Medical Q&As

Groin pain

Recently I started getting a pain round the groin area and it seems slightly swollen. Itís not painful when urinating. Can you please advise?

The term groin means different things to different people. One common understanding is that it relates to the area around the crease at the top of the leg. If this is the area you are referring to your symptoms suggest the possibility of a hernia. Sometimes people use the term groin when referring to the scrotum and the general area where the scrotum is attached to the body. If this is the area you are referring to then a hernia is again a possibility. If the swelling is in the scrotum then you must consider the additional possibilities of a hydrocoele, varicocoele , swelling in the epididymis and swelling of the testicle itself. You should visit your GP to have a proper diagnosis made. All of the conditions I have mentioned are easily remedied.