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Mammogram - advisable?

My sister has been diagnosed with breast cancer having undergone a screening mammogram. My other sister has had a mammogram and has been called back for further tests. What can I do to avoid breast cancer? Help......I'm about to crack up.

The scenario you are describing must be terrifying for you but you must try to keep a grip. A mammogram is a screening test and is not diagnostic of breast cancer. A positive mammogram result simply means that more testing is necessary. You need to wait for the test results in relation to your second sister. The doctors may not be overly worried about your second sisterís mammogram result but are simply running further tests to exclude cancer especially in view of the confirmed diagnosis in your other sister. If the uncertainty is becoming intolerable for you it is possible for you to have a mammogram provided you are over the age of 50. The mammogram is not a reliable screening tool in women under the age of fifty. My main message to you is to hang on and wait for your sisterís test results.