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Starting periods early ups heart disease risk (16-01-2018)
Kids who eat takeaways storing up problems (15-12-2017)
Almost 600 AEDs need urgent updates (28-11-2017)
Coffee found to benefit health (23-11-2017)
Any activity better than none in older people (22-11-2017)
AEDs save lives in sports clubs (01-09-2017)
High BP in pregnancy ups heart risk later (21-08-2017)
No such thing as 'healthy obese' - study (16-08-2017)
Most sports clubs have defibrillators (28-06-2017)
Late-onset asthma linked to heart risks (07-09-2016)
Second heart attack risk higher in poor people (02-09-2016)
Vast majority of strokes are preventable  (18-07-2016)
Diabetes ups heart attack death risk (23-06-2016)
Migraine increases risk of heart disease (03-06-2016)
Heart attack risk in women smokers highlighted (31-05-2016)
New freephone helpline for heart disease/stroke (30-05-2016)
New initiative to help heart failure patients (08-04-2016)
More strokes occurring in working age people (07-04-2016)
Endometriosis linked to heart risk (30-03-2016)
Pregnancy after 40 may up stroke risk (19-02-2016)
Increased stroke risk after shingles (18-12-2015)
Heart defects raise risk of stroke (25-11-2015)
Few minutes of light activity good for diabetes (13-11-2015)
Free GP for under 12s, cigs hike (00-00-0000)
Irish team in world-first heart breakthrough (12-10-2015)
Pregnancy complications up heart risk (24-09-2015)
Sex does not trigger heart attacks (22-09-2015)
Thousands unaware they have high BP (15-09-2015)
Too much or too little sleep ups heart risk (11-09-2015)
Heart disease is not just a man's problem (25-08-2015)
Depression ups heart risk in RA patients (13-08-2015)
Increased heart risk for depressed teens (12-08-2015)
Fried foods increase heart attack risk (11-08-2015)
Smoking and preterm birth raise CVD risk (10-07-2015)
Fruit and veg cut cardiovascular risk (08-07-2015)
Diabetes and heart disease cut life expectancy (08-07-2015)
Poor sleep ups heart attack risk  (21-06-2015)
Chocolate may be good for the heart (17-06-2015)
Most farmers have high heart risk (19-05-2015)
Many women unaware of own cholesterol (18-05-2015)
Busy workers less active than they think (18-05-2015)
Long-term depression ups stroke risk (15-05-2015)
Arthritis linked to 'surprise' heart attacks (05-05-2015)
COPD ups risk of sudden cardiac death (01-05-2015)
Traumatic events up women's heart risk (01-05-2015)
Mental illness ups earlier death risk (16-04-2015)
Free under sixes care finally agreed (09-04-2015)
Shorter people have higher heart risk (09-04-2015)
Low staff awareness of stroke treatment (04-04-2015)
Public unconvinced on plain cig packaging (01-04-2015)

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