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One in 10 never clean their face (30-01-2020)
Many suffer skin problems in winter (07-01-2020)
Managing eczema can be costly (16-09-2019)
Eczema can cause children to miss school (11-09-2019)
Concern over access to specialist skin services (08-05-2019)
Antibiotics increase allergy risk (09-09-2016)
Skin conditions take major toll on women (03-11-2015)
Largest genetic study of eczema carried out (20-10-2015)
Call for lower VAT on eczema products (16-10-2015)
Eczema can cause major emotional distress (14-09-2015)
Study may predict eczema risk in infants (05-08-2015)
Eczema takes big emotional toll (19-01-2015)
11,000 3-year-olds have longstanding conditions (07-10-2014)
Irish team in eczema breakthrough (05-11-2013)
Stress warning for exam students  (23-05-2013)
Sucking baby's soother wards off allergies (09-05-2013)
Evening primrose oil no good for eczema (30-04-2013)
Fast food ups asthma severity in kids (15-01-2013)
Increase in 'slapped cheek' disease (28-09-2012)
Focus on psoriasis (28-10-2011)
Steroid creams don't 'thin' kids' skin (24-04-2011)
Vaccines do not weaken child's immunity (07-03-2011)
Animal exposure lowers eczema risk (06-12-2010)
Study shows impact of psoriasis (28-10-2010)
Eczema cream may make condition worse (19-10-2010)
IMB to regulate cosmetics (01-10-2010)
Eczema significantly more frequent now (21-09-2010)
Dogs and pollutants up kids' asthma risk (18-06-2010)
Early eczema link to emotional problems (14-02-2010)
Study shows major burden of psoriasis (29-10-2009)
Most would support sunbed ban (11-09-2009)
New reference book for parents on child illness (01-05-2009)
Psoriasis drug withdrawn (20-02-2009)
Probiotics 'do not relieve eczema' (08-10-2008)
Fish cuts eczema risk in kids (25-09-2008)
Dermatology outreach in Bantry (27-08-2008)
Genetic skin defect ups allergy risk (06-08-2008)
Traffic pollution ups allergy risk (16-06-2008)
Centre to research skin conditions (13-06-2008)
Eczema in kids may be reduced (23-04-2008)
Allergies linked to IBS (02-02-2008)
Eczema rates fall among Irish teens (09-01-2008)
Eczema sufferers test water softeners (29-11-2007)
Study shows major impact of psoriasis (30-10-2007)
Blood clue to eczema itch (29-08-2007)
Strong soaps could cause eczema (13-06-2007)
'Exam stress can lead to ailments' (24-05-2007)
Apples could keep asthma at bay (21-05-2007)
Eczema breakthrough from TCD (16-04-2007)
Boost for asthma, eczema groups (21-03-2007)

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