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(Tuesday, 5th May, 2015)

Here is the list of questions & answers related to Men's Health
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Abdominal pressure - causes? Low sperm count - remedy?
Abnormal penis Lumbar puncture - how's it done?
Acne - due to allergy? Lump in scrotum - worried?
Alopecia areata Male breast tissue - OTC remedy?
Anal itch Male infertility - treatment in Ireland?
ANF positive - significance? Masturbation
Antdepressants - side effects? Masturbation - counselling?
Antibiotics twice - still no better? Medical records - transfer from previous doctor?
Antidepressant medication Medical records - transfer of records?
Antidepressants - dependency problems? Medical secretary - access to my files?
Anxiety / depression - help? Mumps - male infertility?
Aortic aneurysm Mumps - re-infection?
Aortic incompetence - surgery now? Night sweats - causes?
Back pain Non Hodgkin's Lymphoma?
Balanitis xerotica obliterans - what is it? Nuclear fallout - iodine tablets?
Bed wetting and alcohol Occult blood - colonoscopy?
Bed-wetting - in a 27-year-old? Oral sex - HIV risk?
Bladder cancer - radical surgery needed? Oral sex - STD risk?
Blood in urine - after intercourse? Oral thrush - transmit to partner?
Blood in urine - ignore? Orchidectomy - removal of a testicle
Blood pressure - normal range? Orchidectomy - why was it done?
Blood pressure - normal reading? Paracetamol - different name in USA?
Blood pressure - white coat effect? Pearly papules - elimination?
Bowlegs - surgery in Ireland? Penile erection - on waking?
Breathlessness Penile thrush
Calories - how many per day? Penile thrush - treatment?
Cannabis - mental side effects? Penis - bleeding during intercourse?
Carcinoma of the prostate - fit for joint surgery? Penis - haemorrhage risk?
Chemonucleolysis - what is it? Penis size - make bigger?
Chest x-ray Peptic ulcer - smoking related?
Chlamydia - following one night stand? Pernicious anaemia - regular injections?
Chlamydia - no symptoms? Phaeochromocytoma - what is it?
Cholesteatoma - please explain? Phimosis - why does it happen?
Cholesterol - disappointed with result? Pilonidal sinus
Cholesterol - drug treatment? Pilonidal sinus - recurrence?
Cholesterol - foods I can eat? Pornography - addicted to sex?
Cholesterol high - options? Poultry - high in cholesterol?
Cholesterol testing Premature ejaculation - due to tight foreskin?
Circumcision - for non medical reasons? Premature ejaculation - help?
Circumcision - pain relief? Premature ejaculation - weak pelvic muscles?
Circumcision - routine in Ireland? Prostate cancer - bone secondaries?
Cirrhosis - too much iron? Prostate cancer - inherited risk?
Colonoscopy - versus barium enema? Prostate cancer - PSA test?
Conception - does sex position matter? Prostate cancer - sexual abstinence?
Constipation - laxatives not helping? Prostate gland
Constipation - prevention? Prostate screening
COPD - what is it? Prostate surgery - pelvic floor exercises?
Coughing up blood - will not see GP? Prostate test - how often?
Crab lice -how do I get rid of them? Prostatectomy - role for Viagra?
Death from lung cancer - cancer type? Psoriasis arthritis - wrist pain?
Depression - diagnosis unclear? Pyelonephritis - renal failure risk?
Depression - sexual difficulty? Pyelonephritis - what is it?
Diagnosis uncertain - ill for months? Rash on shins
Dissection of the aorta - incidence? Removal of testicle - infertility?
Doctor's receptionist - acting irresponsibly? Renal failure - survival without treatment?
Drugs payment scheme - doctor's fee? Scrotal swelling - cancerous?
Duodenitis - what is it? Seborrhoeic dermatitis - what is it?
Ear infection - still deaf? Semen - blood present?
ECG - how do I get the test? Semen - blood present?
Ejaculation - doesn't happen? Semen - normal colour?
EMG - why is it done? Semen - small volume?
Epilepsy - sudden death? Sexual abuse - need counselling?
Erectile failure Sexual intercourse - emergency protection?
Erection problems - drug interactions Shaving rash
Facial hair - not growing? Shingles - affect fertility?
Fainting - related to alcohol? Skin tags - treatment?
Ferritin - high level? Sleepwalking - treatment?
Ferritin - significance of high level? Smoking and alcohol - health effects?
Fertility - testing before trying? Snoring - help?
Flu jab - too late for it? Sperm - survival after ejaculation?
Foreskin - painful injury? Sperm count - low due to hernia repair?
Frenulum - has torn a second time? Spider naevi
Gallbladder removal - persistent diarrhoea? Spots on penis - what are they?
Genital rash Statins - abnormal liver function?
Genital wart STD - wart on foreskin?
Genital wart - help? STD clinics - Dublin?
Genital warts - no symptoms? Stent required urgently - no beds?
Genital warts - what to do? Stools - dark colour significant?
Glaucoma - varieties and treatment? Striae - what are they?
Groin pain Swollen testicle
Groin rash - what could it be? Syphilis - symptoms?
Gynaecomastia - cosmetic surgery? Testicle - lump present?
Gynaecomastia - treatment? Testicle - retracts up from scrotum?
Haematuria - blood in urine? Testicle - undescended?
Haemorrhoids Testicle examination - routine?
Heart valves leaking - serious? Testicular cancer - lymph node removal?
Hepatitis Testicular cancer - risk for brothers?
Hernia - second opinion? Testicular lump
Herpes - risk of spread? Testicular lump
High blood pressure Testicular lump - get second opinion?
High blood pressure - tablets working? Testicular lump - the scan was normal but I'm still worried.
HIV - persistence of antibodies? Testicular lump - worried wife?
HPV - present for how long? Testicular lumps - self examination useful?
Human papilloma virus - health risks? Testicular pain - cancer risk?
Hydrocoele - do nothing? Testicular pain - lump present?
Hydrocoele - hasn't disappeared? Thrush - treat partner?
Hypertension - special diet? Tonsillitis - tonsils still enlarged?
Hypothyroidism - alternatives to eltroxin? Torn frenulum?
Impotence - radical prostatectomy? Torsion of testicle - future fertility?
Infertility - investigate now? Transexuals - medical services?
Infertility - significance of the MAR test? Tuna - not recommended for heart disease?
Inguinal hernia - I object to surgery? Ultrasound of testicle - how's it done?
Inguinal hernia - repair needed? Undescended testicle - post repair?
Insomnia Urethral stricture - explain?
Insomnia - any advice? Urinary infection - investigate?
Interstitial pneumonitis - explain? Urination - embarrassing problem?
IVF - what does it involve? Urine test - protein present?
Kidney cyst - will I be all right? Urine volume - how much per day?
Kidney stone - size? Vaginal irritation - condom allergy?
Knee ligaments Vaginismus - want to conceive?
Knee replacement Vasectomy - where can it be done?
Knee surgery Ventricular hypertrophy - what does it mean?
Large heart - normal? Warfarin - alcohol permitted?
Liver enzymes Warfarin and pain killers
Low sex drive Weight reduction and beer?
Low sex drive - why? White cell count - significant?
Low sperm count White cells

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