Medical Q&As

Torn frenulum?

Five months ago during intercourse the flesh that links the tip of my penis to my foreskin ripped. It was bleeding heavily and very painful. I visited the doctor soon after and he said that it would heal within 4 weeks. He prescribed a cream, which I used for three weeks however the tissue has not recovered. Will I be able to resume normal sex and will it rip again? Will this ever heal?

The piece of delicate tissue you are referring to is called the frenulum and it is easily torn during intercourse. Since the tissue has torn it will not revert to its former appearance. There is no reason why you should not be able to resume intercourse unless the area is still very sore. If it is too sore to resume intercourse five months after the event then you should see your doctor again. I would have expected the soreness to have disappeared by now. Donít worry about the appearance of the torn frenulum. Its appearance is inconsequential with regard to intercourse.