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Air travel - fit to travel?
Angina - cholesterol normal?
Angina - fit for air travel?
Angioplasty - eliminate plaque?
Angioplasty - how is it done?
Aortic aneurysm - stent graft?
Aortic incompetence - can it be treated?
Aortic incompetence - surgery now?
Aortic valve - bicuspid?
Atrial fibrillation - detection?
Atrial fibrillation - surgical treatment?
Blood pressure
Blood pressure - normal range?
Blood pressure - white coat effect?
Blood pressure monitor - which one to buy?
Bradycardia - what is it?
Bran - harmful to bowel?
Calcification of the aorta - significant?
Cardiac stress test
Cause of death - explain?
Chest pain - from smoking?
Chest pain and fainting?
Chest pains
Chest pains - could I have angina?
Chest x-ray
Cholesterol - disappointed with result?
Cholesterol - drug treatment?
Cholesterol - foods I can eat?
Cholesterol - measurement?
Cholesterol high - options?
Cholesterol reduction - in the elderly?
Cholesterol testing
Coronary angiogram - explain?
Death In Ireland - common causes?
Dissection of the aorta - incidence?
Down's syndrome - heart transplant?
Drugs payment scheme - doctor's fee?
ECG - how do I get the test?
Fainting - related to alcohol?
Faintness - no cause found?
Familial hypercholesterolaemia - what is it?
Fast heart rate - what's wrong?
Ferritin - significance of high level?
Gallstones - alternatives to surgery?
Heart failure - or maybe its a heart attack?
Heart murmur - implications?
Heart surgery and colds?
Heart valves leaking - serious?
High blood pressure

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