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Medicinal cannabis to be made available (27-06-2019)
Irish research may help predict seizures (11-06-2019)
Conference on foetal valproate syndrome (25-03-2019)
11 new epilepsy genes discovered  (10-12-2018)
New work on treatment-resistant epilepsy (26-04-2018)
Test predicts adverse reaction to epilepsy drug (26-01-2018)
How to tell someone you have epilepsy  (06-12-2017)
Ava Barry approved for medicinal cannabis  (29-11-2017)
This week is National Epilepsy Week (15-05-2017)
Nurse specialists essential for epilepsy (02-02-2017)
Many unaware of epilepsy-related deaths (24-10-2016)
Major conference to look at epilepsy (07-10-2016)
Epilepsy not a barrier to pregnancy (18-04-2016)
Warning on epilepsy drug use in pregnancy (11-03-2016)
Most unaware of 'hidden disabilities' (15-02-2016)
Little awareness of genetic tumour condition (12-05-2015)
Low staff awareness of stroke treatment (04-04-2015)
New epilepsy app tracks seizures (30-03-2015)
Epilepsy - tough choices in pregnancy (31-10-2014)
Thousands have uncontrolled epilepsy (28-09-2014)
Higher injury risk for young with epilepsy (15-04-2014)
CUH slammed on epilepsy unit (16-12-2013)
Trinity team in ADHD breakthrough (28-11-2013)
Epilepsy linked to premature death risk (22-07-2013)
Risks linked to epilepsy drug use in pregnancy (18-07-2013)
Conference highlights epilepsy stigma (27-05-2013)
700,000+ have brain disorders (27-05-2013)
Concern on new generic drug law (10-05-2013)
Implant may predict seizures (06-05-2013)
Warning on new law on epilepsy drugs (18-03-2013)
Four year wait for neurology patients (27-02-2013)
New fitness to drive rules published (22-02-2013)
Fear and myths 'still surround epilepsy' (11-02-2013)
Epilepsy and migraine genetically linked (07-01-2013)
New law awaited on generic drug switching (04-01-2013)
New insight into MS brain problems (11-10-2012)
National epilepsy conference (30-08-2012)
Concern on long neurology waiting lists (17-08-2012)
New treatment hope for epilepsy (24-07-2012)
Vit K can help Parkinson's patients (11-05-2012)
Berries may reduce mental decline (26-04-2012)
Concern over drug access for public patients (00-00-0000)
Tweets fuelling negative epilepsy view (02-03-2012)
Patients not getting neurology care (27-02-2012)
Major research finding on Huntington's (23-02-2012)
Study shows benefit from epilepsy surgery (07-02-2012)
Need for awareness of 'sinister' headaches (30-09-2011)
Epilepsy ups schizophrenia risk (19-09-2011)
New resource for chronic conditions in school (14-09-2011)
Warning on spinal surgery (30-07-2011)

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