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Cancer - no answer to 'why?' (20-10-2015)
Research reveals impact of recession on families (20-10-2015)
Reducing depression after heart attack (14-10-2015)
St John's Wort available again (13-10-2015)
Depressive symptoms common in asthma (07-10-2015)
More support needed for suicidal people (10-09-2015)
ME - coming out of the wilderness (26-08-2015)
Depression ups heart risk in RA patients (13-08-2015)
Increased heart risk for depressed teens (12-08-2015)
Busy six months for abuse helpline (27-07-2015)
Online Wellness Workshop benefits many (23-07-2015)
Many teens cannot recognise depression (19-07-2015)
Smartphone use may signal depression (17-07-2015)
Concern over antidepressant, painkiller mix (15-07-2015)
New eLearning video on lithium (07-07-2015)
Only one in 20 has no health problems (08-06-2015)
Eating placenta offers no health benefits (07-06-2015)
Bullied teens often depressed by 18 (03-06-2015)
Depression ups heart failure death risk (25-05-2015)
Depression increases risk of Parkinson's (24-05-2015)
Unique mental health prog to be rolled out (18-05-2015)
Long-term depression ups stroke risk (15-05-2015)
Depression increases risk of nightmares (06-05-2015)
Bullying 'worse than maltreatment' (28-04-2015)
Mindfulness may benefit recurrent depression (22-04-2015)
Mental illness ups earlier death risk (16-04-2015)
Comparing on Facebook linked to depression (08-04-2015)
Domestic abuse affects mental health (07-04-2015)
New app to help mental wellbeing (31-03-2015)
Stress management key in breast cancer (23-03-2015)
Father's depression affects toddlers (17-03-2015)
Cannabis increases bipolar symptoms (16-03-2015)
Stress and depression increase heart risks (11-03-2015)
Mental disorders common among young (10-03-2015)
Postnatal depression - phone support helps (25-02-2015)
12% of dads develop postnatal depression (19-02-2015)
Low birth weight link to psychiatric problems (09-02-2015)
Facebook envy could lead to depression (04-02-2015)
Hope for treatment-resistant depression (05-01-2015)
Social groups protect mental health (08-12-2014)
Job authority ups depression in women (01-12-2014)
Irish mums badly affected by emigration (04-11-2014)
Music therapy reduces depression in kids (27-10-2014)
Depression after heart attack more common in women (21-10-2014)
Exercise 3 times a week cuts depression risk (17-10-2014)
Burnout high among cancer doctors (06-10-2014)
Focus on mental health at Ploughing Championships (23-09-2014)
New school guides for kids with autism (01-09-2014)
New approach to depression in cancer patients (31-08-2014)
'Sleep drunkenness' affects many (26-08-2014)

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