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Revision rhinoplasty surgeons? (13-12-2017)
IC patient looking for support (20-11-2017)
More awareness of liver disease needed (14-11-2017)
Basil Cell Carcinoma? (26-06-2017)
National obesity treatment prog urgently needed (22-05-2017)
LLETZ treatmemt (02-05-2017)
Fake news impacting vaccination rates (24-04-2017)
Living in the shadow of hereditary disease (06-03-2017)
Panic Attacks..... (23-01-2017)
Nerve Pain /Neuropathy Survivor... (02-01-2017)
Increase in incidence of mouth cancer (22-09-2016)
We're just starting our journey, really just looking for some help and understanding 💙 (21-09-2016)
Campaign to raise awareness of self harm (15-08-2016)
I need suggestions about daily routines for an Alzheimer’s patient (07-07-2016)
Lymes disease. (23-06-2016)
Gluten-free diet not a healthy option for all (18-05-2016)
Hypothyroidism/ Type 1 Diabetes/ Weight loss (18-05-2016)
Asthma linked to longer time to get pregnant (16-02-2016)
Public again urged to avoid psychedelic drugs (28-01-2016)
Alcohol problems will be huge in the future. (22-01-2016)
Mental health initiative for teens (19-01-2016)
Dr Eva and hidden sugar intake.... (18-01-2016)
Pregnant women advised not to sit too much (26-11-2015)
Lectures on poorly understood conditions (16-09-2015)
Project to develop new cystic fibrosis drugs (14-09-2015)
Sarcoidosis (08-06-2015)
More research on water fluoridation needed (02-06-2015)
Med diet reduces risk of womb cancer (02-06-2015)
seriously ill, living alone and single (02-06-2015)
Shift work has big effect on health (19-05-2015)
Referendum on Gay Rights...... (18-05-2015)
Concern over kids' move to adult diabetes care (24-04-2015)
To Anonymous- who's child ended their life over leaving cert stress (25-03-2015)
Gay Rights.... (20-02-2015)
Living with Tinnitus (05-01-2015)
RCSI supports fluoridation of water (30-10-2014)
Mild nausea,possible bug (07-10-2014)
Mild nausea (07-10-2014)
very underweight. (24-07-2014)
Healthy options for HSE snack machines (25-06-2014)
sarcoidosis Medical Card Public consultation (09-06-2014)
New study casts doubt on e-cigarettes (21-05-2014)
Government should get real with GPs (01-05-2014)
E-cigarettes - miracle cure or threat? (01-04-2014)
Diabetes Children with Type 1; Please support (14-03-2014)
Expert warns obesity now 'a pandemic' (03-03-2014)
In light of the child obesity crisis, would you support regulation of fast food and drink? (06-02-2014)
REDUCE FRUIT PRICE....... (15-01-2014)

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