Medical Q&As

Emergency contraception - do I need it?

My boyfriend and I always use condoms and I have been taking the pill. I never miss a pill although sometimes I can be up to five hours late in taking it. Last night we had sex without a condom. This is the first time he has ejaculated inside me. Should I be worried about pregnancy and take emergency contraception or is it unnecessary?

I think that emergency contraception is unnecessary in the circumstances you describe. It is also highly questionable if you need to be using condoms as well as the pill unless you are taking long-term medication in conjunction with the pill. It is recommended that you use a condom with the pill if you have multiple sexual partners. Your relationship appears to be monogamous and you are a reliable pill taker so not only do you not need emergency contraception but neither do you need condoms on an ongoing basis. However if you feel comfortable using both condoms and the pill for added peace of mind then continue with that practice.