Medical Q&As

Chest pains

I have been getting sharp pains in the left of my chest (around the nipple area) that leave me short of breath. I had this 2 weeks ago and again today. Could this be heart related?

I donít know your age and I donít know if you smoke. Nor do I know anything about your previous medical history. However, I think it is unlikely that your pains are heart related. People experiencing cardiac pain rarely describe it as being sharp and their breathing is not usually affected unless they are in extreme distress. Working within the limits of the small amount of information available to me it seems to me that your pain is most likely coming from your chest wall. Perhaps you strained yourself or received a knock on the ribs or the muscles between the ribs. It is also possible that your pains could be coming from the underlying lung. A physical examination could address these issues for you and put your mind at ease.