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Thrush -my baby has it in the mouth and on the genitals.

What is the treatment for an 11-month-old baby with thrush in the mouth and on the genital area? The baby has also got whitish diarrhoea?

Thrush infection is very common in young babies and is caused by a common species of yeast called candida albicans. Oral thrush can sometimes be confused with milk residue in the mouth however in the case of thrush the white patches in the mouth adhere to the flesh and cannot be removed. There are several effective remedies available for treating thrush but it is usual to treat the mouth and genital problems separately. An oral suspension is used for oral thrush and a cream is used for the genital area. If the genital area is very inflamed it may be necessary to use a cream containing a small amount of steroid. I donít think that the diarrhoea is connected but if it is very loose or if the baby is off form it may be as well to have a consultation with your GP for an over all assessment and advice.