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Orchidectomy - removal of a testicle

I'm a 19-year-old male. When I was a child I believe I had testicular torsion, and therefore had to have an orchidectomy. Now I'm nervous of getting too close to girls. I don't want anyone to find out, as it's embarrassing. Is there any operation to replace a lost testicle?

Orchidectomy is the surgical term for removal of the testicle. It was necessary to remove your testicle because it’s blood supply was cut off due to the torsion or twisting of the “stalk” from which the testicle is suspended within the scrotum. The “stalk”, or spermatic cord to give it the correct medical name, contains an artery and a vein. Torsion cuts off this blood supply and the testicle can become gangrenous within a matter of hours. Once the testicle has been damaged in this way it is non viable and has to be removed. It is possible to surgically insert a prosthesis into the scrotum, which would be non-functioning but would give the appearance and rubbery feel of a normal testicle. You should discuss this with your doctor who could arrange for you to see a surgeon specialising in genitourinary procedures. With regard to future fertility it is possible to father a child despite having only one testicle.