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Deviated nasal septum - what is it?

I was watching television last night and they were discussing deviated nasal septum. I have this and have serious problems with sinusitis, snoring, throat infections and morning fatigue. Is there a simple procedure to deal with this or have you any information or contacts that I might investigate to rid me of this problem. If there is a procedure, how successful is it and how long does it take? Also, statistically does it alleviate snoring and night breathing difficulties?

Deviated nasal septum means that the partition separating the right and left nostrils has been deviated to one side. This results in a distortion of the normal anatomy with the result that it is easier the breath in through one nostril than the other. This gives rise to all of the problems that you have described. It can be surgically repaired through a procedure known as a sub mucous resection. This procedure is performed under a general anaesthetic and involves repairing the deviation and restoring the anatomy to as near normal as possible. It is a very successful procedure and should help to alleviate some if not all of your symptoms. You should see your GP who can refer you on to see an ENT (ear, nose and throat) specialist who can give more specific information about your case.