Medical Q&As

Low sex drive

My partner has not had any sex drive for the last 2 years. She is only 30. Her doctor gave her anti depressants, which did not work. At the beginning she suffered with gall bladder disease, followed by adhesions. What could be wrong?

The causes of low sex drive are many and varied. It would appear that your partner has had a very difficult time given her history of surgery followed by the complication of adhesions. The doctor may well be right. She could be depressed. However, some anti-depressants can also directly affect sex drive. Since the problem has been present for two years both of you now have a problem. You can hardly be happy with the sexual dimension to your relationship with her. Sexual difficulties are usually best sorted out if the focus is on the couple and not one individual. Counselling could be very helpful to both of you but first I would suggest that your partner should have a further check up with her doctor.