Depressed Father - help!!!

Anonymous  Posted: 02/08/2005 20:03

I think you might be wise in getting you'r father checked for alzeihmers, as usually parkinsons has a sogn of shaking but alzeihmers patients mind tend to drift back years. I am not saying for one minute that your father does have this, but it is worth checking into. But if he was my father I would have a quiet word with his GP and tell him how he has been behaving and ask could he check him over. But is their any chance that the tablets he has been on have had a side effect which has caused his mind to wander or hallucinate ?

Anonymous  Posted: 02/08/2005 15:52

My Father suffers from depression. Somedays he may spend nearly all day in bed. He's now in his 70's and some of his very close frineds have passed away or are ill. However he's in perfect health but thinks that he too is ill. His GP just keeps changing his depression drugs nearly every few weeks. Recently he has plunged into deep depression and from time to time he says some stuff that is completely off the wall in relation to something that happened 30 years ago. And he's acting childish the whole time. One night he woke in the middle of the night and told my Mum that he was looking for 2 pigs that broke out yet he's retired from farming with 10 years. He's lost interest in everything and it's upsetting the whole family because he wont talk to us about it. He wont even go out walking and his weight is increasing as a result. He no longer takes step but shuffles along. He also get caught for breath when watching tv - does anyone know a reason for this. He just sits there when relations come to visit and doesn't make conversation. We're afraid that he may have parkinsons but how is this diagnosed. Are these symptoms as a result of the tablets or do you think it might be something else. Do you know how to get in contact with a councillor or psychiatrist? Please help!!

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