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Travel shots/Peru

I am going to South America in 2 months time. I am not sure yet which countries we will be exploring but we are flying into and out of Peru. Can you tell me where you can get all the necessary vaccinations and how much they cost if possible?

I am glad that you have posted this query two months before your trip because you now have sufficient time to have your course of vaccinations fully completed in sufficient time before your departure. Far too many people come at the last minute before their trip and may have to receive several vaccinations all at once, which is not ideal. With the recent explosion in exotic travel many GPs have developed travel vaccination services in their surgeries. There are also several travel vaccination services advertised in the Yellow Pages. Prices can vary so it is perfectly reasonable to check on prices before you make an appointment. Ballpark figures are in the region of £75 to £100 per person. Do try to firm up on your itinerary because this will influence which vaccines you will need. The itinerary will also determine if you need to be protected against malaria.