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Once-a-day pill may cure Alzheimer's 28-07-2006
Cholesterol and healthy eating 19-07-2006
Cholesterol - Frequently Asked Questions 10-07-2006
Vegetable diet good for heart 20-06-2006
High cholesterol, no idea why 19-06-2006
Our costly love–affair with alcohol 31-05-2006
Sjogren's syndrome-often underdiagnosed 25-05-2006
Patients avoiding GP due to cost 18-05-2006
In denial about obesity 19-04-2006
'No such thing as junk food' 07-04-2006
Cholesterol-lowering ignored 15-03-2006
Mirena Coil 28-01-2006
'HRT study flawed' 21-12-2005
Overreacting to obesity? 13-12-2005
Was Brian Cowen right not to increase the price of drink or cigarettes? 13-12-2005
Obese group sue fast food chains 09-12-2005
Lipitor 28-10-2005
Cholesterol drugs enhanced by diet, exercise 28-09-2005
Protein diet boosts exercise effects 02-09-2005
Have you ever done anything potentially dangerous in an attempt to lose weight, e.g. fasting or excessive exercise? 26-07-2005
Genes affect cholesterol levels 12-07-2005
New guidelines for doctors on managing obesity 26-05-2005
When was the last time you carried out a self-examination of your body for signs of cancer, e.g. breast or testicular? 23-05-2005
Do I really need to take medication 24-04-2005
Do I really need to take medication 22-04-2005
Obese shoppers face discrimination 08-04-2005
Do you think the smoking ban in pubs should be overturned? 21-03-2005
More foods withdrawn over colourant 22-02-2005
'HRT beneficial despite risks' 06-01-2005
High cholesterol and thyroid 14-12-2004
Have you been reassured by recent study findings that the MMR vaccine is not linked to autism? 13-09-2004
Full Medical Examination - Where? 06-09-2004
Obesity wonder pill 2yrs away 01-09-2004
blood tests 03-08-2004
Too much TV a risk to health 21-07-2004
Pain in Feet 16-06-2004
How would you rate your own health? 09-06-2004
Cholesterol and role of sugar? 27-05-2004
Low cholesterol 27-05-2004
PCOS ups heart risk - study 10-05-2004
Cholesterol drug linked to muscle problems 06-05-2004
High Cholesterol 22-04-2004
Obesity - the shocking facts 24-03-2004
High cholesterol 24-03-2004
Lowering cholesterol and natural yoghurt 04-03-2004
Cholesterol levels in diabetics 27-02-2004
Diet guru Atkins was obese 13-02-2004
Cholesterol 30-01-2004
Cholesterol containing plaque 12-01-2004
We are what we eat 11-01-2004

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