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Testicular lump - the scan was normal but I'm still worried.

I have recently undergone an ultrasound examination of my scrotum. I looked at the screen during the examination and noticed a black spot on my right testicle. The ultrasound doctor said it was a cyst, and shouldn't be causing me problems. He also didnít mention it in his written report. However, I am driving myself crazy thinking it might be cancer and I think I can find a lump on my right testicle. Would cancer have shown up differently? Do you think I should call the ultrasound doctor and discuss it, or just approach my own doctor?

If you think that you can feel a lump on your right testicle go back to your GP and let him examine it for you. I very much doubt that the black spot you observed on the scan was of any significance in relation to your problem. If the examining doctor thought that it was significant he would have mentioned it in his report. If there were any suggestion of more sinister pathology he would have recommended that additional investigations be performed. I donít think that contacting him directly would be of any benefit to you. You are clearly very worried and are fearful of cancer. Your GP would be in the best position to address those concerns for you.