Medical Q&As

Bad teeth

My daughter is 7 years old and has a lot of bad teeth. Will these fall out on their own as her first teeth did or will she have to have them removed?

If the bad teeth are left alone they may well eventually fall out however in the meantime your daughterís gums and remaining healthy teeth may also become damaged. I donít think it is appropriate to wait and see if they fall out. Perhaps some of her bad teeth can be salvaged so I think it is strongly advisable that a dentist examines her. If the child loses several teeth at this young age this can have important implications for the spacing of her teeth in future years. You should also discuss with your dentist the reasons why this has happened because the general state of dental health in Irish children has considerably improved in recent years. It is unusual in my experience for a child of seven to have so many bad teeth. There may be specific reasons in your daughterís case that have allowed this to happen.