Medical Q&As

Vaginal odour - how can I get rid of it?

I have an ongoing problem concerning an offending fishy odour from my vagina. No matter how many products I have tried, it seems to be there. What do you suggest I do?

I think that you should visit your GP and have a vaginal swab taken. The fishy odour suggests the possibility of a bacterial infection of the vagina, which can occur in the absence of vaginal discharge. You say that you have tried many different products to eliminate the odour. This may actually be part of the problem because if you are using douches, antifungal agents or adding lotions to the bath water you may be altering the natural balance within the vagina. The vagina contains a collection of healthy bacteria and fungi, which live in a form of peaceful co-existence with each other and with you. The vagina also maintains a certain ph or acidity level, which can be disturbed by fastidious over attention to personal hygiene. I would stop using all vaginal related products for several days and then go to your GP for a swab.