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Fruit and veg cut cardiovascular risk (08-07-2015)
Diabetes and heart disease cut life expectancy (08-07-2015)
Poor sleep ups heart attack risk  (21-06-2015)
Chocolate may be good for the heart (17-06-2015)
Most farmers have high heart risk (19-05-2015)
Many women unaware of own cholesterol (18-05-2015)
Busy workers less active than they think (18-05-2015)
Arthritis linked to 'surprise' heart attacks (05-05-2015)
COPD ups risk of sudden cardiac death (01-05-2015)
Traumatic events up women's heart risk (01-05-2015)
Mental illness ups earlier death risk (16-04-2015)
Free under sixes care finally agreed (09-04-2015)
Shorter people have higher heart risk (09-04-2015)
Low staff awareness of stroke treatment (04-04-2015)
Public unconvinced on plain cig packaging (01-04-2015)
Smoking around kids ups heart risk (29-03-2015)
Heart disease rates higher in NI (27-03-2015)
Heart health decline begins in childhood (18-03-2015)
Heart disease in women underestimated (13-03-2015)
Stress and depression increase heart risks (11-03-2015)
Pro-vegetarian diet cuts heart risk (09-03-2015)
Wide variation in hospital death rates (05-03-2015)
Teen stress increases heart risk (05-03-2015)
Intense anger ups heart attack risk (24-02-2015)
Activity essential even with limited mobility (20-02-2015)
Exercise in mid-age reduces stroke risk (17-02-2015)
Preterm births linked to heart risk (10-02-2015)
Stress affects heart attack recovery in women (10-02-2015)
Type 1 diabetes - higher death risk in women (06-02-2015)
Lab to benefit kids with heart problems (06-02-2015)
Even mild cholesterol ups heart risk (27-01-2015)
Avocados may help reduce cholesterol (09-01-2015)
Teens have early signs of heart disease (06-01-2015)
Rotating night shifts bad for health (06-01-2015)
Concern on organ donor figures (02-01-2015)
Yoga may reduce heart disease risk (17-12-2014)
Menstrual age linked to heart risks (16-12-2014)
Can you go On The Dry in January? (16-12-2014)
Rush hour traffic is bad for the heart (10-12-2014)
'Eating your greens' benefits heart (08-12-2014)
Obesity cuts life expectancy by 8 years (05-12-2014)
Bad marriage could 'break' heart (21-11-2014)
Pre-pregnancy weight linked to kids' heart risk (19-11-2014)
Active asthma ups heart attack risk  (18-11-2014)
Benefits of med diet, exercise seen a year later (07-11-2014)
Older people will soon outnumber kids (07-11-2014)
Action needed at time of menopause (20-10-2014)
New scheme to combat obesity in kids (07-10-2014)
Kids' weight not being checked by GPs (07-10-2014)
Family time 'spent in front of a screen' (20-09-2014)

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