Implant may predict seizures

A device that can be implanted in the brain may be able to predict epilepsy seizures by detecting early warning signs, according to new research.

Experts say further research is needed, but if further data showed the device could be effective, it could be an significant development.

The device harnesses electrical activity in the brain to detect the risk level a person with epilepsy has of suffering a seizure.

The study on 15 people showed the device worked in some people with epilepsy.

Trials on the device involved collecting signals from the surface of the brain and transmitting them down wires to another implant in the chest.

This in turn transmitted the data to a hand-held device which calculated the risk of a seizure.

The research was carried out in in Australia and was funded by the manufacturers NeuroVista.

The trial was published in the journal Lancet Neurology.


[Posted: Mon 06/05/2013]

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