thanks for sharing your experience. cant believe the implants were made in wexford, what were they called again? did you have over the muscle yea? Im having mine done in just 9days time now, I am so so excited! not looking forward to the pain after. do you have any advice on what helped you? did you take any vitamins or arnica? was it not really uncomfortable flying home? Lassy, you must be really getting excited now too. this time next week it'll all be over for you! Smile

Storm in a C cup  Posted: 23/03/2010 09:20

Hi all,

Had my op on friday, was ill after op but nowt to worry about just happened cause fasting for so long and op wasnt until late in evening, totally normal so I'm told! Dont let that put you off.

Was very sleepy for couple of days after op, so get lots of rest. I was surprised as the pain hasnt been anyway near as bad as I thought it would be, took my meds as per the surgeons instructions. The meds have given me tummy upset, can be hard to take so make sure that you eat well before taking them, drink loads of water and also found ginger tea helped as had nausea on and off for a few days, dont have a very strong tummy anywayFrown.

It can be uncomfortable getting off loo, into/ out of bed etc. but just take your time, havent checked out the girls Tongue out yet, well strapped in but seem big enough. Have to see nurse on friday to have dressing removed etc.

Lassy 1234 - Brought my bras to hospital but werent needed, got mine in m&s and they will exchange (so they told me) if you keep box, receipt etc. i went for d cause of swelling, let you know later in week if it was right choice as hoping for c after op once swelling goes.

Can anyone help with..... Occassionally getting a pain in my nipple, tends to be when im moving in/ out of bed/ off couch that kinda thing its just on 1 side but isnt sharp stabbing pain but feels more like a pain in my nipple because of it rubbing off rough material even though theres only bandage on it - sorry dont mean to be graphic but wondered if this is normal, is it the nerve ends re-connecting??? Also, feels like there is wind/ air around the implants is that normal, is that them settling in, worried that i have done something to move them? thanks for any replies.

Thanks again.... "C"

honeybun  Posted: 23/03/2010 10:43

Hi "C",

Had my Op two weeks ago, my boobs are still really sore i.e. the skin and nipples feel axactly as you describe them, i even had to take my bra off last night as the fabric was hurting so much by rubbing against the skin. My skin feels really hot sometimes, like sun burn, that tingly feeling, apparently that means nerves are re growing etc. been looking on the net, checking my symptoms ha ha hypocondriac.... have my post op appoint this afternoon, fingers crossed all is going well, and i can finally get rid of this horrible sports bra, doesn't even fit me properly.... i think one of my boobs is higher than the other, think its because i use my right had all the time, and my right boob hasn't dropped yet..... left one feels softer, i still haven't got full sensation, parts of my boobs are still feeling numb....

I, like you, was feeling really nausous after taking meds that were prescribed by surgeon, made me throw up couple of times.... felt really drowsey and sleepy for first few days too.... anyways let me know how your feeling, cheers "HB"

honeybun  Posted: 23/03/2010 11:00

Hi Formerly Boobless - glad you changed your name :)

2 weeks post op - have my appoint today, get stitches out etc, i'm doing good, however its not been easy with the twins, glad i took your advice and asked my partner to stay home for work for full week - gees i couldn't even lift my arms, never mind say lift the kids, even now i struggle! noticed that my right boob looks a little more swollen and higher than the left, probably cause i use my right arm more.... the skin on my boobs is really sore, feels like i've had bad sun burn and the skin is tingling and feels infamed and sore, even my bra rubbing against the skin hurts, I actually had to take it off last night in bed, what a wierd experience that was, boobs felt like they were going to fall off.... i got 375CC impans on surgeons advise, they look big right now, and i've been wearing baggy jumpers and tops to disguise them, i'm hoping its swelling, and over coming weeks they wont look so big. I want to be a tidy D cup, as it will suit my frame (according to the surgeon) guess i'll just wait and see. can you feel your implants moving around when you run or bend over, its such a strange feeling, its like i can feel them behind the breast tissue.... reckon it takes a bit of getting used to..... They are the perfect shape, really look awesome, have to say he's a good surgeon! Like you, i had one boob slightly higher/bigger than the other, so hope this will rectify it self also.

It really isn't worth the stress, i'm so glad i had the guts to have them done! Chuffed :) Speak to you soon:)

honeybun  Posted: 23/03/2010 11:03

Hey Ladies,

Just wondering, how long it takes for swelling to completely subside? Mine feel really big at the mo, although i love them, i'm hoping they might look a little smaller with time.

Also, when is it ok to return to Gym, running and weights etc?

Cheers all :)

Storm in a C cup  Posted: 23/03/2010 11:45


Thank you so much for putting my mind at rest, I was really thinking that I'd over done it (although havent done anything) and was afraid it was prob with implants, have the same feeling that 1 is higher than the other fingers crossed they will sort themselves out once they are unwrapped. Find it strange that I havent had to wear a bra, just strapped up tightly. What size did you go from to (if you dont mind me asking??)

Love to hear how your post op goes later, thanks again for the reply great to hear its all normal.

Thx, C

kate37  Posted: 23/03/2010 19:27

Hi Girls,

Congrats on the new arrivals!! Delighted you have it over you. Just in reply to some of the questions, my right boob was slightly higher and more swollen than the left initially but they are exactly the same now. I also had the tingling nerve sensation on the right side deviating from the nipple but it settled down after a week or so. I am 7 weeks post op now and so happy. I dont feel they got much smaller than they were just after op, maybe cos I just got 280 under the muscle, so there was not much swelling, as there can be with larger implants. I didnt have any strange noises or feeling from them, they have always felt like part of my body, I dont know if thats cos they are submuscular or maybe the teardrop shape? Anyway, take care, I am off to the sun tommorrow for 10 days with my new bikinis, horrah!

honeybun  Posted: 24/03/2010 09:49

Hi C,

All went well yesterday, he was delighted, he said they felt like boobs should after 6 months post op, nice and soft etc. Told him was bit worried that one was bit higher than other, he said not to worry this wil settle and advised me to start massaging daily for 6 months, showed me how to do it.... I was always a decent size on top until i had my twins a year and half ago, my boobs inflated to E cup during pregnancy and afterwards to a very deflated B/C cup, looked really empty and saggy. I'm now a D cup, although he said i will probably become a little smaller over next month, but i should still be an average D cup, right now they feel huge, and a very big D, be glad if they do go down a little. they are lovely shape, i couldn't be happier with the shape and size etc. feel great and look forward to summer and being able to take twins to pool and seaside (weather permitting) :) speak soon,

HB :)

annie  Posted: 24/03/2010 11:13

Hey girls its all over and soo happy. was really nervous just before going into the operating room, nearly in tears on walk down but once I got there it was fine. Never had op before so was worrying bout the anesthic more than anything. Woke up and my throat was killing me, felt like I smoked about 80 cigs in a row!! Got back up to bed and was hooked up to morphine drip so didnt feel any pain whatsoever although the morphine made me itch like hell.

First night was a bit uncomfortable as couldnt get to the bathroom very easily cause was hooked up to drips and drains.. actually getting the drains out was probably the worst bit of the whole experience.

Boobs feel very solid but when I looked down I was delighted, had this fear of looking down to see 2 giant melons but they just look great... cant wait till they soften up and drop a litte.

They are very numb at the moment but understand the feeling will come back over the next wk or so... has anyone else had this feeling?

I'm told the stiches are dissolvable and the suregon gave me the option of calling into him next week or popping into my GP to check my dressings. Said I would tip in to GP first as I dont live in Dublin so no point hauling myself up just to change dressings. Hopefully everything will be ok.

Feels very tights across chest, bit like someone sitting on top of me but think thats because I've gone up 3-4 sizes and I wouldnt be used to a sports bra...

Still cant believe its done and actually dont think ppl at work will really notice cause they dont look that much bigger than when I was wearing 2 padded bras to wk... fingers crossed...

Anyway girls, I'll keep you posted.

lassy1234  Posted: 24/03/2010 21:02

annon yes i'm very excited just wish i had it done already!!Cant wait to have it behinde me. Laughing When are due to have your BA annon??

Annie congrads you must be delighted you have it over and done with:)..if you don't mind me asking what size were you before hand and how many cc's did you get??is it very painfull when you come around after the op???sorry for all the questions!

thanx for all the feedback so farLaughing

Storm in a C cup  Posted: 25/03/2010 11:55

Hi all,

HB - Delighted your post op went so well, you must be chuffed.  Thanks again for all the hints, tips and for putting my mind at rest.  Roll on summer!!!  Smile 

Congrats Annie, sounds like you're flying, had the same feeling, like an elephant on my chest but its so nice to have a chest Laughing The pain wasnt too bad either but now have muscle pain in my back which has been worse than the op!  But can handle all of this cause I've finally got boobs!! 

Lassy 1234 - when you due to have the op?  

Cant wait until tomorrow to have my wounds checked, fingers crossed everything will be ok and finally get to meet the new puppies!!! 

annie  Posted: 25/03/2010 14:34

Hi lassey I'm actually not sure what ccs he used, he asked me what size I would like to be after and I said a D.  I am 5' 9" with big hips so really just wanted to be in proportion.  Like I said before, I have a breast deformity called tubular breast and one was a whole size smaller than the other.  He used 2 different sized implants to even them both up.  I'd say I was an A/ small B in one and barely an A in the other.   He told me that I would be a D/E after which sounds huge but really just looks proportionate for my size.  Plus he told me that due to my shape I was a greater risk of a double bubble effect and recommend that we lean on the larger size and I'm so glad I did. 

Has anyone else had any side effects from the painkillers n stuff after?  I'm on Difene and Augumentine Duo but was up all last night with terrible pain in my stomach.. was running in an out to the bathroom all night and still not feeling great today.

Also I have been told to wear the sports bra for 1 wk until I get the wounds chcked but forgot to ask about showering!!  Its pretty awkard trying to wash around it.  just wonering if anyone has any tips

Opals  Posted: 25/03/2010 16:00

Hi all, congrats to all of you on your new additions!!!!  I am due to have my op next wed 31st, think same day as Flatbreast and Anon, not same venue though.  I am in the under 300cc club.  I am actually going for 240 teardrop under the muscle.  I only want to be a full B.  Sometimes then i think am i mad going thru all that just to be one cup size bigger but it's such a personal choice isn't it.  I think if i originally had a big bust and it deflated due to pregnancies I would prob go bigger but i've always been an A even during my pregnancy.  I looked so odd cos my bump was huge and I never really grew boobs.  Anyway, i tried the rice test and wore them around the house for a few days and they seemed plenty big enough.  A little goes a long way on a smaller person and i would have a petite build so I think i will be delighted if i turn out a full B cup.  A lot of bras nowaways are slightly padded anyway so i suppose i can play them up a bit if i need to.  I just don't want anyone to notice i've had it done and i look like  full B with my gelfilled bras now.  I have 2 young kids so hubby taking week off.  I am more concerned with the healing than the actual op.  My son is 2 and I'm trying so hard not to be lifting him but anyway i'll just have to not lift him.  I will be wearing a special bra for 3 weeks after and then sports bra so will prob wait to buy sports bra.  Did you all buy firm support or extra firm in sports bras. 

I can't wait to get it done now at this stage.  Will let ye know how it goes.  I just hope i don't look at my new boobs n think of God they're tiny!!!!

Storm in a C cup  Posted: 25/03/2010 20:15

Hi Annie,

OMG had the same side effects, off the tablets now - rang the clinic and they told me to come off all other meds bar the antibiotics but I was 5 days post op and hadnt really experienced any real boob pain just uncomfortable etc. but the stomach pains and the nausea were non stop. Why dont you contact your clinic (do they have 24hr contact you could call?) and ask them what they recommend just to be on safe side? Told me to take panadol as they are easier on the stomach and work as well if taken 4hrly (if needed). Only off the tabs since yesterday afternoon and still my tummy is ropey, just wish I was back to normal.

Anyone got any ideas on terrible back pain (strangely enough pain is midway down my back and not at my boobs), didnt sleep at all last night and pain has been non-stop today, cant have bath cause still have bandage on and doc only gave me cream to massage in and taking panadol any other tips please so desperate?? Thanks again for any tips or hints.

Anon.  Posted: 26/03/2010 08:28

Hi Opals, thats mad that your same day as myself and flatbreast. Good to know we wont all be suffering alone! I cant believe this is my last wkend without boobs! Have seen so many nice clothes lately but im not buying anything until afterwards and im sure that all goes well and I know exactley what size I am post op etc.

Lassy i'm getting mine done next Wed in Clane hosp. I just cant wait now!. One thing im bit nervous about is being so weak with hunger from fasting the night before, esp if my op aint til wed avo, i get really weak from not eating and get the shakes etc so dont wana be really weak going in to the op and prob feel sick after..did anyone else feel this way?

Also re the sports bra can someone help pls - Im 32 a/b now and hope to be full c so should i get size c or d cup sports bra for swelling etc?

also how soon after op do you get dressing changed for first time as my post op is ten days after op.

5days now.. cant wait.. soooooo nervous though!!Undecided

Flatbreast  Posted: 26/03/2010 08:48

WOW Girls, Can't believe there are three of us getting the job done together. I just can't wait now - just want it over and done with. I plan to get everything organised this weekend and cook plenty of food for the week ahead & have my cloths out on a chair for a few days afterwards. RE: Sports Bra - I bought an Extra Support one. I think the more support the better. I actually bought one in M&S and got a really good one in Arnotts for the first day or two, but to be honest the M&S one cost €27 and the Arnotts one was €45, but the difference in wearing them is not noticeable. Any additional ones I buy now will be at M&S. They are really good and they have a great range. As soon as I can get access to email post surgery, I will post an update - fingers Crossed. It could be a few days, so don’t worry of you don’t hear from me. Anon - Hope to see you next Wed – Will be thinking of you. Opals - The very best of luck to you. Hope all turns out really well and meets all of your expectations & more.

Flatbreast  Posted: 26/03/2010 09:46

Anon - Recommend you get both sizes. Buy a 32B & 32C, but keep the box and receipt. Whichever one you don't use, you can bring back after surgery. It will really depend on how bad the swelling is – I was recommended to bring both sizes. Another Tip - When you get to the hospital, let them know your issue with fasting and request that they place you on the surgery list as early in the schedule as possible. I have already made this request and will bring it up with them as soon as I arrive. I was told they will be accommodating. Try get there as near to 7am as possible and I believe this will help.

annie  Posted: 26/03/2010 10:32

Hey girls today I finally feel completely back to myself. Came off the pain killers cause just couldnt manage the bathroom trips and starting to feel better now. Dont think really needed to stay on them as really have had very little pain... I've been really surprised with the lack of pain which is great. When they woke me up in the recovery room they asked me to rate my pain, I said about a 7 but had period pain worse n out 5 mins later after a dose of whatever they gave me it was down to a 2 and has never been worse than that... I had mine over the muscle though so say that makes a big difference.

Still quite paranoid about gettin an infection though...wont be having the dressings changed till monday so just have to be patient but had a look today and one seems to have swelled a little more than the other but maybe thats cause its the side Im always lying on as well!

Just SOOO glad I went through with it. Best of luck girls you wont regret it. I've been on this site for the last 3 years and only managed to pluck up the courage from reading the updates on this page and so grateful to everyone for sharing their experiences. xx

lolo  Posted: 26/03/2010 20:49

Hi Everyone,

Just wondering can anyone give me advice on good surgeons, planning to have the surgery in may. Please email me with recommendations. Also I just noticed on some of your postings the thing about the boob being higher than the other one. Is this normal, does the boob go back inline afterwards then? I would really appreciate any advice if anyone can help. cheers..

Opals  Posted: 28/03/2010 09:20

Hi girls, 3 days to go..... Annie you must be delighted you finally plucked up the courage to go thru with it. I've been thinking of this for about 20yrs. Am 41 now. I think the new generation of implants are much safer n that's what finally swung it for me. Also reading this site really convinced me. Storm in a C cup (love the name) I hope your backpain had eased. Most of you seem to be reacting to the difene. I had a c-section 2 years ago and the difene nearly killed my bowel. I mentioned this to my surgeon and she said she will give me a different painkiller although she did mention a specific type of difene with something else in it to go easier on the tummy. I am staying the night before at hotel beside the clinic because i have to be there at 6.30am and couldn't get the kids up that early. I am looking forward to chilling out the night before but i will prob be sick with nerves. I will be thinking of you Flatbreast and Anon. It's great that you'll have each other. Am am getting mine done in Santry Sports Clinic, that's where the surgeon operates from. She does 2 other locations also but that's more suitable for me. I will be having an overnight stay. That's a good idea about buying 2 sports bra n taking one back. Think will do same. I think i have access to email in the clinic so will post messge afterwards. Anon I am exactly the same as you looking at clothes n not buying a thing till afterwards. I just can't wait to look in the mirror n think i look more like a woman than a 12 year old girl!!!!!!

Bye for now

Opals  Posted: 28/03/2010 09:21

Lassy forgot to ask when is your op scheduled.

Anon.  Posted: 30/03/2010 08:26

oh my god cant believe tomorrow is D-Day so excited but so nervous too. Early night tonight as have to be up bout 4pm to be up at hosp for 7!

Best of luck to you Opals and prob see u up there Flatbreast! best of luck if I dont!

Any last minute tips from anyone??? Defo wearin trackie and zip up hoody for comfort.

Jus cant believe its all happening tomorrow... yikes!!!!!!

thanks for all the support and advice to date x

Opals  Posted: 30/03/2010 13:39

Yes, can't believe its tomorrow.  I had mad dreams about boobs last night!!!  Good luck Flatbreast and Anon, will be thinking of you both.  I have to be there for 6.30 in morning.  Think am first on.  Still can't believe am going thru with it.

honeybun  Posted: 30/03/2010 14:04

Best of luck Ladies, hope all goes well for you tomorrow :) You will be so happy you went ahead with the op and never look back! Try not to be too nervous, although its easier said than done :)

Cant wait to hear how ye get on, all the best from Honey Bunny :)

lassy1234  Posted: 30/03/2010 14:47

Hello annon i had my BA yesterday morning!!!im so over the moon i have it done and didn't walk away!It was such a surreal feelingwaiting in there knowing i was finally going through with it:):)

I know there is few of ye who have your BA tomorrow so i want to wish ye all the best of luck!:)

I am so so so happy i had a sneak peak and they already look perfect im glad i didn't go with the smaller implant because they really don't look that big just perfect for my frame id say im a comfortable c:)..however i was very sick after my anaesthetic!!i think iwas the only one there that had that reaction though so don't worry about that. The pain isn't too bad its more like a very bad muscle pain and discomfort but its all worth it:)

hope to hear from ye all soon best of luck:)


formerly boobless  Posted: 31/03/2010 22:13

Hi Honey bun, Really glad to hear that all is going well for you and that you are feeling so well now. Yeah it will be quiet a different summer this year for us all. No padding or gels! Yeah I can feel mine moving around and I used to find it weird when I was on my side in bed and one boob would be resting on the other.Never had that before.

Good luck to the three girls who had their BAs today. Hope all goes well for you and that you're really happy. No doubt you are.

I got very sleepy on difene so I used to take it before bed. I think that was once or twice a day. I had another pain killer every four hours. Can't even remember what that was called. I took them for the time I was on augmentin although I'd say I would have managed fine.

hunters  Posted: 01/04/2010 10:06

Hi Lassy, i am wondering what cc you got? i have my BA in 3 weeks! i am so nervous and kinda talking myself out of it but at the same time i have worn my "rice bags" in this week to work and nobody has really noticed its great! i just cant wait for it to be over and done with and the summer time to be here! !this website is great i think i would be lost without it.oh also when buying sports bra should u get a bigger size then you went to cope with the swelling?

lassy1234  Posted: 01/04/2010 11:05

Hi Hunters I got 310 silicone teardrop implants under the muscle i am so happy i peaked at them properly today for the first time and i'm so glad i went through with it:):)..I promise you you'll regret it if you back out i had done it once already before and i don't know why now!! I want to be a 32c and i think thats what i've got nothing to big as im very petite and didn't havem uch to start ..what implant etc are you getting?

I hope the three girls are having a speedy recoveryLaughing

hunters  Posted: 01/04/2010 14:17

hi Lassy, i have tried the 300cc infront of the muscle round implants. i wanted to be a big B small C! I have A cups at the mo and i am quite slim on top so i think anything bigger would be quite noticable on me, they said they would order the smaller size in on the day just incase. Where did you have yours done? i am paying the deposit on Tues so there will be no backing out then! haha :)

Opals  Posted: 01/04/2010 15:52

Hi there, back in the land of the living.  Got 245cc teardrop yesterday.  Was very sick after anaesthetic.  Feel fine today except for the elephant on chest feeling.  Am sure it will pass in a few days.  I would say i am a full B but feel a bit squashed down in this special bra am wearing.  Lassy you sound like you had the same reaction to anaesthetic.  Congrats, you sound very happy with your results.  Would say 310 has given you a nice C.  I am 5ft3 n 8st n didn't really want much larger than a full B.  To be honest i'd say i could have gone with 280 but i am delighted with the size as i am sure i can jazz them up a bit if it need to.  I had to laugh, my mother (who hasn't a clue i was having op) was ringing me yesterday morning to see what easter eggs the kids wanted.  She must have phoned about 5 times.  I was way too  groggy to phone back and the last thing on my mind was easter eggs so had to text her to say i was up in dublin with friend!!!!! Anon and Flatbreast (now Fullbreast) i am dying to hear how you both got on.  What size did you go. How was your experience. Was it Clane you were in.  I think they only do round in Clane as far as i remember.  I actually still can't believe i've actually done it.  So glad to have it over with.I haven't seen mine properly yet, just a sneaky peak from the top, cos it's quite cumbersome getting the bra on and really hurts closing it so I will wait til tomorrow for the big reveal.  Anyone else thinking of having it done i say go for it n thanks again for all the support.

Anon.  Posted: 01/04/2010 16:53

Hi Everyone, cant believe I am writing to tell you all that I am finally post-op!! Had it done in Clane yesterday morning. Got 300cc round above the muscle. I am so so happy with them. had a really good look this morning when the nurse was showing me how to do my dressing and putting on my sports bra and they really are lovely and so so natural looking. The nursers and all staff at the hospital were jus fantastic, could not recommend them enough!! I do have the really tight feeling on my chest but am taking the painkillers, solpadine in my case and augmentin. have difene too but will maybe jus take them before bed as someone suggested. glad you got on good too opals, so glad its all over are you? has anyone experienced this kind of squelching noise? one of mine are a bit today its weird sensation! hopefully its normal!! still feel tired as didnt sleep full night last night just on and off so really gona rest over next few days now. take care all, Anon x

lassy1234  Posted: 02/04/2010 18:22

Hi hunters i think the 300 round above the muscle will give you more than a big b to c cup but it all depends on your frame so best bet is just to listen to your surgeon.

Hey Opals glad to hear your finally post op and didn't pull a runner:)..I cant get over how natural the teardrop look i bet your the same??i have the same build as you 5'3 and 8 stone so ya i think im a comfortable c delighted with them nothing too big just right!haha..sounds like your happy with yours too:)..just wondering how long do you have to wear your sports bra for with the teardrop??which hosp did you get yours done in if you don't mind me askingLaughing

wishing everyone a speedy recovery!

Opals  Posted: 03/04/2010 19:12

Hi girls, Anon delighted to hear you're over it and happy. I don't have any squelching noises but i've definitely read about it on other sites. Quite normal apparently. Lassy i had a good look at mine yesterday. I stood for about 10 mins staring at them. I am thrilled. They are only 245 but i have to say they look like a full C at the moment. The teardrop is so natural. I couldn't be happier. I reckon when they settle down a bit they will be a full B or maybe in some bras small C. I have to wear the special bra with velcro strap around it for 3 weeks day n night then sports bra for 6-9 weeks. The bra is quite bulky n high up so I am wearing zip up hoodies for now. That's why i chose not to have the op mid summer cos it's hard enough to cover up the bra. I felt 100% comfortable with my consultant from day one. I slept really badly the first night i got home. Woke during night feeling like they were going to explode. Once i topped up painkillers n got up next day was much better. I'm surprised at how mobile i am already. I can lift my arms no prob. Trying to take it relatively easy tho. Had lots of dinners precooked!!!! I just hope now that i don't develop a capsular contracture or rotation of implant but consultant said it's highly unlikely. Lassy if you want to mail me my address is Hope you're recovering well. Hope you're doing ok too Flatbreast. Good luck to anyone else having op soon.

Anon.  Posted: 04/04/2010 12:50

Hi Hunters, I have had mine done last wed, got 300cc above the muscle and like you I was an A cup before. I am defo a full C now or small D but duno how much of that is swelling. Hope to be a full C after the swelling goes down. Where are you going for yours? All the staff at the clinic were just A1 and the surgeon was second to none. Im 3days post op now and so so delighted with them, unbelievably natural looking but have to wear sports bra for up to 6wks which i dont mind at all cos they will be right as rain for the summer hopefully :) hope this helps, ask any questions you like

How are you feeling opals? still over the moon, im so so glad we have it behind us!! any squelchy noises? are you on antibiotics yea? ive had my first shower and changed my dressings, happy out!! keep me posted !!

formerly boobless  Posted: 05/04/2010 22:16

Hi Anon. I had the squelching too especially between my boobs but it was totally gone after around a week. Totally normal. Just trapped air and fluid. Congrats. Enjoy your new figure.

Flatbreast  Posted: 06/04/2010 09:19

Hi Girls, Back in the land of the living. Only have access to email now. I am very happy with the results. Got 280cc silicone above the muscle. They are very natural and look great. I am struggling a bit & feel quite sick all of the time and still very sore. Also my sports bra is very uncomfortable. I am calling the hospital this morning as a bit worried. I was very careful with my diet and have been eating very balanced meals (c1200 cals per day of veg, fruit & cereal!!), but since the op, my weight has increased over 11ib's (& the boobs are not that big!!). I am worried something is wrong, as my digestion system just does not seem to be working. Did anyone else have this reaction? It's making me feel quite down at the moment and really want to get it sorted!! Anon - Glad all went well for you - Did not see you at the hospital - what time did they do your op?

hunters  Posted: 06/04/2010 09:29

thanks Anon and Lassy all this info is great seriously wouldnt have a clue without this site during the consultations you forget to ask so many q's!! Its great to hear all your op's went well and you are well on the way to recovery just in time for the summer :) i cant wait now only two weeks away.


misty  Posted: 06/04/2010 17:08

Hi all

find this site absolutly brilliant have been following yer posts past few weeks and really gave me the confidence to go ahead with BA. So congrats and thank you. Havin my BA next Monday, quite nervous but also a little excited too. Wonder did any of ye drive home after discharge, I'm 2nd on the list Mon. morning and am going to stay in overnight and have only a few miles to go, dont really want to get a taxi as knowing my luck would probably know the driver, and haven't told any of my friends. Even if ye haven't driven do ye think it would be possible? Can't remember what size bra I'm supposed to get. At present am a 32B, and going for an over muscle C, think consultant said 32C but from reading some of your posts not sure if this is right, tryed ringing the secretary today but got no reply.

Anon.  Posted: 06/04/2010 21:57

Hi Form.B - thanks for getting back to me on that, it was nearly making me sick!

Flatbreast, I went down around 11.20am, there were 4 of us in our ward I asked everyone if they'd been on ere but they weren't so u must have been in the other ward. Were u wearing green tracksuit by anychance and a black jacket? Im very sore too stil but scars getting bit itchy now which is good cos that means their healing. as regards the digestive system dont worry one bit, mine is all over the place and ive been in touch with two other girls who were done same day as us and they're havin major bowel problems etc. its so normal. you see the codeine in solpadine and the morphine cause constipation. My stomach is all bloated too, say its jus all the tablets. are you taking the augmentin too? So when is your post op? a few girls are back tomorrow, wed, but im not back til sat as couldnt take any more days off work. I went back to work today and felt comfortable enough, but i do jus sit in an office so nothing to strenuous. You should ring your clinic though if your worried about anything. Keep in touch wont you? my sports bra driving me mad too so dont fret, wont be long and we'll be over all this too.. :) x

Flatbreast  Posted: 07/04/2010 09:50

Hi All. Went back to the hospital yesterday for check-up & all went really well. Scars are healing very well & they look like a hairline - very small I am carrying a lot of fluid at the moment and this increasing my weight. Also, it likely my digestion system has stopped as I usually work-out 5-6 times a week and doing nothing for a week has had an impact. I am now allowed go back to the gym for light exercise: - Stationary bike - Cross trainer (no hands) - Stepper (very light motion) - Leg weights I am looking forward to this as really conscious of putting on weight (lost 4 stone in 2 years) & just not going back there. Everything else going good. One week post surgery today, still very tender & soar, but very manageable.

Opals  Posted: 07/04/2010 12:00

Hi girls, well it's a week today since our ops. Hard to believe. Like you both i feel quite tender where scars are especially if I stretch arms too far. Also still v stiff getting out of bed but managing to sleep fine on back. I had teardrop so have to wear special bra with big velcro strap across chest to keep everything in place. My post op not til next mon but everything feels fine. Like you both my bowels totally stopped functioning. As it was Easter weekend n was so uncomfortable i rang chemist n got mild laxative which i took on the sunday. Honestly i could have stuck a pin in my tummy n popped it i was that bloated. So the laxaxtive was mild but helped. I had my antiobiotic in hospital via IV so not taking now. They really affect bowel too so try eating probiotic yoghurts or buy acidophilus caps in health store or chemist to get everything going again. Kiwi fruits great too. I am really happy with size but do you find you look much bigger naked. I got 245 n really quite small with clothes on. Hard to tell fully at this stage because this contraption am wearing is kind of squashing me down but i tried on a few tops yesterday without a bra and i just look like i did with my padded bras. I am fitting into a c cup sports bra but really i thought a C would be much bigger but it's actually not that big. Overall I am really happy with the size as no-one will suspect a thing cos i def dont look any bigger with clothes on. Mine are very firm n not really moving yet so i can't wait for them to soften out a bit. When they soften i will be able to play them up or down. I will prob end up wearing the odd padded bra but just slighty padded (not the other gel filled ones i used to wear). I would say to anyone thinking of size to bear in mind that with clothes on you do tend to look a bit smaller (that's my experience) I got 245 n look a B even though i can fill a C. So you'd need a least 280 to give you a C if you start off an A like me. Hope that's not confusing but i know some people are disappointed that they come out not as big as they thought. I'm 5ft3 n 8st so the size is got is perfect for my frame. I'd love to know what Anon, Flatbreast n Lassy think of their size n have you felt the same about not looking as big with clothes on. Misty re the driving, i was going to drive yestrday ( week post off) automatic car. I rang clinic n they said no, i wouldn't be insured if anything happened. If your car has gears would be very hard changing them. Although i am sure if you absolutely needed to drive a short distance you could do it under duress!!! Hope you op goes well. Hunters how are you feeling about it all now.

Flatbreast  Posted: 07/04/2010 12:01

Hi Anon - Yes, that was me in the green tracksuit and black jacket. I was in a ward with one other person - it was a girl having lipo - I will never, ever get that done – the poor thing suffered way more than me!!. I got my surgery at 8.30, begged to be first as I could not even talk with the nerves. Was so, so ill with worry. Surgeon was very accommodating and had me in first. Had a run of bad luck; - went into shock after anaesthetic - whole body shaking for about 20 minutes - could not sleep for whole day and night - Got morphine and had an allergic reaction - broke out in a rash and itched all over for a complete night - it was an absolute disaster. Staff were really lovely and took great care of me. Thanks for info re: tummy probs - I thought it was just me. I was soo proud of my tummy. Do Pilates, yoga and 2 hours of abbs each week, so very toned. It now looks like a pot-belly!!! Anyway I still think it was worth it. Came off all tablets now - so hopefully it will settle soon. Glad all good with you. Good luck with post-op – Let me know how you got on. My scar is just great so bet yours will be too.

hunters  Posted: 07/04/2010 12:25

Hi Opal,Ye feeling ok i am more worried about the needles then anything else! (bloods etc) i hate them.. my BA has now been moved to Sat...only a couple of days away!! i am nervous of the fact that i have only taken 3 days off work so i am back in work on Thurs after my op only 5 days from op day... hope i will be able to drive and be able to move around the office! :) i have asked clinic to order in the280cc aswell as the 300cc so i can decide on day.. i am thinking 280cc over the muscle round as i am so afraid of turning out a small D with the 300cc. not that that would be a bad thing i just dont want it to be noticeable! Cant believe this time next week it will all be done.....

Flatbreast  Posted: 07/04/2010 13:30

Hunters - I was a small B cup (Wore a B with chicken fillets) and the 280cc has made me a generous C. I weigh just over 8 stone and am a 8 dress size - so quite slim. I think there is minor difference between 280 & 300. If it helps, I read that the smaller the implants the less likely you are to have a lot of the risks mentioned. They also won't sag as much. I am very happy with the C cup and really feel it suits my frame. It might be worth asking the surgeon to make the call on the day and decide what they think is best for your frame. Remember, they do this hundreds of times and will have a good gut feel for the best option.

Flatbreast  Posted: 07/04/2010 13:39

Hi Opals - congrats on the new babies - Glad to hear all OK. I completely agree - I got 280cc and they are a generous C cup - but they don't look much different that before with my B cup - only that its all boob and not gel fillers!! It's great. I am looking forward to getting into a normal bikini. I am not sorry I went for the smaller size, my surgeon actually made the call on the day. He decided on the size based on what best fit my frame and the pocket size he was comfortable making within my chest. Also re: driving a car - Not a good idea, you are very limited with the use of your arms and if you stretch too far you could damage the healing process. I really, really think the risk of a Taxi is the best option. If it’s a general hospital, and you are unlucky to meet someone you know, tell them you got a scope done under general - they will not know the difference.

hunters  Posted: 07/04/2010 21:39

thanks "not so flatbreast" !! its so hard to know what size to go but i think ill go with 280cc.. did you get round over muscle? i have someone to drop and pick me up and have also invested in a little bell for on call duties! hahaaha. did you all get bloods taken? its thurs tomor and i am due in for BA on sat and i havent been called about them? Any tips on what i should be doing over the next couple of days?? or what to bring on sat....

lolo  Posted: 08/04/2010 08:19

Hi Anon,

I noticed on your post you went for the round implant, im going to be getting the round ones too, are you happy with yours? I noticed a couple of people are saying the teardrop is very natural looking.



cassie  Posted: 08/04/2010 11:33

hi lola, i had the rounds one done roughly a year and half ago and they look very natural. i have a slight frame so i went for 275 which brought me up to a 34c cup.

misty  Posted: 08/04/2010 23:17

Thanks Opals and Flatbreast for advise prob best if I get a lift although i didnt realise that i couldnt drive for a few days, how long did they say exactly? Dont know how il manage without driving! Eventually got tru to secretary iv to get a 32d sports bra, presume they dont come with underwire she didnt mention underwire to me anyway? From some of your posts getting a bit anxious about size i picked. Im getting mine done in Waterford and they go by size not cc. I chose a C cup even tho consultant said that I could go a bit bigger, but like most of ye dont want it to be obvious. Im 5ft 2half and weigh just over 9stone, also got a high ribcage which make my v small B luk even smaller! hope im not goin to regret size although a D sounds soo huge to me! Just wondering did ye need to take much analgesia afterwards, very nervous bout that cos im allergic to most painkillers and antibiotics, normally can only take panadol so wondering if they will be strong enough! sorry for such long pos tbut think as op is getting nearer getting more and more anxious bout everything, time now brought forward to 7.30 for admission so obviously 1st on the list which is a good thing! Thnks in advance and hope all ye post ops are doing good!

jade  Posted: 09/04/2010 01:35

hi there all. ive just finished breast feeding my four month baby and im considering breast implants now, can any body telll me how long i have to wait before getting implants and genrally how much it costs here in ireland and would it be any cheaper in the north . im from galway any help would be great thank you.

formerly boobless  Posted: 09/04/2010 22:00

Hi Misty, I had mine done in waterford over six months ago- i presume in the same place. It was all about ccs then and not cup size at all. He got me to try on different size gels representing different ccs and then I could go in between sizes too. The size gel I picked is what I did look like afterwards. I found that really helpful.

I think everyone has the same worries- that we will be obvious afterwards cos I think most of us kept it a secret but really people don't really notice afterwards. most of us are just substituting our gels and pads with boob.

Opals  Posted: 09/04/2010 23:07

Hi girls, Hunter good luck tomorrow. You prob won't get this post before you have op. You'll be fine. Misty, i found during the day i coped fine with pain n stopped taking painkillers about day 4 post op but it def got a bit sore in evenings so i am still taking 2 nurofen in the evenings. I could lift my arms no prob pretty much from day 1 and was much more mobile than i thought i'd be. If you tell the hosp about your reaction to painkillers there must be something they can give you. The first few days (mainly at night) it is pretty sore. But then again everyone is differnt n maybe panadol might take the edge off the pain. Best of luck. Flatbreast you sound like you had a hard time in the hosp. I was v sick after anaesthetic but fine by the following day. I didn't get morphine cos seemingly the itching is quite common afterwards. Every day i feel i'm improving. 280 seems to give those of us on the petite side a full C cup. As I said my 245s are giving me a small C n really happy. The round implants look really natural too if not too big for your frame. I did the same n had 2 sizes on day of op n let the surgeon chose which best on the day. Jade the op seems to cost between 5k n 6.5K (the teardrop being more expensive). If you read back through these posts am sure i read where someone got hers done in the north and def a bit cheaper. Anon and Lassy hope you're recovering well. Good luck everyone else.

Anon.  Posted: 10/04/2010 19:14

Hi Girls, jus quick update and response to some of your posts. Well I am ten days post op today, was back with the surgeon today for check up on my scars and they are superb thank god! text book was the phrase the nurse used. Im so relieved as I was feeling very scaldy and sore around the scars but it was the dressing pulling at my skin that was more tender I think and the sports bra sitting on the scars too but all in all theyre how theyre meant to be so im really relieved. stil very sore under my arms and the nipples are very sensitive too but they said this is all part of the process

Opals & Lola , I got a 300cc round implant over the muscle and have to say I think they look very natural. My surgeon decided on the day what size to go for, I said Id like a full c cup but he makes the call on what he reckons will look most natural for your size, height frame etc. there were 4other girls in my ward done on the same day and we varied from 280cc to 320 cc and all are so so happy cos we ve been in touch since. Im 5ft 11 and size ten in clothes so though im tall im slight enough, The sports bra Im wearing is a 34D and very comfortable but I assume I will go down a bit with the swelling and when they drop etc.

Jade, It cost 4990 which is around the average for them I think, Mine are very natural looking and Im only ten days post op. If you have any more questions pls ask!

Formerly flatbreast.. so glad all went well today, likewise i can go back to the gym but jus for leg work. I feel so so bloated too. fair play to you for doing all that yoga and pilates. tell me what wud u recommend best for toning abs area, im not mad on sit ups etc and its the only area i really need to concentrate on.. esp now to get my bikini bod for the new boobies . ha !

hunters.. how are you doing.. hope all went well today.. xxx

Flatbreast  Posted: 12/04/2010 08:42

Hi All, I went for round over the muscle. They are very natural and don't actually look round at all. I also heard that tier-drop look natural; however I have also heard that if they shift, it can cause problems, so for that reason I decided not to go for them. It is best not to drive for around 6-7 days. You will not feel like doing much during this period anyway. My boyfriend took me wherever I needed to go. RE: Painkillers. I was on three: Solpadene, Difene & Tradol. The combination of the three is quite strong, I found I did not really need all of theses so just took the difene as instructed (two per day –for swelling) and the others as I needed them. The breast pain was actually not that bad. It was more soar to the touch and limited my arm movement. The biggest problems I had were with my tummy. I suffer quite a bit and the op seemed to kick this off again. I am less than two weeks post op and everything is settling very well. Not as soar and arm movement has improved significantly. I am back to the gym (working lower body only) and generally all the swelling is gone.

hunters  Posted: 12/04/2010 10:04

hi girls well two days post op and i am doing ok. its very uncomfortable but not too much pain just when i try to get off couch or out of bed, i just hate being so helpless! surgery went fine obviously dont remember any of it! Morphine helped me sleep well also but it makes you very itchy!

i went with the round 300cc implants and i am very happy i didnt go smaller.. not really sure what size i am to be honest its still kinda weird for me to look at them! but i would say i am a C cup. i just hope i feel ok for work on Thurs...

its very hard to do anything even make a cup of tea so defo good to have someone around to help.

thanks for all the advice girls and now if anyone needs to know anything i can try help!

Pocahontas  Posted: 13/04/2010 01:41

Hey girls!!!!!

I am new here:):):):):) For a while was considering to get them done..... Reading your coments and expierence made my mind........ Definetly...............;););););)Cant wait to get them done ........;);););););) I am a size ten,32 a, would love to get round ones... Thinking to go for a cup C or D. Just was wondering girls,did you stay over nite after the surgery???

And another think, I am in the restaurant business... Heard that cant lift heavy afterwards...... For how long would you think, i should stay off work???

Looking forward to hear from you........

Flatbreast  Posted: 13/04/2010 11:59

Hi Anon, At the moment, you can't do much with the abs, however I find the following three are good exercises: - Crunches (3 sets of 30 - Short sit-ups with hands to your side) - Crossovers (3 sets of 20 - Opposite arm and leg, twist your body) - Side stretch (3 sets of 20 on both sides - Get 6-8 kilo weight, Standing with arms by your side, drop weight to your knee, by the side). Hope this makes sense?? I have tried out a few and the above are the main ones I can do, without hurting myself. When you are back up and running there is loads you can do, can fill you in further later, but I really think the best is a good Pilates class. I find it knocks inches off your waist in 3-4 weeks. Really great.

misty  Posted: 13/04/2010 16:27

hi all, had my op done yesterday morn, cant brlieve its all over, wasnt nervous at all really which is not like me, but think I'v waited so long to get it done just couldn't wait in the end. No probs at all except the usual pain, have high pain tolerance so was up walking around by afternoon. As I was sayin allergic to alot of painkillers so they gave me Df 118 and Panadol which are fine. Just like you Hunters just sore getting up out of chair and bed. A little dissapointed cos I feel they may be a little too small, went for 300ml C round over muscle very swollen at the moment so feel that when they go down may be too small. Hopefully il be pleasantly surprised. Stomach fairly bloated at the mo cos after giving up cigs last 4 weeks, as a result eating more and bowels not functioning well, so my new boobs prob dont look as big. Think il be takin up those ab exercises too! Surgon told me could drive after 2 days which is great. Just have tight bandage on at the mo told me to put sports bra on after 3days. All in all totally over da moon iv got this done, pg everything will keep well.

jade from making first phone call and getting op took me 6weeks in total, cost €5000 including overnight stay, private room. Worth every penny!!!!

Anon.  Posted: 20/04/2010 20:52

Hi Flatbreast, misty and opals how are we all doing? Ive all dressings off now, feels weird and im really nervous cos the scars are so exposed now. Stil some perm.marker on it so hard to see exactly how scars are. Stil very tender too esp around nipple area, really tender! cant wait to not get rid of sports bra too and to be able sleep properly at night. Would love to hear how you're all doing. Take care, Anon x

misty  Posted: 21/04/2010 21:28

Hi Anon, 10 days post op now, yipeeee!!!! just so happy last week over me, started off great but then went downhill very fast. Df118 totally sapped all my energy and felt totally out of it so stopped talking them and then antibiotic did same, ended up in bed til Sat(never been in bed for so long ), slept most of the day on and off and all of the night. Then became severely constipated -side effect from DF's. Eventually got up Saturday evening.Only started driving on Mon. really wasnt up to it b4 then. Never had much pain at all but boobs very uncomfortable at night even tho I sleep upright. Getting all these kind of  sharp shock pains on and off mainly in my nipples???

Had my post op consult yesterday cos Surgeon on hols next week, stitches taken out which I didnt feel, he also showed me how to massage my boobs which was very uncomfortable at first, bit weird someone doing dat and then me showing him how I can do it, haha!!!. Im now allergic to my bra, I no ye all think I,m a hypochondriac at this stage, promise Im not just so sensitive to everything, terrible rash all alomg the outline of bra, surgeon thinks it may be the elastic, told me not to wear it, just to buy an underwire bra. Decided to perservere another week with sports bra tho cos just feel much more support. Boobs feel like they are falling off when I take it off! Love to hear how ye getting on and how you got on back in work Hunter. Have to say I'm totally on cloud 9 walking around, a bit paranoid tho in case some of my friends cop on, dont know why but just dont want anyone to know. Feel like Madonna tho with this sports bra make my boobs look like cones!!!haha

Flatbreast  Posted: 22/04/2010 08:23

Hi Anon,

I am the same as you, still very tender with lots of different pains in the breasts.  I do find there is an improvement every day and my arm movement is much better than it was. My scars are same as you also, with marker, but they look good, apart from the end of them (lumpy) I think this will go also (finders crossed).  Generally I am still a little ill with lots of dizzy spells and generally low in energy – but guess it’s down to lack of sleep.

I also can't wait to get out of the sports bra - it is a nightmare and very uncomfortable.  I told the nurse I was going to have a burning ritual when I was finished wearing it.

The only thing I would say is yesterday, I put the wrong one on going to work & trust me, there is a big difference, and the pain was not good.  I am hoping we are nearly at the end of all the aches and pains – I have my next check-up on Tues 4th May – So hoping that’s the end of it all.

Will keep in touch.

hunters  Posted: 22/04/2010 11:31

hi girls,

gettting stitches out today. i actually feel great my arm movement is fine and not much pain anymore, some strange shooting pains and weird nipple sensations also where the stitches are is abit sore i have bad bruising on one side think the nurse said its called hemengloben (or something like that) so i expect the stitches will hurt coming out that side. i also cant wait to get rid of the sports bra's and put on some nice ones!!

i am so confused on my size i am fitting into a 32D but i dont actually look that big! nobody has noticed and all my clothes still fit me fine apart from a dress or two.

sleeping is a nightmare because i sleep on my side so keep twisting and turning but i am starting to get used to it now.

Dont regret it for a minute totally worth it just cant wait to get the bikini's on haha!

lassy1234  Posted: 22/04/2010 15:52

Hey girls,

sorry haven't really kept in touch since having the op done only i was feeling very down! i dont know is there anyone else out there who has felt like this but i have really regretted getting my breast augmentation done!! there is nothing wrong with how my surgery actually went and the result is "perfect" but i cant explain the way i was feeling i thought i would have been over the moon but instead i hated what i had done to my body and just wanted "me" back!!(my old body)...i can honestly say i have never felt like this or this low in my life! i am 3 weeks post op now and have spoken with my surgeon about how i feel and apperantly it is quite in 6 weeks if im still not happy i will be getting them removed apparently with no adverse affects except for the scar which he can do nothing about but im confident it shall fade in time :)

glad to hear the rest of ye are all doing well though and i hope the rest of your recoveries go well


Pocahontas  Posted: 23/04/2010 00:01

Hey girls,

made my first appointment for next wensday......;););) Yoohoo!!!!!:):):):) Very excited, but the same time very nervous..... First little step made.....;););););)

dachie  Posted: 23/04/2010 11:55

Hi guys its been a while since i have been on. I am 2 months post op now. I was a 34 small small B very deflated after 2 kids and breast feeding. I got 340cc round over the muscle in Dublin. I m very happy with the result. I am a 34D now. My result is very natural and you wouldnt notice they were fake unless i told you as the implant is not visable at all.  They suit my frame perfectly but  God when i put a padded bra on now Watch out!!!

I stayed over night and I think it is a must to have that and too also especially if you have kids to have someone to look after you for at least 3-4 days after the op. You need the rest and you need to be able to move around in your own time not because you have to. Take as much time off work as you can as this is an operation and you just need to be smart and give you body time. I must say pain wise I felt it really wasnt bad at all I built it up in my head to be alot worse so dont torture yourself with it girls its just not that bad and it goes in time. Even now at this stage mine a still i would say a bit tender so be patient.

Hope you all enjoy your new found confidence and happiness because you deserve. Good luck to all who are about to take the steps.

hunters  Posted: 23/04/2010 14:56

lassy that is so sad! i hope you are ok. i kind of understand what you mean i was feeling like that a small bit last week it is a strange thing and getting used to some foreign object in your body does take time. i defo think over the next couple of weeks you will see a difference, with all the medicine etc your body probably doesnt know what was going on. i got it done with another girl and she has been quite down about it also. i really hope you grow to love them but if you dont getting them removed i hear is pretty simple procedure. best of luck with whatever you do. 

misty  Posted: 23/04/2010 15:22

Lassy1234 so sorry to hear that things not working out, saying that it is still early days so you never know what way you might feel in the next few weeks esp since you now have the option to reverse things. At the end of the day its not the end of the world if you do have them removed at least you made that step to change, instead of always wondering what things could have been like. Either way it takes courage. Let us know how you get on sure we'll all be thinking of you.

Dachie glad to hear all going well, totally agree that you need to take things easy for first few days and yes pain doesnt seem to be a huge factor in BA, more uncomfortable and tiredness.

Pocohantas best of luck for Wed sure let us know how you get on.

Im still in sports bra, rash not as bad, scars healing nicely but still got little suture wounds so using vaseline still, think its too early for bio oil. A little worried cos not getting any tingling or shooting pains in my nipples or breasts last 5 days or so, terrified my boobs will be numb forever! How long were ye girls told to stay in sports bra, think initally my surgeon said 2weeks but cant remember now, also are you supposed to get underwired or not?  Thanks in advance, hope ye all keeping well!

Anon.  Posted: 23/04/2010 18:55

Lassy 1234 I'm so sorry to hear about the way your feeling. I am 3wks post op and did feel like that in the begining cos I was so sore etc but I think you shouldnt make any rash decisions, wait a couple of weeks etc see how your feeling then it will defo improve i'd say. Like if you get it reversed your going to have to recover from another operation and maybe still be quite down cos you went through it all for nothing. I swear to you I felt like that too but now that im bit better im just over the moon. Up to you though you know best. hope your feeling better already x

Opals  Posted: 25/04/2010 22:46

Hi girls, sorry only posting now. No computer the past week!! Am really sorry Lassy to hear you feel this way. I'm kind of surprised myself that i didn't feel a bit like that cos i would have been into everything natural. Worked as holistic therapist and also in healthstore so there was  part of me that was against putting something foreign into my body. Only for the new generation of implants with the cohesive gel there's no way i would have gone ahead.  I remember the night before the op looking at my body n feeling a bit sad that i was about to change what i'd been given naturally.  Is there anyone else you can talk to about how you're feeling or have you told anyone? Most of us have confided in one or two people. I'd say def give yourself a few more weeks n see how you feel.

Anon, Flatbreast, Dachie glad you're doing well.  Misty n Hunters congrats to you both too.  Pochahontas good luck with your appt.  I had my post op n all fine. I have a bit of numbness and a bit of itching around scars but very little side effects apart from that.  I have great movement in my arms.  I found the first 3 weeks the hardest say getting out of bed in the mornings.  Can't believe i've managed to stay sleeping on my back.  A bit better this week.  Had a wedding on fri n was able to dance the night away!!!!  I wore an underwire strapless n it was really comfortable. I found a great strapless bandeau in pennys.  It's really supportive but comfortable for bed as no fasteners.  It's that stretchy lycra material. Must be new in.  Only comes in size 8-10 or 12-14.  Got the 12-14 even though am only a size 8-10 but it's very comfy.  Didn't want to be squashed to bits! 

Anyway hope you all continue to recover well and Lassy i really hope you're ok n that you make the right decision either way.  Thinking of you.....

annie  Posted: 26/04/2010 21:09

omg girls I HATE my sports bra....feels like I've been stuck in it and high neck clothes forever... really hard to find stuff for work and to go out...been told to wear it for 6 wks but heading sat night so might just pop on a normal one, hopefully will be ok.. will be six wks nx mon anyway but not seeing my surgeon till 17th cause dates didnt suit... on the plus side they have turned out just amazing... noone seems to have really noticed, told my friend at wk last wk and she couldnt believe it, defo wearing 2 bras beforehand must have done the trick... i just love them... without a doubt the best thing I've ever done but would tell anyone thinking bout getting it done to get it done sooner rather than leave it till summer cause this sports bra is ruining my social life... did try on a pencil dress though for and it looked great... no more super hips, just a nice hourglass figure... Finally...

Flatbreast  Posted: 30/04/2010 15:54

I hate the sports bra also - going to have a burning ritual when I can finally stop wearing them.

I am with the Surgeon on Tues - 5 weeks post surgery - really hoping he tells me I am OK to go it alone and finally be able to wear normal bra - & if I feel like it, none at all Wink.

Overall I am happy, but getting a bit worried as think the nipple of my breast are pointing a little right & left. Maybe it just my imagination, but it's getting me panicked a little. Before the Op, this was defo not an issue.

anyone else have any trouble with this???

cassie  Posted: 30/04/2010 17:42

yes flatbreast i had this problem when the swelling went and they settle into place every thing should right itself but no harm in mentioning it to your surgeon. i am nearly 15 months done now

misty  Posted: 01/05/2010 00:20

Hi Flatbreast{no longer], suppose im da opposite, surgeon said to wear the sportsbra for 2weeks, im still wearing it, and Im 3 weeks post op on Monday, just dont feel any support when im not wearing it. Hopefully everything will be ok for you, have you looked up any other sites , such as "sofeminine" or "just" might help, although sometimes can make you more paranoid!

 Think iv also got a problem too, think iv got symmastia or uniboob, which is a rare complication of BA. Tried on bras during the week and just didnt look ok,eventually figured out it was because there didnt seem to be a definite  cleavage, very down and depressed initially. Dont tink im imagining it as after my surgery had a pad rolled up  and taped to the left of my sternum, surgeon suggested to keep it there during the night as often as i could to keep left breast from moving to the centre. Didnt really think much more about it at the time until during the week. Now I know why!

Have looked up lots of sites and not totally sure if its symmastia but I know I def have a prob, nervous as it costs a lot to get a repair and not sure if surgeon will admit some libility, as it states in all the sites that surgeon is at fault being over zealous in making opening for  implant. Hopefully not as bad as i think, not due back til 18th May so goin to leave it til then. Saying that still thrilled iv got it done will just have to deal with whatever comes up, hopefully we are just being paranoid. Good luck with consultation, let us know how you get on. Hope everyone else doing well!!

christinad  Posted: 01/05/2010 12:46

Hi everyone, I really want to have BA done - can anyone recommend where to get it done and a surgeon? I would really appreciate any feedback or information anyone could give me. My email is

lolo  Posted: 01/05/2010 18:23

HI flatbreast,

Im due to have my surgery now in 5 weeks, so nervous about it.  Do you mind me asking you were you had yours done? Are you happy with them? would you mind emailin me please?  thanks. lola

Anon.  Posted: 03/05/2010 20:36

Hi Girls, how are we all doing? I'm flying it thank god. So much arm movement, stil bit sensitive to touch all over but generally wounds healing and feeling almost back to normal again thank god. So glad everything is going well.

I'm back with Surgeon sat coming so I'm really looking forward to that, hope I can stop wearing this sports bra from then, but to be honest it isnt at all uncomfortable anymore just not flatteringa and like you annie hard to get things to wear over it for going out etc. I had my first night out last night since the op so im bit hungover today but I felt so so confident in my clothes, I wore a normal bra for the night, just picked up  a 32C t-shirt bra in dunnes for the night, fit great have to say.

Flatbreast how did you get on with surgeon or is it tomorrow your going? best of luck if it is.Hope everyone else is doing good too.

chat soon Anon x

Flatbreast  Posted: 04/05/2010 11:47

Hi All,

Had my final appointment today. Just a check-up and the removal of two tiny stitches at the end of each scar.

Surgeon was very happy with everything and there are no issues or complications at all. The breasts have settled well and don’t seem to be pointing too far left and right. The Surgeon showed me the before and after pictures and this really put my mind as east. They are 100% better.

I think you just forget how they were before and get so use to the new ones, you don’t realise the fantastic change. The Surgeon also offered to send me the pictures???

I feel great today & can finally wear whatever bra's I like. Although I was told by the nurse that it's best to stay clear of underwire for 6 months - it's not vital, but they are really not needed. I told her the underwire are prettier so she recommended I just pull the wire out.

I still feel a little soar and heavy at times – The Surgeon asked me to monitor this for 1 month & if this does not settle, he can give me something for it. He mentioned a condition (can’t think of name) where body sending pain signals to the brain as it knows there is something foreign in body – the pills will turn this signal off and help the body accept them more.

Hopefully I don’t have to go down this road..

Anon – How did your check-up go or is it this Sat???

Also – Just to confirm – I got mine done at River Medical.

Pocahontas  Posted: 05/05/2010 21:37

Hey girls,

hope you all keeping well. Had my first consultation. I was delighted, just now can't wait to get them done. I am a size A.  Gona go for a full size D, round inplants. Very exciting, but have to say, on the day of consultation got thinking, do I making the right decision.  But I would say, we all go true the same.... Planing to get them done in June, just now trying to organize everything. And to pick a date.My surgeon said, I should take one week off, but I am thinking to take around two to three weaks off. Just want everything to be so perfeckt. Have to say girls, very excited and a little bit scary as well.

Lassy, hope you feeling much better...... Take your time and don't rush with any decisions...... I deeply believe you gona love them.......

Anon.  Posted: 09/05/2010 17:43

Hi Flatbreast, happy to hear you've had your final appointment now and all is ok! bet you can't believe its all over and done with thank god eh! I was supposed to have mine on sat but they got the dates mixed up and the surgeon isn't there for a few saturdays now so I have to wait until July!! I wasnt too happy but the nurse explained that its more of a courtesy follow up than a medical one and so there's no panic at all. I also had tiny little stich left but they've fallen out themselves which is great. I bought my first bikini yesterday as i'm going on hols in 4wks time, wat a feeling it was!! I'm normally size ten but had to buy a 12 for the top and even at that its jus barely big enough!! never thought id have that complaint.. im just so so happy!! Funny how our surgeon never did the whole breast massage thing isnt it cos I notice some girls on here have been advised to do that. Mine feel brilliant though I have to say, I do get the odd twinge and i am stil protective of them and very carefuly with the scars but overall I feel great thank god.

I really have to start doing some serious stomach exercises now for the next 4wks for the bikini too :)

How is everyone else doing? Does anyone know how soon I could start using bio oil onthe scar and also this might sound really silly but I'm sure its ok to sun bathe etc?? maybe someone who's further post op would have some tips for this stage of the recovery :)

Best of luck to anyone deciding, best thing ever.. so so happy Smile

cassie  Posted: 10/05/2010 11:54

hi anon fine to sunbath just as long as scars are protected enjoy holsSmile i used bio oil as soon as scars were completely knited together no gaps, my scars are hardly there these days.

Flatbreast  Posted: 10/05/2010 11:58

Hi Anon,

I am using bio oil already.  It's OK to use it after 4 weeks.

Also re: sunbathing - it is recommended you don't expose the scar to the sun for a full year.  You can wear bikini, just no direct sunlight on it.  Keeping it hidden for a while promotes healing.

I am heading off on holidays on 29th May - just can't wait.  Still have to go buy a bikini - it's a very exciting time.

RE: Massage - my friend is going to show me what to do. She has had over the muscle implants for 13 years now and they still look as good as the day she got them done.  If you keep yourself in good health, it's amazing how well they last.

Anon.  Posted: 10/05/2010 21:59

Hi Flatbreast, ta for that, cant wait for the hols now. will defo keep the scars covered, not planning on going topless or anything but you know how you'd be afraid to do something wrong!! Did the nurse or the surgeon tell you bout the massage? strange that we weren't told eh?? So where you heading on hols? so exciting isn't it!!

Cassie, ta for the advice too, how long post op are you now?? Think i'll go get me some bio oil this wkend, so good to hear your practically scar free now!

Does anyone know how soon we can go swimming? suppose i'd be ok now too?

Flatbreast  Posted: 11/05/2010 11:02

Hi Anon - The nurse did mention it when I went for the first post op - she said the doctor would talk me through it on my last visit.  But he never did & I forgot about it.

I am going to send them an email - will let you know how I get on as from what I hear, it's quite important to prevent the build up of tissue around the implant.

Heading to Portugal - Well I hope I am - getting a little nervous about the ash clouds!!  Just can't wait. 


cassie  Posted: 11/05/2010 11:02

hi anon, my son was 18 months when i had it done he will be 3 in june. mine look very natural it takes a year before they fully settle, i also did the massage as directed by my surgeon and i still do it it helps, i still rub in bio oil as well. making sure your bra fits right is very important even now for me as wrong size can make the scars raise up again, i mostly buy wire free bra's but i always have a fitting done as you can loose weight or put weight on and your breasts change with the weight loss. any way on a lighter note enjoys you hols girlsSmile

hunters  Posted: 13/05/2010 14:42

hi all! well went for my 4 week check up, all good dont have to go back for the year. the doc didnt mention massaging. i did ask him when i could get rid of sports bra and he said its fine from now. i forgot to ask about underwire?

any advice on massage or underwire???

cant wait to head to Dundrum after work and pick me up some sexy underwear!!

Anon.  Posted: 13/05/2010 21:10

Hi Hunters, such a deadly feeling to be able even look at nicer and bigger underwear isnt it!! My doc hasnt said bout massaging yet but defo recommended not to wear underwire for at least 6months, said if I find nice bra's jus whip the u'wire out as thankfully wont need it now anyways. i'm gona continue wearing the sports bra to work or under everyday clothes to be honest as he does say the longer the better so I'm gona endure.. but hols in 3wks now .. so it wont be coming abroad with me, defo ditching it that wk.. how are you feeling in general? scars ok? I'm so so happy i had it done. :)

Opals  Posted: 13/05/2010 22:16

Hi girls, glad to hear yr all doing well. Can't believe am 6 weeks post op already. Hardly think about it now. Still trying to wear the sports bras but was told as long as its got some sort of decent support then fine. I am going to invest in some good bras cos i don't want to wear bras that are unsupportive after spending all that money on getting them done. Also cos got the teardrop implants i def don't want them moving!!!! I'm still a bit itchy around the scars n have some numbness in general but that will improve in time. Overall i am delighted i got it done. It's great just being able to put on a nice soft unpadded unwired bra. God be with the days when my old bras weighed more than my boobs!!!!!! Laughing I too was looking at bikinis n would normally have bought a size 8 top but was actually looking at the size 10 n thinking it might be too small even though my implants are only 245. A little goes a long way. Good luck everyone.

lassy1234  Posted: 15/05/2010 18:39

Hi girls:)

so glad to hear that ye are all doing fine!!:) also glad to report that since my last post i am back to myself!!:)and im enjoying my new assets;)finally im so glad i got them done and they just feel like part of me now!! surgeon said the reaction i had could have also been due to the surgery and anasthetic on my body that it can some times cause a bit of depression!!!which i have never suffered from EVER before!!worst 2-3 weeks of my life i think:(...anyway wouldnt get rid of them for the world now they look perfect and just so so so so natural:):) just cant wait for holidays in 6weeks bikini shopping here i come!!:)

talk soon girls, thanks for all yer lovely comments.

lassy xxx

Flatbreast  Posted: 18/05/2010 08:44

Hi Lasy,

Delighted to hear that you are feeling better & finally happy with the new additions.  Think we were all a bit worried about you and hoped you did not do anything drastic.  It is common to suffer side affects like that post an anaesthetic - so don't even look back now.

Enjoy the bikini shopping - I went on Sun & it they do look fab & just more feminine.


self conscious  Posted: 19/05/2010 23:20

Hi i am considering BA. I am 5 foot 8, 9 and half stone and a 34A. Im worse than a man!! How much did it cost and is there a long recovery?Thanks

annie  Posted: 20/05/2010 20:24

well its sports bra burning time at last!! had check up and surgeon really happy.  said he used 2 different sizes 315 and 375 and 2 different projections...just goes to show how wonky I was... least I know now it wasnt all in my mind.  but now theyre just perfect, wobbling but stll stay in place :-)

Hey self consciecious I'm 5 9 and was a 38 A!! so totally hear where you're coming from... I got mine done on a monday and was back to normal by sat, very very little pain the anesthetic knocked it out of me a bit though but think if you go under the musle it takes thing I've ever done jst sorry didnt do it years ago!  Rather have these than a new car any day

greenfairy  Posted: 21/05/2010 15:14

where did ye get them done?

Thinking a long time about this but don't have money at the moment, roughly how much does it cost.

I am 5ft 1in and 32a/b. Feel like such a child as i am roughly 7stone as well.

MaryRose  Posted: 22/05/2010 13:22

A friend of mine just had a breast implant. It looks so real and I am happy that she is happy with the results. I really believe that the investment for getting the best doctor to do the procedure is really worth the price.

lolo  Posted: 24/05/2010 17:35

Hi Mary Rose,

Do you mind me asking where your friend had hers done?  Thanks,


lolo  Posted: 27/05/2010 08:15

Hi Everyone,

Did anyone get nervous a couple of weeks before the op. Im due to have mine done now in less than 3 weeks and Im getting quiet nervous.  Its really about people in work noticing.  How long did you's have to take off work? Do you's think a week would be enough? 

Please help :-(


cassie  Posted: 27/05/2010 11:25

lolo, a lot of people only take a week off but i was told to take two and i was so glad i did. because the first week it is hard for you move and get dressed, plus i had a child who was only 18 months old so i could not lift him. no one will notice my work mates were all men none of them noticed nor did any of my female friends.

and yes i was nervous rang my surgeon a few times freaked my husband out but i can tell you the end result is worth it, i feel great happy and more confident.

so keep in touch with us all and we will help if we canSmile

Madalena  Posted: 27/05/2010 12:49

Hi Everyone, I'm new to this site but I think it is so great to meet others who have decided to have or have had a BA. I booked mine yesterday and I will have it in September. I'm a little nervous but excited at the same time.

lolo  Posted: 27/05/2010 17:29

Hi Cassie,

Thanks very much, its good to hear that someone else feels the same. I only have a week of work and Im kinda hoping that Ill be okay in time.  Apart from get dressed and lifting, were you okay? I sit down most of the day in work so im praying ill be ready to go back. The nurse was saying I will be very swollen and thats what got me worried about people noticing. thanks for the email cassie


cassie  Posted: 28/05/2010 09:52

hi lolo, no problem if you need to contact me i will give you my email.

you will be swollen but i found no one noticed because i was wearing padded bra's all the time. so the sports bra has no padding and holds you in place, i bought a lovely soft one in dunnes. you will find it hard to move but second week should be easier. it really depends on you own bodies way of healingSmile

cassie  Posted: 28/05/2010 10:01

hi madalena, well done you will be fine, the girls on this site are fantastic for support. lolo is nervous as well. the main thing to remember is your body will cope, we all heal at different rates. so just think about the end resultSmile

Duffles  Posted: 04/06/2010 10:04

Hi there everyone, first time using this. what is the scarring like? Do you lose sensation in your nipples? I'm hoping to get mine done for my 30 bday. I've been slowly losing weight over the past 6 months and my boobs have gone to practically nothing, and i still have a bit more weight to lose before i reach my goal. I have always been small but am shocked at how much more they have shrunk, and the shape has gone with them. I just want to go one cup up and preferably as natural as possible.

Can anyone give me some advice? x

Maja83  Posted: 18/06/2010 22:02

Can everyone, who would def do the op again with the same surgeon, mail me with who they had surgery please? Im trying to gather as much information and advice as possilbe! Thank you all!

formerly boobless  Posted: 19/06/2010 00:01

Hi girls,

Hope you're all doing well. For those of you who are worried about people noticing- DON'T. I wore so much padding and gels before I had mine done and now I wear no padding as a rule so I don't look too much bigger. No one has noticed. I used to always look at boobs- not because I'm a perve or anything but because I was always comparing them to my flat chest and feeling depressed about It. I can honestly say that now I wouldn't even notice someones boobs cos I don't think about it anymore. And if someone does think I look a bit bigger- so what? I can wear any kind of top or dress and pretty bras instead of the hideous ones I used to wear. It was so worth it.

Can anyone help me. I had my BA almost 9 months ago. I am now pregnant and was just wondering if anyone else has been in the same boat as me and if it affected the implants.

lolo  Posted: 21/06/2010 08:21

Hi Everyone,

Im 4 days now from the op and have to say so far Im delighted, was on the verge of changing my mind do before hand. Went to some emotions but im delighted i went through with it. I was crying like a baby before the op, I was just terrified of going under the knife I suppose. Grand now, havin awful backpain do when i wake up in the morning from sleeping on my back, did anyone else have this? I dont normally sleep on my back, does anyone know how long ye have to sleep like that?

Flatbreast I seen on your thread you headed back to the gym, were you okay when excersing. Im dying to get back into the exercise, my stomach is soo bloated from the tablets and its making me feel really frumpy..

and I just want to say thanks to you's for the support and answering my questions.



Flatbreast  Posted: 21/06/2010 11:37

Congrats LoLo - really glad you went through with it.

The back pain is normal as no one sleeps in the one position all night.  Best to use 3-4 pillows to pop up (also helps reduce swelling) and if necessary put a pillow under your knees - really helps with comfort.

I pretty much went back to gym immediately.  But no upper body exercise or high impact (running, arobics etc).  Just keep it to bike, Stepper (light), Cross trainer (Don't use hands).  Also some assisted tummy is ok (use machine – try not stretch arms).  I also wore two sports bra's, just to ensure 100% support.  I still actually wear the two sports bra's when running & very high impact - feel so comfortable.

I got very bloated, it will take about two weeks to go away - just drink plenty of water.

It's really the best thing I have done - I love mine.  They have settled so well & I got to wear a bikini recently & just felt great.  You will never regret it.

Best of luck with the exercise.

Anon.  Posted: 27/06/2010 22:20

HI Flatbreast, how are you keeping? God I havent been on here in ages! I am doing very well now, totally settled and feel great. Stil a small bit of numbness near the scar and sometimes around the nipple but in general fab! I'm trying to stil wear non wire bra's as little as possible as this is what they recommeded for first six months. Had  a holiday in spain, wore bikini, such a brilliant feeling!! Ive been so bad with gym since though so may get back in to it now. Hope all well and good luck to anyone just going for the op. best thing you'll ever do, defo no regrets.. love mine soooo much!!! x

Anon.  Posted: 29/06/2010 21:43

Hi Formerly boobless, only saw your message re the pregnancy thing there now. I am 3months post BA and would like to start trying to conceive but like you I dont know how it will affect my new boobs or the implants. I would never want to breast feed but just wondering if Ill get massive now. I have my final appointment with my surgeon in two weeks so I will ask him and see what he says, im also going to mention it to my doc. Will come back up here once I have. So congrats on the pregnancy, how long are you gone? Must be an amazing feeling is it? I came off the pill last october as it just never agreed with me also cos My boyfriend and I knew it would take a while to conceive once I came off it so now are ready to start trying properly. Its very exciting. Im taking my folic acid every day. But like you I am concerned bout my implants. Im sure it will be fine. Id nvr want to breast feed or anything anyways. Keep me posted on how your doing. Cheers, Anon x

Pocahontas  Posted: 06/07/2010 14:56

Hey GirlsWink,

So great to hear you all keeping well. And you all happy with your new boobs;) This morning, booked myself for the surgery, 24th of august, gona be the second for the surgery on that day.  Was planing to get them done in june, but had so much going on.So august perfect for me;) I am very  very excited!!!!!!Smile  Cant wait for my new boobs!!!!!WinkBut have to say, a little bit scary as well...... I would say, just emotions....

Did you feel the same way??? Would love to hear from your experience, girls.....Kiss

cassie  Posted: 07/07/2010 11:57

hi anon and formerly boobless, yes it will affect your breasts that why i waited until i had my kids first. i was warned of this when i check with several places before i had kids, you can still breast feed and every thing just that it will change slightly with each child you have. just the same as having no implants in. but i dont think it will be a dramatic change, check with your consultant.

maybe things have changed in the the last few years.

formerly boobless  Posted: 08/07/2010 11:19

Hi Cassie and Anon,

I'm almost 8 weeks so still early days but really nauseous and tired. Hard going with a 16 month old too. I won't be breast feeding and during my last pregnancy I don't think my boobs even knew I was pregnant so I'm hoping they won't grow this time either. Although I remember around five days after my daughter was born they shot up two cup sizes in around 9 hours and they were so sore. I swore that day that I was happy to be flat-my tune changed once they deflated again.

Thanks for the advice Cassie. I must go back to my consultant anyhow so I'll ask him. Best of Luck Anon. Very exciting time. At least you'll have boobs to match your bump. I felt weird last time. I was still flat chested with a big belly.

Jan1983  Posted: 15/08/2010 01:17

Hi All,

I am just after getting my appointment for my ba for the 24th of this month so nervous and was really great to read how you all got on. I am most nervos that my implants cd go wrong and that they willlook bad also abt how i will feel when i wake after the op.

I had an op last year and was very sick after went into shock really bad exp, can anyone tell me what they were like wen they woke?? Undecided

Le le  Posted: 15/08/2010 20:55

hey there ive booked mine for the sun 29th of dis month. im really scared too. im getting 350ml.  i am a 34c at the mo im scared of the waking up and how i feel afterwards. i can only take 1 week off. im also scared bout they will be too big, really just want them to be more fuller and rounded.  has anyone else had 350 ml nt sure wat cc dat is where i went for consultation the surgeon talked in mls

Pocahontas  Posted: 16/08/2010 22:48

Hey girls, have booked my surgery for tuesday,24th of August.Only one week left. Can't believe it, I am really going for that. I am the same, very scared...... and excited. Hope all goes well.At the moment I am size A, going for DD, round ones. Such a drastic way..... Went last friday to meet again with the surgeon, and just double check the size. I was very happy with that. Only one thing in my mind, hope all goes well....;););) Have two the wedding to go abroad, only two weeks after the surgery. Hope I will be flying by then.....;););)

Best of Luck for you girls!!!!!!;););) Let me know how you gona get on...... I will let you too....

Storm in a C cup  Posted: 17/08/2010 11:38

Hi Girls,

Had my done back in March - the best thing I have ever done, love my new friends, so happy with how they turned out.  Scars are healing really well.  Its natural to be nervous & excited as long as you've done your research and are happy with your surgeon and the care you're going to get afterwards then think ahead to your new boobs Smile

My advice would be; Get the anti nausea drugs that they offer EVEN if you have never experience probs in the past with anesthetics.  I never did and was so so sick, spent the night being sick which was extremely painful.  The nurse told me at my check up (after the op) that I should have got it just in case!

Also, was on codeine & difene and they are very hard on the stomach, was also told afterwards should have taken these with yoghurt or milk to line your stomach - dealing with this was harder than the op.  Do as the other posts have said about sleeping & back ache - sleep sitting up for a few weeks before the op.  Drink loads of water as you'll get bloated and get good sports bras - bigger than the size you're going for to allow for swelling.

Having said that it was a lot easier than I ever imagined and those slight probs were all worth the end result.

Good luck girls, it'll all be worth it.

Madalena  Posted: 17/08/2010 15:42

That is so great to hear Pocahontas! You seem really happy with your results. I am only 5 weeks away from my ba and I am excited about it. I have never had an operation before and to be honest that is what scares me the most. I am confident that I will be happy with my new girls but it is difficult to imagine what the end result with be. I am a small B cup and I would like to go to a D however, the surgeon told me that he couldn't guarantee a cup size and it was very much dependent on the day. Has anyone else had this feedback? I know 3 girls that have had ba ops and they all seem happy. However, they all got theirs done at the same place and I am booked into another clinic which I felt comfortable with. I don't know anyone who has had their op there and it would be really great to hear from someone who has to put my mind at ease. Could you send me your email addresses girls as it seems to be a private thing on this forum?

Best of luck everyone going for their op soon. I am sure everything will work out fine. I am yet to find negative feedback about the actual end result of the BA!


RUKA  Posted: 27/08/2010 01:47

Hi everyone,

im new to this forum and im so excited that i have found it. Your experiences have confirmed even more that I want a BA. Like many of you, i have been deeply unhappy with my breast size for as long as i can remember!! im 24 now, still very young, but i have thought about this for years and know it is the right decision. I am around an A cup (if even) at present, looking for a full B cup. Not a drastic change as I am very slim and anything bigger just wouldnt suit me. The only thing in my way at the moment is financing it. Unfortunately thats the biggest hurdle!!!!

I cant believe there are so many woman in ireland who feel the same way as i do.. Its lovely not to feel so alone. I get almost angry when i head other woman critising woman for getting BA. They do not understand how low it can make you feel, not feeling womanly, and we do it for ourselves.. at the end of the day we are the ones looking in the mirror everyday. Life is too short and why not go through it that bit more happy.

well done to everyone who has shared their story. lets hope some time soon i too can share my experience


Jan1983  Posted: 31/08/2010 17:30

Hi all,

Had my ba last thurs feel great today still a bit hard to sleep and the bra they give ya is very uncomfortable which doesnt help dying it get into a normal bra and be able to sleep on my side so hoping that wont take long.

The pain isnt as bad as i thought and heard that when i was getting the drains removed it very painfl but am happy that it wasnt that painful at all and it only took a day r two till most of the pain eased. So i wold say if u really really want them then go ahead as i feel now it was worth it!

Good luck girls,

Chat soon

Maja83  Posted: 31/08/2010 20:30

Hey everyone!

I have my surgery booked for the 6th September!! I am same like most of you extremly nervous. I am wondering, do you have your implants put under or over the muscle?

And did you have to bring a sportsbra or something? I have been told, that I dont need anything, does that mean that I dont need to wear anything for the first couple of days or weeks?

Lily Ella  Posted: 03/09/2010 21:13

Hello ladies,

Im new, I havent booked any op yet but am 100% sure I want one, just havent settled on where to go yet. Did everyone have their op in Ireland or did anyone travel abroad? Ive been googling places & 1 that seems ok is in the Czech Republic, do you think it would be safer to get it done in Ireland though?

Rose  Posted: 04/09/2010 12:02

Hi everyone, 

I had my surgery 6years ago (wow I can't believe it was that long ago). It was something I wanted since I was a teenager and so I made a consultant appointment to discuss it. I felt at great ease, the nurse specialist was a fantastic help. The different options (ie.implants, shapes, under or over the muscle were all discussed). My mother was behind me no matter what I decided, I told my father on the saturday and was going for the surgery on the sunday. I was terrified, my dad brought me to the clinic the morning of the surgery and kept telling me I could change my mind, he'd just turn around the car. But as it was something I always wanted, my mind was made up.

To be honest I was terrified as I work in the medical profession and knew exactly what it entails and as it was a clinic and not a larger hospital I had concerns. But thankfully the morning of the proceedure as I was brought in for the anesthetic I recognised the theatre nurse and a wave of relief passed over me. I knew she was good at her job so I was no longer nervous, I was confident in the staff performing my surgery.

The next thing I remember was waking up on the ward, my back was in agony and it was sore to take a deep breath. I stayed overnight as I had request to prior to the operation. My breasts looked huge, swollen & sore. 

Yes you have to wear a special bra for 6wks, but to be honest after paying that money and going through that surgery, 6weeks is nothing in the long run. If that's what's recommended then I wouldn't be rushing it. 

I was out of work for six weeks (my own doctor, not the surgeon wouldn't leave me back any sooner in case I done damage esp due the nature of mt work). Obviously that depends on the type of work you do. I couldn't drive for a few weeks either. I had to sleep upright, propped on pillows for a few weeks. I remember waking every morning so sore, my back and chest when I took a breath took awhile to settle but when it did it was all worth it. I got a little infection in the sutures under one breast but I returned got a swab taken, a week of antibiotics and everything cleared up.

I can wear whatever I want now, bra or braless it doesn't matter, the best money I ever spent and I'd do it all again, definitely no regrets. Do your research, do what your told, after all they're the medical staff not you and you'll be fine.

ccefyn  Posted: 05/09/2010 19:15

Hey everyone, this is my 1st time on here....have been thinking of having a breast enlargement like forever and think I have finally decided to do it. Im an A cup and have had 2 childres and they are just non existant anymore, dont want to go too big just maybe a full B or small C Cup. And want to look a bit natural (well as much as they can)  But I havent a clue where to start, can anyone recommend surgeons they have had and the clinics they went to? And what about the cost? I would really appreciate any info ye could give me. I live in Limerick but can travel anywhere. My email address is

Anon.  Posted: 07/09/2010 23:08

Hi Everyone, esp all those new to the forum! I havent been on here in ages but used to log on every day prior to my BA operation. Ok, so I have to have been the most nervous person ever to go through with the op and I swear I knew I wanted it but didnt want to go through the surgery. But once I found my surgeon and had my first consultation with him and researched the hospital, my mind was totally put at ease. Its been 5months since my op now and I am just so so happy with the results. I had my op on a Wed and went back to work the following Tuesday! I work in an office so Its fine but I will admit it is very uncomfortable for the first few weeks, but if you do exactly as your told all will be fine. I couldnt even bear to change my dressings, had to get my sis to do it as I felt squeamish at the thoughts of the scars but I swear it is all so much better after a few wks and you will feel amazing.. Its only now that they've dropped and totally look like mine but I went on a holiday 2months ago and couldnt believe the deadly bikinis I wore etc. had to keep the scars covered but was just so amazing not to feel paranoid about having none!! My surgeon  works at a private hospital in kildare, but his consultation practice is in dublin, i would strongly recommend him and all the nurses at the hospital are so so lovely! there were 4of us girls on the one lil ward done on the same day and we all still keep in touch every now and then, it was like our little family there and we were all supportive of each other. I personally would not recommend going abroad just due to follow up appointments, could be bit more awkward. Price I paid €5K and best money I ever spent! I'm now trying to conceive so hope my new girls will behave if I do fall pregnant and not give me any trouble as they've been fantastic up til now.. Hope this helps anyone who is considering it, feel free to send me a message on here with any questions at all you may have. Take care, Anon x

Maja83  Posted: 08/09/2010 20:43

Oh Im happy everything went well for you, Anon., and you are happy with your result! Did you have the implants placed over or under the muscle and what implant size did you get?

I had my surgery done on Monday, 6th. I still cant believe I really did it!! So its my second day today with boobs! ;) I hoped to be a full B or a small C and got 305cc round implants under the muscle (which was my preference). I have to say so far Im feeling very good ! I expected to have much more pain but so far I didnt. The doctor told us to lift our arms up slowly every hour and today doing this feels very easy compared to the first few times. I have no problems for example to tie my hair or to get dressed, though I do all this very slowly not to do any wrong movement. The surgeon there operates only mondays and as far I know he puts the implants mostly only under the muscle. He has the consultation and surgeries in his own family clinic in D12. Its one of the biggest and I defenitely would recommend it there! We also were 4 girls doing the same thing on the same day! (WOW looks like A LOT of woman do this nearly every day in Ireland?!) Maybe anyone else here who did it at the same place like me???



ccefyn  Posted: 08/09/2010 21:15

Hi Anon, thanks for that....really encouraging. I have wanted a BA for about 10 years now, Im 29 and have 2 kids and am nearly certain Im not having anymore but even if I do it would be fine. Have only started lokking into it and finally think I am going to go through with it. Am so nervous bout surgeon, size, type of implants can I ask what type of implants u got and what size did u go up to....Am so afraid that people will notice cos I am very flat. Always wear padded bras but must start wearing the really padded gel ones from now on so when I eventually do have the BA, it wont be too noticeable. If u could tell me who your surgeon was I would really appreciate it cos dont have a clue where to start, my email address is just below ur post. So exciting now thinking it could finally become a reality!!

annie  Posted: 09/09/2010 11:54

Hey just wanted to say to anyone thinking about doing it to go for it.. I've been on this site years but only plucked up the courage this year to go for it and I'm just sorry I didnt do it years ago.  When I eventually went I was diagnosed with tubular breast on one side.  I applied to Revenue under the medical expense claim and have been advised that i will qualify for a 20% rebate when I submit my tax return so its worth looking into that as well.  Least I knew it wasnt all in my head!  I would say though that quiet a few people have commented on the girls but to be honest I really dont care at this stage cause they just look so good!  I went from an a/aa to a c/d with teardrop shaped implants over the muscle and LOVE them so much.  Thought I would want to go under the muscle but he said I had enough to cover them (even though there was really very little there) but he was right so had very little pain.  The difene was the worst thing about the experience. 

I was in a private clinic and was nice to have privacy after the whole thing cause I had never had an op before and liked being able to hobble to the bathroom in peace.

ccefyn  Posted: 10/09/2010 23:15

Hi again

I have read through this entire forum and have found all of the comments so encouraging. I am definitely going to go ahead with the BA Im just trying to find best surgeon for me but would love some info of where to go for consult. Can I ask Anon, Formerly Booobless, Opals, Flatbreast, Lassie1234 where ye had the surgery done? I know some of u have mentioned it in some posts but ye all seem so pleased with the results and have shared so much about the surgery, before and after that I would love to know where ye did get it done and if surgeon was male or female. Not too sure if ye can on this site but if ye can would be great. Or some hints even of where... And anyone else that can tell me Id really appreciate it, have read so much from the few I named above that I feel as if I know them already!!! So excited now, my husband was always kind of against it before, had only mentioned it to him once or twice years ago in passing but he didnt really understand my reasons for wanting it. I discussed it with him again recently, and he knows why now, and knows I am so self conscious about it, goin out trying to find something to wear and esp goin on hols or swimming with my kids. I hate wearing a swimming costume cos there is nothing there at all. And he is being so supportive, I cant stop thinking about it now!!

Thanks for all the experiences shared on here, it has been so helpful making up my mind goin for it

C x

Anon.  Posted: 14/09/2010 22:44

Hi Girls, god I've no prob telling any of you where I got it done but are not allowed on here. So all I can suggest is to google 'private hospital kildare' and the first hospital that comes up is where I had it done but as I said my consultations were with the surgeon who uses that hospital at his office in Dublin on lower baggot street. He also does them in Waterford I think. . I could not recommend him enough. I got round implants over the muscle bout a 310cc, went from a 32A to 32C a really full C too.. its jus so so great.. best thing ever. yea a few people notice but i always use the line.. ah thats the good penny's plunge bra's n chicken fillets.. he he! my close friends and family know and thats all matters to me.. I wore scarfs to work for first while cos work with all men ha!

So keep me updated on everyone's progress.. I promise you wont regret it.. I'm heading on my second sun holiday in two wks and cant wait to get in to a bikini again Cool Hope this helps, chat soon xxx

ChickenFillets  Posted: 14/09/2010 23:35

Hi All!

I have just read all the messages on here and am really encouraged that they all seem fairly positive!

I was made redundant in July and so am due a nice payment for my troubles.  What better way to spend it than fixing something that has bothered me all my life.

I am 29, 5 foot 7 and a little overweight - if i can loose 2/3 stone then I am rewarding myself!  I have never had any boobs at all - thought it was because I was very slim as a teenager, but even now that I am overweight, i am still flat chested. I never ever go any where or do anything without a padded bra and chicken fillets.  I accidently forgot to put them in one morning (obv wasn't awake enough) and when i got to work i had a complete panic attack and stuffed my bra with tissue.  Felt like I was back at schoolFrown

I have gotten welts on my breasts in the summer from the chicken fillets and that made me feel even worse.  I have a lovely partner who couldn't care less if i was booby or not - though something tells me he would like the outome!

Just wanted to know if anyone went abroad for surgery at all and what their experience was.  The majority of people on here seem to have stayed in Ireland. I don't mind paying if the after care is better.  Also, can anyone recommend any particular place that they thought went above and beyond service and care wise?  Basically - help!  Don't really know where to start! There is an Aurelia clinic consultation place in Kilkenny - anyone use them?

I also have a fear of the round ball type ba - want to look as natural as possible.

If you can help at all, please do!


Madalena  Posted: 15/09/2010 13:19

Hi Girls, I'm going to have my BA on 29th of September. Not sure if anyone else here will be getting theirs on the same date? I'm really looking forward to the results now. I was hoping that some girls on this forum could help me out with a little niece is 1 and sometimes I have to look after her. I am wondering how soon after the surgery I would be able to look after her properly as I would need to lift her occasionaly to put her into the buggy etc. Any info on recovery and tips that you might have would be great. Thanks

Maja83  Posted: 15/09/2010 20:31

Its my ninth day post surgery. I had my plasters taken off today and he didnt put any new ones. Just said to massage with Biooil. Did anyone else had no plasters at all 9 days post surgery???

What did you/do you put on your scars, if anything at all?

 He was very sure I will be fine so hopefully I will.

Magdalena, I have a 8 month old and a 3 year old and up to now I didnt lift my baby cos am just to scared something could go wrong. My doctor said, I can carry him but at the same time I read on the "what to do and what not to do" post surgery paper not to lift anything heavier than 5kg for the first 6 weeks. I think I will start carrying him again next week, when Im 2 weeks post.

Maja83  Posted: 15/09/2010 20:34

chickenfillets, I had mine done at the same place you mentioned, just not in Killkenny, but in Dublin 12 PW. I guess its the same doctor?

annie  Posted: 16/09/2010 09:35

Maja, I went to my GP 1 week after surgery because it wasnt convenient to call to surgeon that week for check up.  He replaced dressings but told me I could take them off after another few days so I only had dressings on for about 10 days.  He did say  not to use biooil though for another while so I didnt bother until I had my 1 month checkup with surgeon.  They are healing nicely now and have faded alot since my surgery in March. 

Maja83  Posted: 16/09/2010 17:10

Thats good to know annie, thank you very much! I bought bio oil yesterday and used it last night, but will not do it again for a while. It didnt feel too good using it and was a little itchy until I washed it off this morning. Did you still see and feel (when you go over the scars with your finger) the stitches at 10 days post surgery?

Anon.  Posted: 16/09/2010 21:02

Maja, No way would I start using bio oil at this early stage, our doc gave us replacement surgical dressings (clear plasters) to put on the scars again after we took first one's off.. The bio oil should not be used for at least 6wks post surgery, it even states on it not to use on broken or tender skin, I seriously would not attempt to use it until the scars are fully closed and not as fresh. Also dont use any soap or shower gels, i used one from the health shop for babys it was so so mild but perfect. I am 5months post op now and use the bio oil every day but defo only started after a month. hope this helps

annie  Posted: 17/09/2010 13:59

Maja I could feel one stitch on one side for quiet a few weeks after the surgery.. It was like a teeny little lump under the skin but did not hurt to touch it.. Asked doc about it cause was worried that it was there for so long but he said some stiches just take a bit longer to be absorbed by the body.. forgot about it completely and it just disappeared on its on.  I remember having stiches before where it actually came to the surface of the skin but just fell out so I wouldnt be worrying too much. Also surgeon said that any oil or lotion is fine to use such as baby lotion which is much cheaper.

Storm in a C cup  Posted: 17/09/2010 16:48

Maja - I totally agree with Anon, after the bandage came off I was told to cover the scars with surgical plasters (get them in most chemists - can be expensive but you can buy them individually).  Only to replace them when they started to peel off themselves after a couple of days, also told me to use hairdrier on cold setting to ensure the area was completed dried before dressing.  The surgeon said not to use anything near the scars until at least 6wks after the op and he also didnt recommend bio oil, said he didnt think it made a difference.  I used it anyway until I forgot!

Ccefy - I'd mine done by large UK company, the consultation was done in Dublin 2 (think they office around Ireland if thats not near you) and the operation was done in Mullingar.  Delighted with everything, surgeon, nurses, aftercare and of course the results.  My surgeon was great, loads of experience and Im chuffed with the results, scars are healing nicely and only been a few months.  Good luck with it all, its worth it.

Lily Ella  Posted: 17/09/2010 22:43

Im kind of a sporty person & enjoy exercising. How long does it take before its ok to work out? I also like playing gaelic football, I know obviously wouldnt b able 2play for a few months, but is it ok to play a sport like that ever again??

Madalena  Posted: 20/09/2010 14:10

Hi Girls, Thanks Maja83 for your advice. I hope you get to hold your baby soon :) I am going to get my BA next week on Wednesday. I am getting very nervous as the date gets closer! I'm just nervous about the op in general. I don't like hospitals and I've never had a general anasthetic before so it's a little scary. Anon, I am getting my BA in the same place that you had yours. So it's great to hear that you are so pleased with the results. At the consultation my surgeon said that he will use 'sizers' that can be filled with water first before he puts the implants inside to see what size will look best and still natural. I thought that this was a great idea as I don't want to look really fake. The impants are also covered for 6 years in case anything goes wrong and a repeat surgery is required, most clinics cover you for 4 years. Although the chances of something going wrong are very low it is still good to know that you are covered. Lily Ella, implants seem to be quite resistant but they can rupture with high impact or force (such as a car crash) so the GA football may be a bit risky, it depends how physical it is. The safest implant when ruptured looks like the silicone gel implant as it will not leak when ruptured. You should probably discuss the sports issues with your surgeon as he/she would know best. Does anyone have any tips of how to settle your nerves on the day of surgery. I know I'm going to be a nervous wreck! This forum is great for girls considering a BA and those going for it as there is so much information that can be gathered from those of you who have already gone through the procedure and recovery and it is so supportive to hear from all of you girls. Best of Luck everyone on their way for surgery soon! x

honeybun  Posted: 21/09/2010 04:24

PLEASE HELP!!!! Had BA done almost 6 months ago, unfortunately i've had encapsulation of right breast, it  sits higher than left and is a different shape and size. Surgeon said i would need more surgery to have it corrected, so i'm going to shell out another 3K....  has anybody experienced this problem, i'm so distressed, i look like a freak right now, its horrible! its like i'm a full cup size larger on the right, spend most of my time trying to disguise it when i thought i would be finally able to flaunt my assets. Think i feel worse now than before the op........ :(

annie  Posted: 21/09/2010 22:10

Honeybun I'm so very sorry to hear about the encapsulation.  I can only imagine what you must be going though and feeling so disappointed.  It must be so distressing.  I have read that once it has been fixed though it is unlikely to occur again but I know that's probably not much consolation at the moment.

Anon.  Posted: 21/09/2010 22:13

Hi Honeybun, I think we had our op's done around the same time as I am almost 6months post op now too. So sorry to hear that, you poor thing. What exactly is the encapsulation? did it just happen all of a sudden? Or did he tell you what causes it? Has everything been ok for you up to now? I really hope you can get it sorted soon. Take care, Anon. x

jade  Posted: 21/09/2010 23:59

hi honeybun and sorry for problem i am omly pre ba but ive been on a good site lately the woman are great on there and you can even talk to surgens my email is please email me and ill pass the site on to you as i dont think we can name out sites on here 

Maja83  Posted: 22/09/2010 20:32

honeybun, thats terrible! Im very sorry to hear about you having encapsulation! Is that the same as capsule contractive? Did you have your implants put under or over the muscle? Did you had to wear a sportsbra or nothing for 6 weeks after surgery? I really hope for you everything will be allright after a second surgery! If you had your implants over the muscle and its capsule contractive I hear the under muscle method is a little safer or it to reocurr! Im only 2 weeks post op so this always scares me! All the best for you!

Magdalena, I know exactly what you are talking about! I was SO nervous on the day of my surgery and hardly could sleep the night before. I got even more nervous walking into the theatre etc ... Unfortunatelly I cant give you any advise of how to be more relaxed! :( Maybe just tell yourself that you trust your surgeon and everything WILL be allright! When I woke up properly I couldnt believe I really did it!! And I still cant! ;) All the very best for you too!

formerly boobless  Posted: 25/09/2010 13:51

Hi Girls.

Im a year post BA and am delighted. Got 280 cc round over muscle. Went from 30 AA to 32 C. Had them done on a monday in the only private hospital in Waterford city. Styed overnight and managed to go into town the next day.Hubby took a week off work as I was on mat. leave. I was ok the next week to look after my baby but I would say it took 2 weeks fro the soreness to go really.

I would never have it done abroad as I was followed up at two weeks, then 6 weeks later, then 8 months later and now every year. i can obviously go to see the surgeon with any worries. After the surgery I was able to phone his secretary with any queries and he would phone me back. he gave me his mobile and was so nice. I had a few consultations and it was always with him. never met a nurse until I was admitted. I wore a sports bra for 2 weeks. then I was able to wear underwire bras. My scars are barely visable and I never really put anything on them. My new boobs are natural looking and bouncy and I don't have to wear a bra going out if I don't want to especially under nice dresses.

I have never regretted getting it done but there are complications you do need to think about. I went into it thinking- worse case scenario is the implants have to come out again and then I'm left flat and scarred. A friend of my sisters developed an auto immune disease after getting her BA. can't confirm if the BA was the cause. Overall though  I was taking all sorts of herbs and crap and could've ended up with liver or kidney damage. Now I feel its the best thing I did. I'm 19 weeks pregant now and like last time my boobs never grew but at least now I have boobs to balance my expanding waist line.

I would have no problem recommeding my surgeon or hospital. You should also make sure they are a plastic surgeon as opposed to a cosmetic surgeon. A surgeon can become a cosmetic surgeon in a much shorter time than a plastic surgeon. I also felt that having BA in a hospial meant there were all sorts of specialists nearby if anything went wrong. The surgeon works in the hospital everyday so I could contact him whenever I wanted.

 Good luck girls.

formerly boobless  Posted: 25/09/2010 13:56

Hi Honey Bun, I'm sorry to hear you got encapsulation- the one thing everyone worries about.  Who knows that you had a BA? Have you people you can talk to about it? I was back with my surgeon two weeks ago for a check up. He kept examining my right boob but said its just a bit harder than the left but not encapsulation thank goodness. He said they're both fine. You must be gutted. what are you going to do? I didn't realise it would be so expensive to have it repaired. Best of luck Honey-bun.

Madalena  Posted: 27/09/2010 21:23

Hi Girls,

So I'm heading in for my op this Wednesday 29th! I'm pretty nervous now but I'm trying to keep myself busy. It is really scary to hear when things go bad following a ba. Honeybun, I'm really sorry to hear about your situation and I hope that it all works out for you soon. Did others have seconds thoughts before going into the hospital? I have been pretty positive up until now and it is something that I know I want to do but I'm scared and then that gives me doubts. I don't have a very flat chest, I'm a b cup and they are a nice shape...I would just like them enhanced to feel more feminine, confident and sexy ;) I'm going for a D cup as natural looking as possible. I'm very happy with my surgeon and I trust him so I'm just hoping that all will go well after the op. Fingers crossed everything will be ok please God!

Good Luck to everyone going in for their ops soon!

RUKA  Posted: 28/09/2010 21:28

hey everyone, I went for my first consultation today and I am soooooo excited! i went with an extremely reputable company. The nurse I met for my consultation was brilliant. I have a meeting with my Surgeon next month, and another appointment with the nurse to take blood and assess me etc. They have been extremely professional so far, I got to try a sports bra on with different implants to see how it looked. Im currently a 32A and have wanted to go up to a 32B only, I am slightly afraid that it still might be a bit too small? Maybe a 32C would be better. I want them to look as natural as possible. The nurse thinks I should be able to get them over the muscle as I am not going very large. We shall see anyway when I meet the surgeon. If anyone has any advice on the size i should go I would appreciate it. I don't want large breasts jsut enough to feel more feminine.... My BA is booked for Nov 23!!! eeek!!!

Madalena  Posted: 01/10/2010 12:19

Hi Girls,

Can't believe I actually went through with it! Had my BA on Wednesday and came home yesterday afternoon. I was so happy when I woke up in recovery. It all happened so quickly and everyone at the hospital was so nice and gave me plenty of pain relief and made sure I was comfortable at all times. I had previously asked the surgeon to let me into the theatre as early as possible as I didn't want to be waiting around all day and it turned out that I was first on the list and I was delighted. Went in for the op at 8.40am and was back in my bed by 10am wide awake!

There is some pain and discomfort but it is like the other girls say, not too bad at all. I bought a fantastic sports bra from M&S before the op with a zipper at the front which is really handy as most of the sports bras are fitted over your head and this is not possible after your ba as you can't lift your arms. So take note girls going for BA!! I've had a look a few times and I'm thrilled, they look so good and still very natural. Went from a b to a d.

Ruka, personally I would recommend to go for the c cup. There isn't a big difference between an a cup and a b cup. If you are paying for the op you may as well get your money's worth, a c cup would look very well. The girls I know that went for the ba who previously had an a cup or an aa cup went for the c and it still looks natural. If your surgeon says that you can go over the muscle that means that you have enough breast tissue so I'd say you could get away with the c. The nurses told me that there is never anyone that says after the op 'I wish I went smaller' normally it's the opposite!

Best of luck girls! :)

RUKA  Posted: 03/10/2010 10:26

Hi Madalena, thats fantastic to hear that you are happy with your BA! It must be a great feeling waking up and having it all over and done with! Also, i will definately be popping into M&S for that sportsbra you mentioned, it sounds perfect and there is no way I would be able to left my arms up after the op!

Also thank you for your advise about going to a C rather then a B, i think you are probably right, if i am going through with this at all, i might aswell do it properly! even a full B would be perfect! Also, do you mind me asking whether you went for over or under the muscle? I heard that there was a greater chance of capsular contracture by going over the muscle? I am meeting my surgeon in a couple of weeks but am wondering if anyone can give me some advise or their own experience!

Thanks!! xx

Madalena  Posted: 04/10/2010 15:14

Hi Ruka,

Yes it is a wonderful feeling waking up after he op and looking down your gown :) I'm now 5 days post op and doing great. I was very sick the night I came back from the hospital and remained that way for 2 days - it turned out to be a reaction from the antibiotics I was prescribed. Once I came off them I felt a lot better. I haven't been taking any pain relief for the past 2 days simply because there is no pain! I'm up and about doing light household chores and just went for a walk in the park. I'm really looking forward to getting the dressings off my scars on Wednesday as they are really itchy now, the swelling has come down also so I'm healing well. The M&S sports bras are great and give loads of support.

I went over the muscle not under. My surgeon suggested this to me in my consultation; he was of the opinion that over the muscle gives a more natural result and unless you don't have enough breast tissue the surgeons I consulted with position the implant over the muscle. I was also told that it was less invasive and recovery would be easier and quicker. I have also read on internet websites that under the muscle will result in less chance of developing a capsular contraction but this is a very rare condition anyway. I would suggest that you listen to what your surgeon says...they are the experienced professionals after all.

I would say to all girls considering a ba that it is very important that you are happy with your surgeon, that you trust him and feel confident in him as this makes a big difference to how you feel on the day of surgery. I just kept thinking that I trust what he is about to do to me completely!

I think you are right to think about going a bit larger than a B cup. Again, see what your surgeon says to you.

Best of luck and if you have any other questions please let me know, I'm more than happy to help you out.

So far I'm thrilled with the results!

Maja83  Posted: 04/10/2010 17:08

Well, I personally think under the muscle is the far better, more natural and usually longer lasting option (provided no complications occur!). Completly under the muscle means that you have an "inside bra" and usually dont need a lift anymore and sagging will be delayed, where as with over the muscle your breasts will hang much earlier (how early depends on your age).

You can find loads in the internet about pro`s and con`s for overs or unders! In the USA, Germany and other countries its very common to put implants under the muscle due to all the good benefits. Esp if you dont have much own breast under is the much better option.

I also went to one consulation in Dublin 2, where the surgeon said to me Im fine going with over the muscle even I had completly empty breasts with very weak/loose skin and couldnt even fill an A cup.

But at the end of the day its up to everyone, and the most important thing is that you are and stay happy and healthy!

And I also agree, RUKA, you should go for a C. I wanted to go for a full B, small C and am very happy with the result and size but who would complain for going a little bit too big? ;)

Anon.  Posted: 04/10/2010 18:44

Hi Formerly Boobless,

So glad all is going well for you and delighted to hear your expecting.  I'm trying to conceive now which is very exciting but disappointing when my periods arrive too!! i'm 6months post op but surgeon told me its safe enough to do so now. I've only really been trying for a couple of months so hopefully something will happen soon! Did you find it easy enough? Its ok if you dont wana answer as I know this is a BA discussion!! How do your boobs feel now that your pregnant? or how long post BA did you conceive? Mine are stil bit numb sometimes so hope it wont affect it too much.

Cheers, Anon.

Madalena  Posted: 06/10/2010 16:01

Hi Girls, I'm pretty upset today. I have been getting swelling on my right side below my armpit and around to my back and a lot of pain. It came suddenly as I was doing really well. I'm one week post op and I went to get my bandages off and the nurses confirmed that I have a hematoma! :( The chances were very low of getting this - 2-3% but I got it and can't believe it. It is so painful, I cannot move my right arm at all now. I have been put back on a weeks antibiotics and difene again. I have to monitor it closely over the next 24 hours and there is still a chance that I will have to get it removed. But I have my fingers crossed that it will break down itself and there won't be any further complications. I have read on websites that a hematoma and infection increase your risk of capsular contracture and that really worries me now. Has anyone else every had a hematoma? There are alwasys risks with a ba but you never think it is really going to happen to you :(

RUKA  Posted: 06/10/2010 21:44

ohh Madalena im so sorry to hear that you have hematoma! I really hope that everything will be ok, and you were doing so well?? I really hope you dont have to get it removed!! That would be heartbreaking.

This is now worrying me.... I would hate something like this to happen. Do you think there is more of a chance of this happening because it is over the muscle? I have been doing so much research and the pro's outway the con's when it comes to having the implant placed submuscular. I personally do not think i have enough brest tissue but when i went for the consulation, the nurse said she thinks I could go over the muscle, but I really think there are too many risks... I really need help deciding :(

MAJA did you go over or under the muscle if you dont mind me asking??

I wish you a speedy recovery Madelena, keep us updated! xx

Bkaren  Posted: 07/10/2010 17:55

I had been very self conscious about my body my breasts being the main thing they had always been small. i then decided to go to where I was skeptical at first but then i decided to go for it. I didn't make my breasts huge just average size, after that the surgery the aches where horrible after the bandages where of i was happy and was down the gym working on my back muscles now with my new found boob :P  

Maja83  Posted: 07/10/2010 20:53

Oh Magdalena, Im very sorry to hear about your hematoma! I hope it will heal up without having to remove it! All the best!!

RUKA, I wanted mine under the muscle and my surgeon said, they will be put under the muscle. I after found out that he used the Dual Plane Technique which combines both - over and under. Im not happy that I wasnt informed about this in the first place, cos I really wanted them to be 100% under the muscle. Anyway, maybe some other time ;) Im happy with the result anyway, they look SO natural! I love to finaly got a cleavage! ;)

I dont think the risk of getting hematoma is higher or lower over or under the muscle. Its just bad luck and hopefully it will go fine with Magdalena!

Madalena  Posted: 11/10/2010 11:05

Hi Girls, I went back to see my surgeon last Friday and the swelling had come down a lot. He said that it was probably a small hematoma that had already been broken down and absorbed by my body. He confirmed that there was no infection and as a precaution I was put on one weeks antibiotics. I'm doing so much better now. The swelling has come right down, there is no pain and I can move my arm now no problem. There is just a small area which is hard to the touch on the right side of my body next to my breast but that is also disappearing and eventually will go away completely. I have my fingers crossed that this is the only complication that I will have to go through. Otherwise all else is good, the boobs look great. The incisions are so small and neat I'm delighted, I can see a couple of the stitches which haven't disolved yet. Did this happen to anyone else and how long did it take to disolve? I still have numbness on the lower side of my boobs but I feel it coming back slowly. I'm not even 2 weeks post op yet. Can't believe it!

partygirl  Posted: 14/10/2010 16:43

Hi All

I have an initial consultation tomorrow with a surgeon in Dublin 12? I guess just wondering if anyone used this clinic? how they got on? also am a runner so hoping to get back into running as quick as poss and wondering about post op recovery and how people are doing, time frame etc? Also how natural they feel, I'm an 'A' hoping to go to a 'B', i'm 5'7'' and 9 and half stone. Basically just want to stop wearing padded bras and fill my bikini!! I'm not planning on telling anyone and was going to say getting minor op and get a friend to collect and then hope that there are no complications forcing me to tell someone.  I'm single so also wondering about the scar, where did people get their incisions and how noticieable is it?  Basically as I'm totally alone in this decision looking for any support I can? Thanks in advance to anyone who responds! Nita

Anon.  Posted: 16/10/2010 16:10

Hi Partygirl, just read your message. I am six months post op, and like you wasnt telling a soul! I am abs.delighted with the results, went from a small b to a large c or sometimes small d cup! have never been happier. The scars are tiny and under the breast but fading so well its unreal. The surgeon actually chooses the size that he feels makes you look most natural for your body on the day, he inserts a small pocket first which he pumps up which gives him an idea of what size implant to use. I swear to you this was the biggest decision in my life and i was soooooooo nervous but i am so so happy. I went for two different consultations and was so so glad I went with the one I did. have been on two sun holidays since having them done and its such an amazing feeling filling out bikinis! or even just going around without a bra in the sun during the day in little tops etc.. best thing ever. let me know how you get on, if youve any q's at all im on here a bit as i found it so so helpful for me so only glad to help anyone who is considering it x

partygirl  Posted: 18/10/2010 14:32

Thanks so much anon for coming back to me, whereabouts are you based, where did you get your op done (I know not aloud to say name but which city area)?? I've my second consultation tomorrow with another surgeon as I didn't really like the first guy, he seemed to think I was mental to want such a modest change! I'm actually thinking of going with a nipple incision, do you know anyone who has had this or has anyone on here had this incision???  I hear its the best scar wise given that I'm going with such a modest change, a to b, 240cc max I'm worried a scar under will show. I'm single so worried that if I hook up with someone in the next couple of months it'll be embarrassing or I'll have to tell them neither of which I want to do. Anon did you get away without telling anyone, have you since told anyone?? How did you explain away the change? Are you single, dating, married? Also how quickly before the scar started to heal and wouldn't really be noticed, 6 weeks, 10 weeks? How long before you were back to work or able to drive realistically. Sorry so many questions but this really helps. Thanks again Anon and anyone else who can help! partygirl

Madalena  Posted: 18/10/2010 18:12

Hi PartyGirl,

Firstly, well done on making this brave decision for yourself! I don't think that you should be embarrassed about getting a ba, so many women get this procedure done. You really don't have to explain yourself to anybody if you don't want to. I am 3 weeks post op this Wednesday and I got 350cc; I went from a b to a d and no one has noticed yet. If anyone notices you can always say that its a great new push up bra or something if you like. I was really worried about what other people thought but that disappeared before I went for surgery and since then I haven't really thought about it. I was REALLY concerned about the scars also before my consultation and I tried to find a suregon that did the tuba procedure (through the belly button) before I went for any consutlation and in the end I went with the incision at the crease, I even considered armpit and nipple. My surgeon recommended the crease scar as apposed to the nipple as he said that because the nipple is so visible it's more of a risk to have visible scars (remember that you will probably get more ba ops throughout your life), he also was of the opinion that the best result in terms of placement of the implant was with the crease incision, also I was very worried about losing sensitivity in my nipples. That is just my experience. However, you are going for quite a small implant so you should discuss this with your surgeon and see what he recommends.

I am not even 3 weeks post op and I am so happy with the scars, they are neat and small and I can even tell now that when they heal they will be very difficult to see. I had the same surgeon as Anon.  It realistically took me 2 weeks to get back to normal and for any pain or discomfort to go.

Best of Luck with your consultation and keep us updated. :)

annie  Posted: 18/10/2010 20:19

Hey party girl I've also had a BA with incision under the breast.. the scars are really small and hidded in the crease so unless you lifted them right up you wouldnt actually see anything but to be honest it takes a good while to really fade fully.  I had my op in March and they are now completely faded but I'd say it took about 4 months...I was told I wouldnt be insured to drive for a week but went back to work the following week driving no problem although a bit stiff changing gears. I think if you are just getting a small increase you shouldnt feel the tightness that sometimes comes with a BA. Best of luck.. best thing you'll ever do for yourself :-)

RUKA  Posted: 19/10/2010 19:45

Hi party girl,

I am in the same boat as you, havnt told anybody except my mum who is really supportive, and she understands as she was "boobless" when she was young also. I met my surgeon last week and it went well. I am an 32A cup and am going to a small C. I was going to go for a B cup but when i saw the implant it is actually tiny! So a C cup will suit my frame. The implant size is 260cc i think?? Cant remember now but it looked great. I am booked in now for my Op in Nov.. very excited.!!!! I too am young and single but I am not going to worry if a new man will notice.. I don't think any man would mind as long as you feel more confident. Anyway, I am not doing this to appeal to men, I just want to fill a bra and feel like a woman, so i wouldn't worry too much PartyGirl.

I was told to go over the muscle by my surgeon, I didn't think i would have enough tissie but because I am not going much bigger it will still look natural. I thought capsular contracture was morn common will over the muscle implants, but apparently not? He said if you detect anything they can give you some kind of medication to stop the capsule forming so that was good enough for me. Has anyone else gone over the muscle?? What was the recovery like etc etc??

Thanks xx

partygirl  Posted: 21/10/2010 13:21

Girls thanks so much for coming back to me and the support your all so good. I have a third consultation tonight, with each one I'm getting a bit more confident, I also sorted out my finances today too!! Anyway I'm defo thinking nipple incision looking at the post op photos online but will talk to the surgeon tonight, 240cc, silicone, over the muscle.

Ruka - glad to hear there is another single chick on here ;) and someone who hasn't done it yet! We'll defo have to keep in touch. B is big enough for me just want to fill out the clothes I already own. Scarring is my biggest concern I really want to pass these puppies off as my own!

Annie - how fit are you feeling at three weeks post op, one consultant told me I could start jogging again 2 weeks post op, would you think you'd be up to some lower body exercise??

Girls - thanks so much again you know when your feeling a little sensitive about something its good to talk!! Anita x

Maja83  Posted: 21/10/2010 20:35

@partygirl - about the jogging, you shouldnt run for at least 4 weeks. Its not about how fit you are soon after surgery but for safety. Your implant shouldnt move around for at least 4, better 6 weeks! You should also sleep only on your back for at least 4 weeks. Im nearly 7 weeks post surgery now, and only started now sleeping on my side cos it only now started to feel right. I also recommend you and anyone to inform yourselfs through the www as much you can. There is a great american breast forum which is very informative! If you enter breast implant forum in google it will be the first one coming up.

You are also very concerned about that a future partner might find out about your surgery - implants over the muscle are much more likely of rippling and you might even be able to feel them through your skin.

An other note: Dont judge your "new" breasts straight away after surgery, as they are usually sitting high and are swollen - it takes up to 6 month for the final result!

Good luck to you and everyone!

annie  Posted: 27/10/2010 20:03

partygirl i was also told not to do any exercise for 6 wks.   the first 2 wks they were still really high and felt like they were stuck on especially when I was walking.  The doc said this was the only exercise I could do for those 6 wks and after that to wear a good sports bra.  Even now I still wear a super control one cause it feels really strange to have something bouncing that never bounced before! 

Anon.  Posted: 30/10/2010 11:19

Hi Girls, have to say I totally agree with all the advice that is being given on here. Ok So i'm exactly 6months post op now and feeling just great. Defo dont judge them straight after or even a couple of months after as they do drop and become more natural looking as time goes on. Its a total patience process so dont rush in to anything. After all you are putting your body through an operation and introducing total foreign objects to it so give it all the time in the world it needs to heal. I started trying to get really healthy pre-op, took supplements and just ate healthy. I dont smoke thankfully but if you do it would be worth while trying to quit pre-op. the healthier you are the quicker the recovery I think for sure.

Just remember you've all waited all your life for this so just do everything right and the gym will be waiting for you when your body is good and ready. I actually still wear non underwire bra's to work everyday as I feel it has defo helped the scar heal quicker, I'm using bio oil after every shower but only started this after about 8 weeks as the scars would have been too raw if not!

A couple of people have said to me.. oh the boobs on you tonight, but I totally play it down, chicken fillets and gel bra's, I feel its my body, my business, my best friend know, my sister, my mam and my boyfriend and thats it..! people will always speculate bout every aspect so let them off.. you dont have to confirm anything to anyone so dont worry about that side of it.

I would really love to hear from someone who has had the op and had a baby since, i am trying to conceive now, 6months post op, my surgeon said its totally fine but i'm worried as to how pregnancy would affect my new boobs. it will also be perfect excuse for me to tell people why they've got bigger ha!! so has anyone given birth since having a BA? I would really like to hear from someone who as.

Meanwhile best of luck to all the other girls, and any questions, please ask.. Anon x

Maja83  Posted: 01/11/2010 20:39

Hello Anon.!

About your last point, pregnancy after the BA, I think you will get lots information on a different forum. I dont know if I can put the link on here but I ll try ;) its

Its very informative for any issue regarding BAs.

RUKA  Posted: 02/11/2010 22:51

Hey guys,

I have a few questions about the sports bra after the BA. I have met my surgeon and he seems to be very different from others as he told me not to wear a sports bra after my BA. He said he doesnt like the look they give you in the long run, as in, he thinks they flatten ur new breasts. he told he to buy a super suportive underwire bra. NOW i am totally confused as I have been researching BA for years and thought that you were never supposed to wear underwire bras after the BA. :(  I am going to listen to his advice as he has been doing this for over 20 years and I know he is very specialised! But im still aprehensive. Has anyone else been given this advice? I probably will not be able to name the surgeon on this forum, but from what I have gathered, a few of you have had BA in the same place as I am going. All advice welcome!

Also, after 2 weeks will i pretty much be alright to go about my daily life?? I hope they dont sit up toooo high, i am going quite small anyway so i know they wont be massive. Im sure i will be able to disguise them. Thank god its winter! ha ha........

Maja83  Posted: 03/11/2010 10:17

Hello RUKA,

I totally understand your concerns about your ps advise! I was told not to wear ANY bra, and I did listen most of the time. I found maternity bras with no underwire ver helpfull at times (I had one from my days of breastfeeding).

I read about a few people on the board I posted in my last message who were told to wear an underwire bra by their surgeons. I think I also read about a girl on this board, who had surgery in wicklow (?) and who had to wear a underwired bra. Do you have your stitches covered? I would worry a little if they were uncovered with the wire rubbing on them. In any doupt always listen to your ps!

Good luck and good healing!

Oh and with housework, I did only light housework at your stage, but started lifting my baby the odd time at 2 weeks. Im 8 weeks post now and so far everything is fine!

irishfairy  Posted: 27/03/2011 02:56

Hey everyone,

I know nobody has written here for a good while but it's pretty much the only thing I could find where I could actually write myself...

I have been thinking about getting a breast lift for ages now, 5 or 6 years. I'm 25 years old and my breasts never looked nice. They have always looked like triangular bags and I'm extremely unhappy with them. My boyfriend's opinion differs to mine but I just feel horrible about showing them and developed a certain body position to make them look their best, which still isn't great but better than at natural body position.

Now I have lost a good bit of weight over the last 6 months and on top of the shape they look really deflated. I used to be a 36D at most shops, you know the way sizes differ sometimes. Not too sure what I am now but when I wear my old bras there's a good bit left to fill.

So I am thinking of getting a lift and enlargment. Don't want to go huge, just back to what I used to be, it worked in proportion as I'm tall and nowhere near skinny and never will be and don't want to be either.

Do I already pay for the consultation? I just want to talk to surgeons and find the best one and make a choice then but can't really afford on splashing out on a couple of consultations...

annie  Posted: 28/03/2011 11:41

Hi Irishfairy.. I had a ba 12 months ago this month after years of being unhappy with mine.  At the time the consultant suggested that I may also need a lift but as it turns out the the implants alone were fine.  I had the teardrop ones but the round ones might be better for fullness at the top but the surgeon should be able to advise you.  I went to a surgeon recommendation from my GP, cant mention the name on this page but he is considered an expert and has been called as a witness for malpractice suits in court.  he also works as reconstructive surgeon for ppl who have had breast cancer.  He charges €250 for an initial consultation and nothing further after that other than the cost of the op. He is defo one of the more expensive ones as he operates from two private clinics although I have to say I was glad of a private room after the op. I paid €8,100 in total (2k of which was purely for the hospital) but to be honest I was so impressed with his approach and credentials (after plenty of research) I didnt go to any other consultations.  I brought my sister with me who had also been to other surgeons with my mum who was researching a face lift and she also had the same impression.  Be wary of any surgeons that try to convince you to get something done or offer big discounts etc. My understanding is that most reputable surgeons will charge a consultation fee and genearlly dont have to advertise.  I know this is defo the more expensive route but this is your body and I'd rather pay more for peace of mind.  A year on I am absolutely delighted with the results and just kicking myself for not doing it years ago.

scamp  Posted: 29/03/2011 16:20

Hi Everyone

I am new to this forum.  I want to get a BA done as my breasts have lost volume and one is quite a lot bigger than the other.

I went for a consultation last week and met the Plastic Surgeon.  He seemed very informative but told me there was no need to wear a bra after surgery???

I have read a lot of happy stories on this forum and was wondering if anybody could give me the name of a good PS or clinic where they have had a sucsessfull BA.  My email address is

Your help and advice would be greatly apprecited.

Tirranda  Posted: 02/04/2011 23:04


Dear Everyone,

I am writing my thesis on the subject of medical tourism in Central Europe and I developed a maximum 6-minute survey on the topic. If any of you could spare a couple of minutes to add your response I would be most grateful. You can find the survey here:


no_confid  Posted: 09/04/2011 15:12

Hello Girls

Well i am a mother of two and breast fed my last baby who is now 3, i was never big boobed and always concious of this but now what i have as little as it it is even more deflated, this really affects me i hate to be seen naked or swimwear or nice summer tops, and i feel down because of it, im 9 stone, about 5 ft 4 and wear bras that are about 34 a/b but have never being measured properly sometimes 34 a fits and sometime 34 b fits but when bra is off i cant stand the droopyness, so basically im just looking for more information, as average costs? things to look out for? etc thanks

pinkfluffy  Posted: 28/05/2011 20:28

Hi guys, it's been great reading all your posts. I've got a few (well for than a few!) questions I was hoping you mght be able to help me with. I'm a single 30 year old and have decided after years of being unhappy with my boobs, after splitting from my long term partner and coming thorugh a bad car crash that I would treat myself to the thing that I wanted the most - a boob job. I will have to take 2 weeks off work, and as I have a very high pressure job I don't want to loose my summer holiday - so I'm thinking of getting it done abroad as a sort of holiday. Has anyone had an experience of this? I've had a rummage online but all the websites look so dodgy that I'm really not sure if it's such a good idea.

I am also concerned about breast feeding in the future (if I'm lucky enough), has anyone been through pregnancy and breast feeding with implants?

I'm also wondering for the most realisitc effect with least scarring what implants are the best options?

Thanks so much for your help! x

charlie12  Posted: 30/07/2011 18:44

Hi, I am thinking of having a ba with a clinic in Dublin. I am thinking of having them done via the armpit has anyone had the procedure done this way? Any information would be much appreciated. Thanks.

PenguinPets  Posted: 19/09/2011 13:03

Looking into BA and am feeling a little overwhelmed with all the info out there.

I'm looking for advice from women who have had BA in Dublin.


Is there anything you think I should know before I make my decision.

thanks so much

deflated boobs  Posted: 20/10/2011 17:54

Hi Ladies, I decided 2 years ago i wanted my boobs done for definite i had a nice full 32c but over time they deflated to a 32b a small b. I was gonna get my BA done in Thailand but becaue of the recovery process and after care consults you need with your surgeon i opted for Ireland.

I went for my 1st consultation tues in Dublin with a surgeon that did a friend of a freinds BA. He was lovely and filled my in on this new implant typle that doesnt drop or rotate compared to other this one he advises to get for this reason. I got to try on a few sizes but i found it very difficult to decide 1 size looked very natural i think its would leave me with a c cup 325cc i think and the other i would def be a d cup.The d cup looked too big for my frame but then what plays on the back of my mind is everyone saying how they wished they had gone bigger.

Has anyone regretted not going for the bigger size? I was looking at going back to my 32c size as im quiet petite and the tear drop shape under the muscle.

I feel quite confident with this surgeon even though i will see a few more before making my decision.

The surgeon also says that with a round implant, if you were to walk down a beach topless people will instantly know you had a BA but with the tear drop shape they will 2nd guess you had it done. The friend of a friend i mentioned earlier showed me her boobs and filled me in on her experience. Hers dont look big at all under a top but in the bra they look amazing and fit her body perfectly, but i do think if i had hers on my frame they would look crazy big.....

The surgeon also says you can go out walking the next day as he uses the 24hour recovery method created by a dcotor in dallas usa and it involves lil bleeding they say the less you bleed the less pain.Ehich is what we all wanna hear. But i guess everyone is different and has a different pain thresh hold.

Thats my experience so far. reading on this site and seeing other irish girls out there are looking for BA's is comforting.

My main concern is the recovery as im in fitness and i cant be out of work for 6 weeks....Has anyone gone back to working out b4 6wks?

Im so excited now i think im booking mine for june 2012. obviously i will do more research and do more consults, for those ladies who have experienced it all any ifo thrown this wat would be great....

annie  Posted: 21/10/2011 18:29

Hi all.. I had a BA done about 18 months ago.  I got the teardrop shapped ones and got them over the muscle.  The reason you are told not to do much exercise for six weeks is to ensure that the capsule has started to form so that the implant wont move and this is more important with teardrop shapped ones.  I have to say I am delighted I got the teardrop ones because I have recently lost weight and they still look really natural.  I know that if I had the round ones the top line would have been very obvious.

At the same time I have had problems with one of them as I have mild encapsulation called scalloping which has become noticable since I lost weight.. while this is not noticable to touch or when I have a bra on, when I am lying on my back one seems to move much further to the side.. Just something to be aware that can happen..

Re size.. when I was initially thinking about it (10 years ago!) I always said that I would just go to a b r small c probably so no one would notice and think I was just a plastic boobed bimbo!.. In the end I went with a D and basically just told the surgeon to balance me out in proportion to my hips.. so delighted I went with that size even though I was worried everyone would notice but to be honest.. even if they do notice not many people are going to have the guts to ask you straight out and I love them so much it really doesnt matter. at the end of the day its about your own confidence and I would recommend it to anyone thinking about it.. I'm sorry I didnt do it years ago instead of feeling miserable about it.

Good look all!

charlie12  Posted: 24/10/2011 23:11

Hi I am having a ba on wednesday. i'm a 34/d but empty after breastfeeding so ill let you know the outcome, sooo nervous but looking forward to it at the same time. there the surgeon inserts a sizer during surgery and decides then what implant size suits you best......

deflated boobs  Posted: 25/10/2011 19:35

Oh Charlie are you nervous? well best of luck and please let us know all about it. What kind of implant are you going for?

Annie thanks for all that info!!

deflated boobs  Posted: 04/11/2011 16:10

Hey Charlie, How did your BA go? Hope all is well and your recovery in a breeze!!

fiona.M  Posted: 25/11/2011 12:22

Hi all, I am due to have my BA in Dec. I'm 5" 6 and a 36A

I wanted to be a D cup so my PS has suggested 400cc  silicone round implants to be placed under the muscle.

I am due to be back in work 5 days later as the boss won't allow any more time than that, I only do light paper work (administration work)

If there is anyone who has gone through a similar size and placement would you get back to me and let me know if this would be possible as I might have to reschedule my procedure


twitter2010  Posted: 04/01/2012 19:52

all advice and experiences welcome :) 

ive been wanting to get a BA for da last few years so i decided to put some money away just incase i decided to do it. 

id like to know how much would it roughtly be... i know il be around the 5 grand mark.

i was tinking about getting silicone naturell ones because i see these ones have a guarantee on them.

auntyc  Posted: 29/01/2012 00:26

Hi there, I'm new to this and was wondering if there is anyone in the same position as me...

I had BA in 2005 (best thing I've ever done!), but the clinic is now gone. And I'm concerned about the possibility of having PIP implants. The advice being given for these concerns, is to contact the implanting surgeon - the information in which I don't have. I don't know how to find out if I could have these PIP implants.

Any advice??



fox  Posted: 14/02/2012 23:05

Hi there....Pls could people forward their BA surgeons names plus cost they were happy with an those who were not... I'm extremely nervous as I had rhinoplasty done in this country and it didn't go so well !!! I'm in the kerry region so closer the better... I would sooo appreciate this .....thanks my email is

Skybarbie  Posted: 15/02/2012 14:19

I had BA done 10 years ago by a Dublin clinic although the procedure was in mullingar. I was originally disapointed in the size as I think I went from an AA to a small B. Anyhow my left breast has now gone hard.. I went for a consultation with my surgeon who said it was the capsule that had gone hard. I explained that I had occasionally experienced a pin prick like stinging sensation every once in a while.. I believe it might have ruptured a little though the surgeon will never own up to that. I have an apt made for a mammogram but I know I ll have to get them re done. I don't know if we are allowed to mention surgery clinics by name on this site but I would really like some recommendations where to go as I obviously don't want to return to my previous surgeon. Please help

Skybarbie  Posted: 15/02/2012 15:07

Btw.. My email is

gayle91  Posted: 04/03/2012 15:05


I am a third year student in NUI Maynooth and and I am doing a sociology thesis on the medicalization of cosmetic surgery. My research question is 'to what extent does the medicalization of cosmetic surgery influence the decisions of Irish women to alter their bodies for the sake of beauty?'

I wish to interview women who have undergone the process. If anyone is willing to give me an hour of their time I'd be extremely grateful! i'm finding it difficult to find anyone who's had it done! The interview can be at whichever time and location suits you best. Confidentiality is assured.

My email is Thanks!

carolinepina  Posted: 22/04/2012 12:00

Hi everyone,

I've been looking to get a BA for years now and have finally decided to take the plunge. Its so brilliant hearing everyone's experiences, I'm researching different hospitals and clinics at the moment and amn't sure where I should go. I know we're not allowed discuss names of clinics online, but if any of you girls who've gone through getting a BA and were happy with the results, could you email me with where you think I should go? I'd be so grateful!

sallylally  Posted: 08/05/2012 18:19

I've decided i'm 100% going to go for a breast enlargement this summer. However, i am overwhelmed by all the different websites and companies available on the internet and i would love if someone who has had a positive experience with an Irish surgen to email me with their details. I'm very nervous but excited and want to make sure i receive the best treatment possible. I'm currently living in Galway. 

Thank you so much any kind of information is welcome! :)

lilo25  Posted: 17/06/2012 16:46

Hi everyone,

It's great to hear your experiences.

I recently lost 7 stone and unfortunately my boobs have suffered from it :(

Im only 26 so i have been considering a breast lift without implants. Id like to have an idea of how much it would cost etc ,before i book a consultation so that i know i can afford it and im not wasting my time.

I was wondering if any of you have had this done or maybe have an idea of costs etc?

Thanks I really appreciate it,


pa2012  Posted: 30/06/2012 23:14

hi everyone, i have just joined and i am hoping there are people on here who can share there experiences of clane general/private hospital with me for breast augmentation. im planning surgery but very anxious and worried about it. any info or advice would be greatly appreciated.

pa2012  Posted: 02/07/2012 17:11

hey everyone sorry i never posted by e mail its pandabearcr2012@gmail.comif anyone has any info about breast augmentation at clane hospital i would be very grateful to know anything and if you had surgery here if you could tel me how you found the surgeon it would be great. thanks in advance !

ddsparkle  Posted: 28/08/2012 23:32

Hi all,

Been reading through the discussion posts on here, so much good advice. Am particularly interested in your experience deflated boobs! the 24hr recovery method is one which i have heard lots about. would love to hear which clinic offers this procedure and if undertaken, how you got on.

Many thanks


michelleD  Posted: 12/09/2012 23:10

hi everyone<

been reading your posts and lotza great info, im definately looking in to getting ba done but dont ave a clue where to start to look or who to go to!!! just had a baby 7 months ago and was a size d , but since i gave birth i lost alot of weight and also my boobs and now am a very small c border line b , im only 23 and they sag so bad , all my confidence is gone as i always had boobs  and now there completly gone :( if so,e 1 could forward me on some gud clinics i would appricate it so much!! and also could some 1 tell me if u ave to wait a certain amount of time after a baby b fore u could follow through wit surgert!! my email is:


lir  Posted: 20/09/2012 20:59

Before considering Cosmetic surgery, please read the Dept of Health's recommendations which has been updated following the disaster of the PIP implants scandal and the lack of follow up care by an original provider. Please ensure your surgery is carried out in a reputable hospital; that your surgeon is someone whose practice is pernmanently based in Ireland; that have experience with doing breast reconstruction + read the DOH link below:

Check the guarantee period offered, keep the original paperwork required & ask after how many years will they have to be removed. Please consider very carefully. Cost varies - 

ainepie  Posted: 11/10/2012 13:35

Hi all

I have been wanting to get mt breasts done for the past few years but wanted too wait a while in the hope that they would grow as i am 21 now but i am still unhappy with them so have decided I will have them done. I have looked it up online but there is just so many options of different surgeons and places and prices, i dont want to pay to much and get ripped off but also too little for not such a great job. can you please help me with my research and letting me know the average price.

Thanks :) x

lir  Posted: 11/10/2012 21:10

@Aine, please read the DOH advice on choosing the surgeon etc. Again i repeat, check that the Surgeon is on the Medical council general register, and not just the specialist register, I undersstnad some doctors on the specialiast register are doctors who fly in and out of the country to practice i.e. not pernmanently employed in ireland

valerievaneesa  Posted: 20/10/2012 14:22

Just like any other surgical procedure, there will always be risks associated with breast augmentations. Regardless of the possibility of risks, the breast augmentation procedure is considered to be the safest. When it comes down to the implants used during a breast augmentation there is also the risk of complications. One of the biggest issues associated with the breast implants are the possibility of rupture after the completion of the breast augmentation procedure. In general, unless the implant has bacteria in it, the saline filled implant is usually harmless. However there have been numerous complaints associated with the silicone implants. In the event that the implant ruptures the only course of action is removal which means another surgery. There may also be the chance of a capsular contracture. When speaking about the capsule, what we are referring to is the scar tissue that is located around the implant itself which is formed by the implant procedure itself. As time goes by, this scar tissue may become thicker. In the event that it becomes too thick, the space needed for the implant becomes too small. In the end this can cause an implant rupture if too much pressure is applied to the implant. Another possible breast implant dangers is a hermatoma. In the event that you get a hermatoma or even a seroma blood will build up inside the soft tissue of the breasts. This complication may also lead to a capsular contracture which in turn may eventually lead to a rupture of the implant. There is the possibility of loss of some or all of your nipple and breast sensation as well as the chance of pain for an extended period of time after the recovery period. When it comes to loss of sensations or an increase in pain, these both may range from almost none, to excessive depending on the type of incision that you chose for your procedure. As with any type of surgical procedure, there is the risk of infections in the area that was operated on. This infection can be localized inside of the implant pocket or along the stitch line but the possibility still exists. Breast implant dangers are a possibility but the best way to lower your chances are to make sure that you are well informed about your upcoming procedure.


valerievaneesa  Posted: 27/10/2012 06:37

Can You Really Increase Your Breast Size Naturally?Most women who are not blessed with big breasts often go for surgical breast implants when they want to increase the size or shape of their bust line. However, these procedures can dangerous, very expensive and may even have side effects after the surgery. Natural breast enlargement alternatives which can be also very effective in enhancing the size of your breast and do not have any health risks to worry about.The size of your bust is determined by the amount of hormones produced by your body. Female hormones such as estrogen and testosterone help in the development of the size and shape of your busts. Often times, genetics is also a factor in the development of your breasts. Thus, there are many ways in which we can enhance it.Natural Breast Enlargement Methods:    Hypnosis. Hypnosis is the combination of the different hypnotic techniques which require relaxation of the mind and body. It also includes visualization on what we would like to achieve. This procedure enables us to communicate with the inner levels of our body such as our cells, tissues, muscles, and nerves which contributes to the development of your bust size. It tells our body on how it should work and that it should produce enough hormones for your bust to develop.    Exercise. It is very important that we work out. Just like any muscle it needs tending to be shaped the way we wanted it to be. There are a lot of exercise programs in which you can shape up the muscles found in your breast. To name a few are he-man press, butterfly press, and praying press.    Yoga. Yoga does not only relax your mind and your body but it also help you shape your busts. It is an ancient practice known for its meditation exercises.    Aroma therapy massage. Massage coupled with essential oils that helps in developing the size and shape of your busts are also very effective. Essential oils such as parsley, lemongrass, sage, and carrots are just some of the few that helps in developing your breasts.    Food intake. The foods you consume can be very important in the development of your breasts. You must be able to add into your daily diet foods which are rich in phosphorus, calcium, protein, and iron.

Siobhany  Posted: 14/11/2012 00:20

Hi All,

I am seriously considering taking the plunge and getting a breast augmentation but am obviously really nervous about the health risks among other things. Have got loads of info from just reading through the forum but obviously hospitals/ surgeons can't be named. Would be really interested in peoples experiences, where they went etc. I want to go to a private hospital and am willing to pay more for a reputable surgeon and good after care. Would really really appreciate any advice on this

My email is

Thanks in advance for any replies! 

ddbella  Posted: 17/12/2012 16:58

Hey Sio, I too get concerned about potential health risks. I recently started searching for natrual ways to increase breast size and came across this video on youtube

I am thinking of giving it a try. If anyone has used this before and had good results please let me know.

Teenybop2000  Posted: 17/01/2013 23:44

Hi, I am hopeing to get a breast enlargement this year . I am a bit nervous about it due to the fact I'm hearing more and more horror stories . What are people's experiences? 

Whitewi  Posted: 23/02/2013 22:05

Has anyone ever had there ba done in waterford? I am hoping to book in to that clinic & wondering what cost & experience was like, any info would be appreciated because otherwise i will have to go to dublin 

Ruby  Posted: 07/06/2013 15:58

Hi, really considering breast enlargement TOO, my boobs have literally shrunk so much in the past year. I am 29 years old and would feel so much better even going up a cup size or 2. I am a size 8 so dont want to do a Jordon lol just to give me something.... Where have girls gone to in the past, reviews etc much appreciated. Thanks

Ruby  Posted: 07/06/2013 16:25

Hi, I am really considering getting my breasts enlarged, nothing like Jordan lol but maybe up a cup or tea, my boobs have literally shrunk to nothing in the past year. I am 29 size 8 so dont want anything too obvious. Any recommandations, experiecnces much appreciated.


Burgundy  Posted: 20/07/2013 14:22

Hi everyone I am due to have a breast augmentation in August in Wicklow just wondering has anyone had there ba done there any info would be great thanks.

Teenybop2000  Posted: 22/07/2013 13:56

I had mine done in Wicklow in March. I am happy with the results . 

Burgundy  Posted: 22/07/2013 23:00

Hi teenybop did you go for saline or silicone and how was your recovery.

Kourt  Posted: 22/07/2013 23:15

It's day 3 post Op for me. I had 375cc anatomical shape placed under the muscle. I cannot believe how painless the journey has been. I am stiff & obviously restricted but I feel amazing and I'm really happy with results so far. I had the best experience. My advice: Do your research, trust your surgeon & only do if you are certain. Good luck Laughing

Ruby  Posted: 23/07/2013 13:45

Hi Kourt,

Where did you have the operation? Its either Cosmedico in Wicklow or River Medical I am looking at. 


Kourt  Posted: 23/07/2013 22:22

Hey Ruby,

I had my consultation with Aesthetics Surgery Ireland, actual surgery was performed at the Hermitage.

John Williams  Posted: 24/07/2013 15:33

ddbella 594. These advertisements for breast augmentation are just what people are warned about. Taking advice from these sponsored advertisements is very naive indeed. The ointment which is advertised is probably harmless so you probably can't do any harm (except to your pocket) by trying it. Don't be disappointed if you don't get a result.

Teenybop2000  Posted: 25/07/2013 09:38

Hi burgundy mine are saline .there nagor implants. I do have to say I was very sore after the op , needed help to sit up and get out of bed. If I done it to quick it felt like a burning sensation . All is good now  . I took 2 weeks off work and I defo think I needed it because didn't sleep well. Had to sleep sitting up so was quite stiff . Just prepare ahead and get as much help with house/ children etc as you can

Nic96  Posted: 25/07/2013 19:44

Girls I would seriously reconsider having implants! I just had mine removed after 12yrs of feeling like a big fake & being really unhappy with myself. If your self esteem is already low, fake boobs aren't going to make you happy!

I have never been happier being all natural and don't regret for one minute not having them replaced!!

Seriously girls you're better off to invest your money in building self esteem ie counselling, psychotherapy whatever does it for you.

deflated boobs  Posted: 26/07/2013 11:43

Hi ladies after many years of considering breast augmentation I finally took the plunge! I am just over 2wks post op & I feel fantastic! I'm thrilled with the results! I had no pain at all I could t believe it & was out & about after 5 days! Here's the catch I got mine done abroad in Thailand. I know it's scary the whole process is and I talked to 3 women who had theirs done before here in Ireland & I had their head fried with questions. So if anyone wants to email me with any queries I am more than happy to help out! It helped me loads taking to others & also YouTube have 100s of vlogs on people's experiences and it really is true what they say everyone's recovery is different! But I do think yrs of research,talking to others who had theirs done, finding a top surgeon & hospital, and making sure you are sure are key! Like I said anyone who wants to ask questions I have no prob In doing so!

Teenybop2000  Posted: 26/07/2013 18:55

Nic 96 . Maybe you rushed into getting ba. I've no self esteem issues, I just felt more fake wearing a padded bra than gettin my implants. I'm not sure what you had but I got ones In proportion with my body shape and size, they look and feel natural. But thanks for the advice, hope you sought the help you needed.

Burgundy  Posted: 29/07/2013 15:27

Hi teenybop thanks for the info about recovery.I am getting 330 hp silicone under the muscle I'm 5/10 and 8 stone 10 lb athletic build so I don't want to look out of proportion did you go bigger and whats your stats if you don't mind me asking.

Boobless  Posted: 29/07/2013 19:44

Hello all

i had BA 4 years ago. I'm 36 now and was always a AA. I got round 280 cc over the muscle. I have never looked back. I couldnt even fill any bra and hated buying tops or dresses. Now I don't even think about it anymore. Fours years and another baby later, my implants are a little crinkly at times, only because I have no breast tissue to cover them really. One of the best decisions I made. Everyone's reasons are different forhaving it done. I'm happier in myself. I was never self confident. I just didn't feel feminine. The only people that I ever told werey sister and obviously husband. No one ever paid much attention after as I just wear normal bras now, not the big gel filled ones I depended on. Best of luck with whatever decision you make. 

Ruby  Posted: 30/07/2013 09:37

Thanks for all the recent posts, really helping me with my decision. I know all implants are differenet but on average what price, would €5000 be a rough estimate?


kellie993  Posted: 11/08/2013 15:05

hi im a 20 year old female. Iv wanted a boob job since I was 16. Im working on getting down to my goal weight at the minute. Im a 34c at the minute. I would like to go to a double D. Could anyone please tell me how much it cost. I dont know anyone that has had it done so I have no clue where to even begin looking. Thank you

Burgundy  Posted: 13/08/2013 14:51

Hi kellie I am getting mine done in August in wicklow mine cost E3,940 the 40 is your post op bra hope-this gives you idea of prices. You can pay up to 6 thousand, everywhere has different prices hope this helps.

kellie993  Posted: 13/08/2013 15:44

Thank you for your reply. Would it be possible for you to email me on, id like to know the name of the clinic and maybe if you didnt mind you could let me know how th op went. Thank you

Whitewi  Posted: 13/08/2013 16:11

Has anyone had ba in Waterford? Would love to hear how it went, how much etc

Burgundy  Posted: 14/08/2013 16:54

Hi kellie I sent you a email let me know if you got it ok talk to you later.

Sakel  Posted: 20/08/2013 20:10

Has anyone had their surgery in Wicklow.  Were you happy wiht the results?  I have a consultation there soon and price seems a lot less than other places so wondering have people had good results from there?

Boobless  Posted: 21/08/2013 08:29

Got mine in waterford in 08. It cost 6000 back then surgeon was lovely. All went well. 

Teenybop2000  Posted: 21/08/2013 16:42

Hi sakel. I got mine done in Wicklow in march. I paid 3950. The reason it's meant to be cheaper is cause u don't get an over night stay . I went in for 7am and was out by 3pm. I am happy with the results . The thing I didn't like was that I wasn't have anyone allowed wait with me in the room before I went to surgery so that was but nerve wracking .  . Hope this helps :)

Burgundy  Posted: 21/08/2013 19:03

Hi sakel I am getting mine done this Friday in wicklow so I will let you know how it goes getting nervous and excited only 2 more days.

Sakel  Posted: 22/08/2013 09:38

Brilliant thanks girls. Would love to hear how u get on Burgandy. Hope it all goes smoothly for you

Ruby  Posted: 22/08/2013 09:38

Thanks for all the replies. Good luck for your op Burgandy looking forward to hearing how you get on. 

I was looking at River Medical but Wicklow is only 10 mins from where I live.


Burgundy  Posted: 22/08/2013 16:27

Hi girls thanks for the good luck wishes I was talking to Sarah in river medical but you have to stay overnight they put you in one of the hospitals in dublin .I didn't want to stay in overnight because one of my sons has autism so he could get quite upset and the cost is higher with river medical but they are very nice when I was talking to them ok better go thinks to do before tomorrow I will write back after op bye for now.

Burgundy  Posted: 23/08/2013 21:52

Hi girls I'm home went down for surgery at 1150 woke up around 1 could not stop shaking a lot of pressure on my chest and muscle were going in and out of spasm like contractions very painful nurse gave pain killers straight away into the drip so I was grand about 20 mins later no problems with my arms just aching a bit I was able to tie my hair up and dress myself.I am delighted with the results I had 330 xhp silicone unders the surgeon was brilliant he really knows his stuff that was the highest he would go I think he was spot on with size when you girls get yours done try not to sit around I think moving around is better you won't be as stiff.I will probably be very sore in the morning after sleeping I will let yous know more later.the staff were brilliant all lovely and very helpful I am delighted I chose the avoca clinic sorry this is so long any questions girls just send a message talk to you all later.

Sakel  Posted: 26/08/2013 12:08

Glad to hear everything went well for u burgandy. . Cant wait to hear your progress .  What size were u pre op and wat size do you hope to end up with?

Burgundy  Posted: 26/08/2013 17:39

Hi sakel per op 34aa post op 34c/d hopefully I know more in a few weeks the meds are very hard on the stomach if you get it done make sure you eat plenty of food with the meds I feel good just my stomach is upset talk soon.

Whitewi  Posted: 26/08/2013 21:41

Boobless thanks for reply, did you have to stay in overnight & what was recovery like?

Boobless  Posted: 29/08/2013 10:37

I did stay overnight cos I had a six month old baby at the time. After around a week I was ok. It's painful at night and hard to lie down but I thought it would be worse. I was on alot of painkillers. The surgeon was lovely and do were the staff. 

Sakel  Posted: 30/08/2013 08:49

Hey burgandy. Hows the recovery going? Are u back doing normal tasks yet? I have my first consultation next week. Cant wait :)

Burgundy  Posted: 02/09/2013 16:05

Hi sakel I'm feeling good I was very sick the first few days from the meds I stopped taking them on day 4 .after that started to get aching muscles in the top of my arms a d my back is very sore between the shoulders from sleeping sitting up but every day it gets easier .in the morning your boobs ache till you start to move around yesterday my boobs started feeling different I think the muscles started to relax and the implants are starting to drop the pressure on my chest is not as bad now since the muscles relaxed I think I'm doing pretty good best advice I can give is to keep moving around or else you go stiff.let me know how you get on its very exciting and nervous at the same time how big do you plan on going my dr would not go any bigger than 330 and he was right the size is perfect for my frame.

AllyBx  Posted: 05/09/2013 13:44

Hi Burgundy. I was just wondering would you be able to mail me and tell me all about your experience. I am planning on having my boobs done in the next few months but i dont know anyone who has had one done before so im understandably nervous and would love to talk to someone who has gone through with this procedure. My mail is allystxx@hotmail.comAnyone else who has had surgery in Ireland can feel free to mail me tooThanks guys Tongue out 

Sakel  Posted: 05/09/2013 20:57

I had my first consultation today. Doc suggested 340cc anatomical unders as i am looking to go from an a-small b to a large C/small D.  I have another consultation next week so will be interesting to see if they suggest the same.

Very nervous about getting the size right as I dont want them to look too big.  Only telling a couple of friends and hoping no one else will notice as i am wearing padded bras all the time at the moment. Also dont want to be left wishing that I went for bigger.  So hard to know!!

My email is if any of you want to chat via email as it takes a while for the messages to go up on here.  Would love to hear from anyone with BA experience as hoping to get them done now within the month.  So excited but also very nervous about the whole experience

sfonseka  Posted: 21/09/2013 15:09

Top 5 Advantages of Breast Massage

1. Breast massage can be done in the privacy of your home and is easy and effective. You also do not have to spend a lot of time doing it to achieve excellent results.2. Because the breast consists of tissue and adipose fat, massage is extremely effective in toning the tissue and improving the overall look of the breast. Tissue responds very well to stimulation and massage is the ideal type of stimulation.3. Just as in the case of exercise, massage helps to improve the contours of the breast. Although you cannot expect a huge increase in size by doing massage alone, there are massage techniques that mimic breast feeding which in turn stimulates breast development and growth.4. Embarking on a massage routine also has the advantage of putting women in touch with their breasts. Women who regularly massage their breasts are far more likely to notice changes in their breast tissue and have it checked out early on, which in turn saves lives.5. Massage in any form helps the body to release toxins and breast massage targets the lymphatic system which numerous women tend to have problems with.

glittergal  Posted: 01/10/2013 16:56

Hi. I'm having a BA in a few weeks time. Has anyone got any tips for an easy recovery or advice on how to prepare?  

sfonseka  Posted: 14/10/2013 02:49



Increase Breast Size without Gaining Weight

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Wild Yam Root

Taking supplements like wild yam root can make the breast larger. This is because it can increase estrogen production in some women, which leads to a bigger bust. Wild yam root also balances progesterone in the body, which can help to clear hormonal acne. However, in addition to making your breasts bigger, you may also gain weight, particularly in your midsection and hips, as this is an effect of estrogenic activity.

Push-Up and Underwire Bras

Until you decide which natural breast enhancement method is best for you, you can wear a push-up bra. These bras can make your breasts look one to two sizes bigger, which could make you feel more satisfied with the way you look in your clothing. Bras that have an underwire can also help to bring positive attention to your breasts. These bras will definitely come in handy to help make your torso look slightly thinner, and you don't have to worry about having any invasive procedures to get the breasts you want.

A Healthy Diet

Eating a balanced diet and staying away from processed foods can also prompt your breasts to grow. Foods that are high in antioxidants like raw fruits and vegetables can also help you to avoid stretch marks and blemishes on your breasts and make your breasts firmer. If you're trying to enhance you breast size, it's also important to stay away from tobacco and alcohol. These substances can stunt the growth of your breast cells to stop development and have even been linked to breast cancer.

A Toxic-Free Beauty Regimen

It's best to eliminate all toxins from your daily beauty routine if you want your breasts to grow. Stop using deodorants that contain aluminum, as this can stunt the growth of your breasts and slow down the function of your immune system. Household cleaners and pesticides that are not natural and organic also contain harmful chemicals that can disrupt the natural activity of your hormones, which can lead to delayed, non-existent or fluctuating breast growth. Using dangerous chemicals to clean your home or grow your food and flowers can also cause mental and emotional disorders.

Nat15  Posted: 21/10/2013 12:45

Hi Ladies, thank you so much for sharing your experiences. It's been really helpful, I'm looking into getting a BA myself but am very nervous at the thought. Where can I get information on surgeons?


JacquelineKimura  Posted: 12/11/2013 06:33

I’m 5’2 and weigh 105. I got 375cc. That size was perfect for me, I’m glad I went with my instincts anything smaller wouldn’t have been worth it and anything bigger than 400cc for me would have been too big. After the heal and whn the swelling is all gone, they would get a bit smaller. 

Mizzy  Posted: 28/11/2013 14:25

Hi I'm thinking of finally going ahead with a breast enlargement procedure but have heard horror stories so would like some suggestions from women who have had the surgery. Silicon over saline? Transaxillary or incision below the breast? Which is best? Is it better to stay overnight after surgery?  

any suggestions and tips would be great!

thank you!

Turner  Posted: 02/04/2014 04:08

when i was 16, i had the same measurements. then i am using boob pop now i am 17 . , i wear 38 C sized bra now. so just let your body grow naturally with boob pop.

Melissa Nestor  Posted: 02/05/2014 15:54


I’m finally going to get my BA done. I’m getting a lipo on lower and upper abdomen, flanks and on a small bit on my thighs. I tried losing weight, but it was really hard for the ab fat and the fat in flanks to go away, it hardly did! As for the boobs... Oh the boobs. Why the universe saw fit to make me so asymmetrical I'll never know. My boobs will be a tough job for a PS because there are several type of asymmetry: boob size, boob shape, nipple size and nipple location. As such it is very scary to think about what I may end up looking like. I am doing my best to select a qualified surgeon and thats about all I can do.

Neevey  Posted: 10/05/2014 14:15

I've just had a combined bilateral breast mastopexy/augmentation 2 days ago .(Thursday) I'm a young professional in my early 20's so found it hard enough to find Any personal reviews /experiences from people who had the procedure so I've decided to try and help any woman thinking of having it done!

So I was unfortunately blessed with saggy breasts and asymmetry . As a 23 year old this was quite an embarrassing thing for me. I've always been slim enough , however May have gained a few alcohol related pounds in university ! Anyway being a young professional I decided it was time to change my was truly destroying my confidence on the inside. So I attended my first consultation with my PS in Jan 2014 in Dublin. My PS described my breasts as deflated balloons ..too much excess skin a little breast tissue, for this reason I would need bilateral implants alongside a lift..quite frankly, at 23 I had the boobs of a 70 yr old. 

Im a bit of a gym bunny so I was conscious that implants would be heavy and big etc so I was a bit concerned how this would effect my gym routine and of course the last thing I wanted was for people to think "she's had a boob job" it needed to be subtle and natural looking. I decided to go with implants under the muscle, 220cc L breast and 190cc R breast ( this was to balance my asymmetry) I still wanted a bust to be approx a 34D-DD ( I had always had a bust and when I was a little heavier I did go up to an E so I wanted to look as though I had minimal work done). I had full confidence in my surgeon..she was fantastic , no expenses spared and booked my Op for May 8th 2014.

its now May 10th 2014 and I'm so happy with the results. 2 days post surgery ..I'm in a bit of discomfort .totally manageable under the control of my prescribed pain relief. I have a lot of swelling and bruising which is to be expected but I can't get into words how elated I feel having breasts which look pert round and sit where they're supposed to! I finally feel like a normal 23 yr old should feel. My scars look meet ( I'm still bandaged up) but my nipple placement look great and the anchor scar looks so neat. Safe to say I'm delighted. I can only imagine what day 7, day 14 and day 21 will look like!

please if anyone has any query about the procedure ask me! I only wish I could have found other experiences of the combined procedure on the net to calm my nerves and ask some Q! 

Neevey x

Elmo88  Posted: 10/06/2014 12:34

Hi neevey! Thanks so much for posting your experience! How are your scars?im wanting to get mine done now hopefuly in the next few months! But im scared what my boobs will look like afterwards..will i hate dem more is my big fear!i had lovely boobs growing uo then gained allot of weight then i lost the weight Nd now im left with two horrible pointing down wards flat boobs :( im also looking at getting a tummy lift or tuck if anyone has had one i would love to hear thier experince! :) Can you let me know where you went for breat enlargement at thanks :)emily

Stassi  Posted: 28/06/2014 20:48

Hi Neevey! I know this might sound ridiculous, but I was looking for a female PC, as am too embaressed in front of male PC to show my AAs!! Would you be able to let me know where you found your PC? Thank you!!

Mizzy  Posted: 02/07/2014 16:32

Does anyone have any advice on what to be prepared for after surgery? Clothes to wear that are comfy? When can you wear nice new bras? Suggestions on where to buy bras that fit augmented breasts?

tiny90  Posted: 19/10/2014 21:05

Hey guys i am so unhappy with my boobs they were never big but after 3 pregnancys they are now really small :( i find myself constantly thinking and wondering about getting them done and have being considering this the last 3 years. My question is there any clinics or hospitals that would take installments to pay for the surgery, maybe a down payment and then installments? I would never be acle to get the price all together but could afford them over time im so depressed and down in myself 

Beyoch  Posted: 24/07/2015 05:30

 I've been using boobpop products for almost two months now and in that little of time I have already experienced growth! 

blanca70  Posted: 31/07/2015 11:26

I had my breast implants installed last month. It looks so much better than my old flat chest. The recovery was smooth and quick. But the scars still remain. How long does it take for it to fade. Can anyone suggest me a few creams.

placidway  Posted: 04/08/2015 01:20

Have you tried Mederma? It works for many types of scars.

bekah_c1  Posted: 06/08/2015 22:54

I've been really wanting to get my boobs done I'm 20 and know it's a big decision to make so young but it's something that I've taught about and researched alot, I've been looking at going to belgium for the procedure has anyone went abroad or no of anyone that did? I feel more secure having the procedure done in Ireland but it's alot cheaper abroad 

jossierr  Posted: 18/08/2015 13:35

Hi Ladies, thanks a lot for sharing your experiences via this thread. I have been scheduled for the breast augmentation surgery for next week. All your advices and suggestions are going to be really helpful. I'm really excited and nervous as well.

Beckie101  Posted: 08/10/2015 22:55

Hi all 

a question to anyone that has a BA done for a few years have you experienced any complications since I've read a few horror stories that have accrued in the years following the surgery anyone that could let me know of their own experience, and would you need a follow up surgery in 10 years ? 

Gsea  Posted: 12/11/2015 18:06

Hi has anyone got breast augmentation in cork please and could you recommend any place

annie  Posted: 16/11/2015 15:15

Hi I see a few posts here without replies so I thought I'd give a quick update.. I got a BA back in 2010 in Dublin.  I didnt go to any of these advertised clinics but I got a referral from my doctor.  He referred me to one of the top BA and reconstructive surgeons in Ireland.  it was more expensive than some of those advertised but this is your body, and its an invasive procedure so I really dont think you can scrimp on something like this. Its not like botox or fillers that will dissappear after a while themselves.   I was in hospital overnight and released the next day.  As it turned out my procedure was not straightforward as I had a congenital problem called tubular breast disorder which made me even more glad I went with such a well qualified surgeon.  Its now 6 years later and I have a few small issues which had been raised as possibilities to me at the time of the op.. the first is that one breast was a bit saggy to begin with and we had to decide at the time whether to do lift at the same time which I opted against because of the anchor scar it would leave.. I do now notice a difference between this side and the other which has remained perfect. It seems like the implant has moved a bit to the side but its barely noticable and not noticable whne I wear a bra.  I'm obvioulsy just more aware.  The other small issue is that I can feel the edge of the implant in that same breast which has a slightly scalloped feel.  this is because of mild contracture (caused most likely by my continuing to smoke!) but is not noticeable to anyone else other than I poke at it a bit.  I knew with my disorder I'd never have perfect perfect breasts but I have to say he did a very very good job.. so few small things over time but overall it was still the best decision I've ever made.

Nervous Dolly  Posted: 23/11/2015 11:43

Hey. Could anyone recommend any experience with the clinic in Wicklow. I'm hoping to book with them in next month or so.

Jillz  Posted: 06/01/2016 22:04

Hi guys?

I'm 21 and over the past year or so have seriously been considering having my boobs done!! I used to have huge boobs and an average/small figure but I've lost weight over the past year and my boobs are soooo saggy!! I used to love them and now I can't stand to look at them.. it's like there's no elasticity in my boobs they're just soft and saggy!! People even comment on how my boobs have shrunk, which can be annoying but the size isn't the main issue for me now!! Anyone here have the same issues?? Can you get a brest lift at the same time as augmentation or is it better off to do them separately?? Or will implants fill out the skin?? Would really love to hear your stories.


Sarahstr  Posted: 08/02/2016 00:52

Hi everyone. I am booked for breast enlargement surgery for the end of this month . Starting to get really nervous, and starting to have second thoughts about it just because of my fear of the operation itself. It's something I've wanted now for years though so I really want to go through with it. Decided on going with a 265 size implant. Would really like to chat to someone who has been though this procedure to hopefully settle my nerves 

Nervous Dolly  Posted: 08/02/2016 12:10

Hi Sarahstr. 

Im 3 weeks post op tomoro. I was like u, so nervous. I was so scared the day before, it was all I could think about and I was crying too and on the morning of it as well. But it was fine. I went in and I had to wait hours which was bad but bring something to occupy ur mind. The nurses and people are great to ease ur mind and when they put the anaesthetic into ur hand u feel a bit fuzzing but it just knocks u out. Any questions u have feel free to ask. If I had to have surgery again I don't think I would be anywhere near as bad. 

Sarahstr  Posted: 08/02/2016 23:04

Hi Nervous Dolly. 

Thanks for getting back to me. 

How are you feeling three weeks post op?

Is there much pain at this stage?

I just told work today that I needed time off so at least thats another thing off my mind.

Do you mind me asking what size you went for?

I hope i'm making the right choice. 

The surgeons assistant told me I might regret not going bigger but I don't want big, I just want a handful. 

Nervous Dolly  Posted: 09/02/2016 12:02

I went with 290cc (brings me to a 32D at moment, thinking my final result will be a 32c) I was very flat before so I only wanted the shape I was getting without a bra. I found it sore the 3 days after but I was on ibuprofen and paracetamol through out the days so it was manageable. I do find it tough some days not being able to just do all the things that I could do before surgery but u do need to take ur time, I'm very impatient. I have some asymmetry so I am now too after surgery but I was well informed before hand of that. 

An odd time I do regret it but again that is me being impatient but I think about the times I will be able to fill a swim suit and other things like have a shape. 

I'm normal enough now  I went under the muscle (which I think takes longer to heal) so I still get tightness in the chest muscles but it comes and goes  it's just accommodating the implant  

As for boob greed. I think a lot of people go through it. I'm def not one of them. If anything I'm happy I didn't go bigger. When I was at my consult I had the doc keep putting in sizes til I got to the point of that is too big. Though every consult I went smaller. It depends on if u want others to notice too. 25cc or 50cc won't make a difference if ur torn between sizes it's more 100cc that will make a difference. I just wanted a handful and I have more than enough. If u can show ur consultant pics and shapes it may help get an idea.  

Hope that helps. 

Sarahstr  Posted: 09/02/2016 13:59

Thanks a million ..I feel a bit more at ease now. Did you have to take long off work? Iv booked off a week and a half. Hope this is long enough. Are you free to go home the day after the op? Do you have to get stitches taken out or are they dissolvable? How long afterwards do you have to wear a sports bra for? Sorry for all the questions, got a bit nervous doing my consultations and didn't ask as many questions as I should have. 

Nervous Dolly  Posted: 10/02/2016 09:44

No apologies for questions. I'm not currently working. They say u could go back after a week so u should be safe enough as long as it's not heavy lifting. I'm still in a sports bra but I find them comfy enough. My doc said I could wear non wired bras but Just ask ur doc as they may have different guidelines. The place I went to u can go home the same day but I stayed in and was happy myself to just to have the nurses just in case but u don't have to either. It's up to u and depends how close u live to the place. If u live far away u can book into a hotel or stay in Hosp. 

My stitches are dissolvable so I had follow up appt 2 wks later for them just to check all was ok. 

If u are going over the muscle I hear that is a quicker recovery. My muscles tense up doing things to accommodate the implant. It's a strange feeling but feels normal now lol

Ur nipples will get very sensitive and sore after for a bit too. Maybe even numb but it's normal. I had a feeling as if something was leaking like fluid running down my breast but my doc says that's normal and it was for a couple of days. Just in case u get that. 

I always thought of more questions when I left my consult than when I was in there. 

I can't think of anything else but ask away and hope I can help. It's always nice to have someone to ask something to. 

Dianam  Posted: 13/02/2016 23:28

Hi all, I am 23 and I'm finally in the position of being able to get a BA after years of feeling down over my small chest.  Finding this page is a godsend as their is so much has info and helpful advice.  However,  I am having such a hard time trying to decide on where get it done.  I haven't gone for any consultations yet but I am between the clinic in parkwest Dublin, the clinic in clane,  or to an actual private hospital.  I know the private hospitals are more expensive but I would rather pay more as it's such an invasive surgery I'm not going to focus on cost and I feel like it would be safer.  But then on the other hand I would chose a cosmetic hospital over a private hospital because the surgeons in the cosmetic places are doing BA's constantly and focus solely on them.  

Any opinions or advice would be much appreciated.  Has anyone had surgerys done in either of the places mentioned?  Thanks xx

Dianam  Posted: 13/02/2016 23:42

Also does anyone have polyurethane implants and if so what their  experience has been like? They sound like they are really good! 

@nervousdolly thanks for sharing your story on this,  I'm so so nervous too even though I don't have anything booked yet!! My fear of needles and the likes is ridiculous, I feel nauseous thinking about it.  Could you tell me if you had to get draining tubes removed after the surgery? I don't think it's something I could face which is stupid I know 😂

Nervous Dolly  Posted: 15/02/2016 10:24

Hi Dianam 

no prob, everyone needs someone to talk to. I found an app/website Real Self very helpful. It's more American but there is some from Ireland on it. Don't worry bout the needles, think of the end result. 

Research the IAPS to ensure u get a certified plastic surgeon. I was the same as u and didn't think on the money, I went to Blackrock, fantastic staff. U can stay for day or overnight.  The woman who done my surgery was recommended to me by my GP.

I went to park west but I didn't find the man there that great for sizing but I heard loads that do and have had great results. Be care of those implants u asked about too as I asked with my surgeon and she didn't recommend them at all. Go to more than one consult too.  I went to the clinic linked to clane and they sounded good and Wicklow but I just kept having doubts on that place. 

Oh and I had no drains at all, just plasters over incisions.

Nervous Dolly  Posted: 17/02/2016 07:01

Hi Sarahstr 

how are u now, just checking in. It mustn't be too long for surgery. Have u thought any more on sizes?

Sarahstr  Posted: 17/02/2016 19:33

Hi nervous dolly. Aw thanks, it's tomorrow week. Can't believe it's so soon now. Had another appointment on Monday past, got my bloods done and tried on the implants again. This time the secretary that said I'd regret not going over 300 said that the 295 looked too big on me and to go with the 265. So I'm happy with that decision. Got a few sports bras today for afterwards. Think I am just going to stop reading up on it now until the op is over a few horror stories online lastnight and it's just making me more nervous . Did anyone ask how soon after the op you can go abroad on holidays? My friends are going the first week in May and I'm thinking I had better not go just incase :( how is the pain for you now nervous dolly? 

Nervous Dolly  Posted: 18/02/2016 11:50

Wow not long now. This week will just be a roller coaster of mixed emotions for u. I'm happy u have a size sorted that's one thing off ur list, it is def by far one of the hardest decisions.

I didn't ask about holidays but be careful not to get sun on scars. I have no pain at all now and I'm 4 wks. They are a bit softer now too. By May u will be well adjusted but check with ur surgeon as they all have different guidelines. Don't go to mad on sports bras as ur size will alter. Enjoy the sleep now as it may be disrupted after surgery. I can sleep on my side now just to give u a thought on how different u will feel from between 3-4 weeks onwards. 

Def do stop reading up stories. Just think by next weekend u will on the other side of it. 

Sarahstr  Posted: 23/02/2016 19:52

Thanks for all your advice . Actually not feeling nervous at all anymore. I don't know if it has properly sunk in that it's actually happening this Thursday. Feeling really calm about it. They haven't rang me with a time for the op yet... They said I would find out the week of the op? I better ring tomorrow morning. Any last minute tips?? 

Nervous Dolly  Posted: 24/02/2016 12:28

Do check in, least u can plan ur day. Are u in over night or just day. Bring some biscuits or something in case ur hungry after the tea and toast. 

Stock up on ibuprofen and paracetamol. That's all I was taking after for a week and u can alternate them every 3 hours. Get some antihistamines as u may get very itchy with the healing. I got E45 cream for the scars but only use when doc advises. 

Just relax after for as much as u can for the week. I might find urself sleeping more but that is just side effect from surgery. Other than that I hope all goes well and let me know how u get on. Do u mind if I ask what size u decided on then?

Nervous Dolly  Posted: 24/02/2016 14:05

Do check in, least u can plan ur day. Are u in over night or just day. Bring some biscuits or something in case ur hungry after the tea and toast. 

Stock up on ibuprofen and paracetamol. That's all I was taking after for a week and u can alternate them every 3 hours. Get some antihistamines as u may get very itchy with the healing. I got E45 cream for the scars but only use when doc advises. 

Just relax after for as much as u can for the week. I might find urself sleeping more but that is just side effect from surgery. Other than that I hope all goes well and let me know how u get on. Do u mind if I ask what size u decided on then?

Sarahstr  Posted: 25/02/2016 09:00

Decided on the 265 so hopefully they won't be too big. Getting admitted now at half nine, the nerves are kicking in big time. Fingers crossed it all goes okay now 

Newmeornot  Posted: 27/02/2016 15:10

HI Girls,

I've been reading some of the discussions and find them helpful. I'M 36 and planning on getting a breast enlargement next month (if they can fit me in). I have been thinking about it for years, I'm a small 34B and I'm 5'10'' so feel out of proportion. My previous boyfriends have always put me off getting one, but now that I'm single I feel free to do it. I have begun to hate wearing padded bras to have shape, and would just love to wear nice lingerie and bikinis that dot have pads! I haven't told anyone what I'm planning on doing, I know my mother and sisters will try and talk me out of it, and they'd be shocked at the idea of it...but they all have decent boobs, so wouldn't understand and they'd be worried. I don't feel I can even tell some of my friends, as I don't want to be judged, it's a personal thing for me and I don't think most people are accepting of altering your body cosmetically, so I feel kind of alone and kind of sneaky that I am doing this without telling those close to me, but I don't want to talked out of it.

Because of this I am not going for a large size, more a C shape that will be in proportion of my shape, when the consultant did the 3d visuals of what my breats could look like with the different sizes, I really liked the larger size (he recommends going for a more natural looking size)...but because I worried it will be too noticeable I am going for a more natural size. I really don't want people to notice that I've had a bood job. I know I shouldn't care what people think, but I do, so afraid of going too big and then being self-concious.

Has anyone had any similar concerns or worries?

I've only been to one consultant in the Aesthetic clinic, and found him really good...and reviews online were good too. I know I should probably shop around, but it's already costing 5K, so spending another €300/400 is too much right now. They were also really nice in there, and the surgery is in the Blackrock Clinic so hoping it will all be OK.

Also, how has anyone found reaction from a boyfriend/partner or new boyfriend after you telling them you've had a boob job? Not that that's hugely important, but I'm curious to what the general reaction is. I'm currently dating a guy, only about 6 weeks and I haven't told him either...waiting for the courage, as I don't know what his thoughts are on cosmetic surgery, a lot of people I know are so against it and all pro accepting yourself and body etc. I believe oin doing whatever makes you happy!

If anyone would like to share their stories, or how they feel post op it would be much appreciated.

Look forward to some responses.


Dianam  Posted: 27/02/2016 17:27

Thanks @nervousdolly,  yeah some places seem very dodgy. They are very much a business - trying get as many Sales as possible,  so I wouldn't trust them with such a serious surgery. I'm booked in for a consult with the doctor  related to clane during this month. I'm going to go to my gp for a referral also! You seem to be getting over it quite well which is good. 

@sarahstr hope everything went okay for you and you can tell us your  experience! 

Dianam  Posted: 27/02/2016 17:33

Also how much did you pay for yours privately nervous dolly if you don't mind? 

Nervous Dolly  Posted: 28/02/2016 16:31

Hope all went good and ur on the other side of it now. Feet up and relax. 

Nervous Dolly  Posted: 29/02/2016 11:58

Hi Dianam. Mine was 6k. A bit more than other places but when u feel comfortable with the right surgeon the money won't matter. I was quoted as little as 5k but stil wanted to go to with the dearer option.  I'm done great, they're softer now, 6 weeks tomoro and they feel part of me rather than foreign objects. I hope the consult goes well. Let me know. I had a consult with a man that does the surgery in clane and he seemed nice.

Newmeornot - I went with that clinic and got mine done in Blackrock, I went with a female doc but only as I was recommended her not as I wanted a woman doctor. The clinic is great and the Hosp staff are lovely. I only told my mum, sis and husband of course but didnt feel I needed to tell anyone else. If ur torn between two sizes I would go with the bigger as then u won't regret it. Mine are def not noticeable to others but they aren't far off the padding I was wearing before hand. Do this for urself and don't worry bout others, they don't live in ur shoes. Afterwards u won't care what others think. Prob best have more than one consult just to be sure otherwise u may look back and wonder. 

Sarahstr  Posted: 29/02/2016 15:32

Hi everyone. So I'm out the other side of it and so far not regretting my decision at all. The worst part of the whole thing was getting the needle for a drip in, after which I fainted because I stupidly looked at the needle but apart from that everything went really smooth. I'm now four days post surgery and feeling good. Was very nervous beforehand but had full faith in the surgeon and all the hospital staff were lovely which really put me at ease. Although it was sore and movement was definitely restricted for a few days after the pain wasn't half as bad as I had expected it to be. The medication really keeps it low. I'm happy with the size I the start I thought maybe I should have gone a size bigger but I can imagine if I had gone bigger if be saying I should have gone a size smaller. They just look the size now that they did when I was wearing padded bras so nobody is going to notice. Have my one wk check on Friday and all going well I should be back at work next Monday.  I don't know If the fact I went for a small implant contributed to my relatively easy healing process so far but to anyone considering it , I say go for it :) 

Newmeornot  Posted: 01/03/2016 13:35

Thanks for response @Nervousdolly. I have the option of an apmnt. next Wednesday if  I want,  otherwise I'll have to wait till doesn't give me much time for shopping around unfortunately. 

Did you all go for silicone or saline implants? All my research on-line seems to go for silicone as they're more natural looking? Surgeon also recommends  them.

Getting nervous now as seems to be happening so fast,  I really want them but hope it's the right decision...all that worries me is potential health risks.  


Nervous Dolly  Posted: 02/03/2016 09:38

Yay Sarahstr, glad ur doing good. The first few days are the worst, did u go under the muscle or over?

new - I went with Silicone. I felt with the gummy bear texture it was better for me. If u feel that we'd would be to soon May really isn't that far away. Just make sure u are happy with what u choose. 

GinaM  Posted: 10/04/2016 16:44

Was wondering has anyone else on here had a negative experience with breast enlargement I had my surgery a year ago this month! And ever since I woke up from the surgery and seen my results I have been unhappy! The incisions are wonky and so is my right breast! They also look smaller then my initial consultation size! I was told that all there was available was the 310cc implant size whereas I asked for and went for a 2nd consultation and agreed on 360cc size where I was told the implants too 2 weeks to make and my surgery was in 1 week 4 days so I can't see how they would have given me the 360cc size! I also have no record/copy of anything showing me what implant size/implant type I have in!  I have been back for a consultation and expressed my concerns which have fallen on deaf ears I am completely stuck on what to do I am frustrated and depressed that I have spent so much money on looking worse then I was before and I'm only 23! 

Dianam  Posted: 13/04/2016 23:26

Hi - back again! Just an update (for anyone who cares 😜)  I went for consultations last month and bit the bullet, booked surgery for the 14th of May. Surgeon has picked either 265 or 295 which he will decide on the  day of surgery a a he uses a sizer. 

Im freaking out over thinking about things now,  like the thought of actually having foreign objects permanantly in my chest. I know they will eventually start to feel part of me like @nervousdolly said - but still making me question it all.  

For the past month I've been wearing two bras everyday so hopefully people in work won't notice. 

@GinaM I'm sorry you are unhappy. Do you regret having the operation in the first place or just wish there was better communication from the get go? 

GinaM  Posted: 14/04/2016 14:31

Hi Dianam super excited your going through with a breast enlargement!! Communication is that he was more interested in what size he wanted in me and my surgery was delayed by 2 hrs that should have been a warning sign for me he didn't put any drains in me and I swelled up and was very uncomfortable I very much regret the surgery I wish I waited and went with a different clinic. I will definitely be getting my chest fixed/revision surgery with someone else😁 hopefully then I will be happy with my chest! All the luck with your surgery Dianam X

Ems1  Posted: 22/04/2016 09:48

Hi Dianam, wish you best luck! I remember how I was nervous before my new boobs. I underwent this surgery at forme clinic in Prague. It was really an adventure. But I am so happy I did it. You will feel great after surgery. Be prepared for healing, but results will make you more self-confident and happy again. Good luck and keep us updated. 

Nervous Dolly  Posted: 24/04/2016 14:52

Yay Dianam, delighted u have a date. Something to focus on. I think from round 8 wks that's when the implants didn't feel foreign. It's such a strange feeling when they do but just believe they won't feel like that forever. I was crying at points like that but it def does get better. 

Dianam  Posted: 14/05/2016 16:14

Hi, thanks for all the advice and well wishes girls.  I've been avoiding reading up anything boobie related for the past few weeks to avoid working myself up over it!  I am now 3 hours post op and already I am so so happy.  I've no bruising and just a small bit of Swelling, and I'm delighted with how they look!  I am in pain but it's completely bearable so fingers crossed it stays positive! Anyone considering it - go for it!!

Ruby  Posted: 16/05/2016 11:45

Have been reading the posts and it is making me want it done more and more. I have done my research and have made my decision where I would like it done. I just have to wait til I can afford it.  

Ba2016  Posted: 08/06/2016 23:01

I have my surgery booked for 4 weeks time. I can't wait to have it done I've thought about this for years so I'm excited to be finally getting it done. I have decided to go with teardrop implants and under the muscle. Still deciding on whether to go for 375cc or 420cc! I'll be off work for 5 days after the surgery so I hope that will be enough 😊

Lola74  Posted: 09/06/2016 21:17

So happy I came across this board, just wondering if anyone has had their implants replaced? Ice had mine 16yrs and 2 kids later their not looking so perky 😕 plus I'm a bit bigger now so their quite small, just wondering if anyone has any information they'd be able to share . Thanks 

Red red  Posted: 15/07/2016 13:33

Has anyone had their boobs done under Local anaesthetic ? 😁 I'm in the middle of research on clinics , what type & surgery 🙈

Naydy  Posted: 03/08/2016 15:44

Hi I am day 1 after surgery, have to say I was geared up to be very sore which is not the case thank god.i had 315 over the muscle and also had inverted nipple correction . I'm very excited to see the results. Cannot believe I went through with it I was so anxious . 

Nervous Dolly  Posted: 04/08/2016 13:35

Hi Naydy

thats great u are too sore. I'm just over 6 months post op, I hated the first month to 2 months til they felt part of me but it's like I got them years ago or wouldn't even notice that I got them done.

Do u mind if I ask how they corrected ur inverted nipple. My surgeon said they couldn't do it. It doesn't annoyed me too much but would love to know if u didn't mind. 

Naydy  Posted: 04/08/2016 15:38

Hi Bervous Dolly, inverted nipple I cannot even believe I'm saying the word out loud, I have been embarrassed all my life with them and they made me so self conscious, my ps had to do surgery on mine he done both on the day of my BA because it was cheaper to do it that way, the fact I'm finished having children my procedure will hopefully be 100% as all my ducts were cut, I have yet to see them yet as I'm still covered up, but I am super excited to see more so than my BA. Why did your PS not want to do yours? 

Nervous Dolly  Posted: 09/08/2016 11:35

Thanks for replying Naydy. She just said she doesn't do the procedure. I have one but it doesn't Annoy me too much, it will come out if pushed.  Another place told me the best thing to do was to get a piercing lol 

Hope u are healing well. 

Rubykate  Posted: 26/09/2016 20:56

Anyone recently had your breasts done in Wicklow? Im petrified all of a sudden!!

Red red  Posted: 27/09/2016 11:37

Hi ruby Kate 

I'm the same petrified & going to push mine out till January, I went to a couple of places & personally like the wicklow clinic the best, 

Ma&#291;gie  Posted: 27/09/2016 13:41

Hi guys had my boobs done 6mth ago I breast fed and they went very saggy I got silicone under the muscle and my left boob is still saggy.. my consultant said he can give me lift..or take out an put over muscle can anybody advise plz...ta

Rubykate  Posted: 27/09/2016 15:21

Thank u for replying Redred!!

I had my consult elsewhere and the doc seemed REALLY QUALIFIED. It's just something about the clinics history, and honestly the pushiness of some of the staff that have me second guessing the place itself.

its hard to trust the "great reviews" on their own website!

but again, the doc I met with seemed hugely qulified!

Did you visit the actual clinic? Did it seem OK? 

Rubykate  Posted: 28/09/2016 11:16


my last post was meant to explain that I met the doc from Wicklow, but not actually in Wicklow. ( they have another consultation room elsewhere.) So I've never actually set eyes on the place. I really liked the doc tho.

do u know anyone who's had them done there recently?

they do soooo many, so I don't know why I'm scared now, but I planning on getting teardrops, under the muscle, so it has to be pretty perfect to work! 

They are NOT a hospital, so that's a bit freaky. And really the only bad thing I can gauge about them is the aftercare isn't (hasn't been in the past) too great.

but I'm wondering if now they've stepped up their game!?

LOVE to hear from anyone who's had their breasts done there recently....

 Thank you!! X

Naydy  Posted: 28/09/2016 12:26

Hi M, 

i had mine over the muscle as I had lost the volume because of pregnancy. My St suggested over the muscle for a more natural look and I had enough tissue . Best of luck with whatever decision you make. 

Red red  Posted: 28/09/2016 14:55

Hi Rubykate,

Im hoping we are talking about the same place but the one i referring to is in Co.Wicklow I didnt know they had a different place for consultations also.

But I have know a girl who recently got done there and would highly recommend it, she did say she recieved alot of phone calls before and after,

I have been for a consultation there and to another place in D2 that do the surgery in a different location in Co.meath to which theyve also came recommended to me by a friend, it was just I got a better vibe in the Co.Wicklow one (personally) I also am opting for Tear drop but the price jumped 900 euro with them.  

I have been researching the aftercare of both and Im non the less wiser on it the seem to be offering the same as per my friend whom got it done 3 years ago in the Co.meath location she cannot speak highly enough of her after care still to this day.

Rubykate  Posted: 29/09/2016 13:36

Thanks redred! I'm sure we are talking about the same place. Once or twice a month they have free consults in another city for girls who aren't close to Wicklow. 

Im glad to hear you liked the actual place because I found one staff member extremely pushy and a bit rude. But again the doc was amazing.

i have one more consult tomorrow in a Dublin clinic. They do the actual procedure in another clinic in Dublin, which is great. And it doesn't appear to cost more than the other place we are talking about. I should hopefully have my mind made up by then. DYING to stop think about it! 

Thanks again! X

suziejay  Posted: 25/10/2016 13:32


after years of being unhappy and self conscious about my lack of! 

I'm at the stage of booking consultations now.. how do u know which clinic to go for? one in Wicklow I hear mixed reviews as it's not technically a hospital.. another which I have been in contact with have clinics in Cork and also dublin so am looking at those as they work with private hospitals and have registered general nurses involved

how long after consultations did ye actually have he surgery? this is something I will literally jsut tell boyfriend and immediate family about so interested to hear if others have noticed yours??!! 

Rubykate  Posted: 25/10/2016 17:39

So! I backed out of the clinic I was looking at even though the docs they are (currently) using are hugely qualified. Something about the staff, etc really put me off.

im going to have mine done with another clinic.

I feel he is WELL WORTH the consultation. He has 3d vectra imaging and the place is gorgeous. He's not pushy and carries out the procedure at very well known hospital in Dublin. Hope this helps!!! Good luck!!

Naydy  Posted: 26/10/2016 13:51

Ladies I don't know the Wicklow clinic but I attended a clinic in Dublin who also have there clinic in Kilkenny . I had two procedures done in August and I'm more than happy with there service and aftercare. 

Rubykate  Posted: 27/10/2016 12:09

I know who you mean Nayday, and I've heard good things about them too! I just looked for someone who was IAPS certified because I'm a scaredy cat (even though that probably makes no difference really)....

im booked for nov 30...

Ruby  Posted: 27/10/2016 13:39

I think I know the clinic you are talking about... I would love to go ahead with the procedure but just cant afford it at the moment.

After research I had that clinic as my number 1 choice.

Looking forward to hear post op

Naydy  Posted: 27/10/2016 13:55

Hi Ruby, oh how exciting . There's a great app it helped me emensily realself you should check it out . I wish you the best of luck . 

Rubykate  Posted: 27/10/2016 17:52

Thanks Naydy, I'm actually obsessed with Realself!!

i wish there were more Irish clinics and docs on there, but we're all so hush hush!!!! XX

Naydy  Posted: 27/10/2016 18:17

Hi Ruby, 

Yes they are brilliant.2 months post op now and loving the new me🤗

Naydy  Posted: 28/10/2016 12:31

Hi Ruth, 

yes I suggested it to my ps to consider going on it,as a lot of plastic surgeons are on it and the professional advice you receive back is excellent. So here's hoping he might.Im just sorry I didn't have the courage years ago to follow through on what I wanted. Never to late as they say. 

suziejay  Posted: 12/11/2016 22:58

Had my first consultation this week!!! went well, I'm very excited!! have one in kildare in another two weeks then I will make a decision. I'm so excited. . I want it done now :) tried on a few different sizes with my clothes, it was so nice to have a bust for for once - instantly felt more confident and more in proportion. he recommended over the muscle which I was happy about as have heard recovery is quicker? don't know how true that is! will wait and see what they say in kildare. looking at February for op.

decided not to go with wicklow clinic, found them a bit pushy!!! 

Isabelle13  Posted: 18/11/2016 21:01

Hi All,

Has anyone any experince with some clinics/doctors in Co.Cork?

Thinkingabout procedure every day - I lost weight and practically don't have a breasts anymore Undecided

xenia  Posted: 08/12/2016 11:33

No personal expiriences. Good luck

X2016  Posted: 10/12/2016 22:12

Hi just hoping to hear from anyone who has gone true with it

X2016  Posted: 11/12/2016 19:53

Anyone guide me on where is a good clinic to get a boob job

Rubykate  Posted: 12/12/2016 12:06

Hey there!! I know I can't be too specific but look for the consultant plastic surgeon with a clinic in Ranelagh. I'm not allowed to mention specific names I know, but you should be able to find him. He's on the irish board of plastic surgeons and he is fantastic!!!

X2016  Posted: 13/12/2016 20:40

Thanks for getting back to me rugby lane did u find the recovery hard 

Rubykate  Posted: 14/12/2016 13:31

Just for the first few days. I took it reeeeeally easy for the first week, because I went under the muscle. I hope you can find the same surgeon and meet with him. I'd been to several cinsultations, but he was the one I felt most confident with. Please do your research and be sure of what it is you Do and Do Not want. There is a website called "real self" that I've found super informative.

wishing you the very best. RK

X2016  Posted: 14/12/2016 21:48

Thanks so much for getting back one more commen because I know u have no reason to be answering me was it a I name of clinic I know I can't type the name out just I would love to go to some one u recommend 

Naydy  Posted: 15/12/2016 10:04

I went over the muscle couldn't believe how quick recovery was I had two days bed rest at home and pain free. Just take it easy. Best decision ever. Real Self got me through reading e everyones operation  experience. Best of luck . 

Rubykate  Posted: 16/12/2016 12:30


01 4915738

X2016  Posted: 05/01/2017 22:30

Hi can anyone tell me if they had saline implants and if so how are they getting on with the recovery etc

Rubykate  Posted: 09/01/2017 16:03

Saline isn't very common anymore, as the new cohesive gels are very natural feeling and much safer than the old ones. Did you see the number I posted below? He's quite open to patients suggestions for themselves. I went under the muscle, recovery was a solid 4 days of discomfort. Not pain. Good luck!

michellewho  Posted: 25/01/2017 01:36

Hey everyone!

I have my surgery booked for the 19th of February (so excited!!!) but I've still yet to choose between two sizes.. 

The doc has advised me to go with either 300CC or 345CC and I honestly don't know what to do! I keep looking up pictures & videos of what people look like with either of the two sizes but obviously everyone looks so different so I don't know what mine would turn out like! 

I did the 3D scan and there's not much in the size difference in the scan that I can see.. So I'm kind of leaning towards the bigger size? I'm barely a 32/34A right now so I feel as though I'd rather that I went a little bit too big than too small as I basically have nothing now! But then I think but what if it's way too big!? 

Doc said 345CC would get me to a full C cup/small D. So confused as to what to choose.. Any opinions!? 

suziejay  Posted: 25/01/2017 14:16

Hi Michelle 

I'm booked for 21st Feb!! :) I need to ring the clinic again and check the CC that i'm going for as I was too concerned with how they looked to remember numbers!! I'm going to parkwest. I presume yours is Wicklow if you did the 3D scanning?

I'm a 34A too and I didnt want them to look too big as I've never had boobs so didn't want them really obvious.. but my surgeon said he wouldn't go any smaller than the ones I tried on as he needed to adhere to surgical rules e.g keeping two centimetres in the centre and they wouldnt look right if they were any smaller

I've spoken to a few people who have said the procedure and a lot of them say if you're between sizes, go for the bigger one!! One person I spoke to said if she was back again she would go a small bit bigger and that seems to be the feeling on the sites that i'm reading. If there isnt much difference i would say 100% go for the bigger one!! How are you feeling about it? :)

Naydy  Posted: 25/01/2017 15:54

Hi suzi I went to park west I can't recommend them enough I had what you are having done. 

michellewho  Posted: 25/01/2017 20:36

Hi suziejay,

Yep I'm going to the one in Wicklow! :) Super excited! Are you looking forward to yours? Do let me know what CC you've ended up choosing when you find out! :)

That's exactly how I feel about mine, I don't want them really obvious but at the same time with the amount of money it's going to cost I said I might as well go a little bigger! Hoping they're not really obvious though (I've only ever worn push up bras so maybe they won't look too obvious) as I don't really fancy co-workers asking me about them in work.. But yeah, think I'll go with the 345CC! Thank you for your answer! 

Aoif052  Posted: 21/02/2017 09:29

Hi can anyone recommend a good place for breast implants. Im living in cork but willing to travel too 

LEMCE  Posted: 24/02/2017 19:04

Hi ladies, hoping to get some advice as im currently so confused! I've had two consultations for BA to date in two different places. The thing is both surgeons recommended two completely different things. The first said teardrop inplants were not an option because of my current breast tissue so advised round under the muscle for the natural look I want to achieve. However the 3D imaging still didnt look natural to me, they were very round and quite far apart. Although I wasnt entirely happy with that suggestion I accepted that my options may be limited and trusted that was the closest to a natural breast I would get.

My second consultation was today and to be honest before I went in I sort of just assumed the surgeon would be recommending the same thing as the previous one had, and my only deciding factor would really be which surgeon I felt more comfortable with. However I was told the total opposite of everything I had been told during my first consultation. Instead this surgeon recommended teardrop over the muscle. He said this best suited my breasts now and how I wanted them to be. 

I am so confused, I don't understand how two surgeons can take all the same measurements yet come up with two totally different things? Has anyone else had experience of this after more than one consultation? I thought having more than one would make me more informed however I'm more confused than I was to begin with. I was hoping to have surgery around April after years of considering it but I feel everything is so up in the air now. Any advice is greatly appreciate, thank you in advance ladies. x

suziejay  Posted: 27/02/2017 14:54

Hi there! I am six days post op now and am delighted i did it. you will wonder what took you so long :) I went for two different consultations and they both said similar about size and where the implant would be placed. I think maybe your best bet is to go for a third consultation? You must be so confused! I was lucky after my two in that i just had to decide which surgeon i preferred, so i can't imagine how confused you must be now!! I think go for a third and when they tell you whats best for you, ask some questions referring to what the other two said just to clear up everything. Then you will have a better idea! all the best :)

X2016  Posted: 28/02/2017 19:08

Hi girls were any of ye scared of the implants making you ill I desperately would love to get the procedure done but so scared that they will make me sick if left in for long time or did your doctors say that it's all made up on the Internet x

LEMCE  Posted: 01/03/2017 22:30

Suzie Jay thank you so much for your swift response. I had begun to research again looking for a surgeon for a third consult you suggested, however in doing so ive totally went off the whole procedure. Its crazy because ive saved for the last 3 years to get it done😢. As i was researching implants brands/types i came across a thing called "breast implant illness" ive spent days reading about it. Even found a facebook page with 12k members who are all suffering with multiple illnesses daily as a result of their implants. From chronic muscle pain, to multiple scerosis and cancer. The idea is that all implants release toxins into our bodies. As implants are foreign objects our bodies reject them and over time break them down. As a result the chemicals and toxins enter our system and over time illness and pain begins. This is only a relatively new thing as you will find out if you google it. Because docs and surgeons are obviously putting these illnesses down to other things to protect their industry however all the women have the same thing in common:implants. Even hugh heffners wife has had hers removed in the last few months. Im not trying to scare anyone here, just want to raise awareness i case any of ye begin to experience any symptoms of breast implant illness. There is a facebook group "breast implant illness and healing.. " its women everyday sharing their illnesses and struggle and all are on a list to get their implants removed. There is even a lawsuit atm against a producer of implants in america because of these women. Im not trying to scare anyone, ive only found this page the other day after two consultations last week for my own augmentation. I set up this account last week because i was reading your stories about ur surgery dates so its all abit mad for me to be writing this too. But i believe i stumbled across that info for a reason and thats why im no longer going ahead with my surgery. I wont lie im gutted about it..even with everything ive read but i still cant take a risk like that. Im delighted you are happy with yours suzie jay (and a little jealous because in a wish i wish i hadnt found out all of the above) but please ladies, check out the breast implant illness page so if you begin to feel unwell you know what it is, because youre doctor wont 😣

Laura123  Posted: 02/03/2017 16:01

Hi Suzie Jay!

I would really like to hear more about your experience so far. I am booked in for next month and I think I sound like I am getting a very similar procedure to you particularly in term sof size etc.

I would love to hear more and even message you directly if that is possible?

Many Thanks, Laura

X2016  Posted: 02/03/2017 19:27

Lecme it's so annoying that we want these so much but what can we do I'd love to talk to someone who has them for years that would give a honest opinion I had a friend who got them bit never came out and said it so  I have noticed how she is always complaining of lack of energy hair thinning and maybe nothing to do but I would be so scared to chance it 

suziejay  Posted: 06/03/2017 14:35

Hi Laura123, happy to answer any questions you might have but i dont think there is a direct/private messaging option on this site?! I am two weeks post-op tomorrow, zero pain or trouble! Amazed at how easy the whole thing has been :)

Personally, I think if you research anything you are going to come across scaremongering and bad reviews, etc., its just up to the person then to really inform yourself of the ins and outs of the procedure, really do your research and then to go with your gut. I completely understand how you could decide against getting it done from what you have read but in my case, i have been so desperately unhappy for years and years and no amount of negative reviews was going to stop me!! Two relations of mine (now in their 40s) got theirs done about 15/20 years ago in Wicklow and have had no trouble and are perfectly healthy, with 6 kids between the two of them.  I think this helped me when telling my close family about wanting the procedure, as they were aware of the two girls having had it done and how there was never any complications or worry. xx

Nervous Dolly  Posted: 06/03/2017 14:46

Hi, I am 14months post surgery now. Mine are under the muscle and tear drop.  Dont ask me size as I cant even remember. Just a little background, one side of my ribs are dipped in so I never would have even breasts.  After having kids one was flat with barely any tissue and the other side was normal with some tissue but not alot. I was made aware that mine would not be the same size but to me there is still some big difference but it is 100 times better than before.  My surgeon prob should have taken a few diff sizes in to adjust for the dip on one side and then plus I had some tissue on the other but that is a different matter.  So 14mths on depending how I sit I do get some pains but I put that down to the muscle still stretching over them.  My bigger breast does move to my arm pit compared to the other as it is bigger.  I dont regret getting it done but if I had nice enough sized breasts before I prob would regret it as Im sure that you can sleep on your chest but I wont out of fear, LOL. 

As for illness, I dont feel any more tired than before. Same for my hair, it is thick and falls out as much as before.  I do worry what they do to my body but I have to think that I made my choice and Im happy enough with them and others have had it done with no worries. I think it is just down to your research on the make of the implant, type and surgeon,plus the person themselves in how their body will react, no surgeon could tell you 100% that you would be fine after having them done.  Hope this helps someone.

LEMCE  Posted: 06/03/2017 17:16

X2016 im gutted ive found out all the stuff i have about them. If you search "breast implant illness and healing by nicole" and join the group its gor 15,000 women talking about their illnesses and how they are gone once implants are removed.. its all mad tbh🙁🙁🙁

Lui cse329  Posted: 14/05/2017 22:00

Hi all,

I'm looking for a good BA surgeon in Ireland. I have a very petite body with flat chested. Very skinny type.

I went to one clinic in the east but the surgeon refused to take me for the breast augmentation because I had Macrolane injection before. At the meanwhile, I don't find him professional enough - because I have been doing research for a while, I have some basic knowledge about breast augmentation procedure - pros & cons for different implants. He failed to give me a thorough analysis about the choice of implants.

I wonder is there anyone here have Macrolane injection before then go for BA?

I do meet people that carry her implants for 15 years so far and still feeling great. In my opinion, the surgeon's skill is the most important.

Can anyone refer me to any surgeon in ireland if you have had good experience with your BA?

Thank you in advance.

Haley James-Scott  Posted: 18/07/2017 12:48



Hi, wish you best luck! I remember how I was nervous before my new boobs. I underwent this surgery in Prague. It was really an adventure. But I am so happy did it. You will feel ereat after surgery. Be prepared for healing, but results will make you more self- confident and happy again. Good luck and keep us updated.


Laura123  Posted: 18/07/2017 15:12

Hi SuzieJay! Thanks so much for your detailed response! I had a consultation recently in Wicklow and I my main concern now is when I have kids will I be able to breastfeed. The Dr said that every woman is different and its very hard to know. In your experience and the experience of your two relatives who had the provedure done has it stopped you/them from breastfeeding? I would be so grateful for your opinion. Also can I ask you how your scars are now? Many thanks.

Larsfenn  Posted: 17/08/2017 18:25

Ladies, please do your research before you get breast implants. I have implants 14 years now and have been so sick for the last 5 years. I have felt like I've been loseing my mind trying to figure out what's been wrong with me. I only discovered at the end of june that its most likely being caused my toxic implants. I'm explanting next week. Silicone is toxic, saline implants also have a silicone shell. Your body sees the implants as a toxic foreign object in your body and your immunine system starts to fight them off causing inflammation. Because the source of the problem isn't going away your body will continue to fight them by being in a constant state of inflammation. Also implants break down in your body over time, even if they don't rupture they will weep and the toxic silicone will spread through your body causing chaos. I've suffered from months long headaches, major brain fog, fatigue to the point I can't lift my head,terrible depression,multi joint pain. I feel like a 90 year old at times. Implants are not worth losing your health over. Even if they didn't cause all these symptoms, implants have to be changes every 8 to 10 years. This is not scaremongering, these are the real facts. As mentioned below there are Facebook pages, one being "breast implant illness and healing by Nicole" there are 22'000 women on there from all over the world, with hundreds more women joining weekly. Read all the stories before you decide on implants. Please.❤❤

Niamh95  Posted: 31/01/2018 21:10


Has anyone been to the Mater private clinic or the hermitage for a breast augmentation? If so how did you find them? Can't find any reviews on them online.

Rachel2410  Posted: 04/02/2018 12:19

Hi. Has anyone been to or know anyone that has been to the mater private for breast augmentation . Thanks 

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