Life skills programme launched nationwide

One of the country's leading mental health organisations has launched a nationwide programme, which aims to help people to cope with the challenges they may face in life.

The Aware Life Skills Group Programme is a free, educational programme for adults aged 18 and over. Aware offers information and support to people affected by depression and bipolar disorder.

The programme will take place one evening per week for six weeks, with each evening module lasting for 90 minutes.

"By signing up to our Life Skills Programme, attendees will learn how to greatly improve their ability to cope with the cards that life can deal us on a daily basis. We encourage anyone who would like to understand why they sometimes feel anxious or stressed to register and start their own journey to a healthier and more confident life," commented Brid O'Meara, director of services at Aware.

She noted that with one in 10 people in Ireland experiencing depression, ‘many may feel that what ever they do, it is not enough'.

"The good news is that on completion of our Life Skills Programme, participants have reported significant improvement in their levels of depression and anxiety. This is proof that our programme works," Ms O'Meara said.

The Life Skills Programme has been developed by the renowned cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) specialist, Prof Chris William, professor of psychiatry at the University of Glasgow in Scotland.

It is designed specifically to help people learn more about how they think and how their thoughts can influence their actions in helpful or unhelpful ways.

The programme is free to attend, however there is a refundable €30 booking deposit to ensure that those who really want to attend have the opportunity to do so. The fee is refunded when all six modules have been completed.

A reduced booking fee is available for students, the unemployed, OAPs and those with medical cards.

The programme will begin on the week of September 18 in a number of locations, including Dublin, Cork, Galway, Tipperary, Louth and Donegal.

For more information or to register for the programme, click here


[Posted: Thu 31/08/2017]

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