New campaign to support men's mental health

Many men do not seek support from family and friends when they are struggling mentally, so a new campaign is encouraging people to reach out more to the men in their lives.

The ‘Unmute - Ask Him' campaign is being run by the Movember Foundation, a global charity focusing on some of the biggest issues facing men, including mental health, suicide prevention and prostate cancer.

The campaign aims to encourage open conversations around men's mental health and ultimately reduce the high rate of male suicide. It includes three videos, which are disguised as ‘how to' videos, but actually demonstrate the importance of talking.

The videos include subtitles which appear to mirror the men's actions, however when the viewer unmutes, they'll hear a completely different story about men who are struggling to cope.

"Our research has shown that a majority of men say they are there for their friends when they need support, yet considerably fewer men are prepared to go to someone when they're struggling themselves, bringing to life the need for those around men to take themselves off ‘mute' and start the conversation," commented Craig Martin, global director of mental health and suicide prevention at the Movember Foundation.

He said that many people around men ‘do not reach out enough to ask how they are really doing'.

"We can all play a part in reducing the rate of male suicide by sparking a potentially life-changing conversation. The simple first step is just to ask and listen," Mr Martin added.

The Movember Foundation said that there are just four simple steps that people need to follow:
-Ask the man they care about how he is doing
-Listen without judgement
-Encourage action
-Check in regularly.

For more information on the campaign, click here

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[Posted: Tue 12/09/2017]

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