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More awareness of liver disease needed 14-11-2017
Pro-argi9 for cholesterol 30-09-2015
E-cigarettes - miracle cure or threat? 01-04-2014
blood pressure 10-02-2014
Complaint about GP 19-04-2013
Cholesterol 07-07-2012
Cholestrol 16-11-2011
Do you believe imposing heavy taxes on fatty foods and sugary drinks will combat obesity? 07-10-2011
Dentists warn of mouthwash cancer risk 15-08-2011
Can prayer really aid healing? 07-03-2011
Should GPs continue to have the right to refuse to prescribe the morning after pill? 31-08-2010
Is it insentitive for doctors to tell obese patients they are 'fat'? 05-08-2010
Should obese people be told they're fat? 04-08-2010
1 in 3 adults has high cholesterol 01-09-2009
Time to end this dangerous dispute 07-08-2009
Cholesterol charts 14-04-2009
Do you think the price of a pack of cigarettes should be increased by two euro in next month's Budget? 16-03-2009
Why our hospitals simply aren't working 12-03-2009
Concern on HSE's bonus bonanza 16-02-2009
High Cholesterol during pregnancy 11-02-2009
Frozen Feet 06-02-2009
Thyroid Diseases 26-08-2008
'Lowering cholesterol early can save lives' 08-08-2008
Donate blood before holidays - IBTS 05-06-2008
Patients paying price for poor health system 08-05-2008
How often do you eat junk food, e.g. crisps, fast food, fizzy drinks? 26-02-2008
i have high cholesterol lately i have pins and needles down my left side and numbing feeling 04-01-2008
What will be your main health resolution for the New Year? 20-12-2007
Cholesterol 17-12-2007
‘Herbal treatments don’t work’ 07-10-2007
Doctor X takes on flawed system 05-10-2007
cholesterol 21-09-2007
How would you rate the standard of service your GP provides? 16-07-2007
HRT 12-07-2007
Major deficits in stroke services 22-06-2007
High Cholesterol 30-05-2007
Hospital food league tables revealed 03-05-2007
How would you sum up Mary Harney's performance as Health Minister? 30-04-2007
Endometriosis 20-03-2007
Garlic may not lower cholesterol - study 01-03-2007
ASH Ireland has called for a ban on smoking in all motor vehicles. Would you support such a ban? 26-02-2007
Male checkup's 13-02-2007
Sjogrens syndrome 08-02-2007
Cholestorel 28-12-2006
Rank in order of importance to you and your family the following health concerns: 10-11-2006
What is Cholesterol? 20-10-2006
Many have poor knowledge of BP 21-09-2006
Have you ever gone on a 'fad' diet? 23-08-2006
Patients to assess doctors 16-08-2006
Do you think that the morning after pill should be available over the counter in pharmacies? 14-08-2006

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