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Smear test - is it safe for me to get pregnant?

I have 2 young children. I recently had a smear test, which was clear, but the nurse said it was very difficult to find the neck of my womb. Would it be safe for me to get pregnant again, or should I have this problem seen to?

The nurse’s comment in relation to the neck of your womb is a technical point with regard to the taking of the smear sample. It would not affect your personal safety if you should become pregnant again nor is it something that needs to be fixed. The technical point that the nurse has made is that it is sometimes difficult to locate the neck of the womb because it may be high up in the vagina and pointing backwards towards the rectum. Doctors and nurses can have short fingers and may have difficulty reaching a high posterior cervix. This may create some manual difficulty in inserting the speculum for the purpose of taking the smear. The problem you describe is a manual one for the doctor or nurse and does not mean that there is anything wrong with you.