Facial skin condition

Anonymous  Posted: 12/05/2011 10:00

Hi Anon, spots round that area are usually hormonal and our hormone patterns change from time to time. Have you tried switching to a different pill to see if that helps?

Foofala  Posted: 11/05/2011 13:47



For about 8 months I was taking Yasmin. I am 27 and have had ecxzema all my life, but very mild and manageable. Early this year my excema was so bad that only prednisolone/ oral cortisone helped. My GP did not know what else to do. 

I started seeing a naturopath and went off Yasmin and cortisone. For a while my excema was so bad- I could not sleep, was so hit, dry, scaly, depressed... I had four weeks off work. 

Only now 3 months later am u starting to feel myself again. My skin is still red in some patches but not so raised. 

I just wanted to post this to give hope to anyone else going through this... maybe because of Yasmin. Reading some reviews of recovery helped me when it was really bad (like being covered head to toe in mosquito bites that are severely sunburnt and peeling) and I felt really down.  the body is amazing... you will get better :)


help  Posted: 06/10/2008 11:09

Hi My boyfriend has a skin problem from his chin to under his nose sometimes he get really bad flakey skin and it becomes really red. he moisturises, drinks plenty of water eats relatively healthy. The poor guy is so conscious of it, has any body any idea?

Mary  Posted: 23/02/2007 15:53

Lorna, if you are allergic to wheat it will show up as much bigger problems than just your skin - stomach, colon, mineral absorbtion etc. I too get spots around the side of my mouth when I wnet off he pill (using a coil now) and bear in moind tha tthe pill is often perscribed for acne. They eventually cleared up on one side after some great sunshine last summer but am considering tetracyclines for the other side to help clear it up. I know my GP can perscribe this for me. of course they will clear up were I to go back on the pill but I'm not prepared to do that just yet.

lorna (AQS58979)  Posted: 23/02/2007 15:21

Hi all, I am 27 and have started getting really bad spots on the side of my face and jaw line. I would always get the odd spot but not like these. They are like mini-boils. One goes and another takes its place. They are quite inflamed and sore. My skin is not even particularly oily in this area. Went off the pill few months ago, but doesnít usually give you spots? Thought might be food / drink /sleep but doesnít seem to be. Advice: do I go to a doctor? You all seem to think the creams the put you on are two strong and they seem to be advising everyone the same for all problems. Is there a detematoloigst in Galway, would I need a referral? Friend told me about going to get allergy tested and found out she was allergic to wheat and cleared her skin up, who would do this and is it complete nonsense as I am getting a bit desperate now. Thanks you all so much for your advice and help. Lorna

Anonymous  Posted: 25/01/2006 15:09

Would anyone know what cause spots to reoccur on your neck. I had bad skin as a teenager but now at the age of 26 my skin has improved immensely. I only get spots on my face now and then. However I always have spots on my neck. Does anyone know if this is related to anything in paricular.

Anonymous  Posted: 25/01/2006 12:29

I am 24 years old and I suddenly developed severe acne cystic and nodular over a space of 5 month. It left my face very swollen, painful and took away all self confidence I had. During these first five month my doctor tried me on high doses of antibotics (1100mg) which did not even touch the acne and infact made it worse. After One month of fighting with the NHS I got put on Roaccutane I have now been on roaccutane for 2 months and my face has cleared alot but I am now being left with huge purple, indented, scarring. In seven months in total my skin has been eaten away by acne. My doctor is now telling me that the scarring will be bad and I will have to be on Roaccuttane for 1 year and then I will have to wait at least six months before I can seek help for the scarring. I just can not see an end to this night mare that my life has become since getting severe acne. I am not working at the moment due to the severity of my acne and the side affects of the roaccutane on my bones and joints plus all the days I spend at the hospital getting more medication and having blood tests done. I would love to hear from anyone who has had bad scarring from acne and have had it successfully treated!

Anonymous  Posted: 24/01/2006 19:12

I have a 9 month old son and he has a rash on his face since he was about 3 weeks old. I have tried so many doctors and medicines but nothing is happening. I was told to do various things with his diet and all the lotions and shampoo etc but nothing is working. I'm afraid he is going to be scarred. Can anyone help?

Anonymous  Posted: 27/06/2005 17:01

I have had eczema all my life in little patches such as my elbows and I have been able to control this with the use of certin creams etc but recently dry red patches are appearing on my face ie.under eyebrows,nose and down by my ears I am extremly conscience of this as I am only 17-Please Help

Sheila (GZD29351)  Posted: 27/05/2005 21:03

This may sound absolutely absurd but I've found that everytime I have a breakout it clears up overnight because I put toothpaste on it when I go to bed. Don't laugh. It works for me.

Anonymous  Posted: 05/05/2004 11:44

Sounds like Chloasma - bea side effect of being on the pill for some people and can be worsened by the sun. See your dermatologist

Anonymous  Posted: 05/05/2004 10:06


Anonymous  Posted: 28/02/2004 15:54

About three months ago I started to develop red spotty blotches. It started around my mouth and on my chin but also made appearances at the edges of both my eyes on the temple sides. The patches are not particularly sore but are regularly dried up looking and itchy. Anti biotic creams and heavy moisturisers have not worked at all. I cannot connect the blotches to anything I am eating or drinking nor to any cosmetics.

Anonymous  Posted: 30/01/2004 14:17

In response to queries about Studies on "Dianette".... I understand that recent medical research/studies have revealed that it COULD lead to a higher risk of problems with the liver (I think). I didn't want to elaborate on it in my previous message as I am not qualified to comment - it would therefore be best to ask your Doctor/person who prescribed it to you.

Lisa (MoranL)  Posted: 28/01/2004 10:17

I also suffered with these massive boils on my face and neck - very sore and very embarrassing as I'm 32. Went to a skin specialist to have a mole removed and he was shocked by the marks left by these "spots". He gave me Isotrexin. Its only available on prescription but it is the most effective cream I have come across. It does sting but it worked almost straight away for me. I only use it once a day or when I need to. The boils are gone as are smaller spots. Also I wasn't on the pill at the time. I do know that for me stress was a huge factor. When I got stressed up those boils came.

Anonymous  Posted: 27/01/2004 12:49

I also would like to know the effects of Dianette - what were the studies into the side effects?

Anonymous  Posted: 21/01/2004 17:48

I would like to hear more about the effects of dianette which prompted the medical profesion to advice people to change from this pill - as stated above? Anybody know?

Anonymous  Posted: 16/01/2004 13:51

You ashould chck with your doctor / obs to see which anti-inflamatory or anti-biotic is suitable for use around the early stages of conception as I beleive Roaccutane is contra-indicated

Anonymous  Posted: 16/01/2004 13:49

To Gary - have you tried minocin, it's an anti-inflammatory

Anonymous  Posted: 16/01/2004 09:49

I also found Dianette very helpful a few years ago. However I am now trying to conceive for baby and obviously cannot take any pill or antibiotic. I suffer from acne around my chin area and it is scarring me. Does anyone have any suggestions - vitamins & topical applications etc?

Gary (garymc1)  Posted: 15/01/2004 12:04

Anybody been able to clear severe acne, without using Roacatane. Any herbal or holistic cures. Any advice

Anonymous  Posted: 15/01/2004 11:05

Just a note to "Dianette" users. I was on that Pill for about 4 years for similar spots to those you describe and it worked wonders, clearing my skin up completely. However, I was recently advised by my Doctor to change to another Pill called "Yasmin" - it's supposed to be a lot safer than Dianette - apparently there was a recent study on the effects of it, which has prompted the Medical Profession to recommend patients to change from it to another similar pill. I started taking Yasmin about four months ago and my spots have not returned, so maybe some of you might consider it.

Anonymous  Posted: 14/01/2004 20:24

Hi, I've suffered from the same problem, but not in the past couple of years. The boils would come up in the most unlikely places - on my cheeks and neck. They were very sore and, yes, they would often go down only to crop up again nearby. I used to suffer from acne as a teenager (not too bad) and this problem became particularly bad when I was around 23. I went on the pill primarily to deal with the skin problem and it seemed to work, except for the occasional flare-up. One thing I'm pretty sure of, and this may differ for everyone, but I think my skin flares up if I drink ordinary tonic water as a drink mixer. It's possibly a reaction to the quinine - it doesn't happen with diet tonic water, which I don't think contains as much quinine. Lots and lots of water and a limit to full-fat dairy products also seems to help.

Anonymous  Posted: 14/01/2004 13:48

Hi. This is very interesting as I have been suffering from the same thing for a couple of years now. I never had spots as a teenager. I asked my doctor about it and he suggested it was 'adult acne', and gave me Fucidin cream, which helps a bit but does not clear it altogether. I have often wondered if its related to the pill, I take Cilest and am curious to know what pill the above people changed from when they changed to Dianette? I also read that spots around your mouth could be related to your digestion, but I really believe that something else is the real cause, as this has only happened in the last few years.

Anonymous  Posted: 14/01/2004 11:37

I had the same kind of thing years ago and worked out that it was due to then boyfriend's beard (present husband's fortunately doesn't have same effect). It cleared with end of relationship and application of Pragmatar which is still available over the counter I believe. Whatever you do don't use any steroid cream which will only aggravate it.

Anonymous  Posted: 14/01/2004 11:24

Just to note, I would be wary of over consuming any form of Soy as it is a phyto-oestrogen. Rice milk my be another option for you.

Anonymous  Posted: 14/01/2004 11:21

Hi, I like yourself suffered from these boils under my skin for quite few years. They mainly appeared to the side of my nose and were sore and very red which was most embarassing. No matter how often I cleansed or tried "potions" my skin usually felt oily around my nose. A boil inflammation usually lasted a week and was most debilitating as I had to meet a lot of people in my job. It was horrendous. Eventually I found a doctor who diagnosed it as "Acne Roatia", and gave me some antibiotics which had a marked effect on drying up my skin and clearing the boils for a time. A couple of years later however the antibiotics didn't appear to clear up the issue any longer. Some time later I happened to come accross an article in a magazine which advised that if you suffered from greasy/oily skin around your nose and mouth to try cutting out Citrus fruit. I tried it, and my skin immediately dried up around my nose, no more greasy/oily skin and no more boils ! I have now been off citrus fruits for a few years ... and its amazing no boils ! I have had two inflammations in the past few years, but both were directly traced back to peeling oranges for my kids ... WOW ! I don't know if the above is in anyway similar to your situation, but if it is, you may like me have some alergy to citrus fruits. Cut out the orange juice, stay away from oranges, lemons for a few weeks and see if that helps. Every success to you.

Anonymous  Posted: 14/01/2004 09:48

Hi, I also have a condition similar to this which I got when I was about 21. After monitoring my food intake for a period of time I tied it down to milk. For a couple of years I did not eat any dairy products (except chocolate) and the problem did not occur very often. I tried to take calcium supplements and the spots returned worse than ever so I dropped that. I also got it checked at my local GP but they weren't able to give me any diagnosis. At this stage I do eat cheese and yoghurts (diet I don't know if that is significant) and I use soya milk on cereals etc. The problem does occur sometimes but pretty infrequently.

Anonymous  Posted: 14/01/2004 09:45

I had something very similar going back about 6 years (I'm 30) and fucidin also worked for me

Anonymous  Posted: 14/01/2004 09:19

Its sounds like something I developed last year, which turned out to be a bacterial infection - perioral dermatitis. My doctor gave me the antibiotic cream (Fucidin) and changed my pill to Dianette. Just bear in mind it will take 3/4 months to clear properly. Steroid cream won't do any good, it just thins out the skin. Hope this helps!

Anonymous  Posted: 14/01/2004 08:58

I have had the same problem with my skin, as anonymous 12/01/2004, Large Red Lumps under my Mouth which start off as lumps and then develope a white head. I to am on an Antiboitic but it doesn't seem to work all the time, This has been happening over the last number of years and I didn't have any spot/acne when i was a teenager. Please help.

Dearbhaile (dcurran)  Posted: 14/01/2004 08:36

Do you use the telephone a lot? Do you let others use your telephone? I recently got a bad spate of spots on the right-hand side of my chin and traced it to the fact that I had been using the telephone more and was using my shoulder and chin to hold the receiver while I typed. I used an antibacterial wipe to keep the phone clean and the spots have gone.

Anonymous  Posted: 14/01/2004 08:15

Hi im a 23 year old girl and i have these red marks like boils in the exact same place as yourself. I went to the doctor and he gave me an antibiotic cream and he also changed my pill over to Dianette i have only been taking it since December so its still early to say whether or not its going to work but fingers crossed it will, I also gave up smokin on New years day so if you smoke its an option to try and give them up as i have read before that they can cause extremely bad skin and also premature ageing.

Anonymous  Posted: 12/01/2004 09:43

I am hoping you can help me in some way. I really am at my wits end! I am a 26 year old girl and for the past 4 month I†have been geting these very large type of spots, almost like boils on my face. They only ever appear on the area directly left or right below my mouth, but not on my†chin, †and often come up in twos directly beside each other. As one goes down, they repeatedly come up. I have been to the doctor, had blood tests, and also swabs taken from the spots, and they have showed up nothing. I have tried desperately to trace the reason I may be getting them. I thought it may have been chocolate, a certain drink, my period, allergy to skin cream, washing powder, but I really can't seem to get a pattern or find out what it may be. The spots start as red lumps and then overnight they inflame into large red pockets, with white heads, they are also very sore to touch.†The doctor gave me an antibiotic which I apply and a steriod cream, but they don't really have any effect. It really is bothering me and getting me down. I have very good clear skin, and was very lucky to never have had any acne or spots as a teenager. I did get somehting like this a few years ago, and the doctor gave me in fact the exact same antibiotic which did work at the time. He said it was a type of skin infection. Please, please can you give me some advice on what to do. I have quite a few red marks now as a result of these repeated spots. Awating your response. Kind Regards

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