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The pill 11-05-2018
Mental Health Services.....No Towels....Use Sheet! 08-11-2017
Vertigo 21-06-2017
Endonorm 16-03-2017
Panic Attacks..... 23-01-2017
Anxiety about health 26-10-2016
Mire a Coil - A year of hell 24-10-2016
Venlafaxine / Effexor Withdrawal 09-05-2016
PMS can have big impact on everyday life 11-03-2016
Most people overlook key to weight loss 04-12-2015
Omega 3 does not treat depression 10-11-2015
Cannabis increases bipolar symptoms 10-08-2015
coil 21-07-2015
Many teens cannot recognise depression 20-07-2015
Bullied teens often depressed by 18 03-06-2015
Long-term depression ups stroke risk 18-05-2015
Depression increases risk of nightmares 07-05-2015
Bullying 'worse than maltreatment' 28-04-2015
Mindfulness may benefit recurrent depression 23-04-2015
depression 29-01-2015
Public Psych care v Private 12-01-2015
anxiety/feeling withdrawn 17-10-2014
E-cigs no help to smoking cancer patients 24-09-2014
Social Anxiety/Depression - getting help 25-02-2014
rosacea depression 09-01-2014
Do you agree with all children five and under, regardless of income, getting free GP care? 24-10-2013
Sjrogen's Syndrome -I would love to meet people suffering as I am 18-09-2013
Complaint about GP 19-04-2013
Peanut allergy in babies 17-04-2013
Solitary confinement 12-03-2013
legality of forcing a disabled woman have a wetroom in private home 17-01-2013
'Talking therapy' reduces depression 17-12-2012
Mental illness - smashing the stigma 12-11-2012
Cannabis eases MS muscle pain 09-10-2012
Stigma persists on mental health 11-09-2012
stress! 15-08-2012
After 16 months as Minister, do you believe James Reilly has improved our health service? 15-08-2012
Time to consider making vaccination compulsory 13-07-2012
depression and fluoridation 05-04-2012
Son's depression medication 26-03-2012
Clocks going back 'bad for kids' 06-12-2011
Depression 21-11-2011
Do you believe imposing heavy taxes on fatty foods and sugary drinks will combat obesity? 07-10-2011
With no real sign yet of the recession ending, how is your mental health? 20-08-2011
Depression rates higher in people with HIV 20-06-2011
depression and back pain 06-05-2011
Effexor withdrawal. 28-04-2011
Would you be reluctant to talk to your GP about mental health problems? 30-03-2011
Depression among men 'will increase' 08-03-2011

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