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Increased depression among over-60s during COVID (28-01-2021)
Most COVID patients have ongoing symptoms (11-01-2021)
Level 5 had big impact on mental health (30-11-2020)
Keep supporting older people - ALONE (12-11-2020)
Online programme to help with stress (04-09-2020)
Anxiety in adolescence linked to heart risk (27-08-2020)
COVID resilience tips for people with diabetes (18-08-2020)
Podcast launched to help people with IBD (31-07-2020)
COVID has had major impact on mental health (01-07-2020)
Surge in mental health problems expected (18-06-2020)
Most LGBTI+ youth struggling with mental health (16-06-2020)
New text-based mental health service launched (16-06-2020)
ALONE concerned about financial impact of COVID (26-05-2020)
COVID-19 "increasing psychological suffering" (14-05-2020)
Mental health of healthcare workers impacted (08-05-2020)
People with dementia struggling during COVID-19 (02-04-2020)
Childhood obesity linked to depression risk  (20-03-2020)
Helpline for older people extends hours (16-03-2020)
More resources needed for kids' mental health (17-02-2020)
Sport improves mental health in teens (29-01-2020)
Post-traumatic stress common after miscarriage (15-01-2020)
How to change your relationship with alcohol (14-01-2020)
Mental health issues common in Tallaght teens (23-12-2019)
Anxiety levels on the rise among young people  (19-11-2019)
Loneliness "a growing public health concern" (21-10-2019)
Most gay men with HIV cannot transmit virus (03-10-2019)
Almost 40% of college students severely anxious (28-08-2019)
More investment in talking therapies needed (28-08-2019)
New animation series tackles teen mental health (09-05-2019)
More doctors seeking mental health treatment (07-05-2019)
Up to one-third of doctors may be burned out (29-04-2019)
Community mental health services are vital (26-02-2019)
January most depressing month of the year (10-01-2019)
Cerebral palsy linked to high depression risk (08-01-2019)
Sea views linked to lower depression risk (11-12-2018)
Similar outcomes with involuntary ECT (29-06-2018)
Doctors slow to report own mental health issues (13-04-2018)
New perinatal mental health model of care (01-12-2017)
New campaign to support men's mental health (12-09-2017)
Life skills programme launched nationwide (31-08-2017)
Depression helpline needs volunteers (17-08-2017)
Heart failure and stroke a lethal combination (23-05-2017)
New service offers addiction support to doctors (06-04-2017)
More awareness of bipolar disorder needed (30-03-2017)
Over-50s face range of health issues (08-03-2017)
Depression may increase cancer death risk (26-01-2017)
Cancer has big impact on mental health (20-12-2016)
New report on risk factors for work illnesses (20-10-2016)
Irish team in potential depression breakthrough (14-10-2016)
Bipolar risk linked to childhood adversity (13-10-2016)

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