Medical Q&As

Blood in the stools

What does it mean when you pass blood in your stools? There is no itchiness or any other symptoms.

Blood in the stools should never be ignored and should always be medically assessed. Generally it turns out that the blood is coming from piles or an anal fissure. The fact that you donít have anal itch does not mean that you donít have piles. However, there are other causes of blood in the stools and these include diverticular disease, which is quite common. Other possibilities include ulcerative colitis and bleeding higher up the alimentary tract. Sometimes blood in the stools can be a sign of a tumour hence the need to have the matter checked and not ignored. I have had many consultations with people over the years that presented with blood in their stools. In the overwhelming majority of cases the blood came from an innocent source such as piles. So, please try to keep this matter in perspective but do have it checked.