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Mire a Coil - A year of hell 24-10-2016
Warning on epilepsy drug use in pregnancy 14-03-2016
vulvodynia...please help!! 13-05-2015
Epilepsy linked to premature death risk 26-07-2013
Vitamin A can protect against Crohn's 12-06-2013
Do you believe that child vaccination should be compulsory? 19-06-2012
Aggressive/Disruptive behaviour & epilepsy meds 17-02-2012
pachygyria condition 17-01-2012
Copper Coil (Copper IUD) 13-12-2010
Information gap on bowel disease 28-05-2010
Harney bans headshop products 13-05-2010
Finding a good GP 25-03-2010
Swine flu jab now for everyone 08-02-2010
Is a 50c per item medical card prescription charge justified? 20-11-2009
10 year old boy taking funny turns 02-11-2009
Epilepsy drugs could treat Alzheimers and... 02-11-2009
returning to ireland/disability benifits transferrable to here? 25-10-2009
help with memory loss 28-08-2009
Syringomyelia?? cervical syrinx 12-08-2009
Concern on drugs for epilepsy 04-08-2009
The GP's guide to swine flu 02-08-2009
Do you agree with the 'Bord Snip' proposal for a medical card prescription charge? 27-07-2009
Patients facing six-year hospital wait 27-07-2009
Swine flu Q&A 27-07-2009
HSE 'could save millions on drugs' 13-07-2009
HSE to contact pharmacists about withdrawal 03-07-2009
Many pharmacists have threatened to quit the community drugs scheme because of pay cuts. Do you support their actions? 03-07-2009
Free cervical vaccine for north Dublin girls 02-03-2009
What does your GP currently charge you per visit? 28-01-2009
Epilepsy link with diabetes 07-01-2009
Epilepsy 05-01-2009
Two Grand Mal seizures now on keppra? 09-12-2008
Medication and sexual health 17-11-2008
Coping with depression 08-10-2008
Epilepsy 09-09-2008
Alcohol and young people 13-08-2008
fibromyalgia 29-07-2008
Early pregnancy 09-06-2008
Epilepsy services 'neglected' 23-05-2008
Irish parents face many challenges 23-04-2008
mirena coil 27-03-2008
Epilepsy services 'among worst in Europe' 25-03-2008
Epilepsy drugs may cause sexual disorders 30-10-2007
Effects of clomid on epilepsy 08-10-2007
Anger at 'Fair City' epilepsy slur 21-09-2007
Waiting lists the reality 20-09-2007
Heavy burden of brain disorders 17-08-2007
new to epilepsy 24-07-2007
Epilepsy 14-05-2007
Which combination below in Government would be best for health in Ireland? 04-05-2007

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