Feature: Coping with menstrual problems

Anonymous  Posted: 13/07/2001 19:35

I suffer from very bad mood swings around the time of my menstrual cycle. I take vitamins to try and ease these. I recently had bad mood swings when my period had started. Is this normal. I CANNOT cope with this because I feel that I have no control over what happens at this time.

Anonymous  Posted: 15/07/2001 19:11


Susan (susanmary)  Posted: 15/07/2001 22:01

As a teenager I had very bad period pains. However after the birth of my first child I never suffered pains again. Maybe there is hope that other young women may one day be pain free.( I am not suggesting they have a baby to solve the problem)

Lester (lemar)  Posted: 16/07/2001 12:38

Try to stay positive it is only a few days per month

Aoife (AoifeA)  Posted: 17/07/2001 16:36

Are you a man Lester? "A few days per month" is a LOT if you're feeling bad and are in pain - and some women get their period for up to a week.

Anonymous  Posted: 17/07/2001 16:41

I suffer from painful periods but some months i have actual contractions that are very painful and last maybe 1 hour. Does anyone else get these during their period?

Anonymous  Posted: 17/07/2001 17:01

I also get bad pains on the first day of my period. I used to take Ponstan Forte, which was prescribed by a gynaecologist who advised me to take it before the pain started - she said that the pains are caused by the muscular walls of the uterus contracting and that it gradually builds up so taking painkillers before the pain really gets bad is the best way to combat them. Ponstan Forte has to be prescribed, and I have now stopped taking it as I believe I was experiencing some of its side effects. I find Neurofen Plus is very good though - it is sold over-the-counter and contains Ibuprofen, which acts on muscles, and codeine.

Anonymous  Posted: 17/07/2001 17:50

I used to suffer from roller-coaster mood swings prior to my period followed by days of crippling cramps. It was unbearable and so was I -- though luckily I had a very good humoured boyfriend. These moods and pains got worse as I headed for my mid-20s so, rather than take more and more painkillers (which never really worked well anyway) I read all I could about the possible causes and answers in health magazines. I sought out the lastest information. The advice that was repeated over and over was to take Evening Primrose Oil every day, cut out cheese and coffee. I did, and very slowly (over about six months) my symptoms eased to the point where I am now extremely surprised if I get the occasional pre-menstrual pain. I can't guarantee anyone that taking 500mg of Evening Primrose Oil a day, not eating cheese and drinking very little coffee (I'm back up to about three cups a day) works for everyone. All I know is that it works for me. Perfectly. And I don't get that horrible bloatedness either. I know that I didn't mind the pain so much, it was the incomprehensible mood swings that bothered me the most. I was beginning to feel like I didn't know myself. I know too that when I think to myself I've changed and I can forget these rules, the old pains start to come back. The key is to take about 1,000mg a day for the first few months, give up the coffee and the cheese for about six months and see if it makes a difference. It did for me and I've been doing it for about 6 years now. Take heart and give it a go, Rose

Kathie  Posted: 17/07/2001 19:16

Women with painful periods or pain during intercourse should consider endometriosis. Particularly if the pain is recurrent and severe - ie pain that is not helped by painkillers. It is NOT NORMAL to suffer with your period. Symptoms also include heavy bleeding, pms etc..Any woman suffering continuously with severe pain at their period should seek a further investigation with their GP and Gynaecologist. For more info on endometriosis see this site and also the following....

tracy (blasset)  Posted: 17/07/2001 20:28

I wonder whether anyone has experienced what I am going through. I finished taking the pill 6 months ago and had a period for the first 4 months but none since. A test has ruled out pregnancy. I have experienced this before a few years ago when I didn't have a period for 14 months after taking the pill. I found doctors would dismiss this as one of those things and I should count myself lucky.

caroline (goldielocks)  Posted: 17/07/2001 23:50

i am in my early forties and find that i am having my periods every month my son is 11 years old and i never had a period up to last year iam so fed up with them for two weeks i am crankey and have very sore breasts why now i should be enjoying life

Anonymous  Posted: 18/07/2001 11:02

I have suffered with period pains since I was a teenager. I used to vomit and was unable to stand for long. I put up for this for years but eventually couldn't take any more. I've since been on the pill and although I have apprehensions about pumping hormones into my body, it has given me a greater quality of life. I've tried many natural supplements, but this has really made such difference. We shouldn't have to suffer.

Anonymous  Posted: 18/07/2001 11:21

Try taking feminax or solphadine. Having suffered painful periods for the last 8 years, I find that these offer good relief from pain. I have had two children and dont recall the birhts being as bad as the awful spasm of pain I have suffered on day 1 and day 2 of mensurating. The trick with painkillers is to take them in anticipation of the pain. For example when you are going to sleep at night take two tablets and this seems to keep the pain at bay. If you dont do this and wake up in pain,the pain is then at a peak and will last several hours. Taking medication at this point is like taking smarties, it is just a waste of time.

Anonymous  Posted: 18/07/2001 15:54

I suffer quite badly from period pains and find Feminex the only painkiller that works at all. I generally have light periods but sometimes when they become extremely light the pain becomes unbearable - has anyone any ideas on this?

Mary (mollieb)  Posted: 18/07/2001 18:42

I have suffered extreme menstrual pain for a long time,often fainting from same.My period averages about fifteen days, with bloody discharge for most of the month.a visit to a gynae confirming a large fibroid. recommended complete hyterectomy.I am very reluctant to have my ovaries removed as I am not yet forty.

Anonymous  Posted: 18/07/2001 19:39

I know at least three women who suffered dreadful periods, all of whom were told by their doctor that this was nothing unusual and to basically 'go away'. When they persisted and sought second opinions, they all eventually discovered they had endometriosis(one of them had to insist that her doctor check for it - she had all the symptoms but was told several times that they were normal). One of these women had it so bad (probably becuase she'd had it so long and was consistently told she was fine!) she had to have three operations to remove it (it had gone as far as her bowel). I agree with Doctor Condren that some women still need to be educated about menstruation, but I equally believe that some doctors need to wake up and start taking "women's problems" more seriously!

Anonymous  Posted: 19/07/2001 00:10

With 34 years of painful periods behind me, I find a hot water bottle placed on the abdomen works better than any painkillers, yoga, breathing exercises and walking also help.

Anonymous  Posted: 19/07/2001 16:45

For an alternative to painkillers, try a couple of nautral methods. Raspberry leaf tea is very effective in the relief of "contractions" and "cramping". For the pain try two drops (no more) of clary sage essential oil in a cup of warm water. Drink this down. It tastes foul - but seems to do the trick. If you cannot bear to drink it, mix two drops of clary sage with some carrier oil (anything will do) and gently massage this into your abdomen, around the cramping area. WARNING: essential oils must be used with care and respect. Do not use more than two drops, and do not take more than twice a day. to counteract bloatedness - cut back on caffiene, fats and especially salty foods just prior to your period. And be nice to yourself.... warm scented baths with a glass of wine and some soft music do wonders for my mood swings!

Anonymous  Posted: 20/07/2001 13:37

The pill is the best invention EVER as far as I am concerned. I suffered for all my school years with awful cramps, heavy periods, fainting attacks, vomiting - you name it, I had it. In second year in college, I decided I was missing too much of my life because of it, and went on the pill - I am on Minulet, which is a mild pill. Now, I might have to take two paracemtomel on the first day of my period, and that is it then!

Anonymous  Posted: 23/07/2001 16:07

I also suffer very bad from painfull periods. The first one or two days every month I get both back and stomach cramps, almost to the point of being sick, and nothing that I do seems to solve it. Also lately They have been getting particularly heavy, I seem to be using heavier and more frequent pads during that "time of the month"

Martina (mmccusker1)  Posted: 23/07/2001 19:52

It is a great comfort to know that I am not the only female who finds the menstrual cycle a pain in the a**. From the age of thirteen I have had painful and heavy periods. I am now 33 years old and it has not got any better. I have very severe pain 10/12 days prior to my period and then I have heavy bleeding and clotting for 7/8 days. The pain is so bad I feel nausated and quite often I have fainted. To-day for the first time my comsultant has said he believes I have endometriosis and has put me on a waiting list to have a thermal ablation. Has anyone out there had this procedure and did it help them? PS Did you have a GA or local anaesthetic?

Anonymous  Posted: 02/08/2001 16:42

Since i've stopped smoking I've found my period pain isn't as bad. I think coffee aggravates the pain alot, so steer clear of it near menstruation time

Anonymous  Posted: 12/08/2001 22:33

I have periods that last six days. every other month I have severe pains lasting for 2 to 3 days. I have found that paracodol works for the pain but also taking evening primrose oil tablets (500 mg) have worked - the pain not being as severe or not there at all. I have also found that my periods became heavier since i was sterilised 8 years ago. Has anyone else noticed this?

kathryn (carlo)  Posted: 04/09/2001 19:12

I am just wondering would it be normal for a woman at work to be complaining of painful periods two months post a miscarriage. I am an nurse,and I just find it strange to be complaining this length after a miscarriage. Chances are I think that this woman probably always suffered from period pain. Kathryn

Anonymous  Posted: 08/09/2001 19:18

Hi, I'm new to the group, and I'd like to share with you that I've experienced with my period which is regular. But everytimes, I do get a period but it's always heavy in the first stage. Let me explain to you, when I get a period which is heavy as same times, It's bit embarrassing for me, because it spill on the chair, as even anyone could see it. So I clean up the mess but the question is why it's always spill on the chair.. is there any reason ?? thanks

Anonymous  Posted: 19/09/2001 23:35

I am 34 years old and up to about 2 years ago had no real problems with period pains although my periods have always been quite heavy. In the last while though they have become irregular in the sense that they vary from extremely heavy to very light. I have had a lot of pain in the last few months and also find that I get very bad heartburn and diarrhoea for a few days before and during my periods. Does anyone else have this problem and is it normal? I tend to think it is just my age but at 34 I don't think I should be having problems yet. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

Anonymous  Posted: 01/10/2001 15:59

For years I have suffered with cramps, vomiting, backpain, weakness, hot and cold sweats, you name it i had it. Since going on the contraceptive pill, all I suffer from is breast tenderness and slight cramps on the first day. I would advise anyone to try it, the relief is amazing. No more sleepless nights, crying my eyes out with pain, not being able to move out of bed for the first day.

Anonymous  Posted: 06/10/2001 20:07

For the past two years my periods have been very irregular. I am 45 yrs old. Some months I get two periods.I suffer from terrible pre-menstrual tension for eight to ten days before I menstruate and my periods are always heavy and painful. By the time it's over I'm flattened with exhaustion. My periods have taken over my life and I hate it.

Anonymous  Posted: 23/10/2001 19:03

Hello, I'm 40yrs old and had a Mirena (I.U.S.) fitted 2years ago as a cure for heavy periods, but I d'ont know about the result. I have very little bleeding but a much much longer slight bleed. Anybody out there with this device fitted.

Cat (trionaml)  Posted: 10/01/2002 11:40

I was just wondering is it possible to get endometriosis at an early age. I'm 24 and for the past two months I have had extremely heavy periods i.e. have to use super plus tampon and pad and change every 1-2 hours for about 3 days of my period. (I never suffered from this before). Even after I had my daughter they were'nt that bad. It's very worrying.

Anonymous  Posted: 12/01/2002 21:57

I read an article during the week on a herbal remedy called Agnus Castus which is meant to help greatly with menstrual problems, PMS and also heavy bleeding. You should be able to find out more at any good Health Shop.

chris (chrisg)  Posted: 28/02/2002 14:42

i have a nearly 14 year old daughter who is having her third period since July . She is getting bad cramps and will probaly stay in bed for 3 days .is there any advice out there

Anonymous  Posted: 06/03/2002 17:00

Has anybody ever tried homeopathy for helping to relieve period pain and heaviness ?

Anonymous  Posted: 10/03/2002 00:32

I have had a mirena fitted. I lost 10 years of life due to heavey bleeding and anemia. The mirena has given me back my life, it took about 6 months for things to settle down and since then I haven't looked down !!!!!! Dont put up with heavy bleeding ask about Mirena now,

Anonymous  Posted: 18/04/2002 22:47

I get a black/ brown discharge each month after my period until i ovulate then it disappears again until the following month .Ihave it since the birth of my last child two and a half years ago.can someone who has the same condition let me know if its normal or not ,thank you

Anonymous  Posted: 14/08/2002 21:55

Does the pill get rid of cramps and mood swings altogether?

Anonymous  Posted: 09/10/2002 16:29

I've come to the end of my patience with my period now and am demanding that my doctor refer me to the Rotunda or Coombe. For years my GP has just sympathised a bit and said well there's nothing you can do really. I am now 36 (have never been pregnant), and my period is coming every 3 weeks and floors me every time. During my last period I had to stay in bed one full day and was so distressed at one point I nearly called 999. The amount of blood is one of the most distressing parts of it, destroying bed clothes, mattresses!, ordinary clothes and even the sofa. My sister recommended I sleep on bath towels, and put them on the chairs aswell. It just does not seem right. I am going to get as much help now as I can. I have had enough just putting up with it. I am rather tired of the society we live in where stupid adverts on tv pour little glasses of red wine on little sanitary towels. Another advertising myth that makes normal women feel like monsters. Insist that your doctor listen to you on this one, and get referred or just refer yourself. I have started taking pain killers 3 days before I am due this time, in the hope that I will not have to miss work again, and destroy my clothes and my home. Oh the joys of being a woman. My sympathies to all of you.

Fiona (binky)  Posted: 10/10/2002 16:12

Anyone suffering with painful periods and/or IBS type symptoms around period time should ask their doctor about Endometriosis. For more information look up or contact the Endometriosis Association of Ireland. If you have menstrual problems its always worth getting more information.Its not good enough to be told that nothing can be done for you. Change doctors if necessary!

Catherine (CatherineD)  Posted: 29/01/2003 15:02

I suffer from cramps every day for about 1 wk before the period arrives - keep thinking it is here then cramp again for the 4 days of the period - anyone know why I cramp so much before it comes

Anonymous  Posted: 15/05/2003 14:31

I was suffering from very bad mood swings on day 16 of my cycle and at the start of my period - so much so it started to feel more like depression. I was having terrible emotional upsets, distressing everyone around me and crying for hours, I just had no control over it even though I could time it to the exact DAY - then I read something about vitamin b12 deficiency causing depression. I have been taking supplements and the 'depression' has disappeared completely. Thank god it was really straightfoward!

Anonymous  Posted: 04/08/2003 20:19

I don't get cramps when I get my period, but I do get this horrible heavy ache and I can pin point when I am bleeding because I can feel the discharge, This used only to last one day and I used Feminax, but now it is lasting 2 days at least, and my periods are getting longer (used to be 4 days and now they are about 6 or 7). I am 34 and have never been pregnant. I also get bad wind and nausea (although I suspect that the nausea might be from the painkillers). Does anyone else suffer from this ache (I liken it to a type of 'churning' feeling inside) or am I just making too much a deal of this? I feel guilty at times when I hear about other people getting terrible cramps, but I find that my life is affected by this to a significant degree.

Anonymous  Posted: 03/12/2003 08:31

I suffered from period pain since I was a teenager. It is great to know that other women are experiencing the same discomfort. I am now 29 and for 5 days of the month I am in agony. At school I used to vomit, faint and was sent home from school and spent 3 days of every month in bed with a hot water bottle. I have tried everyting from reflexology, went to a gynaeologist, herbalist, went on the pill my origninal GP (who was useless by the way - he told me at the age of 17 that having a baby was the cure. I now have changed GP to a woman) and read all the books. In order that I do not miss work I take Solphadine for 4 days of the month and creates a surreal effect and numbs the pain. No one out there in the medical profession can give me a cure. The one thing that my herbalist recommended and I find working is: Evening primrose oil, reduce tea and coffee, no chocolate (sorry gals) or crisps and B12 vitamins. By the way whoever does the Marketing of the tampon and period ads must be a man. I don't be running round a hay field experiencing a new lease of life. Usually I'm in bed in agony with tablets a hot wate bottle feeling very unattractive. And by the way Lester you must be a man to say what you said. I agree with Aoife.

Angela (angmcg1)  Posted: 05/12/2003 10:04

At work everyone knows exactly what stage of my cycle I am at and thankfully are so considerate, bearing with with and keeping me supplied with painkillers. I suffer from cramps and bleeding mid cycle, which i think is when I am ovulating and then when my period arrives I have to wear both tampons and maternity towels and my social life stops for at least a week. Can you imagine the embarresment of staining someones car seat, sofa, etc. I live in black trousers at that time, not because they have a slimming effect but just in case of an accident. My own car seat has a special cover, plastic lined on one side. I have been on the pill, have had four children yet been like this since I was twelve (am now 42). I recently attended a new doctor who I saw for my yearly smear, (I have never had a fully clear smear so have one each year) who suggested the Mirena coil, but as I have bleeding mid cycle I must first have a D & C, if that clear then the consultant carrying out the D & C will implant the coil. I am keeping my fingers crossed. Everythin else has failed, pills, rubs, hot water bottles, exercise. At this stage I am praying for the menopause, drastic yes, but surely hot sweats etc cant be any worse than what I have had for the last thirty years.

Anonymous  Posted: 07/01/2004 09:13

I have suffered since the age of 13. Had an ovarian cyst removed at 14 (I was in agony). Have been on the pill since I was 16 and finally diagnosed with endometriosis at 19 (I'm now 26). I tricycle my pill (take 3 packs in a row) so I'm down to about 4 periods per year. Each one is still unbearable. I take nurofen plus and aulin (muscle relaxant prescription thing) from 2 days before I'm due but still wake up in pain when it starts. Now it only lasts for about 6 days. Before the laser treatment for endometriosis at 19 it would last 10-12 days. I no longer faint but still sometimes vomit. I have asked my doctors for a hysterectomy since I was a teenager but they refuse. Thankfully I've only ended up in hospital 4 times from period pain and one of those was because of the cyst. I still get concerned when I see the amount of blood I've lost - and all the clots. Now I only have to change a super plus tampon & pantyliner every 2-3 hours. When I was younger I had to change my pad every 15 mins before I discovered tampons which pushed it out to an hour. Very embarrassing in school. Herbal stuff never worked for me. I Hate Periods!!!!

Elaine (Elainega)  Posted: 07/01/2004 10:17

When I was a teenager I used to suffer quite badly from pain and heavy blood loss I also have a long cycle, 5 weeks and my period last for about 6 to 8 days. My first 2 periods, i fainted from the pain - not a very good introduction to 'womanhood'. As I got older the pain remained and the mood swings increased. My mother was diagnosed with endometriosis in her 40s, but up to then she just grinned and bore the pain - usually in bed with a hot water bottle, so I did the same. I went on the pill about 6 years ago - at age 28 - and it was great, no pain, moods. I have recently come off the pill and suffer with minimal cramps and a slight headache the day before my period starts and there are some small mood changes - usualy p***ed off with my husband. But nothing like they used to be. I have never been pregnant. I don't know if the change is due to being on the pill or the fact that I have fairly recently changed by diet to lose weight - more fruit, veg and less coffee and cheese. Also gave up the smokes 18 months ago. Maybed some or all of these have helped, I just hope it lasts. Still have the long cycle and long period though.

Anonymous  Posted: 07/01/2004 10:43

Hi there, first of all THANK YOU DR CONDREN for addressing the issue of women and periods. I'm 28 and was diagnosed last Feb with Endometriosis. Like most sufferers it too a while to diagnose and I was told at first it was IBS. I've completed 6 months of decapeptyl and only feeling better as it is leaving my system. I hope you agree that there's not enough research done on the topic of Endometriosis, the 'experts' know as much as the sufferers do. I don't know if I can conceive and will have to wait for another 3 months before I get my periods back. I'm angry and frustrated at this disease and how debilitating it is for women. Up until the medication I had 2 good weeks and two bad weeks a month, now I have 3 good weeks and 1 bad week so it's getting better but still not cured as there is no cure. Thanks again, I agree that more women need to be educated on periods and what's normal and abnormal. Regards.

Anonymous  Posted: 07/01/2004 22:48

Thanks again Dr. for addressing this issue - periods are still not really talked about even amongst friends. I had a tubal ligation in my mid-thirties and at the time I was told that my periods might get heavier. So when they did at the age of 39 I did nothing for a long time. Eventually it was so bad, as everyone says, destroying bedding and furniture and wearing black for 2 weeks every month. Not to mention the mood swings when I became someone I didn't know & didn't like! BUT after two years of trying Ponstan & Cyclapron in various doses, I was persuaded by the hospital to have a Mirena coil fitted. SUCCESS! Periods are still about 12 days long but way lighter & the mood seems to be better. SO, give it a try girls.

Anonymous  Posted: 09/01/2004 10:00

I am in my 50's and have spent the last 8 years coping with ongoing tiredness and heavy periods. I was diagnosed with fibroids and advised by my GP to see a consultant with a view to having a hysterectomy. I subsequently went to three consultants and none would give me any assurance that the tiredness would ease as a result of having a hysterectomy. Under the circumstances, I feel I cannot undergo such radical surgery and have choosen to attempt to manage the situation myself and live a life of tiredness until, hopefully, the menopause will resolve the problem for me. A fundamental issue to-day is that GP's and consulants are so afraid of potential legal reprecussions that they will not give their patients any real direction in situations such a mine. Patients are left to decide for themselves. While this in theory is good practice, the reality is that it often leaves patients in a state of limbo and a feeling of hopelessness around the absence of concrete information.

Marina (marc3)  Posted: 10/01/2004 00:40

I started suffering with very heavy almost continuous bleeding about 2 years ago. It affected my health, work, social life, every aspect of life really. My doctor was very supportive, though one doc in the practise basically said that I would have to have a hysterectomy, no matter what other types of intervention were tried. However my own doc and the consultant he referred me to both recommended the Mirena coil. This was fitted after a D+C which established there was no specific cause for the bleeding. It has reduced the bleeding remarkably. A year on, it is now very light, though it hasn't stopped completely, and can become heavier without warning. But it is NEVER anything like in the past when I would wear a super-plus tampon and 2 nighttime towels and still be soaked through within the hour, having to change clothes etc. I also had a tubal ligation in my mid-thirties (now 41), after the birth of my 4th baby, and am now wondering if the 2 facts are connected. I'm still recovering my energy and iron levels!

Anonymous  Posted: 11/01/2004 00:28

I have recently come off the pill, about 4 months now i think...? And ever since I have had periods every 12-15 days which has resulted in me suffering from severe PMS- of which I have always shown severe signs of- for the past 4 months. Has anybody else had this problem after coming off the pill? It's affecting everything I do as I am constantly depressed and with the strain of being in college and breaking up with my boyfriend it's really taking a lot out of me. And with periods this often I'm scared i'm going to reach an early menopause.... I'm only 19! Hope somebody has an answer for me.

Anonymous  Posted: 12/01/2004 10:02

I never realised people suffered so bad with this normal part of a womans life.Its a mans world! I've never had painful periods only very heavy periods. They would come and go in 6 days. I went on the Pill in 2000 and then i discovered painful periods, especially the first day. Unfortunetly, due to my increased blood pressure I had to come off the oral pill for 1 month and I an now on the injection pill. The doctor has said I could experience lenghty bleeds for the first few months but nothing like this - I have now had my period for 16 days. And this is normal so I've been told. I was wondering is this normal for the first period being on the injection pill?Has anyone experienced this?

jane (pippa2)  Posted: 13/01/2004 22:45

If men had heavy and painful periods would a cure have been found by now?!!

Anonymous  Posted: 21/01/2004 08:15

I am 36 years of age and I have suffered extremely painful and heavy periods more so for the last 10years+, I always had heavy periods and started my period when I was 10 years old. Two years ago whilst on holiday my father noticed that I was in extreme pain and he mentioned it to my sister, I then decided I would go back to my gynaecologist who had delivered my son 14 years earlier. We went through the routine, I would go in and have a D&C and they would put the camera into my womb. Anyway to cut the long story short it was June of 2003 (I went to see my Consultant in August 2002) I went in for the D&C etc. but I was told that they could not do it because my vagina was too tight. I was then referred for a ultrasound which I had in December 2003 where the consultant there told me that I have a tilted womb and that the lining of my womb is very thick hence the problems. I then rang my Gynaecologist to see what was next and his secretary told me that she would check with him and phoned me back over a week later to say that he had marked the details all clear. I am now going to go and have a second opinion because having done some research I have found out about the coil and an operation being offered in America. Like the others who have placed their comments, I suffer from terrible mood swings and unfortunately my family get the brunt of it and I cannot take the pain anymore it is too much.

Fearg  Posted: 28/01/2004 17:48

Anyone help with severe PMS symtoms which are ruining my life as I cannot plan anything for that time of the month - I am nervous driving as I crashed my car the day before my period was due and I become a totally inefficient person and I would almost say lunatic for up to ten days before my period. Has anyone any solution, my GP has suggested antidepressants but I would not like to go down that road.

Anonymous  Posted: 05/03/2004 09:56

I finished the Pill about four years ago and have had regular periods since. Recently i have had a Period for the past five weeks. continued.From light to heavy.What is the cause of this.Advice please.

julie (jbeggins)  Posted: 14/04/2004 16:39

I have had bad periods for the last 8 years which has ended up giving me low blood pressure my life has to stop for a min of 2 weeks during the month the doctors in Jan put me on the pill in order to try to reduce this as a I got a laparoscope done last year as they thought I had endometriosis but this came back clear & now with the pill I have headacks 24hrs a day for a week before my Period begins & still have bad pains but I have to fight just staying in bed as Im only 20 & dont want to be there for most of my life

Joanne (IWG11498)  Posted: 25/08/2004 15:26

Hi there, I am so glad that I have found this topic. I was one of the lucky ones, no pain, very regular, no nonsense periods up until I gave birth to my DD in Jan 03. Since then, the bleeding hasn't stopped for any length of time. I have been on 3 different pills, Depo Injection, Mirena coil( just had that removed) and nothing is working. GP & Gynae trips have been made, the last one to both was only last week and I still don't know what is causing this. Apparently, after one of those lovely internals, all seems to be where it should be and no lumps or bumps that shouldn't be there.Was given progestrogen(sp?) to take for 3 months and "come back and see us then!" I am so frustrated, I just want to know what is causing this but nobody can give me an answer. Can any of you relate or have any advice? Thanks for listening to the rant.

spudd  Posted: 16/09/2004 13:28

Hi there! Oh boy do I sympathise with all the horror stories. I've been on 9 different pills in as many years trying control my painful periods. I'm now on Microlite having been on Yasmin (really sore breasts, water retention), Mycrogynon and Ovranette (suited me but was told last year that they're discontinued - is this true?), Micronor (stopped my period for a few months (great!) but then came back irregularly and with mood swings), Trinodiol (breakthrough bleeding), Trinovum (breakthrough bleeding), Cilest (breakthrough bleeding) and Femodene (very bad depression). I was also told by a gyne in Holles St that having a baby would cure me! (She qualified it by saying that its probably not a good enough reason to have a baby - you don't say!) Anyhoo, on my current pill I have breakthrough bleeding (for the whole of the second week of my pill pack), mood swings (I'm homocidal a week to the day before my period and then again for a day or two before my period and a day or towards the end of my period) and excrutiating breast tenderness for the last week before my period (even my clothes feel like they're hurting my breasts!). At least the period pain is easily controlled with paracetamol but frankly at this rate of going I think I'd almost (but not quite!) rather the pain. This month the breast tenderness is really bad and started almost mid pack. The spotting lasted longer than usual. I'm not looking forward to what my period next week has in store! I'm interested to read that serval of you found Evening Primrose Oil helpful. Is it useful in easing mood swings and breast tenderness even if you're on the pill?

jane (pippa2)  Posted: 30/09/2004 23:01

A WARNING Do not continue to put up with heavy bleeding each month as I have done.I bled extensivesly for the last 6 years and I was just admitted to hospital with a low blood count.I needed a blood transfusion.This is serious and the symptoms creep up on you slowly so you get used to not being able to walk,do housework etc.There is also no need to suffer the expense,indignity and embarrasment of this unatural bleeding each month.Get a Mirena coil fitted as soon as you can and your life will be transformed.Please don't suffer any more and if your GP or Gynaecologist suggest alternatives demand this treatment.Heavy bleeding is not normal and does not have to be coped with.This is not like the coils of previous years were you could feel them and there were horror stories of them going rusty inside it is a modern,sophisticated device.Don't let your periods dictate your life when it is so unecessary and dangerous to your health No one ever told me that this bleeding can result in low blood counts.If I hadn't gone to my GP that day I could have collapsed driving or anything. Please be careful and if won't get the coil ensure you have regular blood tests to monitor your levels. Jane

Anonymous  Posted: 05/10/2004 14:28

Hi! I have always had painful periods! Went on the pill, but had to come off it as I was getting a migraine every month, lasting longer each month! I now get a rough, sore throat about 3 days before the period starts, nothing seems to soothe it! As soon as the period starts it disappears! On the first day I get bad cramps, feel sick and have heavy bleeding, but it usually only lasts the one day!It's then very light for a couple of days!Does anyone else have that problem?

Anonymous  Posted: 13/10/2004 19:06

In response to Joanne's post. After numerous D&Cs I had a Mirena coil fitted in 1999. It did take about 6 months for it to settle down but after that I had period free years. I had it removed last year because I felt it was working against my body, didn't feel natural not to have a monthly cycle and now I take Cyclokapron for the heaviest days. They are a blood clotting drug, no hormone function to them . I wish I'd had them years ago !!

Anonymous  Posted: 25/01/2005 16:09

hi, just found this topic - wondering if anyone out there is like me. i've had my periods for the last eight months - continuous (only once did they stop for two weeks). i'm 37 - not sexually active - never been pregnant. i get my periods heavy for the normal week (a lot heavier that i was used to) then light discharge for the rest of the month(not the normal colour - very black). have been to doctor & gynie - did tests, nothing wrong. i'm fine otherwise but this can not be normal!! would love to know if anyone ever had this problem and if you found a solution - i have a very low iron count.

Anonymous  Posted: 23/03/2005 22:03

Twelve weeks ago i started taking Agnus Castus to help ease mood swings and weepiness brought on by pms. Although ive only ever read good things about this herb i foud it had a drastic negative effect on me. Moods and anxiety were all much much worse and my pms started as early as day 14 in my cycle, my periods were late one month and early the next and i have alwaws been very regular. I noticed an improvement immediatley when i stopped taking it. Im very interested to know if anybody else has experienced similar effects?

Anonymous  Posted: 21/04/2005 11:22

I started using Agnus Castus for pre menstrual stress and it only made me worse, i was got very depressed early in the month and it lasted for the next month too and my periods were heavier. When i first started using it i found i was very happy etc. but ten two weeks before my period all of the above happened so i stopped and i found it took a month to get the stuff out of my system and im only starting to feel normal again.

Anonymous  Posted: 17/06/2005 12:17

I am 18 years old, After a 10 month break in my cycle i have gotten my period....three weeks ago and i still have it, they are very heavy and painful, I think i have no developed anemia on top of this becuase im always tired, pale, no appitite. Would all this be down to stress? I have just completed my leaving cert and i have had a very tough year at home. my cycles have never been regular so the long break wasnt shocking to me. I havent been sexually active since last year. I am going to my doctor this evening, but im afraid she wont do anything to help. I am currently on my 7 day break from MICROLITE, would the OC have anything to do with my irratic cycles? I need help, i just finished my exams, this is my summer, and i just feel like curling up crying

Ann (ARV30472)  Posted: 01/07/2005 15:23

Got steroid injection for back problem 9 weeks ago since then i had no period since i first starting periods i have always been on a regular cycle did a pregnancy test and negative, could the injection have caused this

Leticia (OWT33102)  Posted: 18/08/2005 00:43

I've been off of myt birth control pills for 3months and just recently got back on them on the 6th of this month. I'm still on my period and its been on for 12 days I have anything to worry about? Is the pills making my period irregular?

Anonymous  Posted: 18/08/2005 17:22

im relieved that this topic has been highlighedt. i suffer from heavy periods and have done for the past six years. day 1 & 2 are the worst with contraction like pains, sweating and sometimes faint. it hurts to go toilet and no pill seems to ease this.i recently got a smear done for my first time. during this consultation she methioned that my womb looked eroded. she never gave an explaination. could this be a result of heavy periods? has anyone be told the same! x glen

Anonymous  Posted: 01/09/2005 16:27

Glad I found this posting. I always (since 12) had fairly regular pain-free, mood-free preiods. At 17 I went on the pill. My period became as regular as clockwork (literally down to the half-hour) lasting 4 days and still problem free. At 27, I went on the Mirena. He first oen was fine. Bled for 6 weks following insertion, then had a very very light (lasting a couple of hours) reasonably regular period every month. I had my second mirena in March and noticed that before each period, I got a tired dragging sensation in the lft pelvic area. Then last month I got very low sharp contraction cramps and the cervical ara felt sort of raw. The period after that, and the next one (my last to date) each were light but lasted 12 days, which a lit of cots and pinky brown discharge. I would like to know has anyone else experienced this. The period itelf is not painful and as such does not inhibit my life in any way (apart from being a little messy in the bedroom department). But I'd like to know if it's normal or will it do me any harm and if there's any way of preventing it. BTW - my iron lvels are fine.

Claire (JGZ34170)  Posted: 07/09/2005 11:45

I have suffered with extreme exhaustion for 2 weeks out of 4 for the last few years. My period just wiped me out, I was hard looking after my toddler. Then I came across an amino acid called DLPA (d-l phenylalanine). It works by protecting your natural endorphin levels, so you don't notice the effects of your PMS so much. I was sceptical at first as I had tried Prozac, Evening Primrose Oil, B6, Agnus Castus etc. Nothing seemed to help with the exhaustion, and to my surprise I started top feel better within a month. I couldn't believe it! I am still taking DLPA- it's natural and cheap, you can buy it from Holland and Barrett. I hope women find this helpful.

Anonymous  Posted: 08/09/2005 21:19

my periods are heavy the first couple of days but the thing i don't understand is that they last to upto a month non stop. This isn't normal so what's wrong??

Anonymous  Posted: 14/09/2005 03:29

i thought i was the unusual case!...and i agree with the lady about the adverts...makes me mad...i suffer...and i mean''suffer'' from very heavy and extremly long periods...sometines up to 3 months with out a break! it disturbs my sleep..i have to ly on my tummy.get up regularly to the toilet....mood swings! dont get me started.i was in hospital last year.where they said they'd do a d&c.which they still a virgin.i was told they didnt want to do it!!hello!!.dont bother to ask me!i then was told all my symtoms geared towards pcos.i have very bad vaginal dryness also.which can be very at my wits end.i feel dirty and ugly and unwanted all the are so lucky.and any docter who thinks pain is''muscular''''everyone has it'' needs castration, in my opinion. good luck to you all...

Anonymous  Posted: 14/09/2005 10:20

Anon 3.29. I can't belive their attitude in the hosptal. Why did they not want to do a D&C because you were a virgin. There is abslutely no reason or justification for this. Go back to your GP or a women's health clinic (ifpa or wellwoman perhaps) and get them to refer you again for D&C. INSIST on it if neccssary. Also, it sounds like the pill might be just the hormone boost you need to re-adjust your cycle. Actually, the cramps are muscular contractions as the uterus is a muscle. But ths doesn't mean they would not be painful. Afterall, a cramp in the leg after a long run can be extremely painful - but it only lasts a minute or so. No-one should have to put up with it for days or weeks Pain is a sign that there is somehting wrong with your body. As for feeling dirty, remember there is nothing dirty about menstrual blood.. It is part of a normal natural feminine function - just like shavign for me.

Anonymous  Posted: 14/09/2005 16:01

wow so im not the only one!i've never heard of this before it seems nobody knows what to do about it though which is quite worryin because i really wana sort it out and not be suffering from these long extended periods! it messes up your social life and its real annoying to have to wear sanitary towels everyday for weeks on end!!!!

Anonymous  Posted: 29/09/2005 13:09

hi,suddenly suffering really badly from period pain and massive blood clots have fainted twice in the last couple of months,this period was particularly bad,its embaressing as its happened at work,i think it is the fear of not knowing what is wrong and the thoughts of someone probing around that area.

buddy  Posted: 31/10/2005 12:39

I WOULD LOVE TO KNOW IF ANYBODY SUFFERS AS BAD as I do..bad period pains all my life ..went on the pillit would work for awhile.I would get severe vomiting diarrohea ,and intense cripplig pain from 2-4 days.. at the moment I am on the pil without taking a break but lately I am still getting immense pain..I dunno wat to do I am at my wits end, I am starting a new job and cant afford tomiss work..I dont drink coffee, smoke or eat cheese.. if any body has any suggestions please let me lester hasn't a clue

Anonymous  Posted: 08/11/2005 11:56

Buddy get to your GP and get a referral to a gynae as soon as possible. Go private if you have to. If you are on the pill without a break you may need a D&C also.

Claire (JGZ34170)  Posted: 14/11/2005 14:26

message for buddy; try DLPA- You can get it from any health food store and it is one tablet a day. Research has been carried out and it has found to be very effective as a chronic pain reliever in arthritis, back problems etc. This is why some gynaecologists think it helpful in pms especially pain/cramps and depression related aspects of the syndrome. I have tried it and found it really helpful. It takes about 2 weeks to work so you should see an improvement within 2 cycles. I decided to come off the pill altogether; my thinking was to let my body get back to it's natural hormone level so you can assess the true nature of your symptoms. Sometimes the pill can create more problems than it solves. Prozac has also been licensed for PMS and PMDD(pre-menstrual dysphoric disorder)this is a severe form of pms. Hope you get some help and feel better soon.

dub  Posted: 19/11/2005 08:32

i had always had pms went to see a lot of doc's and none for them done anything for me also iv been trying for a baby for 15yrs and none for them helped me does anyone know were to get help for this please help

Lily25  Posted: 02/12/2005 12:24

Just wondering if anyone can help me, like buddy i too suffered with crippling pain / vomitting / diahorrea / in my teens i would have to take up to two weeks off school because my periods would last up to 15 days at a time and that entire time was agony from day 1 - day 15. 'luckliy' my periods were very irregular which means i would only suffer like this every 2-3 months but they were often too sudden and would result in my fainting at school! I had a baby when i was 21 where i was put on depo injection which resulted in constant bleeding for 1 YEAR AND A HALF i came off the injection and went on the pill which regularised my periods and relieved pain some bit, i had been on the pill for 1 yr and last april my periods stopped, my doctor told me stop pill until they returned which i have and in october i had a period but am now overdue period in october resulted in a dr visit begging for pain relief and i was out of work for 2 days plus weekend which meant i had 4 days where i was seriously only fit for bed....i cannot go back to the way i was prior to my son......i really want to know how many suffer like this and what is the best way to deal with it. I'm 25 and in good health i'm off pill permanently now.

sinnypoo  Posted: 03/01/2006 21:09

hi im 17 years old and overweight im nearly a stone for every yr of my life which isnt so nice to look at but i ave problems with my period and i think it could be related to this. i got my first period at 12 then i didnt bet another one untill i wa s14 then ive only ever had them at themost4times in one year and im v.worried cos i dont know wat to do is it affecting my fertility?i also get really bad pains that leave me lying down cryin with the pain and i dnt know what to do cos painkillers dnt work

Mary  Posted: 04/01/2006 09:27

Sinny, it sounds to me like you have PCOS or Endometriosis. This affects both periods, weight gain anf things like facial hair. Find a GP who also work with gynae and Endo problems.

Anonymous  Posted: 04/01/2006 14:38

Im just realizing that i may be suffering from pms. Ive never had problems before with my period up until about 5 months ago. A few days before my period i get really depressed and i mean seriously just want to die. I suffer with depression and am on antidepressants for the last 2 yrs but im normally ok its just before my period that this happens and its starting to worry me now cos i just sob my heart out for no particular reason and i cant control it. I ruined my familys new years eve because of this, instead of ringing in the new year i was sat in the bathroom crying my eyes out just wanting to die. It only lasts a day or 2 then when i get my period im in agony for the first day with stomach and back pain. Somebody please help as this is ruining my life

Chana  Posted: 04/01/2006 15:06

14:38 - I'm not sure of your age but iut sounds like yoiu ay have had a hormone shift recently. Have you thought about hormone supplementation.

Anonymous  Posted: 04/01/2006 16:10

Chana, im 34 and have never though about needing hormone supplements, im not sure what to do.

Chana  Posted: 04/01/2006 16:45

Maybe see your Wel woman or Everywoman clinic. If you have hada coil inaserted recently this may explain it. Have you thouht about going on the pill for a while if you're not planning a baby an time soon.

Lily 25  Posted: 04/01/2006 16:52

Anon 16.10 - My mother always warns me about the menopause because hers was so so violent...perhaps your mood swings and depression could be the onset of the menopause, my mothers began when she was in her early thirties she always says it was the worst time of her life...with depression and mood swings etc. so maybe you should see an understanding gp before you get any one should have to suffer with periods like that!!

Chana  Posted: 04/01/2006 17:01

Anon, I reckon if Lilly is right, you should see a gynae or endocronoolist asap, and early emnopause can be very aggressive at onset and needs to be delayed ASAP as it can result in massive bone loss and heart problems as well as the usual symptom but aggravated. Not tryign to scare but do see your local womans health clinic as a priority.

Anonymous  Posted: 04/01/2006 23:43

I hope its not the menopause, im only 34, im not on the pill or anything like that, was on it years ago but i got very bad migraines from it so i wouldnt be too fond of goin on the pill. After 4 kids hubby had vasectomy so i didnt need anything. Thanks for your comments i think i should see my doctor cos i cant carry on like this every month.

Chana  Posted: 05/01/2006 13:54

Anon, i SEE YOUR POINT ABOUT THE PILL. However, as you don't need any contraception, other forms of hormonal supplementation may be available. Very important first to get your levels tested tho. Premature menopuaseis a relatively rare disorder but the effects can be severe.

smiley  Posted: 11/01/2006 22:57

i've been on the pill for a year. everythinhg has been running like clockwork i.e period always on time. this month however, i've gotten my period two weeks early. kinda worried, do i still keep taking the pill and am is it safe to have sex?

Mary  Posted: 12/01/2006 10:39

Keep taking the pill, use other protection for the 5 days after your period and go stright onto your next pack - until you can see your Dr.

Anonymous  Posted: 28/01/2006 18:30

I'm on the pill and my period has come a week early for the past few months and lasted for two weeks rather than one. Would you be able to provide me some reasons so that I can address this? I am starting to become concerned. Thank you in advance.

Mary  Posted: 30/01/2006 09:46

It may be that the pill youre on is too light for you and you need to change pills.

lea  Posted: 30/01/2006 12:43

Need help! I have the coil fitted now for over a year and i'm still having a bad time,vomitting / diahorrea, extreme exhaustion and feeling faint.Had blood test at doctors & nothing wrong cant go on like this i have 2 children and when i had coil fitted 6 yrs ago i had no problems now after 2nd child its not right. please can somebody give me advise and doctors havent a clue, and think im waisting there time.

Mary  Posted: 30/01/2006 13:52

Have you thought about switching to the non-copper progestogen coil to see if it improves?

kat  Posted: 30/01/2006 21:47

ive always had bad pms but lately im getting bad blood clots and vomting,fainting and crying all the time very bad pains went to see my doc and he says there nothing wrong pls help any info would be great....

Mary  Posted: 31/01/2006 09:17

Kat, with bad blood clots and vomting,fainting and crying all the time and very bad pains, there most certainly IS somethign wrong. This is not normal for anyone to experience. Which pill are you on?

fifi  Posted: 31/01/2006 12:01

I get weepy for absolutely no reason coming up to mine. Also, I eat more and crave treats for about four days leading up to them. The rest of the time I dont even think of chocolate or crisps.

Byrnee  Posted: 17/02/2006 17:14

Having been suffering with prolonged and excessive bleeding for the past year I finally went to see a consultant this week about my problem. I had an internal examination, smear test, scan and vaginal scan/probe which showed no visible problems. I was advised that I had a choice of taking hormone medication for 5 days from the 1st day of my period every month or to go on th Mirena coil, I deceided to go away and think about it. The following day my 'proper' period started even though several days early which means I am now into my 4th week of bleeding whcih doesn't do much for your sex life!! I was so exhausted probably lacking iron so made an appointment to get the coil fitted which was done a little over 2 hours ago. It was an unpleasent experience but if it works I will be frilled. I will report back at a later stage to say it's going.

AS  Posted: 21/03/2006 22:06

im very worried about my mom ,recently at age 68 shes had vaginal bleeding "about the amount of the first day of your period" and spotting for the following week, she hasnt had a period in over 20 years, can you suggest any possible causes

Mary  Posted: 22/03/2006 09:07

A.S. - When was your Mum's last smear? I would say she needs to get herself to the gynae and get a smear done asap. I'm not tyign to scare you but I know his is unusual and feel she really should have it looked after.

byrnee  Posted: 22/03/2006 09:30

Do you suffer with PMT or PMS? Have you been expereincing this only since having children and are you around the age of 30 +? If so you possibley have "premenstrual dysphoric disorder". If you have access to the net then type in the name which will bring up various sites for you to get further info from, if the symptoms are similar to those you expereince get further advice from your GP even take the notes with you. This type of PMT is far worse than the normal and puts a huge ammount of pressure on relationships. Good luck

Blath  Posted: 22/03/2006 16:37

Iron deficiency anaemia can make menstrual problems a lot worse. It's worthwhile taking a course of iron supplements if you're having problems. Stress can make periods worse - exams, family problems etc.

Mary  Posted: 22/03/2006 16:53

Certain things can worsen PMS but it as my gynae whi said to me - coninous pain for 3 or 4 days every month for a period, which is mant to be a normal function is NOT normal. Pain is a sign that there is something WRONG with our body and it needs attention.

ssj  Posted: 30/03/2006 17:41

Dysmenorrhoea is the term used for pain during menstrual cycle. Many young girls have this problem. I have experienced a good home remedy for this and I wish to share it with all who suffer. It is nothing but powder of Cumin seeds. Girls should consume 2-2 pinch of this powder 4-5 times daily for 2 weeks before the cycle. Many have tried and are happy with this safe and effective home treatment.

fedup  Posted: 31/03/2006 12:27

I'm 17 yrs old and I have PCOS. I also suffer from non stop periods. I have my periods for weeks at a time, maybe have a day or two break and then it starts up again. I have tried most pills and found no effect. I have an Implanon rod in my arm but this does nothing either. I'm sick of putting up with the massive cramps that come with non-stop bleeding, the nausea and the migraines. Any tips, dr's are have no idea of what to do until i have children. If i can

Mary  Posted: 03/04/2006 09:04

I have heard that metaformin can help with PCOS, especially if other symptoms are involved.

Anonymous  Posted: 18/04/2006 15:34

I have recently(6 weeks ago) had the marina removed after 6 years and have still not had a period. To be honest my periods were very irregular before i had it fitted!! i am just curious to know how soon i should expect my period, before i had the marina fitted i never had any pain or any symptons atall when i was due a period??

Mary  Posted: 18/04/2006 15:56

Anonymous Posted: 18/04/2006 15:34, you knwo that the mirena only has a 5 year lifespan and should be removed after 5 years.

Anonymous  Posted: 18/04/2006 19:54

I should have said, sorry! I did have it removed after the five years but had it replaced straight away. I then had it removed for medical reasons!

Mary  Posted: 19/04/2006 11:23

Anonymous, as I alos have the mirena, I would be very interested, if you wouldn't mind, as to why you had it emoved? Was it for reasons directly connected with the mirena itself?

Anonymous  Posted: 19/04/2006 12:34

Oh no, i would swear by the mirena..I just have alot going on in my body at the moment and my GP sugested i leave it out for a while untill my body settles down..the mirena is perfectly safe, to be honest i wish i still had it in that way i would know where i stand as regards to periods, i just hadn't got them atall for the past five years!!

Mary  Posted: 19/04/2006 16:10

Thanks - sorry if that was a bit personal. I'm on my second mirena about a year now. Actually, got my period on Monday morning, it lasted about an hour :-)

Anonymous  Posted: 19/04/2006 17:38

does this happen to you every month? I have no idea what is going on inside me. And the fear of getting pregnant again just does not appeal to me atall, although, i am being very carefull! still the worry is always there..maybe this is why i havent got my missing period yet?? having the mirena, in my opinion, means you can relax every month and not have to worry, i had forgotten all about this anxiety!!

Mary  Posted: 20/04/2006 08:41

Strange, with my first mirena (straight after coming off the pill), I bled for 6 weeks after it was inserted but had no period pain (I had never had period pain even before the pill) and then had a period for a day fairly regularly but not as regularly as when I was on the pill - when I could time it literally down to the hour! With the second mirena, I had no bleeding afterwards and nothing for about 4 or 5 months which I was assured was normal. Now I have a tiny period every 25 - 28 days. Not as clockwork as the pill but I tend to know beforehand as I get a sensation, almost like butterflies, in the pit of stomach about four hours beforehand! The great thing is that even on the pill, I was so anxious to get my period every month and my other half had fallen into the habit of asking me during my pill-free week if I'd got it yet, even if it was so much as a half-day late. But now we've both practically forgotten all about it. Personally, I wouldn't trust "being carful" without proven medical backup.

Anonymous  Posted: 20/04/2006 11:58

Your right, i don't partically trust just "being careful" either! but what else can i do?? i have results from blood tests due in the next week so, hopfully they will allow me to have the mirena fitted again and everything will go back to normal. Funny you should say that about your partner, mine only asked this morning had i got mine yet? I think he may be getting a little anxious too..

Sharon (PHA36469)  Posted: 21/04/2006 17:11

I suffer from abdominal pain on the 1st day or two of my period - to help I use a heat pad called CURA HEAT available from chemist (usually used for muscle pain/arthritis). It is sticky on the back and you attach it to the outside of your underpants(under your clothes), it heats up for 12 hours and helps with the pain (you need to take it off going to bed, but then a hot water bottle helps)

Anonymous  Posted: 03/05/2006 16:47

I need advice from any other Mums out there. Just read in one of the mags. that the average age of girls starting their periods is down to 8-10 years of age. Even too young to take a panadol. Can't imagine giving Calpol for period pain. It's too weird. The age has apparently come down due to too much of the hormone leptin which encourages hormone growth. My little girl is going to be 9 soon. I don't know how to explain this in terms she will undertstand.The magazine suggests we start telling our little ones at 8 about periods. The literature in the Dr.s is aimed at older girls. Anyone got any ideas on where to start?!!

Mary  Posted: 05/05/2006 10:08

Remember that being in pain from a normal function like periods is not normal. Granted, it make take a few months for the body to get used to until when it first starts. There are medication specificaly intended for period pain so if pain is a problem for your daughter at the start do take her to either the dR. (Female Dr.) or community health nurse to see what would be suitable. Average age (and I stress average) for girls gettign their periods now is 10 and a half years old. I remember my fried tellign me when I was 9 (her sister told her) and going home very upset about it. My mother then explained that this was something normal and just means that your body is getting ready to become a young womns body and that periods are nothing to worry about. Every woman has them and it just means that when you grow up and you're a mrried lady (she was conservative then :-), that you can have a baby if you want to. Of course she explained the other details as I got a bit older but that was a starting point.

Anonymous  Posted: 08/05/2006 18:28

When my periods started about thirty years ago, Starflower oil and vit b6 etc. were not commonly available, or we didn't really use them. I've noticed on the bottles I take that the minimum age says 12 years. What is the point of trying to aleviate your childs symptoms, if you feel you can't take even the most natural of substances to 'help' the hormones adjust. I know that it's a nutural part of growing up... it just seems that girls have to mature literally overnight these days!She sees my toiletries being bought in the supermarket, but has never really asked me why I need them, or why I keep buying them!!Can anyone suggest any helpful books/literature on biology/emotions etc. for young girls?

Anonymous  Posted: 24/05/2006 10:41

For years I had painful periods and mood swings for the week before my period was due. These mood swings were horrible I fought terribly with everyone close to me one boyfriend actually broke up with me cause he couldn't cope with the mood swings. About a year ago when my current boyfriend told me he didn't want to see me for the week before my period because of the mood swings. I decided it was time for me to do something about it. I went to my gp and explained the situation he put me on Duphaston a hormone replacement to deal with the mood swings. I have to take the duphaston twice daily from day 12 to day 26 of my cycle and I haven't looked back since. I haven't had one mood swing since.

Anonymous  Posted: 05/06/2006 00:10

I have suffered (more than suffered) with really painful periods for 3 to 4 days before they come and for the first 3 days of them.I have missed work because of them and am in a new job which I feel is not reflecting well on me .I also have epilepsy and had a very bad episode which has left me out of work for 3 weeks.I always have my period when I have a seisure which I dont think is a coincidence.I have been checked out for endometriosis and all was fine.I also cannot control my bladder when I have them and for a few days before which means I am wearing pads for half the month.Does anyone know is there a conection with all my symptoms to something specific.I am 36 and had tubal ligation 10 years ago (Which was quiet young but I insisted).

hct  Posted: 07/06/2006 23:54

hi anon, who posted message 05/06/06 . Your symptoms sound exactly like mine. For years i was like that my doctors just said oh periods are always painful in other words get on with it get on with . so i changed doctors and i was diagnosed after a laparoscopy with stage 3 endometriosis. I missed a lot of work due to the severity of the pain .the slight incontinence i have is caused by pressure on the bowel from the endo which puts pressure on the bladder. i would ask for a second opinion in another hospital because this is such a familiar story to me . Hope this helps !

???  Posted: 17/06/2006 02:45

anybody out there have really light periods?my cycle is 5wks& my period only lasts 3days&isnt worth talking about.i am trying 2 conceive surely my period proves there is v.little lining in my womb?seems logical 2 me egg needs lining 2 attatch 2..i used 2 hav normal 5 day period untill birth of my it normal to have v.light period after a baby?if so how long till it goes back to normal?really wanna conceive

Mary  Posted: 20/06/2006 11:01

Hi ?, your progesterone levels may be low. Perhaps see your obs / gyn or GP for a test.

Katydun  Posted: 28/07/2006 10:09

Hi there, can't believe that we're still putting up with GPs that don't understand "women's problems". Recently changed to a male GP (husband of previous GP) who is much more open and understanding whereas she used to blush when given symptoms! Also there's a number of Family Planning Clinics around the country - great as the staff are better trained to deal with the problems women face, whether period related or not. My own circumstances, I had regular periods until 7 years ago when started having a period every other week. GP suggested that this was normal - I disagreed and pushed the issue. Got blood tests done and discovered that I had a severely hyperactive thyroid. Medication helped, and last year I had my thyroid removed. I have now returned to a 28 day cycle, however periods are heavier with much more pain. Was up half the night last night with cramping stomach and lower back pain. Luckily my other half is brilliant, he rubbed my back & made me cups of tea! I can't go on like this though, and my thyroid consultant is working with me to find the solution. I can't understand why women still suffer in silence. GET HELP - there's lots out there if your own GP doesn't seem interested. Be truthful with your doctor too, and write down symptoms, etc. before you visit him/her so that you don't forget anything when you're sitting opposite them.

Mary  Posted: 28/07/2006 10:45

Katy, now that your thyroid was removed, you will need to be on thyroid replacement medication permanently. The fact that your have painful periods maks me think that maybe the dosage of your replacements meds might not be high enough. Have that checked out perhaps. But you are right, o one should have to suffer in silence. It was my own gynae and a man at that too, who said to me - there is no rason for any women to be in pain every month from a normal hormonal occurence. If you are in pain every month, there is something wrong.

Shewolf (AQU50645)  Posted: 14/08/2006 23:48

I always had pretty normal regular periods growing up, but when i was no longer a teenager i started getting alot of problems, my periods would be heavy and painfull and they'd be late, frequent or not show up at all, i then started getting brown discharge a week before my period, i did get it before my problems started, but this would be a sign that my period was about to start, a matter of hours, now i can have it more than a week before. Its like having a 2weeks period, i went on ovranette but this doesnt seem to have helped the problem, its regulated the periods, just not the discharge, i still get that for a while before my actual period starts, has any one else had this problem and if so has the pill helped? or is this something i have to live with?

Mary  Posted: 15/08/2006 12:20

Sheworlf, I would get that checked out if I were you and make sure it's not a sign of anything beig wrong.

Anon  Posted: 15/08/2006 18:54

Shewolf, the pill will help to alleviate any painful periods. If the pill your on doesn't do it, then get it changed. But, did you bring the discharge you are getting to the attention of your Doctor? Just as a precaution, you should get that checked out. Painful periods are perfectly normal. In my Grandmothers day they would advocate having a D & C for painful periods but then when the pill came in, that was used successfully instead. Also, as 1 lady posted, when you have your first child that usually stops painful periods. However, when you think about it, it is perfectly normal to experience some discomfort before or during a period as your body is literally 'throwing off' unused/unwanted cells.

Anonymous  Posted: 16/08/2006 08:10

I didnt bring this up with my doc, i have other gynological probs along with period probs, so the pill was what she suggested, but i will bring this up with my doc to make sure all is ok, currently waiting for an appointment to the gum clinic for a scan to check that my irregular periods aren't being caused by somethinggoing wrong inside. Thanks for your advice :)

Mary B.  Posted: 16/08/2006 08:54

To Anon and others - just to clarify - it is NOT normal to be in pian every month for 40+ years due to a normal biological hormonal fluctuation. Pain is a sign that there is something wrong. That is not coming just from me - but from both my Dr.and two gynae's. If you are in pain due to your period - get it checked out, just as you would a toothache or pain in your ear. Sure, at 12 or 13 when they first start, it is usual to feel discomfort for some peopleas your body is just gettign used to a new funciton and the accompanying sensations but dysmenorhea is a disorder and while it may not be at all unusual it is not normal. IncidenataLLY d&c's are still performed for heavy painful periods. When you have your first child - may be in the mid 30's + for many women and it is surely unreasonable to expect any women to suffer for 20 years and bear in mind that some women chose not to have children. I don't believe that the medical profession would expect her to suffer for 40+ years. The body sheds unwanted cells every time we wash ourseves and brush our hair but niether of these things are painful.

fed up!  Posted: 11/09/2006 10:59

hi, ive had the same problem as shewolf for the past few months, trouble is i'm travellin round south east asia and no offense to them but i wouldn't go to a gyny here!! can anyone tell me does this discharge have a purpose or will it go away?? it's ruining my trip, sanitary items are not easy to come by either!

Kahlan  Posted: 13/09/2006 16:22

Hi, I feel a bit bad complaining about my period pains after reading some of the rest of you, but I get some really debilitating pains for the first day, usually only a few hours, but during that time I really can't do anything. I have never been on the pill or given birth or anything and during my teens I never experienced even a pang, this all started when I was about 19 or 20. Amongst my friends I am the only one to suffer this badly with period pains. One thing has been worrying me though, last month as myself and my b/f left the cinema I got a really bad bout of diziness and could not go down the escalator, this has never happened before and I was fine within an hour or so. Should I go see my doctor or should I wait and see if it happens again? Or am I being a complete and utter hypochondriac??

Mary  Posted: 13/09/2006 17:04

You'renot being a hypochondriac at al Kahlan. Pain is a sign thatthere is somehtig wrong - it may be somehting small and temporary. but do seek help. See a qualified gynea rather than a GP who may not know much on the subject.Be persistent if you have to and don't be fobbed off.

LizR  Posted: 15/09/2006 11:52

hello i agree with Mary....Pain is NOT a 'normal' symptom of periods, as such. however, there will be some pain as the womb does contract during periods...but to be in severe pain is not normal. to ???? on 17/06/06....light periods are a great positive post pregnancy, for most people, if you are trying to get pregnant again, i wouldn't worry, mine were basically non existent after my second child, and i got pregnant within 14months with my third, and now they are normal again so they can be totally different after each pregnancy, hope this helps...

m  Posted: 14/11/2006 21:55

Hi i have suffered with severe bleeding during my period since i was 9yrs old and i am now 36 i have been to gynaecologists since i was 16 hoping to rectify the problem all to know avail you name it i have tried it and the worst thing about it all is that i have never been given a proper explanation as to why i am like this i have also never been able to conceive either but have had tests recently that have told me that everything is ok with me it is very frustrating for me as all the hospital appointments are always 3months apart and i feel like i am getting nowhere fast i have my period at the moment and i am now on day 45 of it and it is awful i am flooding day and night and having to wear three pads at once and need to change them every hour or less i just wish to god someone could sort out this excessive bleeding once and for all and let me have the family i very much desire i dont think it is too much to ask is it?

Anonymous  Posted: 20/11/2006 15:59

I suffered terribly in my mid-teens-vomiting,fainting,cold sweat and severe pain in legs,back and prescribed mefanamic acid(mefac) and its fantastic

Clodagh (SFQ52102)  Posted: 12/12/2006 21:47

Painful periods, heavy bleeding and flu-like symptoms with your period, including fever *can* be due to endometriosis. For more information, see the website of the Endometriosis Association of Ireland:

flipsangel  Posted: 14/02/2007 21:31

I have been suffering really bad pain for the last 4 periods(i know 4 is not that long) I am 34 yrs old and on the fist day of my period my pain kicks in and stays for 3-4 days. My pain is deep in my left side, in my groin,down my left leg and around my lower back. I have had a scan for overian cyst but my womb and overies look fine. No painkillers help at all,hot water bottle not much use and i have been taking evening primrose oil for the last 3 months. I was back with my GP yesterday and he put me on a mild dose pill and i pray that next month i see a huge improvment.

cosmo  Posted: 16/03/2007 16:02

my period was so irregular it was hard to plan anyhting. I use to be afraid to stand up at times cos it was so heavy. it was the the river liffey. only recently have i gone to my doctor and gone on the pill called dianette. its for my skin too. it is a relief to have a break at this stage. my life use to be halted due to my period, granted i never had painful ones but having heavy ones and been destroyed are just as bad.

sasha  Posted: 30/04/2007 19:19

hi, i have recently come off the pill but am having sharp vagina pains throught out the day and lower abdomen pain. does any one know what could be causing this? ps -i was on the pill merciline

Renee (HNM61616)  Posted: 04/05/2007 06:59

My period history: Started at age 13, crippling pain and nausea On pill age 16-35 off and on starting up pill made periods last up to 3 weeks regular, much lighter periods on pill during the last 5 years on pill, terrible night sweats age 35 off pill, night sweats most stop but periods like hemorrhaging, fluxuating discomfort/nausia have tracked period for 8 years… 24-28 day cycle This period is the 30th anniversary of when I started it (yes I remember where I was) This period has already went 12 days. I think it is probably about that time. Had vaginal dryness for a few months earlier this year though it seems to have passed. Not sexually active - no partner; desire has also decreased but not disappeared Question: When do I worry about a long and heavy period? No pain but I feel weak and agitated Hope my history can help some of you younger gals.

Renee (HNM61616)  Posted: 04/05/2007 07:01

PS - from age 30-35 I could tell which overy was doing its thing from the sharp stabbing pain on that side. Like an ice pick through it.

Renee (HNM61616)  Posted: 04/05/2007 07:40

To M - a big hug.

Anon  Posted: 16/05/2007 00:07

Sorry but I just couldn't resist posting here. To anyone who thinks that pain, lower abdominal discomfort and or aches and pains in other areas are not normal when you are having a period, then you are completely wrong. It is not the case for lots of women but for a large number of women, painful periods are not a sign that there is anything wrong. It is perfectly normal, especially in the earlier years. Periods can be very painful and can be accompanied by cramps which feel almost like contractions. Also, blood clots and heavy periods. A lot of it is to do with diet. Eating well and eating healthy food will help. Also, some women get feelings of depression in the week coming up to their period. Others get sore breasts. It is purely an individual thing, just the same as not all women get the same symptoms at the time of menopause. Sorry but this is the life of a female. The pill can alleviate these problems to some extent for some women but then again, the pill actually stops you having a period at all. The symptoms that you have all described have happened to me (and my friends) over the years in various combinations and to more or less degrees between women but they will fade with time. If you do not want to take the pill then you just have to live with it and welcome to the world of women. (ps. periods were not called 'the curse' for nothing ya know)

Ger B.  Posted: 16/05/2007 10:34

Mild pain (twinges) initially, discomfort and unsual sensations are normal at the start of a period because a muscle is contracting but to be in pain, severe or debilitating is most certainly not normal for anyone during a normal period - and this comes not just from me but from my practise nurse, GP and three gynacologists! After the first couple of periods, for any women or girls to be experiencing cramps like labour contractions and to be expelling blood clots is indicative that something is wrong with you and merits investigation which should be Insisted upon (unless you actually like suffering). It could be something wrong with your diet, your lifestyle, your sleep pattern, dehydration or stress levels. Equally, it could well be somethig wrong with your womb, ovaries, endometrium or hormone levels. The feelings of depression can be indicative of low vitB levels and the sore breats can be alleviated by evening primrose oil. There are solutions avaialble but you do have to seek them out - with medical help if neccessary. Other symptoms are alleviated in many women by hormone supplementation - or indeed the pill, which does not stop you having a period unless you take a pill designed for continuous use, but does stop you ovulating. The lining of the womb builds up and sheds in the same way. Other options on the hormone front are the implant, patch, depo provera or the mirena (progesterone iud) which are also contraceptives. The mirena can make your periods a great deal lighter in fact as the linign of he womb does not build up to the same extent. Only two women I know had symptoms such as you describe and they did not just "fade away with time" - problems generally didn't just go away when they ignored them. One of them, a friend of mine had her problems allevated by hormone supplementation and later on, the pill. For the other - my grandmother, it was indicative of a problem, which unfortunately she suffered for many years with and it was discovered a long long time after it would have been these days. But to say "Sorry but this is the life of a female" and "welcome to the world of women" is both self-defeatist, unhelpful to women and girls who are suffering and does nothing to deminish the myth, long held at one time by members of the medical community (and women whom they had influenced)that nothing could be done for females in pain and distress. I have never heard periods called "the curse" by anyone other than my grandmother (long long since dead) - again feeding the myth. For many women they are blessing as they are indicative of continued fertility, for women trying to avoid pregancy they are, predominantly, a reassurance that they are not pregnant and for many others they are a normal function of life. My godmother, bless her soul, used to call them 'her little friend'. Any consultant who dared to tell me or my daughter ""Sorry but this is the life of a female" would find himelf regretting it. Afterall, if a doctor told your husband "Sorry but this is the life of a male" in relation to hormonal, penile or testicular problems, I would imagine he would be most displeased, and rightly so.

LizzyR  Posted: 16/05/2007 15:32

To - Anon Posted: 16/05/2007 00:07; Your comments are that of a woman who simply is not affected to the degree of some women who find this discussion area quite helpful. Unfortunetly your attitude is that of many and as a result women go on suffering. As Ger B has said labour like cramps and blood clots are not normal either is having a period 2-3 times a year which can be so crippling your unable to attend work for 2 weeks at a time. I am a 27 yr old woman with 1 child and the past 3 years have had 7 periods, as a woman frustratingly trying to get pregnant this is not normal, also out of those 7 times i've had 2 hospital visits, again not normal. To repeat the point Ger B made, if it were your husband / partner with penile disfunction or had clots with each sperm ejaculation and spent 56 hours in back spasm on a bed due to pain elsewhere in the body being so severe...i doubt so very much any one person would dare to suggest that he just needs to get on with things and thats what happens when your a man, let me tell you many of the women that use this site are serious sufferers of severe menstrual cycles, you are in fact one of the majority of women who only need a 'hot water bottle and a paracetmol' to get through those few days the minority are serious sufferers, and get quite ill. Also just picking up on your point of the pill easing a woman trying to get pregnant I don't take contraceptives obviously but when I did, its true it did ease my periods somewhat, but having been off contraceptives for 5 years now I've learnt from gynaecologist/doctors that while on the pill I had been able to manage my periods but my uterus was in fact suffering (unknown to me) the problems were getting progressively worse and because i wasn't suffering to the degree i once had, I ignored all twinges and aches and pains and as a result I'm now paying the price. You do not have a real period with any contraceptive pill/injection etc which is why some women fail to get pregnant for many years after ceasing use of contraceptive hormones. Also (my final point) I do hope ye all are aware that the Implant and Depo-Provera contain Hormones used on animals, mainly horses...this is what we women are pumping into our bodies, this is why so many of us cannot get pregnant afterwards. There are some issues with Depo-Provera also, which I can't help but mention. These injections are often administered to poor women (especially women in third world countries), mentally retarded women, and other women who "cannot use other methods responsibly." Also wether or not ye know there are lawsuits in motion on the manufacturers of depo as test on women show they are developing osteoporosis in their 20's and 30's, as well as other serious side effects...with this type of knowledge, contraceptives are safely keeping babies at bay but destroying womens bodies. But 'sorry this is the life of a female'...

Ger B.  Posted: 16/05/2007 16:39

LizzyR, that is indeed interesting I was aware of the depo's hormonal content but not the implants - I am thinking of switching to it when I am finished on my (current) mirena. While I know several women on the Depo with no problems, I was wary of it myself becuase once inhjected it cannot be removed straight away - just a personal preference. Of course, imposing contracpetives on anyone against their will is ethically wrong - medical concerns aside. As for saying 'sorry this is the life of a female'... I trust you were being ironic.

LizzyR  Posted: 17/05/2007 11:18

Ger B, Yep I was attempting Irony with that statement... I don't know the extent of the implants damage/side effects, but as it is a hormone based device that releases hormones over a period of 5 yrs, I would presume its dangers are far more serious than depo. Depo was banned in the US in 1978, banned in parts of south Africa in the 80's, parts of Europe late 80's/90's Ireland still remains one of the only countries in the world that allows women to use this dangerous drug long-term...without ever been told the side effects, and we are supposed to be a wealthy, well educated population! I don't think there is enough facts or studies done on the Implant simply because it is a relatively new contraceptive. My advice to anyone is steer well clear! I didn't and I'm paying the price. Just on your point also of knowing other women on depo without problems...I was on depo for 1 year and had no problems until i came off it. I also have friends on it, who have no problems, but they are still on it and its when you come off it the problems begin. The US is always years ahead of Europe when it comes to Food and Drug Safety, but they banned it in 1978 in fairness we should have caught on by now, and south Africa in the 80's...third world countries banned it branding it 'racism' as 'white women do not use it' I said already it was designed for third world countries...what does this make Irish Women - Guinea Pigs?

Ger B.  Posted: 17/05/2007 12:47

LizzyR, I'm not sure we are talking about the same thing. The implant - inplanon, is for use over a 3 year period. There was a similar device called Norplant for use oer 5 years but it was withdrawn for saftey reasons. The mirena is for use over 5 years but is not an implant but an iud. The implanon has not had the level of adverse effects that the depo has but as you say, it is relatively new. That said it can be removed as soon as problems begin but the depo once injected is in for 3 months. To be fair, when I enquired about the depo I was told the side effects. I would be interested in knowing how long you had the implant for and if it as your first one as I am considering switching to it when my current mirena is out. Can't use the copper coil and I'm not ready to go back on the pill yet. True, the women I know on the depo who have no problems are still on it. ith regard to it being banned in S.A as a form of racism becuase white women did not use it, you have to take into consideration the unique socio political climate there a the time, i think.

Anon  Posted: 18/05/2007 00:00

Lizzy, I agree with you on very many of your points. In fact, you are saying much the same as I have already said. (Just realised my last post has not been posted... yet) This discussion thread is about "Coping with Menstrual problems" not about contraception or getting pregnant. Believe you me, I have suffered. As I stated in an earlier post, the first day of my period was in excruciating pain. I knew my periods were due from about a week before because my breasts were so tender I could hardly bear to touch them. Friends suffered with feelings of being low to downright depressed in the week coming up to their periods. That is part and parcel of it for a very large number of women. There was nothing wrong with each of us in either of our cases but that still made us dread having our periods. Taking the pill allieviated the symptoms for the reason that the hormones made our bodies 'think' they were pregnant for the time we used it but I certainly did not feel happy about taking the pill for all my years just to deal with my periods. I have researched this problem for years in a medical capacity. Yes, Lizzy, I agree about the dangers of taking so called long term contraception such as depo etc and wonder about the long term side effects but as I said, that is another subject. But on another note, just because you are not having a period, does not mean you are infertile. These are the things that need checking out. My point is that periods are normally quite painful for a helluva lot of women without their being anything wrong with those women. To imply that a painful period is a sign of something wrong is not correct and can be very worrying for some younger girls reading this discussion.

Ger B.  Posted: 18/05/2007 10:39

To be in excrutiating pain during a normal function - passing a motion, stretching your limbs, having your period, chewing your food, ejaculating (for men) or inhaling breath is NOT normal. That is coming not just from me but as I said from from my practise nurse, GP and three gynacologists, the latter three who have afterall, studied onnthe subjects to become far far more expert than the lay person. Twinges, discomfort and unfortabe or unusual ensatiosn are normal, expecially for the first fw periods when the body is not used to them but to be curled up in agony, effectively crippled by pain for days or weeks is simply NOT normal. If this is what you are experiencing then rather than worrying about it, have it investigated. If you were in agony everytime you urinated, would you accept it or would you see at least a pharmacist or public health nurse, if not a doctor. I know would do - for myself or my daughters. Lizzy, I spoke to my neighbours daughter around the same age as yourself) and she too has a period around 3 - 4 times a year, but as never in pain the way you describe and successsfully concieved twice, with hormonal supplementation (a form of progesterone as far as I gather) so this may be something you want to investigate.

Anon  Posted: 18/05/2007 19:36

Ger, Why do you exaggerate what I am saying. Where in my post did I ever say anything about being in "curled up in agony, effectively crippled by pain for days or weeks is simply NOT normal." Of course, being crippled by pain for days or weeks is not normal but painful periods (otherwise known by the Medical Profession as Dysmenhorroea) is considered just another one of those things that women have to live with. We have all had dysmenhorroea at some point in our lives and some women suffer from it every cycle for which they take whatever pain killers work, along with vitamins and evening primrose oil etc. Don't confuse normal pain with abnormal pain, that was my point.

Ger B.  Posted: 21/05/2007 09:37

Dysmenhorroea is considered just another one of those things that women have to live with - which is what is wrong with the general attitude of soem of the medical profession. i say some, not all becuase that has not been my experience with the medical staff I have been in contact with. No, we have not all had dysmenhorroea at some point in our lives. As I said, I only know two women whh have had it. In one case it was treatable and in another the problem was left for far longer than it would have been these days.

LizzyR  Posted: 21/05/2007 12:34

Ger B - Thanks for your comment, I have successfully conceived once before myself but that was 6 years ago, with regards to hormonal supplementation I have actually investigated this, but i have a large cyst on my ovary which is agrevated more by hormonal tablets, which i presume you mean clomid (or the likes), I don't fit the profile for clomid or many other fertility tablets because of this cyst...also just to add I've been waiting 13 months (Cork Area) to have this cyst investigated!! 13 months is a very long time by any standards but chances are this cyst has gone and returned 10 times over but that is another discussion entirely!!

Ger B.  Posted: 21/05/2007 12:48

Oh Lizzy, I am sorry to hear about the ovarian cyst. A college pal of mine (a good while back) had one of these but it as safely removed - surgically and she went on to have a child without any problems, altho' I know everyone is different. I would seriously consider in your case, going private to have the treated as there is a chance that the longer it goes on the more trouble it will be for you. No, I wasn't referring to clomid, this woman was treated with progesterone supplementation to bring her low progesterone levels up to normal (which regulated her periods at the time too!) but I can understand how this would be contraindicated for you given your medical circumstances.

Ann  Posted: 21/05/2007 18:10

Lizzy, If I were you I would go back to my G.P. and tell him you want to be referred to a Gynae/Obs Surgeon to have this cyst removed. It is quite common to have ovarian cysts and is equally common to have them removed. It will in NO WAY affect your fertility to have this cyst removed. Don't just sit there worrying about it. I can guarantee you if you present to a Gynae Surgeon who can't be bothered to deal with this all you have to do is ask him for written confirmation that he doesn't want to treat you and then ask him if it ever perforates, that you will be happy to see him in court. You will not have to go private and will be sorted there and then. Try it!

Ger B.  Posted: 22/05/2007 08:49

Good point Ann. 13 months seems a very long time to have to wait.

LizzyR  Posted: 22/05/2007 09:50

Ger B & Ann - Thanks for your comments. Ger, I honestly couldn't afford to go private, well I could but other things would suffer, which I don't want the worry of. I've tried the Health Insurance route, but with a pre-existing illness (the cyst would be classified as this) I would not be covered for 5 years! I've no option at this stage but to stay the route I'm on, my GP has assured me that even to pay cash at this stage wouldn't be as speedy as we all think. I'm not sure what area of the country you are from but the Cork area is a disgrace and waiting as long as I have is nothing new! Ann: I am being referred to a Gynae but as I've said already I have been waiting 13mths. I'm not concerned that this cyst is the entire reason for not getting pregnant, I honestly believe it was because of the depo injection. I know cysts are common as this is the second one in 2 years, I also know when I do get periods the chances are the cyst has shrunk but I don't get periods often (3-4 times a year if I'm lucky). My frustration is with the Health Service at this stage and now that the consultants are on a work to rule I presume it will delay my appointment even more, although we are assured their industrial action won't affect patients, they assured us equally when the nurses went on their industrial action no patients were affected, and I can assure you they were/I was.

Ger B.  Posted: 22/05/2007 10:13

Hi Lizzy, I have just thought of something. Have you thought about going thru the Everywoman (IFPA) or well woman clinic. I have reason to beleive you might get referred quicker that way. A colleague of mine needed a procedure (it wasn't a cyst) recently and was told by her GP, that she'd be waiting 4 - 5 months. She just mentioned it at her next clinic appointment (it was with the Everywoman clinic) and she was in the Rotunda inside three weeks. This was the Dublin / Leinster area tho. However, under the NTPF (national treatment purchase fund) any patient who is waiting three months or longer can be referred to be treated privately (here or abroad depending on availability) so it's well worth giving the NTPF helpline a ring.

LizzyR  Posted: 22/05/2007 15:39

Ger, thanks again for your comment, the NTPF is for patients waiting for 3 months or more on a public hospital in-patient waiting list for an operation; seeing a gynaecologist under my circumstances doesn't qualify as its an outpatient appointment I'm awaiting. I didn't think the IFPA could transfer you directly its definitly something I'll look into, however Dublin/Leinster area definitly provides better services then Cork. As far as I'm aware Cork only has the One Family Planning clinic, I must look into this possibility, Thanks again.

Renee (HNM61616)  Posted: 07/06/2007 01:15

I have self-diagnosed myself with uterine fibroid(s) upon feeling a knot/buldge in my abdomen and the last period lasting 18 days with intense bleeding. Found a home-remedy site and tried one of the treatments... it worked - this period is very light, only one day of cramps, and at day 3, it appears nearly over. I'm adding 1-2 Tbs dark Molasses to my morning coffee and also having the same drink before bedtime. Started this just under 2 weeks ago and am very pleased with the first results. My fingernail beds are also beginning to take on a pink hue as opposed to the regular white-ish color... so anemia is also being addressed with this treatment.

Ann  Posted: 08/06/2007 20:58

Lizzy, When did you have the depo provera? I would be a bit suspicious and it is quite possible that the cyst is as you suspect, as a result of this inj. and that if you just give your body a chance to recover, it will, in time. Renee, Although what you say sounds right and all that, I would still recommend that you get your bloods checked by your G.P. because there is a level that once you drop below (HB), no amount of molasses will help.

Ger B.  Posted: 11/06/2007 09:36

It's true, some cysts do resolve themselves but if the cyst is above a certain diameter, has any possibility of rupture or is painful is should be treated. That is the standard medical response.

Ann  Posted: 11/06/2007 20:18

Yes, Ger but Lizzy said that she has had cysts before that had resolved themselves and I would find it negligent of her Gynaecologist to leave her with a potential rupture when he could treat it. We have to assume that her Gynae knows what he is doing and knows her situation better than us. No point in worrying Lizzy if there is no reason to.

Ger B.  Posted: 12/06/2007 10:07

Indeed Ann, I've have had two cysts myself in the past (very small ones) and was told they they mayu well resolve themselves but if they became bigger than a particular size, were in danger or rupture or were painful, they would require treatment. I think tho' in Lizzy's case, she could not get a referral to a gynaecologist for something in the region of a year and this (unreasonable) delay was part of the problem.

LizzyR  Posted: 12/06/2007 10:32

Ann: I had my first injection of depo in January 2002 and my third and final one in September 2002, I was on the pill until March 2005 and since then have been trying to conceive. I have had cysts that have resolved themselves however, I have one particular one on my left ovary which i have been told is 'substantial in size' I have had this definitly since September 2006 however it may be longer than this, i have FINALLY got my gynae appointment after almost a year waiting which will be in July...Also Ann you said to GerB that you would find it negligent of my gynae to leave me with a potential rupture...i think the point Ger was trying to make was i don't / have not been assigned a Gynae in the past few years...i'm unfortunate enough to live in Cork where women aren't priority...I've sat beside my GP while he has quite angrily spoke to gynaecology departments in order to get me seen swiftly, yet I still have not been assigned or seen by a gynaecologist in Cork. My Gp had refered me as a matter of urgency...yet it took a year to get my appointment...its a fact that women in Cork (and undoubtedly the rest of Ireland) are dying waiting for these appointments... Also another point i wish to make I've a friend who suffers from polycystic ovaries she had a cyst 2 months ago and she was immediatley sent to our 'state of the art new maternity hospital' in Cork with a 'potential rupture' here she was told there was no bed!! to come back the following morning so she could be scanned...the following morning she returned for her scan and was told again there was no available appointment for 2 weeks...this girl was in serious pain....she was sent home again where that night her cyst ruptured, she is fine again but it could have been a lot more serious...I'm only telling you this so you might get a small idea of the service that women in Cork are competing with..or dying for....

Mercy (IIG63003)  Posted: 27/06/2007 17:26

I have been bleeding for almost 6 months straight. I have horrible pain and have been to the hospital and the gyn here. He says they are fibroids but I have been bleeding for almost 6 months. Sometimes in public I all of a sudden lose about a half cup of blood all over my pants and leek through numerous pads in about 10 seconds or less. I am at my wits end and always in pain. Any comments of help?

Anonymous  Posted: 28/06/2007 09:46

Mercy, you need to get back to your Gynae and have those fibroiuds dealth with urgently, ther is niether reason notr excuse toa leave anyone bleeding and in pain for 6 months - aside also to what sort of anemia it may be causing

Mercy (IIG63003)  Posted: 28/06/2007 11:48

Thank you so much for your caring post. I went to the e.r. last night after the Dr. and after I posted that. They did another ultrasound and somehow I had a cyst burst and an infection from a lot of old fibroid blood in my stomach. I was believe it or not VERY dehydrated even though I drink a lot. They said it is because when you lose a lot of blood yu are loosing a lot of liquid, blood is liquid makes sense. They said I may soon need the uterus taken out but not right now I guess because of the insurance I don't have right now and referred me back to the Dr. that referred me yesterday to the e.r. so I am being juggled back and forth. I was on an i.v. for liquids and antibiotics last night and left with 4 prescriptions. They said moderate bed rest also. The 800 mg motrin helps a little and although I don't like pain pills at all it seemed to also help a bit. I hope my bleeding stops somehow. I am really feeling sick and nauseated physically. Up now drinking more liquids and some waffles for food before another antibiotic. I also have crohn's and ulcerative cholitis.

Anonymous  Posted: 28/06/2007 12:24

As soon as the infectiosn clars up, you need, with your Dr. to think about the best action to solve the fibroid problem - hysterectomy is major surgery no matter how you look at it and with out Health insurance you could have a long wait on the public list. Other interventions may be more suitable depending on the type and locaiton of the fibroids/ I am so glad you got your initial problem sorted tho'.

Mercy (IIG63003)  Posted: 02/07/2007 11:01

Thank you so much for the post. I keep drinking gatorade. Funny how after the i.v. at the hospital and medications for the infection and swelling, the bleeding is actually 95% stopping. Very good news there after it has been so constant and heavy almost 6 motnhs and then a stopping. I wonder did the i.v. help because this is something I did not expect. I am weak in the muscles and have leg pain but other than that doing much much better. Thanks VERY much for your post re: my situation. Have a nice day :)

Anonymous  Posted: 31/08/2007 19:50

I'm on the pill for last 7 years still get period heavy enough it lasts for 6 days even though they say being on the pill you don't actually get a period but same symptoms as I used when not on pill, but cramps not as bad, evening primose oil tablets are great, I would recommend them. Only worry is I want to come off the pill pretty soon, wondering will I be back to square one with bad pain. Before I went on the pill I used to barely able to stand with period pains.

Anonymous  Posted: 03/09/2007 14:28

Anonymous, severe pain is not a normal feature of any bodily finction. If anything - periods, passing urine, digestion or any other function causes you to be unable to stand due to pain, it is a sympto of a problem. See a doctor - preferably a gynae to get to the root of it and get it treated.

rocca  Posted: 30/04/2008 01:38

Hi I was told following an ultrasound that I've fibroids..three quite large ones and my GP said that I@d either have to have a hysterectomy or a myomectomy?? depending on their location and where exaclty one was embedded. It scared me stiff as I'm 33 and havent had children yet. He also told me I'd extra fluid in the area as obviously I'd a burst so mad as presented to doctors several times over a number of years and they attributed the tenderness and pain to IBS. I have extremely heavy periods also, lasting for up to 10 days each time and am in a lot of pain & am wrecked during them. I haven't ever been on the pill properly as they didn't agree with me at the time. Can anybody shed any light on the situation I'm in? Am so scared about what they'll discover now.

Marsy  Posted: 30/04/2008 10:04

Rocca, doctors make me so MAD sometimes when I hear things like that. Fibriods don't mean you HAVE to have a hysterectomy. In fact unless you have something like cancer - which fibroids certainly aren't, or severe heamorhage due to organ damage, hysterectomy isn't an imperative. My own mother in law, lived with fibroids for years and had two pregnancies! She had them removed in her late forties using a procedure known as shelling, where the fibroids are removed from the outside of the womb. This was followed up with a D & C. If it were me, I would find out where they were located exactly, their size, the kind of barrier they may prevent to pregnancy and exactly what methods may used to safely remove them (without compromising your fertility if at all possible). Explore everything from medication to shrink them to endometrial ablation and everything in between. Hysterectomy or the removal of any organ is major surgery and I think that doctors, when its not their own body, tend to forget that. The fibroids may certainly be related to the heavy periods and why oh WHY doctors do not take this as a warning sign and investigate baffles me. It is NOT normal to be in pain and exhausted during any normal bodily function - as confirmed indeed by both my own GP and my gynae but it seems that some doctors aren't aware of what every tuned-in female on the planet knows - as I'm sure you do, also. I would have another discussion also with your doctor - or possibly switch docs or attend a womens health clinic, and have another discussion about the pill. You may need to switch brands or something like the mirena or implanon might suit.

rocca  Posted: 30/04/2008 14:56

Thank you so much for that Marsy, I feel so much better now. Its the usual lack of available information or limited information that you're landed with and you have to fight and struggle for that which you're entitled to, to make a decision. I've been referred thankfully to a gynae and am so fed up with my doctor's wishy washy approach. Would you believe this information came to light only because I was continually having viral infections and my immune system was low, so it affected my liver...several visits to the doc were no help so in desperation one evening, I rang the hosp in Kilkenny myself to set up the appointment for the scan & had it formalised by my doctor the next day. His response to my saying that I'd made the appointment..."Yeah it might be a good idea at this stage since we've no idea whats wrong with you"...He didn't even take the initiative to examine me! I'm sorry but due to my experience I've little faith in doctors thus far. If you've any concerns about anything ...just get referred to a specialist in the area. Its worth it ...!!

Marsy  Posted: 30/04/2008 15:25

Welcome. And I agree. I am blessed with a good gynae but then I haven't really had what you would call real problems. You must remember GP's are just that - GENERAL practitioners and rarely keep up with the latest research or advancements. Gosh you shoudl have seen the look on my GP's face when I quoted a lancet article (thyroid problems are my own particular bugbear) - it got me referred to an endo faster than you could say informed! I just felt it was my health and my body and if a GP couldn't help I would have to take the lead. The Cons was absent on the day and I was lucky enough to get a registrar who had a special interest in thyroid. I Would believe it indeed. My underactive thyroid was something similar - other problems brought it to light. Fair play to you for taking the bull by the horns and contacting the hospital yourself - it's shocking but sometimes that's what it takes.

elail  Posted: 23/08/2008 16:55

Hi my periods come irregularly and last around 6 days. They are heavy but my bleeding just comes out when i go to the toilet. The blood just comes out like wee and some clots are nearly always present. The usual method of measuring how heavy they are is how much sanitary protection you use but with me it doesn't really come onto pad. Just at night in bed and in toilet. Been referred for hysterectomy after d&c 2 yrs ago. Tubes tied already. Sensitive to hormones. Mirena tried and removed for infection /side effects. Anyone else have this type of period?

Marsy  Posted: 25/08/2008 11:13

With regard to a hysterectomy, please be aware elial that this is major surgery - so unless your periods are really causing problems for you - such as pain and disability where no other procedure - such as ablation, hormonal therapy, D&C etc provided relief and all causes - such as hormonal fluctuations, fibroids etc have been ruled out after all investigations, I would think twice about having your womb removed. What you experienced may be a side effect of the tubal but you will be able to easily measure your flow using either a tampon or diva cup.

elaine (EMA74228)  Posted: 26/08/2008 09:46

Hi had my appt with gyn doc yesterday. Advises mirena instead. Due to go in few weeks time for d&c, smear and scope with mirena insertion. Really don't want mirena. Had it before and had infection. Out after a year. Thinking of cancelling my next appt. Have smear in wellwoman instead. Tubes tied so don't need contraceptive. Will stay on iron and plod along instead. So confused and worried about all this.

Marsy  Posted: 26/08/2008 10:34

Elaine, infection with the mirena is similar to infection with anything else - it is caused either by the technique or that the mirena is facilitating an infection which would otherwise have occured anyway. I would say get to the bottom of the reason for the infection, have it treated first and then examine your options. I would say, if it were me, get to the bottom of the excessive bleeding - this is not physiologically normal and does put a strain on your system. AQHE d&C and the mirena might be the answer to it but do try and have the cause investigated and all options explored before you consider major surgery such as hysterectomy.

elail  Posted: 26/08/2008 13:50

Hi had it investigated 2 yrs ago when d&c performed and hysteroscophy. No cause detected, no fibroids,polyps etc. Had been having abnormal smears, yearly recall although nothing ominous thank god. Last smear normal. Last mirena i had breast tenderness++, cervical pain shooting upwards and nausea++. Really anxious to try it at time but got infection. Maybe placed too low at time. Anyway had last baby after that then TL. Bleeding probs through pregnancies so no more babies, happy with same. Also had breast lump biopsied last year. Strong family history of breast lumps and hystectomy for endometriosis/ cysts /heavy periods. Mum and 3 aunts.

Marsy  Posted: 26/08/2008 15:11

I too had breast tenderness and cervical pain on my last one but no nausea. If you haven't inherited the tendancy for endo and cysts and no explanation has been found maybe anotr D&C might help but have you consider endometrila ablation at all. It might be worth looking into - afterall heavy periods unless accompanied by pain (and that should not be tolerated by any good gynae) or other problems such as cervical cancer or severe prolapse doesn't warrant hysterectomy.

shir  Posted: 05/09/2008 08:28

Elail, I too have periods like the ones you describe, in general I just have clotting and very little normal bleed. I take Cyklokapron to break down the clots which does help. Unfortunately I have dreadful pain which no amount of pain killers will easy. Since April of this year I have been having mid cycle pain, which has caused inflammation of my whole abdominal area, vomiting fainting etc. At wits end now back at GP last evening and she has suggested the Mirena Coil ?????????? Very hesitant to try this had problems before with endo and cysts and was given depo injections and two lapos. I believe there is more to it than just period pain, you should not be losing days out of your life due to pain, fatigue and mood swings. Some days feel like giving it all up as can't cope any longer. Waiting on appointment with Gyna, but at present I feel he is refusing to see me. Had lapo last year to remove severe adhesions and they hit artery and I needed 6 units of blood and emergency surgery to repair tear. In for seven days after operation and I never saw the Consultant again, back at clinic 3 times last year and despite asking to see him, I am still waiting. GP wrote to him back in July to ask him to see me and do a scan but no joy yet. I will not hold my breath. I think it is an absolute disgrace the way female health problems are dealt with by GP's and Consultants. If there is anyone out there with a good experience of the mirena coil or the combined CP. Please let me know.

elail  Posted: 07/09/2008 12:05

Shir thanks for writing about this awful problem women have. I am not suffering painful periods like you but i do have midcycle pain and feel faint at times. Due for d&c, hysterscope, smear and mirena next wednesday. Really don't want mirena but recommended to try it again and doc very good. Feel guilty if i don't give it another try even though i think getting tubes tied was enough interfering with my body. Feel so down about whole thing now. God help you and all you went through. Have you rang the hospitals direct to organise appt. They can give appt, keep ringing until you get one. Good luck.

Marsy  Posted: 16/09/2008 14:11

Shir, you are right indeed, that kind of pain is simply not normal for anyone. It sounds like your midcyle pain may be the result of pelvic inflammatory disease but a laporoscopy should diagnose. It may be tho that you need to switch gynaes. I was on the pill for 10 years + and now have the mirena. I considered a TL but these stories are making me think again.

Friday09  Posted: 15/01/2009 15:57

I am a newbie on Irish Health...deciding to join is an act of sheer desperation, you see i had to take the day off work because of bad period pains, but this i am used to and can handle. What i cannot handle any more is when my period starts, usually i will wake up in the middle of the night and with very little notice start vomiting and bouts of diarradh...for anyone who is has happened to i dont need to go into the details. This usually lasts less than half an hour with sweats and cramps in between.....there is nothing i can do but go throught it and hope the end is in sight (althought sometimes it is soo bad, i wish i could just die)

The last time i went to my doctor about this was some years ago and just prescribed the pill. That worked for only a while. I am going to the doctor but i am scared as i know that it is not normal and i am afraid of any problems...

Does anyone have any advice....i am in my mid twenties, i excerise regularly and look after myself. I do feel that i am the most unfortunate person to suffer this every month....with lots of sisters (none of whome suffer like me) and girlfriends whoes sympathies are with me every month. It is taking a real effect on my life, and i suppose up until now i am ignoring its effects. My period is ontime every month 14/15 without fail and this is good cause at least i have the luxury of knowing when hell is comming. I have to plan my life around this and i am sick of it.

I guess i am wondering does anyone else get this? Can anyone steer me in the right direction as to who to go to?...


Anonymous  Posted: 15/01/2009 17:55

Oh Friday, my sympathies - pain so bad you vomit, have diarhea, sweats and have to take time of work!!!!!!!! You literally have to plan your life around what should be a perfectly normal if somewhat inconvenient funtion You are quite right - that is not normal - for anyone and definitely NOT something that any women or girl has to put up with, nor should they.

That hasn't happend to me nor anyone I know but I have heard tell of it happening to women on rare occasions

There certainly is something you can do about it - not just suffer and go through it. If the pill is no longer working, get yourself referred  to a registered gynacolist. As for being afriad of problems - well the problem will still exist and continue whether you are diagnosed or not - but diagnosis will give you the information and power to do something about it.

Take care.

doteen  Posted: 15/01/2009 21:26

I really feel for you going through that torture every month. You really need to go for a pelvic ultrasound first and take it from there. I had irregular periods for a while, got a pelvic done, a cyst was found. Gyne said we will wait and watch and went for another pelvic and cyst gone, but have one fibroid, but told nothing will be done with it, it doesn't need to be removed or treated. My mind was put to rest after months of worrying. It really is not worth it. But the pelvic ultrasound is the first step for you. Nothing can really be worse than that torture every month. Good luck with it and keep us posted on how you do.  Posted: 06/06/2009 17:14

there is such product called Love Moon Anion. These are actually hygiene napkins with anions (negative ions) which help to regulate cycle and removes painful syndroms. you can find more information in

Anonymous  Posted: 08/06/2009 11:39

Hi there winalite, that is very interesting. Do these Love Moon Anion prodiucts also come in tampons, as there is no way I could wear pads?

buzz  Posted: 08/06/2009 16:07

Hi post at 190 mine are the very same without specific meds. I went through two years of such symptoms (having to take 2 days off school at a time) before I was put on medication, but you know its the same old story in this country, treat the symptom. They never treat the cause.

Verma  Posted: 21/12/2009 16:41

I am delighted to see so many women speaking out about this.

Years ago I was put on the pill for my period,both to regulate it and to fight my insane moodiness. The first pill made me numb, unbelievably numb, I saw a doctor he perscribed another one. I then bleed and fainted continually from it, upon visiting the doctor again, he told me this was normal?!!? I was young so I thought he knows best. However as the symptoms continued I decided he must be wrong. I am still looking for the pill that will work for me, I have tried most on the Irish Market at this point to no avail.

Periods and womens health although much ignored are vitally important. I spend a couple of days a month moody and crying while being unable to fight it, my partner has the patience of a saint, I am at this stage very bored of it!

Anonymous  Posted: 21/12/2009 18:38

Verma, any Dr who told you that fainting and continuous bleeding were normal had not got one iota what he was talking about. You need to find a Dr , possibly in a gyn hospital or women's clinic willing to investigate what is CAUSING the irregular periods.

Twinkleotes  Posted: 08/07/2012 19:49

Hi all, I just wanted to share my experiences of the Mirena Coil.Basically, I've had very heavy periods since my teenage years.When i was 18, i was at work and just felt in awfulk pain with my periods, and i went all pale and weak.I had to go home from work.I've had a few more incidents where i feel i feel weak and im gonna pass out during my period so i lye down on my bed, feel like im gonna die, and can hardly talk.A gynaecologist diagnosed me with a varicose vein, which is very near my left ovary, which throbs during my periods, and explains my vasovagal episodes.I had the mirena in for the past 5 years, and had it removed in may this year.Initially, everything was fine.The usual bit of spotting which i was expecting, but from my periods side of things, the mirena was wonderful.i had so much more energy, they became lighter, and i hardly knew i had my periods.Other times my periods completely stopped for a while, which was a nice change.After about a year, i definetly noticed am increase in weight, and my mood was low, so i started mild antidepressants.With time, i noticed an increase in my appetite.I got quite bad acne, & some extra moodiness.This year i really began noticing bad palpatations.I never associated them with the mirena, but since ive removed it, they have gone. . . . Overall, the mirena was good-my periods lightened, were no longer as painful as before and i had so much more energy.The side-effects have to be weighed up by each person and of course everyones body reacts differently to an iud.In the end, the side-effects were so bad i had to get it removed, but i had it in for nearly 5 years.ive lost some of the weight i put on, but time will tell if its all gonna come off me.I had to get the coil surgically removed as 2 doctors were unable to find the strings-the strings had curled, and were just above the cervix.Getting the mirena inserted is not for the faint-hearted! Anyone considering this method should definetly give it a try and see for themselves.

KatieKazoo  Posted: 10/11/2012 23:25

I can't understand why more women are not given firstly NSAIDs and cyklokapron. After FIVE years of ridiculously heavy periods I found this 'cure' myself in an internet search. I had almost endless periods, so heavy no tampons or towels could cope. I was like an invalide many, many weeks. Really!!

I could not take the pill, I got migrane with aura with all the different types I tried, and every time I tried a different pill, my periods became worse, especially when I had to stop taking them. I tried the coil, bleeding worsened, then lightened and bled for 5 weeks solid. Then came the migrane and aura again, had it removed, bled for 3 more weeks. Took DeProvera, bled so badly for 7 days, collapsed and had to be rushed to hospital for blood transfusion. I thought it was very very serious then, that if I didn't have surgery these periods would kill me.

So many times I've been to the Doc, finally decided to arrange for uterine ablation. Then while waiting for that - Eureka, tried NSAID (Ponstan) the minute I felt period coming on. First month I tried it, the period was MUCH lighter and lasted half the time, about 4 to 5 days. Then another discovery Cyklokapron!!! Hurray. Next period just Normal period like I had at 20, no big clots, no frightening flowing blood. Now I'm not terrified of collapsing again, no irrregular periods coming every 2 or 3 weeks. This month, after only 3 months using NSAIDs and Cyklokapron, I have had 4 week cycle, first time in 5 years. My iron is rising without haemorrghing every few weeks. I can work out, I can LIVE, even during a period. I can relax that it's under control.


6mum  Posted: 02/12/2012 15:19

Hi all,I'm due to have the marina coil fitted tomorrow and i'm kinda getting scared now about some of the stories read on here ,but I really can not cope with the pain any more .for the last 5 yrs its just got worse each month since I had my tubes removed.I had an op to remove a chocolate cyst last yr after extreme pain. i take solphadine daily as the pain seems to start just before i ovulate and contuine's till my period is gone so thats about 1 wk a mth im kinda Ok still sigh pain but not like when I have my period that's unreal ,its worse than labour (I've 6)..I really am praying that this marina works cant wait just hope I'm not one of the ones who it does not agree with then I wont no what to do :(

JessicaJulia  Posted: 15/08/2013 16:38

I had a miscarriage in april and im trying to get pregnant again but my periods have been coming between the 25th-27th up until i got them in july on the 15th and august the 3rd but i felt like i was ovulating the other day now the signs are gone, now this minute i have shoulder pain and watery discharge and frequent urination would that mean theirs something wrong with my ovaries?

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