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Caroli disease

Can you give me any information on Caroli disease? What is the treatment and is there a patient support group in Ireland?

Caroli disease is a very rare disorder of the liver. It is a congenital condition and is due to the presence of recessive genes. In technical language it is what geneticists refer to as an autosomal recessive condition. The defect is centred in the bile ducts that are located within the liver itself. The ducts or tubes are distorted and misshapen and this can predispose to the formation of stones within the ducts, which in many respects resemble the gallstones that one finds in gallbladder disease. I am not aware of any treatment that can alter the fault in the basic architecture of the bile ducts within the liver. I donít know if a support group exists in Ireland but you might like to check out the following site which can assist you in learning more about this disease: