Medical Q&As

Am I depressed

Over the last few months I have become very moody and irritable and lately I just seem to cry at the least thing. Everything has become a big hassle and sometimes I feel like running away. I have a loving husband and two children who I adore but that does not seem to make things any better. My husband is getting fed up with my moods. Am I depressed?

Given the symptoms you describe it is quite possible that you are depressed but I would be reluctant to make that diagnosis on the basis of limited information. I think it would be worthwhile talking to your doctor who could discuss this in more detail with you. It is not unusual for people to feel moody and irritable on occasion however the persistence of such feelings over an extended period of time certainly raises the possibility that the person is depressed. It is also not unusual for a person to be bewildered by such negative feelings especially when they have a loving partner and their living circumstances are good. Sometimes we can become angry with ourselves as if our feelings are inappropriate and sometimes friends and family can respond with anger as if we had no right to feel this way. I think a conversation with someone you trust, such as your doctor, could be very helpful to you.