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Epilepsy seizures may precede tumour (09-04-2011)
120,000 adults may have ADHD (06-04-2011)
Epilepsy ups psychiatric risk in kids (25-03-2011)
Irish team ID epilepsy side-effect gene (24-03-2011)
Gene therapy hope for Parkinson's (18-03-2011)
Brain awareness to be highlighted (03-03-2011)
Warning over mounting crisis in neurology (16-02-2011)
New campaign highlights neurology crisis (17-01-2011)
More consultants planned to cut waiting lists (20-12-2010)
Dangers of concussion stressed (13-12-2010)
Epilepsy drug link to spina bifida (03-12-2010)
Epilepsy - hormones must be taken into account (26-11-2010)
Brain injury link to crime (11-11-2010)
Epilepsy drugs link to poor development (04-11-2010)
Disabilty access issue highlghted  (14-10-2010)
Epilepsy may increase infertility risk (13-10-2010)
40% stumped by basic maths (06-09-2010)
Epilepsy care 'seriously under-resourced' (26-08-2010)
Study determines epilepsy prevalence (15-07-2010)
Intellectual disabilty services facing cuts (15-06-2010)
Remission likely for some epilepsy forms (14-06-2010)
Epilepsy may affect language development (22-04-2010)
Technology website wins neurological award (11-03-2010)
Call for action on neurology services (26-02-2010)
'Vegetative patients can communicate' (04-02-2010)
MP3 users face hearing damage (02-02-2010)
Swine flu jab scheme about to start (16-10-2009)
Epilepsy conference for young people (23-09-2009)
75% of pharmacies 'providing services' (05-08-2009)
Concern on drugs for epilepsy (30-07-2009)
Training for brain injury care (25-05-2009)
Up to 37,000 with epilepsy in Ireland (19-05-2009)
Daily boozing doubles risk of tremor (12-04-2009)
Epilepsy in elderly often not recognised (16-03-2009)
Call for broadcast warnings of flashing images (04-03-2009)
Valentine's Day migraine alert (09-02-2009)
Staying stress free reduces dementia risk (20-01-2009)
Risk to elderly from sudden bus braking (09-01-2009)
Work stress does not up seizure risk (05-01-2009)
Epilepsy drug may treat Alzheimer's (09-12-2008)
Proposals invited for epilepsy research  (07-11-2008)
Epilepsy conference for young people (14-10-2008)
Cutting edge research on MND (13-10-2008)
'Early diagnosis essential in ADHD' (22-09-2008)
World expert for epilepsy conference (26-08-2008)
Epilepsy - higher risk of drowning (19-08-2008)
Dementia travel advice (24-06-2008)
Epilepsy services 'neglected' (22-05-2008)
More epilepsy nurse specialists needed (21-05-2008)
National Epilepsy Week 2008 (19-05-2008)

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